a little thing about Roman Torchwick

so over fall break i introduced my ten year old brother to RWBY and we watched almost all three whole seasons together and of course he was asking about my favorite characters and stuff when we first started and i was explaining that i personally love Roman and Neo more than anything

this is going to be a long one, so buckle in my good friends

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anonymous asked:

Could you do otabek for the weird headcanon post?

Of course! He’s one of my favorite characters so thank you! ^_^

Otabek Altin:

  • What they smell like: rain and wet soil and just generally good
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): he falls asleep on his back but wakes up on one side, with his arms in weird positions. This continues when he eventually sleeps with Yuri: Yuri falls asleep with his head on his chest or shoulder and then they somehow end up spooning while they’re both asleep, and that’s usually how they wake up. Also Otabek tends to fall asleep easily because he’s tired from all the training, so he can go to bed rather early during the skating season when he has practice every day, but on his own he’s kind of a night owl. On nights when Yuri wants to skype in the evening (when it’s already pretty late for Otabek), he stays up and he can even pull an all-nighter and still show up looking fresh in the morning.
  • What music they enjoy: it’s canon that he DJs to songs that are more on the rock/metal side of music, so that. But I also headcanon that he enjoys classical music as well. He started listening to it because of his skating programs but then he kinda developed a passion for it outside of it, just to listen to when he wants to relax. Beethoven is his jam and he tries to incorporate him in his remixes.
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: he showers before bed, so in the morning he doesn’t have much left to do. His hair looks naturally perfect, he wakes up like that ffs. The only thing he does is shave every morning, so I guess that takes him 10-15 minutes? When he’s on vacation and with Yuri he leaves out that step sometimes because Yuri likes him with a bit of stubble, but he generally prefers to shave.
  • Their favorite thing to collect: He likes collecting things from the various places he visits, but he’s not a fridge-magnet kinda guy. He’d much rather find unique things that aren’t generally targeted towards tourists, and mostly he tries to collect things he can find in nature on his own: a pebble from the beach in Barcelona, a piece of fallen bark from a forest in Canada, a small cherry tree branch from Hasetsu. 
  • Left or right-handed: left handed
  • Religion (if any): I know a lot of people headcanon him as Muslim and while I think it’s amazing that they can see themselves and their religion in a YOI character, I also don’t really share that headcanon, but hear me out. I like to believe that in the YOI world, just like sexual orientation labels don’t exist (at least as of season 1 canon), there also aren’t different religions or religions at all. That is not to say I think people in the YOI world don’t believe in a god, because I think some of them do (others don’t), but I don’t believe there’s any kind of institutionalized religion with set rules etc. (Yes, I know Yuri wears a cross in WttM and the cross is a symbol for Christianity. I don’t know how that fits within my headcanon, it probably doesn’t, but whatever). So in my headcanon there are really two kinds of people in YOI: those who don’t believe at all and those who believe in their own personal idea of a god/higher power. When we’re talking about Otabek, I think he believes in something but he doesn’t spend too much time thinking about what to call it. Maybe he just calls it fate, maybe something else. (He tries to explain it to Yuri, a non-believer, and they have endless discussions -not arguments- about the universe and how they see things differently)
  • Favorite sport: there’s really only one answer to that
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): go out in nature and just experience it, whether it’s a beach or a forest or mountains. He loves registering the different smells in his brain (no forest smells the same, some oceans smell more like algae and others more like salt, etc)
  • Favorite kind of weather: sunny but windy
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: birds? Idk he just doesn’t like them 
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: again, I don’t know how to to respond to that because I don’t know these things :)

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