Anders Fannemel


Hey ho, let´s go! [Wisla,18.11.2017]

#blessed #skijumpingfamily

We sealed our fate
in the pouring rain,
we have found this love
within biting pain,

in these neon lights,
you have taught me all,
in clear winter nights,
I’ve begun to fall

for your dazzling smile
and your broken frame,
for the softest words
underneath the pain.

—  // Grinebiter

Question: What are ski jumpers talking about?
Wrong answer: ski jumping
Correct answer: Liverpool

Kamil Stoch: “This is not only one time. We’re usually speaking about Liverpool because I know almost all Norwegian team is supporting Liverpool. Maybe not all (laughs) Maybe not Anders (laughs more). But Stjernen and Daniel-André, so we talk to each other about this and today of course we said a couple of words about yesterday’s victory. And it’s always nice to have friends. I treat all the ski jumpers in the world cup and anywhere else as my friends.”