First day of school tmrw...

A few last minute reminders:

- Double check to make sure you have all your summer homework done and organized. Nobody likes cramming homework the night before school starts, but it’s infinitely better than showing up on the first day unprepared and leaving a bad impression.

- Pack your backpack. Fill your pencil case. Have a binder and some loose leaf and all your homework. Pack a water bottle and a few healthy snacks. And throw in a new book, it’s never too early to start reading!

- Pick out your outfit and leave it by your bed, including any accessories. You don’t want to be late on the first day because you were digging through your closet for the perfect chiffon top. Have your outfit ready so you can look on point and be on time.

- Take a shower, or a bath, or a bubble bath if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. Pamper yourself a little and make sure you are clean and groomed for a fresh start to a new school year.

- Go to bed early. Unless you have some last minute homework cramming to do, try to get a good night’s sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep due to excitement or anxiety or both, try taking a sleeping aid.

- Wake up early. You don’t want to miss your bus. You also don’t want to miss a big, healthy breakfast and your daily makeup routine(if you have one) so you can feel and look extra fresh.

- Smile. Be happy. First days are for learning new things, meeting new people, and being a new you!

Let’s make this year count!! :)


every stiles & malia kiss [5/?

Seventeen when hearing you speak your native language

S.Coups: “Okay I’m going to go start studying your language now!” Seungcheol loves you enough to try to learn what you’re saying

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Jeonghan: *looks at his long list of words and phrases he’s learned from you* “Hey! You haven’t taught that one to me yet D:!” 

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Joshua: He would be in awe because you look/sound so pretty speaking in your own language

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Jun: Jun is finally getting the hang of your language and would blow you kisses when you praise him. “Told you I would get the hang of it!”

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Hoshi: *repeats what you said with perfect pronunciation* “Yeah I can speak (insert language) too!” 

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Wonwoo: Would ask you how to say certain things and nod along to everything you’re saying

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Woozi: He would be confused because you sounded mad for a while until you explain that’s just the way you talk

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DK: *tries to repeat what you’re saying* “Yeah, yeah, vfskcoeferv.” He would be speaking nonsense but the effort is cute

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Mingyu: *when you start talking to him* “Wait what? Are you talking to me??” 

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The8: “I will work hard on learning Korean and (insert language) !! :D” Minghao would be one of the members who tries really hard to communicate with you

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Seungkwan: “I don’t know what you said but I heard my name and it sounded sexy.” In reality you were telling him to wash the dishes or something

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Vernon: *when he looks up what you were telling him the other day* “Ahhh so she was saying that? My jagiya is so cute.”

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Dino: “Y/N… uhhhh *in English* Korean please?” Chan would like hearing you speak but he really wants to know what you are saying

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What languages can everyone speak? Besides English I can speak Spanish and a little bit of Italian! :) that is if rosetta stone levels count lol

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@ all my lovely followers starting school again tomorrow

  • don’t forget your headphones!
  • eat something in the morning! trust me, it really will make a difference!
  • keep on top of your notes and start studying early!
  • tidy your room and keep organised!
  • if you’re going into a new class with new people, chances are they’re feeling the exact same way about the whole situation as well, be kind and smile!
  • if you’re given any homework, do it the night you get it - get it out of the way.
  • do it for him

It’s never too early to start studying for AP’s! Here’s a list of all the classes we have taken or will be taking this year. These are credible resources and we hope they help you as much as they helped us. Good luck! (an asterisk* is used to indicate purchase is necessary)

AP Biology 

Barron’s Flashcards (either get these or the review book; both aren’t needed)*

Barron’s Review Book ($13 but worth it)*

Bozeman Science Videos (AP Bio Essentials Playlist, Labs, and Final Review)

Learnerator Guide

AP Calculus (AB and BC)

Calculus Cheat Sheet

Elaine Cheong’s Study Guide

Final Review Sheet

Guide to Self-Studying BC

Quizlet of Calc Vocab

Stuff You Must Know Cold (AB and BC)

AP Comparative Government

One Month Study Guide

Practice Exams 


Guide to Russian Gov

Study Guide by Ethel Woods

AP Economics (Micro and Macro)

No Bull Economics Lessons Video

Released Practice Tests (practice tests are KEY to doing well on this exam)

The Princeton Review *

15 Minute Final Review (Macro)

19 Minute Final Review (Micro)

AP English Language

Course Notes 

How to Study

Study Notes (sample essays and rhetorical terms)

The Princeton Review (2016 edition)*

What You Must Know

AP English Literature

AP Practice Exams (practice tests, vocabulary, example essays, flashcards)

College Board Released FRQ’s and Scoring Guide 

Youtube Playlist for Lit

AP European History

Comprehensive Study Guide by Steven Mercado

Crash Course Book (the only review book you need!)*


History Exam Review Page


Study Notes

AP French Language and Culture

College Board (pratice exams, frq’s, scoring information)

Practice Exam


AP Physics (Algebra-based)

Practice Exam (practice test, flashcards, review)

Bozeman Science Videos Physics Playlist

Learnerator Flashcards

AP United States Government

Government Review (142 pages… but it has a lot of valuable information)

One Month Study Guide


Study Notes

AP United States History

Barron’s Flashcards*

Barron’s Review Book*

Crash Course Videos (John Green!) 

Study Notes (topic outlines, practice tests, timelines, sample essays, vocab) 

AP World History

Cram Packets and Review Sheets

Course Notes

One Month Study Guide


Study Notes

World History 101

Hope this helps! Feel free to send us your favorite links here and we will check them out and add them!

Whatsapp study group !!

As the new school year is approaching or for some has already started, a few friends of mine and I have started a new whatsapp study group.

We promote long-term goal setting, we want you to have great achievements and we want to SUPPORT you.

We’re here for you if you want to talk, need study advice, want to share your story or help others.

We encourage you to join!

Please send me your phone number and name so I can add you :)

* If you have any questions please message me. I won’t share your name/phone number.*

PS: Keep in mind to send your number with your international number eg. +1 for the US

PPS: SEX/AGE doesn’t really matter as long as you’re in some kind engaged in education and respect others :P

Like, a lot of this trigger warning stuff just seems like such a non-issue to me? Like, last year when I was teaching a course that had a unit on stats, I used a really awful study comparing children of heterosexual and homosexual couples that used a lot of super sleazy (and fairly obvious) decisions to massage the results to be what the author wanted (there was also, like, corruption in the peer review process.) And the class before we’d start that case study I’d say “hey, we’re using this study to look at some of the more obvious ways researchers can manipulate results and some of the ways academia can fail to properly vet statistics, but there’s some homophobic content in the study, just so you know” and like, whatever. I don’t understand why that’s such a big deal.

anonymous asked:

it may sound weird but since I'v discovered astrology I accept myself more than before, I though I was alone like this and that I was not normal. ( aqua girl)

I don’t think this sounds weird! Astrology can help us understand ourselves in a newer and deeper way. Since I started studying astrology, I have certainly learned more about myself. I have become more in touch with my emotions and my personality in general. It’s a really good way to get to know ourselves.


Turn my Dreams into Reality

Could you please do a one shot of the reader having a crush on Fred, then walking in on the twins, with George trying to convince Fred to ask you out? 

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

Masterlists Here (x) (x)

You were walking down the hall books in tow ready to start your weekly study session with Fred. Fred wasn’t doing so well in potions, and it was your goal to ensure he wouldn’t fail. When you got closer to your study room, you heard muffled voices coming from within. You recognized the voices as Fred’s and George’s.

“I don’t understand why you can’t just ask her,” George sighed. “What’s the worse thing she can say?”  You wondered who Fred was interested in. He never mentioned liking anyone to you before, and the two of you told each other everything.

“Um she could say no and then the whole year would be ruined,” Fred replied. “Why must I have all these feelings?”  

“You’re being so dramatic Fred. Just ask her at least your emotions won’t be eating you up inside,” George suggested. “Maybe Y/N likes you too.” You froze. Fred had a crush on you? When did this happen. You’d always had a small crush on Fred, but you thought that’s all it could be. Now Fred had the opportunity to make your crush a reality, and he was denying himself the opportunity.

“It’s not that simple George,” Fred groaned. When he saw you enter the room, Fred looked down at the floor sheepishly.

“What do you mean it’s not that simple?” you chimed in as you walked into the room. “Do you think I’d say no to you?”

“I just thought you weren’t interested. You have every guy on the quidditch team pinning for you and then there’s me, your goofball friend,” Fred sighed.  You walked toward him, lifting his head up with your hand.

“Hey Fred, you’re my goofball. I don’t care about the others because none of them can make me happy like you can,” you divulged. “Now what were you going to ask me?”

“Y/N, will you go out with me?” Fred asked, his mouth curling into a sly smile. You hugged him tightly, standing up on your tiptoes to whisper in his ear.

“Yes, I’ll go out with you.”

New Studyblr

Hello everyone! I’m entering my third year of college and I would like to start a study or. I still have a week and a half before classes start, but I need studyblrs to follow. Please reblog or leave notes so I can build up a repertoire of blogs to follow! Thank you!


So yesterday I started studying for my business finance exam and I had no idea how and where to start. Still, I’m a bit lost because it’s A LOT to study. Now here’s a list of things that helped me, I hope they help you too.

1. Look at your syllabus.

You’re lucky if it states exactly what you have to study, but if it doesn’t it still helps. Try to get as information much as you can out of your syllabus and ask your professor if you have the possibility.

2. Ask people who already wrote the exam.

My course has its own facebook group with around 4.000 members. I asked if somebody already wrote the exam and if they could tell me what, in their opinion, was important to know and which books I should use to study. This really helped. 

3. Start early.

Start as early as you can, so you have a lot of time. This way you are able to study in “small portions” and you don’t have to understand everything right away.

4. Start small.

On your first day of studying for a complicated subject you shouldn’t expect to get a lot done. Start reading a few pages, make notes and try to understand everything, but if you don’t it doesn’t matter - just try to find your way “into the subject”. 

5. Try something new.

If the way you usually study doesn’t fit (which was the case for me with my finance exam) try something new! I downloaded microsoft OneNote and it helped a lot and also motivated me.

If you have another tip how to start studying when you don’t know where to or if you have any questions feel free to ask! :)

Very berry breakfast today and donut nectarines for lunch. Today is the first day of fall and it’s raining non stop. The temperature has dropped by five degrees and I just can’t believe that summer is over.. I mean only a few weeks ago it felt like summer was never going to end. I am taking this day to reflect, so I am looking through the list of goals I set for myself a year ago when I started my studies with @nutritionschool. I have learned to be specific about what I want and find it helpful to split big goals into smaller tasks. I am very pleased to say that I have successfully reached most my goals and am eager to set new ones for the year to come. If you’ve never done this before all you need to do is close your eyes and write down what you want your life to be and feel like in a year, two years, five years, ten years.. And what you need to do today and tomorrow for that to be a reality. Big dreams can be overwhelming, but you can do it and it is easier done if you plan it out. Btw I was never one for planning or waking up early in the morning, but now I am because This is my one precious life✨✨#raw #rawfood #rawfoodshare #råkost #fullyraw #801010 #811rv #811 #rawvegan #hclf #detox #healthy #helse #vegan #veganfoodshare #cleaneats #fitfood #poweredbyplants #plantbased #fruitarian #gofruityourself #vegansofig #edsoldier #healthcoach #goraw #highcarb