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The 100 - Clexa

FBI/cop!AU (modern!AU) - multichapter

Clarke’s a homicide detective who cares too much and Lexa’s the all-work-no-time-for-feelings FBI agent who takes over Clarke’s case. They don’t really get along, but Lexa’s cold and Clarke’s not so you know how it goes…


FBI/cop!AU where Lexa’s the fed who takes over Clarke’s case and they start of by hating each other).

“Three bodies in three days…” Clarke said to her partner, Bellamy as she shook her head and crossed her arms over her chest, looking at the murder board. “This does not make us look good.”

“No, it does not.” Clarke was expecting her partner’s manly voice but what came in response was the almost opposite. It was definitely a woman, the way she spoke sounded confident yet the voice was completely unfamiliar to Clarke.

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