anonymous asked:

Do you have any Jasper fanfic (smut or fluff) recommendations?

omg Anon buddy, friend, look who you’re talkin’ to here…of course i do <3

some of my favs include:

Revelry- by @moondropz

hysteria by @usuallybutts

inhale by @verdite

songs of penthesila by @frosted-pumpkins (honestly if you need smut in your life just read every fic on her page i assure you that you wont be disappointed.)

grow up by @crystal-gays 

denial by @jaspers-log

deal with it by @succubitchxoxo (multi chapter with lots of fluff and smut later on!)

aaaaand lastly,  if you’d like to check them out, i wrote some kinda fluffy jaspearl smut and jaspidot smut as well :3c