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do you have an opinion on the idea that Rolo is secretly Prince Lotor trying to get away from his dad?

i think it’s hilarious. like, not in the laughable way, but in the way that it would be such a completely new take on lotor and not what anyone saw coming at all. 

i’d personally love it like “summon prince lotor” and he shows up w his new robot and platonic soulmate like “hey can my friends come along” and haggar is pissed bc there’s no way he’ll be coldhearted enough to rule an empire.

also, can you imagine hunk’s reaction? i think that’s the redeeming feature of the entire theory tbh.

in full honesty though: not sure it’s gonna happen. haggar said to summon him, implying that she knows where he is. if rolo is lotor, he’d have to be pretty deep undercover. i mean, they were in trouble with the galra and trying to capture the blue lion as a bribe to get out of it. i’m sure there’s a way it could be worked around, but i think it’s unlikely.

then again, i thought the “stan has a secret twin brother” and “keith is actually part galra” theories weren’t actually going to happen either, so don’t feel like i have any actual credibility to make this judgement.


Kurogane is both a ninja AND the world’s biggest ninja fan. No matter which world he’s in

Kurogane is also the only person ridiculous enough that they can actually pull that off in the first place.

I spoke with someone last week, but I don’t think his voice can compare to yours. I don’t think anyone’s voice can compete with your dreamy laugh or your fruity voice, but maybe if he speaks loud enough then I’ll forget the way yours sounds.

I talked to someone the other day and I noticed his brown eyes weren’t the same shade yours were. His eyes showed me the forest, yet yours somehow showed me the world.

I met someone today but I don’t adore his smile as much as yours. His smile is just so perfect, as perfect as can be; but the difference was that only you were the one smiling because of me.

—  a.a.
conflicted | m.k.j. & k.c.

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Maya, even if it's done well, don't you think promoting music at the same time as Dunkirk, will leave audiences with the impression that this was a one-off from him and that he's not serious about acting and pursuing other acting roles?

Absolutely not!! You have to understand that the general audience doesn’t indulge in continuous, detailed considerations about the celebritites they happen to see on their magazines, on their screens or hear on the radio! When you try to put yourself in the GA’s shoes, you must consider what their gut reactions to your client’s exposure might be. Are you showing the right angle? Was that interview crafted in the right way? What if you had chosen a different word to send a slightly differnt message? Was it ok to have them attend that event in those clothes? Are you pushing them too much? Are people gonna get tired of them? Nobody is going to stop the engine while Harry’s song passes on the radio and go “Hey, I also saw this guy at the movies yesterday! Wait, does he sing, too? Maybe he doens’t take his acting career that seriosuly!”. Maybe some critics may make a few vile comments about it. But if Harry’s job as an actor ends up being collectively praised and his album  proves to be an high quality product, than he’s going to be fine. 

Harry has like, mostly disappeared for longer than a year. A well balanced void has been created around his persona. I count on them being able to fill it with the right amount of insistence and sharpness, as they have some time at hand before it starts being too much. If well handled, this is going to be good, in my opinion :)

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Jerejean but like after a game the trojans had just won the team makes their way to the changing room but before they get there (so like the lounge?) the coach congratulates them and such then asks jean why he didnt tell him his parents were coming to the game and jeans like?? I dont have parents but then they just show up and hes like WTF you are not my parents i do not have parents leave me alone (maybe they wanted money since hes successful)(they sold him to pay off a dept so it fits)

I changed this up a bit because I truly can’t see a situation where they would actually come see him, but it still hits the major themes. I hope you enjoy!

The day Jean gets sent to Evermore, it’s a Sunday.

He’s a tall, lanky kid with dark hair and gray eyes that look perpetually probing and a little sad, but he has freckles that make him look young and he loves the seas and the sunshine and playing on the grass with his maman and his little sister.

He doesn’t quite know what’s happening, but he sees his parents fight and he’s old enough to know, as he holds his sister tight, that it’s about money and that he’s just another mouth to feed. Jean Moreau’s father is a gambler and Jean learns very early that you either have luck or you don’t. He isn’t naive enough, even at ten, to think that he’s a lucky bet.

In the end, he’s just collateral in a game that was stacked against him from the beginning.

It’s a Sunday when he gets the letter.

He’s tossing bills and junk mail into the little bins Jeremy designated for each in his neat handwriting when he feels the heavy envelope. It’s like cardstock and he struggles not to drop it when he recognizes the handwriting on the front.

Jeremy gets home from the store and is greeted by the sight of half the mail strewn across the floor. He starts to feel concerned, but it doesn’t fully hit until he sees Jean sitting at the kitchen table with his face void of expression.

Jeremy quietly sits in the chair next to him. “Are you alright?”

Jean shakes his head and doesn’t look at him as he places a letter in Jeremy’s hand. He reads over it and frowns. Jean hadn’t spoken to his parents in 18 years.

“They want money,” Jean spat and Jeremy hadn’t heard his voice that raw and hollow since the first time they met.


When Jean looks at him,  it occurs to him that he’s never seen Jean cry before now in the seven years he’s known him. It breaks his heart and he takes Jean’s hand in his and squeezes.

Jean pulls him and the angle is awkward, but Jeremy doesn’t dare let go as Jean buries his face in the crook of his neck and lets out a series of broken sobs.

After a few minutes, he wears himself out and they sink to the floor. Jeremy thumbs over Jean’s eyes and Jean takes a shaky breath. “I’m sorry…I just…”

Jeremy shushes him. “It was a long time coming.”

Jean nods. “I hadn’t thought about them in years.”

“You don’t owe them anything.”

Jean looks away and Jeremy continues gently, but firmly, “No. They are not your problem. You are so strong and good and you did it all without them. You have a family, with me and your teams and you will continue to be amazing and they don’t get a say in that.”

Jean smiled a little. “You just can’t let go of the captain in you.”

Jeremy laughs and leans his head against his shoulder. “It was a good pep talk!”

Jean takes his hands in his. “Thank you, my love.”

They sat on the floor for a bit longer before Jeremy said, “So are we burning the letter or shredding it?”

It was so unlike Jeremy that Jean let out a startled laugh. “What?”

Jeremy curled into Jean and pressed small kisses to the hollow of his throat. “No one gets to hurt you anymore. I won’t let them.”

Jean hid his smile in Jeremy’s hair and said, “My angel. I adore you.”

In the end, the letter was returned to sender with one dollar inside and a note saying, “More than you deserve. Spend wisely.”

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Why do you ship cersei/jaime?

Because it’s so TRAGIC. I mean, once you get past the fact that they’re twins, you see how complex their relationship is. And it’s fascinating in a I-can’t-look-away-from-this-trainwreck sort of way. 

So much of Cersei’s love for Jaime comes from a very angry, very insecure place. As a woman in Westeros, her life and what she can do with it is so incredibly limited. She sees Jamie as a…vessel almost? He is her best self, the external reflection of who she wishes she could be, and also a constant reminder of her limitations as a woman. That enrages her, but also makes her cling to that relationship. And because of this, I don’t think she sees a very clear distinction between the two of them. Whenever she talks about Jaime, it’s almost always in relation to her own identity. Meanwhile, Jaime is your typical knight character turned on it’s head. He loves Cersei and wants to save her (from Robert, from herself), and he does seem to see her as her own person. Of course, as the books go on, their relationship crumbles: Jaime loses his hand, which Cersei feels as her own loss. Jaime realizes how toxic their relationship is and does not save her from the Walk of Atonement. Jaime will (I think) be the one to kill Cersei (which I hope will be an act of mercy, but who knows). Etc. etc.  

All of this to say that Cersei and Jaime are gloriously fucked up and tragic, and I tend to like things that are fucked up and tragic.

(I wrote this meta post a couple years ago that expands on some of these ideas.) 

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For me personally, Harry 90% used his social media from 2014-2015 mostly for stunt related stuff; warning lyrics, dark B&W themes, closet related posts on IG, sad song lyrics etc. The rest was a THANK you after every show (he was the only one doing that). Now it would be way to obvious since he was officially on a break and sometimes last spring he stopped using it. I always thought that he waits till he can use his SM as himself / stunt free aka when the BS stops we'll see 'Harry' again. X

This is a really good point, and now I’ve stopped to think about it, really true as well. Thanks for offering this perspective.


percy has said a lot of eloquent things and many of them have involved vex but to this day i’ll never be over the smoothness of the way he delivered “this is an evening of unbridled guilt, come here, let me show you.”

Sorry the picture is kinda dark but here’s my art for today in honor Edd Gould.

Edd’s comics and  videos have just inspired me so much from when I found them. I found them in late February of 2015, watched Space Face first, and my life had honestly just changed then and there. I love the show so much, its so well done, funny, and kinda heartwarming in a way. Tom took it so far, Matt is doing great with the new comics, and I can’t wait to see the upcoming Eddisodes. I’m certain they’ll be incredible. Edd’s so creative and I hope he likes the new content. I do. I hope everything is going great for him and I hope he knows how many people he’s inspired. Thank you, Edd!


BUT TYLER’S DARKER HALF. I AM NOT OKAY. He would be called Apocalypse or A for short. He’d look like normal Tyler, but he’d have black veins, that you could see. His eyes would be dark brown. He’d speak in a growling tone and unlike the other guy’s demeanors he’d have no chill. He doesn’t like to be touched or looked in the eye. He takes sudden movement as a threat and will literally harm you if you set him off. If he ever found love he’d be 10000% obsessed. No one would be allowed to touch them, much-less look at them. He’d cling to them and would need constant reassurance that he’s wanted, even if he doesn’t voice it. He’d never say “I Love You” but he would show it in weird ways. Such as beating Dark or Anti if the pranked them, or by constantly trying to protect them. He would almost have the Joker’s personality???? But without the abuse of his partner? Like he would probably cuddle if they asked or when they had a nightmare. I don’t think A would sleep either, like he’d just watch and wait for something, anything to harm anyone he cares for. Whenever A got into fights, if he bled, it would be black? And that’s how Tyler would convert to A. If Tyler is in a relationship and someone is flirting with them then his veins would pulse black and he would be A, but the process would probably be painful. Because the darkness has to corrupt Tyler’s heart. And if Tyler got mad in anyway, because he is a saint, A would come out because he isn’t a saint. And though A wont admit it, he’d be very fond of TEAMIPLIER.

Thank you, @sinsepticplier for letting me post it lol.

Also, @justwritingscibbles THIS

My thoughts on Arc-V's ending

It’s fine. Look I can understand people being mad that they didn’t separate in the end and that’s ok. But I think they went the middle way, each of the counterparts are alive and if we learned anything from Yuto and Yuya they can switch places. But like Yugo said they were one person originally and by fusing this gives Zarc and Ray another chance at life in a way. And logically the show was building up to this with how Jack said Yuya are the Dragon’s true master and how he bonded with each of them and logically there really isn’t a way to separate them anymore. The only way to do so are the En Cards and you need to card a lot of people do that. And this does remind us we don’t always get what we want. Arc-V tried to be optimistic while realistic so this ending is perfect for it. The show was never perfect but I’m glad they tried and made this great show. Like Yuya said the fun is just getting started, I hope you all have great lives. Side note not getting into VRAINS personally cause yeah Yoshida

Dog’s Advantage ~Jeongguk

It was obvious when you first started dating Jeongguk he wasn’t normal. Even though he tried hard to hide it he couldn’t. His canine teeth were sharper than normal, for your first date with him he didn’t show his teeth when he smiled. At first you thought it was because he didn’t really like you, but soon he asked you on another date, then another and another. Every time another guy tried moves on you he’d growl in a way. Finally he asked you if you wanted a real relationship with him. You said yes of course. 

Two months after you and him began dating he finally told you why he had such a weird behavior. Turned out, your boyfriend was a werewolf. You were surprised, but only because you thought they were fictional beings. That’s the belief anyways. The world of vampires, werewolves, fairies, ect. didn’t exist. All were just tales parents told their kids or made into movies and books, not real. Right?

Well, that went down the drain fast. Here you were sitting on your couch with your boyfriend, who happened to be a werewolf. He was more of an animagus, but depending on what tale you go off of that makes him a werewolf. He was currently in wolf form sleeping sprawled out. You looked at him and smiled. 

“He’s like two companions in one~” You beamed. His ears perked up and he lifted his head and looked at you. Your face flushed pink as you stared at him. He jumped off the couch and headed to your room. You tilted your head to the side as his tail disappeared into the door frame. A few minutes later a fully clothed, human, Jeongguk walked out and back to the couch picking you up and sitting back down with you in his lap.

“But I’m sure you like this form better. Right?” He smirked.

“Well I can kiss this one so I’ll have to say yes!” You giggled and pecked his lips. 

“I’m glad.” His head perked up and he looked to the door. “Visitor.” 

Not even a second later a knock at the door echoed in your home. You rolled your eyes and stood up walking over to the door and answering it. A pizza guy stood awkwardly at the door. “Uh I have an order for Jeon Jeongguk?” You turned around and rested your hands on your hips and raised a brow at him. You were shocked to see him back in dog form so you quickly looked around. 

“Uh yeah, He probably went to the bathroom.” You pulled out some money and payed the man and took the pizza box. Shutting the door you looked at Jeonguuk who’s tail was wagging fast and he looked pleased, as pleased as a dog could look. 

“Jeongguk that wasn’t funny!” You scolded him and set the box on the coffee table. He barked at you and his ears perked up. He ran into the kitchen and came back out, back to normal, with cups of soda.

“Sorry Jagiya!” He begins, handing you a cup, “Forgive me?” He gave you a cute smile, showing off his teeth and sat down.

“I can’t tell if your a wolf or a bunny!” You laughed at him. His face fell into a shocked expression and reigned offence.

“I am a wild wolf Jagi! A beast among man!” He protested. 

“Yeah well ‘Beast’ You owe me $10 for that pizza you ordered and made me pay for.” You announced. He laughed at you rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Sorry Jagiya. Let’s eat then I’ll get you that money.” He opened the box and grabbed a piece and bites into it.

“You have such an unfair dog’s advantage!” You grabbed a piece as well and started eating rolling your eyes and Jeongguk who just laughed.

“Yet you still love me from my head to my tail!” He cheered and eat more. You wouldn’t deny it. You loved the cheesy dork..Who just happened to have cheese hanging from his mouth.  

Sorry it’s short!

Her Playing With Their Hands When She’s Nervous: B.A.P


He would feel as if he’d at home, relaxing into your touch and adoring a small, cute little smile that would make your nerves cease from all of the adoration that you felt towards YongGuk.


He would be concerned for you, but instead of showing that concern off in a verbal way, he would grasp your hands tighter and lean your head onto his shoulder, massaging your other hand with his free one.


He would start playing with your own right off the bat, since he liked hos soft your skin was and he also knew that him acknowledging your actions will actually manage to calm you down from your nervousness.


Would squeeze your fingers really tight to the point of hurting just so you could forget all about your nervousness and instead focus on other things, for example beating him up because it hurt like hell.


JongUp wouldn’t even notice you playing with his hand’s fingers, since he was so concentrated on watching the stage, though unconsciously, his grip on you would tighten.


He would turn into the smol cute mochi that he is, even if he’s tall af but—, and he’d be smiling cutely and giggling and oh my God he’s be such a cute little baby that you’d forget all about your nervousness the first time you’s look into his face.

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Hey, 84 please 😊

“Show me what’s behind your back.”

Aaron eyed up his husband suspiciously, wondering why Robert had his arms behind his back. It was a weird way for him to be standing as he walked into the flat. 


“Hiya!” Robert greeted a bit too brightly, making himself look even more suspicious. “How was your day?”

“Good, how was yours?” Aaron decided to play along.

“So good. Great, even.” Robert nodded furiously. “Well, I’m going to go and take a shower.”

“You had a shower this morning.”

“Am I not allowed to take more than one shower a day?”

“I mean, suit yourself, but you’re being weird about it.” Aaron said, watching as Robert attempted to back himself up toward the stairs, inching toward the spiral staircase. “You can’t walk up that backward, Robert.”

“I’ve decided to add a bit more excitement and danger to my life, if I’m honest.” 



“Show me what’s behind your back.” Aaron glanced pointedly at Robert’s hands. “Go on, I’m not stupid, I know you’re hiding something.”

Robert sighed, knowing he was caught out. “Fine,” he grumbled, producing a small box from behind his back. It took Aaron less than a second to realise what it was, the packaging familiar.

“Robert, you’ve got to stop buying that stupid shower gel, we can’t afford it right now!”

“But you love it too!”

“Yeah, and it’s thirty quid a bottle, and we barely have the money to buy my usual cheap tat. You know that building a house doesn’t come cheap?” Aaron rolled his eyes at Robert. They’d been living in the Mill for years now, but they’d decided it was time to build somewhere of their own, buying a plot of land on the outskirts of the village.

Liv had long since gone off to uni, and well - it was time for them to make something for themselves, the two of them. Aaron loved the Mill, of course, but he wanted to build a home with his husband.

His ridiculous husband who was still paying thirty quid a bottle for shower gel when they had to pay the people fitting their windows fifteen grand by the end of the week.

“Last bottle,” Robert said sweetly. “I promise.”

“If you buy it again I’ll take away your bank card, I swear.” Aaron threatened. 

Robert grinned. “Let me make it up to you.”

“In the shower?” Aaron asked, a little bit hopeful. He did love that shower gel, after all.

“In the shower.”

SHINee Reaction: You being clingy

Onew: He’d be a happy bean. If i was all the time, he’d be a little eh about it, but if you were clingy a bit after a long day, he’d be just as clingy, probably.

Originally posted by 1aeyong

Minho: He’d like the fact that you liked to be in his arms, but like Onew he wouldn’t like an overly-clingy girlfriend. He’d like to hold you during a movie or simple things like that. He’d be the best cuddler after… certain activities. *wink wonk*

Originally posted by purplehairedtaemin

Jonghyun: He’d probably be just as clingy. He’s super affectionate towards you and would always want to hold you. He’d probably almost always be touching you in some way. 

Originally posted by sataeminism

Key: He’d like it if you were clingy during the more relaxing date nights. He’d like to hold you if y’all were just lounging around, and he’d show you affection if you got clingy when you felt down, but he wouldn’t like it if you were clingy a lot.

Originally posted by painkiipain

Taemin: I don’t think he’d like it if you were clingy, but asking for affection every now and again would be good. He’d be more like Key, liking to hold you when lounging around. If you were clingy, like, don’t let go of me clingy, he’d get annoyed. He’d give you affection nonetheless, though.

Originally posted by sataeminism

Guys, I have new groups I write for now! I now write for K.A.R.D, EXO CBX (which I mean… yeah.), Pantagon, SF9, and KNK! 


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Can you believe Louis fucking Tomlinson. Can you fucking believe. I am overflowing with love and pride it's honestly making me teary eyed. He has come such a long way. He deserves all the best things. He deserves happiness. I hope he knows how much everyone loves him and believes in him. I am emotional. He is so. Capable and strong. I love him so much m

I am sure he knows but the more we say it and show it, the better. He only deserves happiness and love. 💕

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idk how people forgot rbb literally dressed up as batman with a bouquet of roses to warn us about chiam, how liam went out of his way to show us he had made 0 changes in his home for the coming of the birth of his kid, and how he generally looked like he wanted to die around cheryl. if this was a planned pregnancy for promo from both of them in what world would liam do so little to cooperate. a lot points to liam not being the dad tbh people just don't care to pay attention cos we're tired lol.

the tired part is very true it gets to a certain amount of shadiness where you have to compartmentalize or your brain will explode

Kind of Like Narnia (Part 2/?)

Raphael (2014/2016) x Reader

Notes: Hi! Part two here, let me know what you think c: Also, I’m using Splinter’s meditation room as ‘the dojo’

Warnings: Swearing, and playboy magazines.

Word count: 991

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

“You are so conceited, and arrogant and just- just- down right rude!” It had been about a week since you’d been staying with the turtles, whilst trying to help Donnie come up with a way of getting you and [P/N] back home. You’d even met April and Casey. But so far, Raphael had managed to piss you off every chance he got.

 You’d crashed on the couch in the lair after spending hours upon hours playing ‘The Legend of Zelda’ with Mikey, and you’d woken up to Raphael screaming at the TV as he watched some weird wrestling show he was into. Right. Next. To. You, and quite rightly, you got very upset. Beauty sleep is important to you.

 “I’m the rude one? Who owns the cat that pissed of my bed on Tuesday? Huh?” 

“Maybe it wouldn’t piss on your bed if it didn’t smell like a toilet bowl all the fucking time!”

“What’re ya even doing in my room for ya to know it smells like a toilet?”

“So you agree!” you laughed mockingly at the red-clad turtles obvious anger

 At this point, the screaming had gotten louder, but not any less threatening. The other turtle brothers had dispersed to their usual spots, and left you and Raphael to shout at each other. However, Master Splinter did not appreciate the yelling, at all.

 “What is all of this noise?” The large rat walked into the room, his glare on the two teenagers in front of him. A dark blush of embarrassment covered your cheeks as Raphael huffed, clearly still aggravated.

“She started it Master Splinter! I say we just kick her out, let her find her own way home.” He growled at you, narrowing his eyes. You glared back at the turtle, sticking your tongue at him. Why was he your favourite turtle again?

“I expect better, from you Raphael,” you grinned, a smug expression on your face as you gave Raph the side eye. “[Y/N] I am disappointed in you also.” Now it was Raphael’s turn to smirk.

“Stop this nonsense, you will both go, and stay in the dojo until you can learn to get along.” He ordered, his face very serious and angry. Raphael’s face dropped, as did yours as you both began to protest. Splinter wasn’t having any of it. He simply gestured for both of you to follow him.

Two hours in and you both were sat on different sides of the dojo, glaring at each other. He was now officially your least favourite turtle. Huffing, you stood up and started wandering around the small room. It was definitely smaller than all the others. There were boom boxes lined up against the back wall, there must have been over 100. As you ran your hand over each of the stereos, Raphael watched you closely. He didn’t trust you, at least not fully.

“I have a question.” He started, sitting up as best as he could. Turning around, you gave him a quizzical look. “Mikey told me ya didn’t freak out when ya first met him, why?” You stared at him for a while, trying to figure out a way to keep your secret, without sounding suspicious or creepy. 

“Just because you guys are different, doesn’t mean I should freak out.” Raphael rolled his eyes, standing up as well and crossing his arms.

“That’s not an answer, shortstack.” Huffing, you crossed your arms as well, imitating his stance. That made him smirk slightly. “Are ya mocking me?” You giggled, stepping back away from him.

“Maybe I am, what’re you gonna do?” He laughed at how you tried to emulate his voice – his ‘Batman Voice.’ You found yourself blushing as he laughed: “You should smile more, you look hot-” your eyes widened as you said that, smiling awkwardly. Raph stared at you quizzically before looking away shyly.


Splinter opened the door 37 horribly awkward minutes later – yes you were counting. 

When you both went separate ways, you to the couch you now claimed at your own and Raph to his weights, the turtles and their father watched.

For once, neither of you were arguing; it was surprising. Even Splinter didn’t think it would actually work.

“Give it a couple of days, they will be back to screaming at each other.”

But you weren’t. You stayed out of each other’s way for days, almost as if you both were trying to ignore what you’d said. It was a sweet complement, why were you ignoring each other?

After a while, you got sick of Raphael ignoring you, so you decided to confront him. Leo told you he was in his room, reading a comic book he presumed.

You hesitated before knocking, and barging into the room he shared with Mikey. Sure enough, he was sat on the top bunk reading a comic book with a red vine in his mouth.

“Why are you ignoring me?” you demanded, narrowing your eyes and crossing your arms.

“So now ya decide ta talk ta me.” He rolled his eyes and burrowed deeper under his covers, still concentrating on his comic.

“I’m talking to you, you could at least have the decency to put that stupid comic down and listen to me!” you jumped on to the ladder of the bunk bed and grabbed his comic, ripping it away from him. However, upon further unwilling inspection, it was not a comic. It was a bunch of half naked girls splashed about on the two-page spread. You yelped and dropped it, staring at Raph who looked absolutely mortified and enraged at the same time. “Get the fuck out [Y/N].” he growled, sitting up straight and watching you dash out of the room.

Mi Reina (Lin x Reader)

Request: @ruth-hamilton-delrio I’m really craving some Lin fluff 😊  

TW: Literally the fluffiest thing I have ever written

Mi reina=my queen


You groan and fall back on your bed. After the day you had, you just want to cuddle with your husband. You know that he had a show, but it should be over by now, so you decide to call him.

You smile instantly when you hear his voice. “Hey, baby. What’s up?”

“I’m tired and want cuddles.”

“Long day?”

“Unbelievably long.”

He chuckles and walks out of the theater. “I’m on my way home now. Do you want me to pick up something to eat?”

“Please. Whatever you want.”

“Alright. I’ll be home in just a bit. Is this a problem Monty Python can solve?”

You giggle. “Is there a problem Monty Python can’t solve?”

He laughs. “I’ll be home soon, okay? How ‘bout you get a few movies to watch.”

“You have no idea how much I love you.”

“I love you, too. I’ve got to go. See you in a minute.”

“Love you. Bye.”

You grab a few movies and go back to bed, waiting for Lin to come home. You hear the door unlock and Lin’s footsteps coming to your room. He sets the food on your nightstand and slides off his coat and shoes before climbing into bed next to you. He wraps his arm around you and pulls you close to his chest, kissing the top of your head. You press play on the remote and nestle yourself into his chest while the movie plays.

You occasionally take a bit of your dinner, while Lin runs his fingers through your hair.

“Thank you.”

He looks over at you. “For what?”

“For being the best husband.”

He smiles and kisses you. “I’d do anything for you.”

“Really, though, I know you probably had something to do. I really appreciate this.”

“(Y/N). I love you to the ends of the earth. Nothing is more important than you. Now get some sleep. It’s getting late, and you have work tomorrow.” He turns off the movie and sets your empty take-out box on the nightstand.

You smile and curl into his chest. “I love you.”

“I love you, mi reina,” he mutters.

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Ok. Not a request but imagine poly ships like roadrat, mchanzo and others abducteding a person to be their son/daughter instead of another love intrest. Like "you're our kid now"

I’d like to imagine that Junkrat is just chillin at a carnival or some place fun and meant for children and is abt to loose yet again to one of the rigged games and a kid so easily wins and hes like “wot m8″ and the kid shows him how to do and they bond - wait no junkrat stop put that child down he’s not urs god damn it

As for Mchanzo it would be way more precise as Jesse is like “that one?” “no” “how about her?” “no jesse” “but-”

McCree is more “they look like a good kid lets take em” but Hanzo wants to stalk them to make sure they would be happy with them and stuff. Tbh I can see McCree just wanting to kidnap a baby from the hospital or an orphanage while Hanzo would prob want a child from the lesser branches of the Shimada clans that are still around so they actually carry his blood