Anders Larsson

Fun fact: the new chairman of the Swedish Ice hockey federation, Anders Larsson, is openly gay. 

We see that the society is changing and we in Swedish hockey must keep up. On certain issues we might also be leading the development.

There are not many Federal chairman who is openly gay. What do you think about it? 
- It’s well in time. I mean… society is changing, and we in hockey has said for many years that diversity issues are high on our agenda.

So this has a symbolic value?
- Yes, probably.

Do you see it like that?
- Yes in a way - absolutely. It is enough to have heard talk in the spring, before the elections; several of the district chairman said: “We want hockey where sexual orientation and ethnicity do not matter.” Then it has to also apply to the chairman, right? So it has a symbolic value. Meanwhile, my task is to push all the hockey issues forward.


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can you tell me a bit about anders?

Anders Larsson (faceclaim Bill Skarsgard) who comes from a proud, long line of leaders, never thought he would in command. He liked to rough house, he liked to pull pranks; he was all about having fun. But most importantly, he looked up to his older brother Matteo. He was fit for power. However, a few months before his nineteenth birthday, Matteo told everyone he had fallen in love – and was giving up his skin. Anders, feeling utterly betrayed, had disowned his brother and become the new leader of The Navy Seals, the Selkie boy gang that is new to Barton Hollow though not new in formation. He’s trying to figure out how to run things without losing himself. He identifies as gay, and is an underground boxer, using the money collected from the bets Killian Kaine gets to pay for everything for the gang.

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Who said the king of DIY/outsider music can’t play bossa nova now and then?! #garywilson #youthinkyoureallyknowme

Congratulations Holly! You have been accepted as your desired character, Anders Larsson! The admins of Barton Hollow really enjoyed your portrayal of the dynamic between the Selkies, as well as his thoughts while in a fight. We are so excited to have you as our Anders! Please refer to the new member checklist to better integrate your character into Barton Hollow!

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                            Sherlock was what some would describe as a troubled kid. He had a lack of social skills that inhibited his ability to create meaningful relationships, especially with those of a similar age to him. School was easy, the work was easy, he just couldn’t CONCENTRATE long enough to sit still for a full hour lesson. He was a massive know it all and it was because of this he’d been targeted by the other boys in his boarding school – ANDERS LARSSON being the main culprit. It didn’t bother Sherlock as much as it should have done; he seen it in such a way that they were correcting what he knew to be wrong about himself.

                                   It was because of this that he’d been forced to partake in the school’s pen pal programme. Some of the teachers acknowledged his struggles and thought interaction through letters would improve his confidence ( not ARROGANCE, he had enough of that ) and so he’d been specifically matched with someone who was experienced in speaking to their peers in the hopes it might rub off on him. And he had to send the first letter. He was thrilled. NOT.

                                  It was in his free lesson that a teacher sat him down with a pen in his hand and, with the promise they would not actually READ his writings, prompted him to actually get it done.

            ‘ Dear fellow student,  xpathologist

                                            Quite honestly I have been forced to pen this letter in an effort by my schoolmasters for me to gain some skills in the way of speaking to others, apparently. I find the idea quite abhorring but nevertheless you may prove a fruitful endeavor. 

                                          I am seventeen and I attend the boys boarding school which is in partnership with your own establishment, if I am not mistaken. It is dull. The people are dull. I do enjoy the works of Shoshtakovich and Beethoven, however, and I have an interest in crime and forensics. 


                              Shaun Holmes.