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iwaizumi and daichi go to a concert ; both cant see shit because they're under 6'

HEY HEY H E Y JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE BELOW 6FT DOESN’T MEAN THEY’RE SHORT (this is coming from someone whos only 5′ 1 1/2″ ok OTL) they’re both around 5′9″-10″ right?? thats still pretty tall yo

but anyways iwadai have their ways of solving this problem…no surprise that its to carry the other

hello hello!!! i decided to make a hance fic rec list because i? haven’t really seen any? and i wanted to start reading hance fics anyway so, i figured, why not?! i just started this so there’s only 4 on the list rn but hopefully more will be added soon!!!! please leave comments and kudos on fics you enjoy, the authors deserves tons of love and support. i try to keep this list free of authors who also write shaladin ships/other nasty ships, please let me know if i slip up. just like my klance rec list, some of the fics on this list may end up including shallura as a side/background ship but only if they were written/have been ongoing since before her teen reveal (april 2nd, 2017 AND if the author no longer writes for shallura). also, if you have any fic recommendations for me, feel free to send them!!! it’s really hard to find hance fics that don’t have sheith as a side ship, so i’d appreciate the help finding good ones. i do not feel comfortable reading smut, so please don’t send any like that. if any of these fics are considered problematic, offensive, etc in anyway, PLEASE let me know! well, that’s all i have to say! grab a snack and ENJOY!!! :-)


it’s best viewed on a computer! mobile users can use my hance rec collection on AO3, all the fics featured on my rec list are in there!!!


idk but I kind of like when I get a tan in some places and in others not? (here we call it “nucita” because of a candy we eat here) bc my skin does not get reddish or something it just gets a lil more brown-ish so you can see like… darker lines that others and i mean i’m already a lil caramel like so it looks soft

I think is kind of cute

remember in 2015 when taylor said  ‘I’ll be 30. I’ll probably still be single, let’s be honest. No one’s going to sign up for this and everything that goes with it. Like, ‘Hi, nice to meet you, want a date? Do you love camera flashes? I hope you do!’ and your heart just broke because all you wanted was for your baby to be happy…well i guess she’s found the person who would sign up for that just to be with her

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Do you think that Naun would be asian?

Yes definitely. Personally I see her as blasian, but she’s definitely Asian. It will probably never be clear if she’s Chinese, Japanese, North Korean, South Korean, Mongolian, Indonesian, Indian, etc. because… ok I’m not gonna be salty or anything but it’s just bc sjm probably doesn’t know. But Nuan is Asian. I love my sapphic Asian mom. Straight?? White?? I dont think so. 

I don’t want to sound dramatic™ but if there’s no ~twist and it turns out that Robert really is the father of Rebecca’s baby then I will literally never get over it or ever forgive Emmerdale for doing this to Robron lmao

random cute pearl headcanon: the anime’s always shown ash w surprisingly thick eyelashes so i like to think when they nap together n dawns the first to wake up her thoughts range anywhere between “he’s so gorgeous…” to “all his hair is thick so i guess this makes sense?” to “this asshole doesn’t even use his eyelashes for anything except keeping dirt out of his eyes this is a WASTE”