For spring break I booked it through another set of these because again, I have no life. BUT BEHOLD, SET 3 OF THE UNDERTALE TINY TRANSPARENTS!

Sans and the Gaster, Catster, and Flapster Blasters from Insomnia by @wilyart

Alphys and Undyne’s Wedding by @theslowesthnery

Papyrus and Frisk and Sunglasss by @crowtez

Frisk and Sans from No Mercy by @princebunbuns

Frisk and Chara by @insertdisc5

Swing Dance Blooky and Jazz Dance Mettaton from Dancetale by @teandstars

Chara and Asriel from @outertalegame by @2mi127

Toriel and Gorey from Negatale by @clowncare

Jellyfish Blooky and Mer-Undyne from Undersail by @mtt-brand-undertale

Meggaton and Freggsk from Eggtale by @digeridoodler

Undyne and Undyne from Undynetale by @g0966

Chara from @dreemurr-reborn

I can’t guarantee if and when another set of these will appear, because firefly go to colleg, but thank you to all those who supported me!

Again, you can use these as icons, so long as you credit the source!

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  • Me watching a movie:I need a Destiel AU of this.
  • Me reading a book:I need a Destiel AU of this.
  • Me watching a TV show:I need a Destiel AU of this.
  • Me watching a commercial:I need a Destiel AU of this.
  • Me listening to my dad tell the story of how he met his childhood best friend:I need a Destiel AU of this.
  • Me when something happens to me in my real life:I need a Destiel AU of this.

CAPTAIN CARTER AU - Captain America: The Winter Soldierrole swap (Sharon, Steve, Natasha, Bucky)

adam: so i’m going off to college now. and you know what that means

ronan: yeah that ur a nerd

adam: as long-distance boyfriends, we’ll need some sustainable, far-reaching form of communication

ronan: no

adam: you’ll have to start answ–

ronan: nO

adam: –ering your phone


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