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Roommate!Luke would act all high and mighty when you started scrolling through the horror section on Netflix and while you don’t find Insidious all that scary, Luke kept tossing and turning that night-unable to get the image of the lady with the charcoal teeth and chalked fingers out of his mind. And you’d wake up in the middle of the night to Lucas standing at the side of your bed, looking like a 7 year old boy that just had a nightmare, contemplating whether or not he should climb into bed with his parents. You’d raise the duvet in invitation for him to crawl in next to you, thinking he just wanted someone to sleep next to. What you didn’t expect is for him to latch onto you like a koala bear. He also insists that you keep the covers on “just for protection” even though the temperature has raised to 120 degrees and you’re sweating up a storm because of this lanky boy’s body heat.

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can i also point out the fact that jorah simply disarmed and knocked out those slave fighters in the pit instead of gutting every single one of them like we all know he’s more than capable of doing because he knows his queen hates seeing senseless butchery and bloodshed 

A Mom Strider and Bro Lalonde for anon!  Mad roboticist Bro and vicious rapier-artiste Mom ftw i mean yoooo

i mean I mostly wanted to draw mom lalonde in knee-high boots and bro in a vest and button-up but yoooo

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I have never watched a South Indian movie before what should I watch first?

well i can only really account for malayalam movies so:

BANGALORE DAYS. bangalore days. B A N G A L O R E  D A Y S. 

but also if you like

if you know me you know that all those titles are links WITH SUBS. so click away buddy

i like to suggest bangalore days as a good start because it has a little bit of everything (almost) :)

there’s also my other malayalam cinema rec lists- and the *needs to be updated* master list link is on my sidebar

personally i think manam and magadheera are good starters in telugu. here’s a list with subs by arjunskapoor. some more from tollywoodfever
i have friends whose first south film was ok kanmani in tamil, which they liked. here’s a rec list for tamil that’s been categorised by forestpenguin.

south-indian-spice is a great go to for recs that cover most of south india and i’m sure the lovely show runner of the blog will be happy to help you with any other recs (kannada maybe? i’m sorry i can’t give you much info on that i haven’t seen enough)

Now that it has marriage equality, I’m totally open to the idea of going to Ireland to find a husband

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Transphobic teacher update

So if you haven’t seen my original post about this, message me and I’ll show you how to get to it.


Since the incident two weeks ago with him crossing out my name on my paper, my teacher and I have gotten into more arguments. After another day of correcting him, saying that Quinn is not my name, he gave me a letter he wrote. He discussed things in it like: “Don’t act on your feelings. If I did I would be an adulterer and a murderer. Just because I say I feel like a dragonfly can’t make me one” etc etc etc. Just all that bullshit. Throughout the next week, I wrote him a letter back respectfully responding to all his points he gave to me on why he can’t call me by my real name, Noah. I made sure not to lose my temper or rationality in the letter. I also mentioned that I’m aware that I’m fifteen, and this may just be a phase, and I may be wrong. I recognized my own naivety. It may be a phase, it may not. Regardless, if it is, it will pass. So please let me sort my life out as I continue to grow as an adult. 

A week went by, and he never responded with another letter after I gave him my own. He continued to ignore my simple request. When he called on me in class, I said, “No, Mr. Barwick. Quinn is not my name!” The class got quiet, and he called me up to his desk. He pointed to my birth name on the roster and said, “Until your name changes on this paper, I will not call you Noah.” This went on for a while. You can imagine all the anger and dysphoria building up.

On Friday, May 23rd, is when I said enough is enough. He was telling a little anecdote, where he said at the end, It was ridiculous. I said, “You know what else is ridiculous, Mr. Barwick?  When a grown man cannot call a student by their real name, when he has no respect for his student’s mental health or aspect of humanity within themselves.” His face dropped, and said, “We have discussed this already.” He went on to say shit that my name will never be Noah, I will never be a boy. I have two allies in that class who have supported me through all this, and one, Nikki, was attempting to calm me down.

But after those degrading words by him, I was done. I took the hall pass and walked out of the classroom. Nikki came to look for me, with a note Barwick gave her to give to me to go to my guidance counselor. I had collapsed, sobbing against the wall of the hallway. I had enough. I had enough. 

I went down to the guidance counselor and explained my situation. Unlike what I expected, the people in the office were on my side. The lady at the front desk wrote Noah on my pass to my counselor, and my counselor called me by my name and wrote Noah as well on my pass back to class.

My counselor discussed with me that she respects me and understands. She said she didn’t think it was a juvenile phase; she respected me, unlike Barwick has. It turns out the assistant principal will talk to him about his treatment towards me, and here’s the best part:

Before the end of the school year (four days left until summer), the office will contact the school board to see if I can get my name changed in the system for next year without getting my parents involved (I’m not out to my parents; they won’t be supportive). 

Let me say that again:

The school is going to contact the school board to get my name changed for next year.

I am absolutely over the moon. This is so much more than I could’ve asked for. The thing is, the administration isn’t just supporting me because I’m a teenager going through a typical phase. No, they are going above and beyond to support me because this is a real milestone in my life, and my teacher cannot get away with this discrimination. 

Updates soon to come xx


PS: Barwick called my parents, so they know, and are furious. They took my phone, so I’ll only be able to get on here every once and awhile. Thank you for everyone supporting me xx