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What really bugs me about Kubo's treatment towards Ichigo is how he managed to destroy Ichigo is just one chapter. This shows in the amount of negative reactions towards Ichigo after 686 came out. Seeing my favorite character got bashed for being paired with Orihime, the one whom he shows zero romantic interest during the course of 684 chapters, seriously saddens me. Rukia is like the only girl that I can ship with Ichigo.

I hear you. I always laugh when someone says you read bleach wrong. If you’re a young reader, most young readers liked Ichigo as the “cool” hero with crazy powers and awesome fights etc. (It’s what shounen is famous for) Melodrama, slice of life or tragedy was never the advertised theme of bleach. Which is why Ichigo’s ending misses the mark with its young readers because they compare him to Naruto and he just looks like a loser. If you’re a more mature/complex reader, then the ending failed with them too for very obvious reasons like no consistency in the story and contradictory world building. As for Ichigo, at what point did he show the desire the live an ordinary human life? Except the two times, one when series began and all Ichigo wanted was to be normal and not see the ghosts anymore. He didn’t know about shinigamis. And other is in fullbring arc where he asks it rhetorically, “is this not what I wanted, then why do I feel so empty?”. Ichigo is shown to be “still not over it”. (The shock of losing his powers that is, he is shown to say this when he instinctively reaches out for his powers, only to remember he doesn’t have them anymore). Neither of these can be used for counter argument. When did he ever show the desire to marry and have kids at such a young age or at all? And most of all when has he ever shown any romantic interest in Ori/hime? On the contrary, Ichigo’s feelings have been canonised for Rukia by using Orih/ime as a means of narrative, with her being over and over disappointed by seeing Ichigo’s behavior towards Rukia. I didn’t imagine this scenario, I read the same manga kubo wrote that is how I know ori was disappointed because it’s drawn in the panels. I don’t need to prove anything, it is author’s job to prove to me through his story what his canon pairing is and yet kubo completely failed to deliver that. Not seeing love where there is none (Ichigo->ori) is not me reading manga wrong, it’s such people blowing the context out of proportion. And Ichigo probably is the only shounen protagonist who didn’t get to do anything at all in the main boss fight, couldn’t even reveal his full power and got his ass saved by the very villain who was the sole negative element in almost the entirety of the series. The reason I say saved and not aided is because neither Ichigo nor anyone else could hold a candle to Yhwach if not for Aizen, and it is Kubo’s bad writing that drove him into corner with super OP villains. (Which he often gets criticized for) He made this mistake with characterization of Aizen who was already too OP but instead of learning from it, he went on to make another ridiculous OP character with no depth that literally destroyed the essence of his main character. That IMO is the biggest blow to Ichigo that ruined his credibility as hero. Ichiruki is just collateral damage. The real damage is that bleach as a series including its protagonists now stand for nothing, Nada, zilch because there was no meaning in their life, their struggles and this entire manga itself. If someone were to ask Kubo today what was the point of bleach or all of the characters he created, I doubt he would be able to answer properly.

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Top 5 Actors.

Oh man, it’s so difficult for me to separate actors from their characters. I immediately started thinking of my favorite characters, but let’s give this a shot…

1. Tom Hanks. Very versatile actor, drama, comedy, romance, a bit of action in his earlier years. He immediately makes me smile when I see him on screen. And while some movies are better than others, I’ve never seen him in a bad movie. He’s been in a bajillion things, but my favorite is probably You’ve Got Mail, my go-to feel good film.

2. Sigourney Weaver. The Alien franchise of course. But also a lot of good smaller roles in Ghostbusters, The Village, The Cabin in the Woods, Copycat, Galaxy Quest, that Presidential romance film with Kevin Kline (another favorite) called Dave, etc etc. 

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, a bit of a one-note actor, but I grew up on so many of his movies it’s difficult not to love him and the majority of his characters. The Terminator series OF COURSE, but also True Lies, Kindergartner Cop, Predator, Total Recall, Maggie, Last Action Hero, EraserJingle All the Way

4. Will Smith. Again, grew up with him. Independence Day, Fresh Prince, Bad Boys, Enemy of the State, Men in Black, I Robot… so many great films and franchises. And just a likable dude in interviews and behind the scenes candid stuff.

5. Jack Black. I don’t like everything he does (I don’t need to see Year One or Nacho Libre ever again), but from the fun characters in movies like School of Rock or High Fidelity, to his more serious role in The Holiday, he’s someone who I instantly like on screen. I want him to succeed regardless of the character he’s playing.


I’m in the six day of Mystic Messenger (I’m in Yoosung’s route) and my two favorite characters until now are 707 (of course, I understand why everybody loves him) and Yoosung (I have this weakness for innocent characters)
Tomorrow I’m gonna draw, don’t know, maybe Jumin, or Jahee.
I HATE ZEN so he’s gonna be the last one.  (sorry) 

Ever since the last quidditch match, bokuto’s been absolutely SMITTEN and has been dropping off ‘anonymous’ love letters to the ravenclaw seeker akaashi via his Animagus form every morning. in his owl mode, he freely studies akaashi’s reaction to the letters and (if he’s lucky) even gets hand-fed some breakfast by his favorite person. of course, it doesn’t take long for akaashi to uncover the true identity of his secret admirer…

…(*/ω\*) i am in preeeetttty deep in this hell….



So yeah I’ve been raiding closets. This time, I am raiding my favorite fandom’s character closets. So here are them:

  • Sherlock’s Closet. Oh yes, he has 8 sets of clothes.. of course, he is this fashionable god so of course he has a lot clothes.
    My favorite: The Buckingham Palace Sheet.
  • Moriarty’s Closet. He is Mr. Sex, of course he has a lot clothes. Though not grand as the consulting detective but hell equally bad ass the latter.My favorite: Of course the The Tourist, because after that I am always seeing him in the crown.
  • John Watson’s Closet. *cough* no pun intended. (laughs) but yeah, I’ve seen his closet. lol. Okay, so John is not on the “oh hey look I look ~faboulousa~ side but he wears the most comfortable clothes. My Favorite: The Festive John. That sweater is the bomb! He looks like a walking gift wrapper. Lol! Sorry Jawn, but I love you!
  • Irene Adler’s Closet. Is there such? Lol. Yeah, she’s the woman, too many clothes to choose from but prefers to wear none. I can’t really comment on her style since she is the style herself. But her body measurements (so envious)My Favorite: Her Battle dress. Who doesn’t. (Vatican Cameo!)
  • Molly Hooper’s Closet.  The girl who counted. Like Jawn, yes she’s on the simpler side. She’s our typical girl. I love how she dresses for Sherlock but I hope she dresses more grand on season 4. My Favorite: The Hot Molly. Holy Molly wow. Even Lestrade dropped his shit when Molly removed her jacket. 

So to wrap it up. I love Sherlock so much I can notice the little details.

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Thank you. See you all lat-erss.

one of my least favorite things ever is when people call finn a coward. like, what part of overcoming toxic grooming and breaking (not just himself, but someone he’d never met before) out of a horrible system is cowardly? sure, he runs away from danger, but so does literally everyone else in the movie, and for finn it’s because he knows how horrific the first order is. what part of living to fight another day is cowardly? fandom always points to finn’s flaws and moments of weakness (and he does have them, of course, because he’s a well rounded character), and somehow also finds some way to justify kylo ren slaughtering innocent people, and we all know why.

sure, finn had moments of weakness, but the fact that he’s able to go back into the belly of the beast, starkiller base, the fact that he’s willing to fight one of the most powerful force users in the galaxy with a weapon he’s untrained in, that he is ready in less than a second to help both poe and rey when he first meets them, that he’s able to overcome his fears, in short, makes him such a compelling hero.


Inspired by the return of Mikasas’s sudden headaches in chapter 83. She seems to get one every time she loses someone important to her…

I thought it was very significant that it returned this chapter.

In the second version of this image I decided to put in some panels and text from the manga for context in case there were people who didn’t pick up on it.

I have some other versions of this image here.

Kagami-sensei was so kind, even when signing for #29 of a line surpassing 120. Everyone was given the same large card/poster to get signed and yes, that is my name in the top right. My translation of our conversation is as follows:
KS: So are you Japanese?
Me: No, I’m American. Though right now, I live in Japan.
KS: wow! Your Japanese is great.
Me: Oh not really, but thank you very much.
KS: So who is your favorite character?
Me: Definitely Guren.
KS: Ah, I agree. He’s a strong man, ne? A very cool guy for sure (^-^)
Me: Yes. That is why I also like the light novels you write about him.
KS: Really? You read them?!
Me: Of course : )
KS: *handing me my signed card and shakes my hand* How amazing. Thank you so much for your support!
Me: Ah, thank you very much! Take care, sensei.

So ya. The first girl was practically crying while getting it signed, it was precious haha. He had a great sense of humor and took his time for each person, conversing with them while he signed. He also took a picture with a pair of Guren and Goshi cosplayers and posted it on his Twitter, the guy was just as thrilled as everybody else there.

Teen Wolf season 5, episode 16, “Lie Ability,” brought us some of the greatest moments between Stiles and Lydia, and we’re here to look back on how far they’ve come.

Teen Wolf season 1 feels like it aired ages ago now, especially when you consider how much our favorite characters have grown. Lydia, in particular, has blossomed over the course of five seasons, and her arc is one of my favorite aspects of the show. When we first met her, she was the queen bee, the most popular girl in school who would only date the captain of the lacrosse team and didn’t even know Stiles Stilinski existed.

On the other hand, Stiles was a horribly awkward teenager who had been crushing on Lydia since the third grade. He tried his hardest to get her to notice him, and yet she never did. That is, until she and Jackson broke up and Allison convinced her to go to the dance with Stiles instead. While there, Stiles tells Lydia he knows who she really was. Despite all the masks she wore to keep people from realizing her genius, Stiles noticed her in a way that Jackson never had.

When Peter bit Lydia at the end of season 1, it set her up for big changes in season 2. Being at odds with Jackson taught her to stand on her own, but her love for him never went away. Given her strange behavior, Derek was convinced she was the kanima, and Stiles did everything he could to protect her.

It didn’t exactly make them besties, but Lydia certainly couldn’t help but notice him now. Her best friend was dating his best friend, and that sort of thing led to them getting to know each other. Even though she was more willing to show off her smarts in school, she was still hanging onto her old life and Stiles was still hanging onto that childhood crush.

That changed when Jackson left town and Lydia became aware of the supernatural. Her life changed in incredible ways, but she managed to handle it with grace. She was now less focused on putting down those around her in order to build herself up and more focused on helping her friends through difficult times. Stiles also threw himself further into his role as the researcher, helping Scott navigate adolescence as a werewolf. It quickly became clear both were starting to find their roles in what would eventually become Scott’s pack.

Season 3 brought us the biggest change of all. Though it did not happen simultaneously, Lydia found out she was a banshee and Stiles became possessed with the nogitsune. Gone were the days of Lydia worrying about what others thought of her, and gone were the days of Stiles obsessing over his crush. They truly knew each other now — their darkest secrets, their deepest fears — and that connects you to someone in ways that can’t be forged without heartbreaking experiences.

Despite their differences, they became friends. Good friends. Great friends, even. Their relationship was honest and genuine and complete. Three seasons ago, neither one of them would’ve believed it was possible, but now they realized how much they had in common, how good and strong they were together, and what they could do for and with Scott’s pack.

It’s such a terrible feeling to know this came as a result of all the adversaries they had to face. I’m sure they wished they had never known such loss, but despite that pain, they grew as people and as friends. Though we never want to see our favorite characters go through situations like those Lydia and Stiles have experienced, I can’t help but love them even more for surviving each and every one of those battles.

But, as with life, things change. By this point in time, Allison had died and Stiles and Lydia had grown even closer. They were the best of friends, and the juvenile feelings they’d had for each other in the past were long gone. Lydia was no longer on a pedestal and Stiles was no longer someone unworthy of her time. They had both matured individually, in their own separate and unique ways, and this had made their friendship feel absolutely natural and organic.

Stiles never stopped caring for Lydia, but he certainly respected her boundaries and the relationship they had cultivated over the last four seasons. Still, Malia was now part of the equation, and the pair was good for each other in a lot of ways. Stiles became more confident, and Malia learned to navigate life’s various obstacles with his help. Lydia mourned the loss of Allison and Aiden and dealt with the fact that her banshee powers were becoming more powerful than ever.

Teen Wolf season 5 has brought us some of the best moments between Stiles and Lydia so far in the series, even if they were hard fought. The first half of the season saw Stiles distancing himself from many of his friends, Lydia included. Lydia was also focused on learning to fight and figuring out what kind of supernatural creature Deputy Parrish was. Plus, after the first half of season 5, Lydia was placed into Eichen House, where she has spent much of her time. It hasn’t been all rest and relaxation, however, as Meredith was teaching her how to use her banshee powers. None of this allowed for Stiles and Lydia to have many deep interactions.

That all changed in episodes 15 and 16, however, when Stiles concocted an elaborate plan to break her out of Eichen and bring her home. With Lydia struggling to contain her banshee powers after Valack drilled a hole in her head, it seemed likely that someone was going to get seriously injured as a result of the doctor’s experimentation. Lydia knew this, and when Stiles came to unstrap her from the chair, she warned him away. And when a banshee tells you that you might die if you stick around, most people tend to listen. Not Stiles. He didn’t care about the repercussions; he just knew he had to save his friend.

After they arrived at Deaton’s, Lydia screamed and passed out from the force of it. Fortunately, despite that agonizingly long pause before she opened her eyes, Lydia looked at Stiles, and said he was the one to save her.

It’s so easy to brush off the importance of this moment. Of course Stiles would save Lydia, and of course Lydia would be grateful. But it was in that moment where we saw the queen bee and the awkward teenager look at each other with such love in their eyes that we also saw them realize how far they would be willing to go for each other, despite the circumstances, despite the consequences.

Call it what you will, either a romantic love or a deeply understanding friendship, but for me it hardly matters. They both put it all out there in that moment, and though they did not verbalize it, the care they have for one another goes beyond just simply being a part of the same pack.

Moving forward, I can only hope Teen Wolf continues to naturally develop their relationship. Despite loving Stiles and Malia together, and despite thinking Lydia and Parrish have incredible chemistry, I also have to root for Stiles and Lydia to explore whatever it is they’re feeling for each other right now. It has grown beyond a simple childhood crush and into something so genuine that it makes me more excited than ever to see what happens next.

‘Teen Wolf’: A look back at Stiles and Lydia’s relationship across 5 seasons, by Hypable

This is what I like to call the “Why the hell bother trying to make the Antis see what’s there, that they so desperately want to pretend doesn’t exist, when social media can do it for you so, so perfectly?”.

Also, never forget that MTV could have easily made a Stydia video that reflected their friendship, and instead we got this materpiece.

Now curl up into a ball and come join me because Stydia is beautiful and I can’t stop crying.


favorite character meme: clara oswin oswald

one day you meet the Doctor. And of course, it’s the best day ever. It’s just the best day of your life. Because…because, he’s brilliant, and he’s funny, and mad, and best of all…really needs you.


Ed, Edd n Eddy - fan art / July 2016. — Hahaa, this show means everything to me. My favorite characters are of course the three Ed-boys, though I didn’t like Eddy when I was younger. Can you imagine! He’s awesome! Maybe his greediness made me angry or something. Kevin (and Jimmy) are surprisingly fun to draw. There’s no other characters because I’m lazy, but maybe some other time. Also sorry about the messy quality, pages in my sketchbook are super thin and scanning anything is a nightmare… 


favorite character memeepisodes [2/5]

All of them. Everyone that you saved, everyone Sammy and I saved. They’re all dead. And there’s this woman that’s haunting me. I don’t know why. I don’t know what the connection is, not yet anyway. It’s like my old life is- is coming after me or something. Like, like it doesn’t want me to be happy. ‘Course I know what you’d say. Well, not the you that played softball but… “So go hunt the djinn. He put you here, it can put you back. Your happiness for all those people’s lives, no contest. Right?” But why? Why is it my job to save these people? Why do I have to be some kind of hero? What about us, huh? What, Mom’s not supposed to live her life? Sammy’s not supposed to get married? Why do we have to sacrifice everything, Dad? 


YanSim: Sweets Page 1 of 8 by Meeps-Chan

Ehhhh Not to pleased but practice makes prefect…or better at least

So Osana ended up being pretty much my favorite Yandere Sim character (Save for Oka of course) and I had to practice both drawing Senpai and characterizing him. I’m 90% sure this isn’t whats hes going to be like in the game but eh

I wanted to draw something cute and sweet…but it ended up really lame didn’t it? :^/

a much larger Yandere simulator comic with hopefully be coming in the next few months

My hand writing and wording isn’t the best but I’m really trying :^(

Bonus page 


I’m a huge fan of Blades of Glory. Fortunately, this anime is nothing like it. Ha!

I implore anyone who hasn’t already seen Yuri!!! on Ice to give it a try. Even if it turns out to not be to your liking, your eyes will be in for a treat. The animation is absolutely stunning.

And of course, it’s filled with beautiful men. I had to try my hand at drawing them. So far, Yuri is definitely my favorite character. He’s very cute! And he’s voiced by Toyonaga Toshiyuki. ♥///


I had so much fun meeting Gaston!! One of the best character interactions I’ve ever had. No wonder he’s everyone’s favorite guy!

Also he dipped me so OBVIOUSLY IT IS TRUE LOVE

After I got up he said if I felt lightheaded I could lean on the wall or him, but he’s just as sturdy as the wall. I asked him if that meant he’ll catch me when I swoon and he said of course.


Critical Role + Aesthetic: Vax'ildan and Keyleth (x) (x) (x)

“Yeah, it’s fine. I can be your wife.”

“I think of Keyleth. Beautiful. Walking under the trees.”


13 Breakout Characters of 2013-2014

1. Enzo, The Vampire Diaries

A hidden gem from Damon’s past, this bloodthirsty lab rat became a fan favorite. Like a breath of fresh air, he brought charm, wit and forced everyone to think on their toes. “Break out the popcorn, Blondie. Elena’s little sex romp isn’t over yet.” – Enzo