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how do you feel about anders' characterization in da:a vs da2?

i like them both, i love tiny baby awakening anders being a sarcastic little shit, and i love wisened justice!anders in da2 

it’s quite a stark progression unless you look at the nuances his character in awakening; anders was always angry about cruelties inflicted upon his people but he’s also young, the circle system is set up to deliberately curb a mage’s chance of survival outside of it (e.g. they don’t teach basic survival skills etc.)  and his first point of call is his own safety; he recognises that trying to change the system puts him at risk and he’s not willing to do that in the beginning 

as you play through awakening anders matures, especially after the disastrous sequence of events surrounding commander rylock and his phylactery, he’s still a snarky fuck but who doesn’t love that, he’s much needed comedy relief when you’re trawling through kal’hirol, honestly, but it’s the first time he’s formed bonds with people outside of the circle, this is anders seeing the world, the real world, as an adult for the first time ever and in this time he’s realising the harsh reality of being a mage out of the circle 

i feel that ultimately this combination of his circle upbringing and his first taste of reality is what leads him to allow justice to share his body. it’s a curious paradox of an action, anders wants nothing more than his freedom, he’s learned that whether it’s the wardens or the chantry, every mage in thedas will be condemned to wear a leash until something changes, as a circle mage (especially a spirit healer) he’s had it imprinted upon him to give and give and not take, to the point where he’ll give up himself, part of his autonomy, to justice, to a friend, not just to save him, but in hopes that together –perhaps even seeing justice as his leash, as his control– they can make that change together

and so they do

i love seeing the outcome of that, i love seeing anders and justice working together, even if it’s not a perfect relationship, i think they work. justice gives anders the courage and drive to do what’s in his heart, while anders tempers justice with his humanity.

a lot of how this is portrayed in the game bothers me, it’s so deliberately and pointlessly played up in places i have to seriously question the writer’s judgement but i guess it’s pretty known at this point that his da2 writer was bad news. gaider set the stage for a brilliant character, and anders has excellent moments in da2 as well; we see him single handedly try to take down meredith’s diabolical reign of terror over the mages of kirkwall, see him stand when all of the odds are against him, we watch him break and build himself up, he see him human and real and endlessly passionate and giving 

for me anders is such an interesting and appealing character, i can’t compare da:a to da:2 because he’s the same person, it’s just his progression, his story that changes him and i love him the whole while 

Here's an Idea;

Play DA:O as a male Amell. Blonde, extra mage rights, doesn’t romance anyone; name him Anders
Do the dark ritual with Morrigan, now he has a child running about.
Don’t play awakening for the sake of an andersdox
In DA2, Anders is now the HoF! Do what you want with him as Hawke. You’re HoF!Anders is now either a refugee or dead.
In inquisition, if you killed Anders in 2, then congratulations, you’ve found yourself in a plot hole. (Avoid Leliana so she won’t try to contact HoF)
If he died, then you’re in another plot hole; Avoid Leli.
And there you have it; pain!

Do you ever think about how like, the kids at the Circle latched on to Anders’ heritage despite the fact that according to World of Thedas he was born in Ferelden and thus presumably speaks the language natively?

It makes me wonder if he has some sort of prominent feature, like maybe people in the Anderfels are known for having long (and tbh GORGEOUS) noses?

Or maybe the kids just found out about his dad and decided to be little shits because that’s what kids do.


My take on some Trespasser end slides for the DA2 LI’s.