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I know this is a weird thing to say, but for some reason i want to get my heart broken once. I don't know why, I've had plenty of boyfriends, I've broken it off with some and some have broken it off with me, but i can't seem to get attached or ya know to fall in love. Makes me question whether it really exists or not. (sorry if it was a bother i just kind of needed to get that off my chest) :)

Well I personally have had my heart broken twice and it hurts like hell! This is so interesting to me, I do understand what you mean but I feel so weird for wanting to say “you’ll find the one to break your heart eventually” hahah!
All I can say is that when it does happen; get loads of your favourite food, films and friends and have a good cry but get ready and be open to having fun. Because it really does hurt but you’ll get over it and you’ll realise it was for the best and one day you’ll meet the one that you hope never breaks your heart. And they never will.