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I love your 707xMC+Saeran headcanons. That's exactly how I see that relationship ending up. Include Saeran in everything, you are probably the best I've seen at writing him ever and Saeran is Baeran (*ignores distant groaning*). Also could you maybe write some headcanons/a drabble or something on how Saeran and 707's MC grew that close, like how it started and stuff?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO INCLUDE SAERAN IN LITERALLY EVERYTHING BECAUSE I LOVE HIM :( I just don’t wanna be a jerk and spoil it for everyone else. He’s probably my favorite character to write because that platonic dynamic of him x 707′s MC is like… the world to me. Thank you so much for the kind words, and OF COURSE!!!! I’ll do a lil something something for ya! I hope you enjoy! Under the keep reading! (p.s if Saeran were an animal, he’d be a cat. I firmly believe this.) #SaeranIsBaeran2k16 get it trending, lovers. - Mod 606 

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Well, I’m upset and depressed over what’s happening with Sinbad, but I think the fact that we could see his fall coming softened the blow a tiny bit for me.

I mean the fact that “Sinbad no bouken” even exists is a dead give away that Sinbad’s part in the end of “Magi” would be tumultuous and tough on the audience emotionally at least in my opinion. It’s still hard because he’s my favorite character.

Of course there’s no guarantee that this is the end for Sinbad (though it doesn’t look good). After all, for the longest time we thought we’d never see Alibaba again and he’s alive and well now. Who knows. I’m in the “wait and see” camp. I won’t mourn just yet.

I’ll be sticking with Ohtaka until the end. There’s still a lot left for her to show us. Regardless of whether this chapter was Sin’s last or not, she still provided me with an interesting and colorful story so I wanna see it through.

UPDATE: Chapter 1

Hola! So, I have finished my first chapter. *Claps embarrassingly*.

I actually was going to split this chapter into 2, but I really like longer chapters and this one is about 7,000 words. lol BUT there’s only 22 chapters in the whole book so…it makes sense.

Anyways, I got a solid writing session in tonight and got to write dialogue (which is my favorite) for a character that I hate very much - which is, of course, always the most fun. lol

Here’s a little unedited excerpt for today:

“Flynn shot out of her chair, slamming her hands against the desk and leaning into it, suddenly fuming with rage that normally lied dormant within her. “I swear to God if you so much as lay a finger on them I will –,”

“–You will what? Stun me? Crush me with this desk here?” He let out a barking, empty laugh. “No. You can’t do any of the things your kind is capable of. Not as long as you have that necklace resting around your neck. We both know it shields any abilities that you may have, aside from your ability to sense another Ingeniums’ presence, of course. And I know you won’t remove it because,” he slowly rose from his chair, resting his hands against the dark wood and shifting forward until his face was only inches from hers, “if you do, all sensors in this base will go off and the entire army will be at this door to kill you. After all, exterminating your foul kind is what we live for.”

“Maybe I should just take that chance,” she spat back, unmoved by his threats. She’s heard any and all he has to say over the years.

           Cade backed up and chuckled lightly, clearly unaffected by her own threats. “Go ahead, dear. For all we know you wouldn’t even know how to use your abilities. They’ve been dormant for over ten years. I could order the call to kill your family before you could render me motionless.” He flopped back down in his chair smugly, kicking up his feet and resting them atop the desk, amusement alight in his eyes. “But if you’re really willing to risk it…” he gestured to the small necklace hanging on a thin strap of leather tied around her neck, “go right ahead.”

one of my least favorite things ever is when people call finn a coward. like, what part of overcoming toxic grooming and breaking (not just himself, but someone he’d never met before) out of a horrible system is cowardly? sure, he runs away from danger, but so does literally everyone else in the movie, and for finn it’s because he knows how horrific the first order is. what part of living to fight another day is cowardly? fandom always points to finn’s flaws and moments of weakness (and he does have them, of course, because he’s a well rounded character), and somehow also finds some way to justify kylo ren slaughtering innocent people, and we all know why.

sure, finn had moments of weakness, but the fact that he’s able to go back into the belly of the beast, starkiller base, the fact that he’s willing to fight one of the most powerful force users in the galaxy with a weapon he’s untrained in, that he is ready in less than a second to help both poe and rey when he first meets them, that he’s able to overcome his fears, in short, makes him such a compelling hero.


Inspired by the return of Mikasas’s sudden headaches in chapter 83. She seems to get one every time she loses someone important to her…

I thought it was very significant that it returned this chapter.

In the second version of this image I decided to put in some panels and text from the manga for context in case there were people who didn’t pick up on it.

I have some other versions of this image here.

Kagami-sensei was so kind, even when signing for #29 of a line surpassing 120. Everyone was given the same large card/poster to get signed and yes, that is my name in the top right. My translation of our conversation is as follows:
KS: So are you Japanese?
Me: No, I’m American. Though right now, I live in Japan.
KS: wow! Your Japanese is great.
Me: Oh not really, but thank you very much.
KS: So who is your favorite character?
Me: Definitely Guren.
KS: Ah, I agree. He’s a strong man, ne? A very cool guy for sure (^-^)
Me: Yes. That is why I also like the light novels you write about him.
KS: Really? You read them?!
Me: Of course : )
KS: *handing me my signed card and shakes my hand* How amazing. Thank you so much for your support!
Me: Ah, thank you very much! Take care, sensei.

So ya. The first girl was practically crying while getting it signed, it was precious haha. He had a great sense of humor and took his time for each person, conversing with them while he signed. He also took a picture with a pair of Guren and Goshi cosplayers and posted it on his Twitter, the guy was just as thrilled as everybody else there.

Teen Wolf season 5, episode 16, “Lie Ability,” brought us some of the greatest moments between Stiles and Lydia, and we’re here to look back on how far they’ve come.

Teen Wolf season 1 feels like it aired ages ago now, especially when you consider how much our favorite characters have grown. Lydia, in particular, has blossomed over the course of five seasons, and her arc is one of my favorite aspects of the show. When we first met her, she was the queen bee, the most popular girl in school who would only date the captain of the lacrosse team and didn’t even know Stiles Stilinski existed.

On the other hand, Stiles was a horribly awkward teenager who had been crushing on Lydia since the third grade. He tried his hardest to get her to notice him, and yet she never did. That is, until she and Jackson broke up and Allison convinced her to go to the dance with Stiles instead. While there, Stiles tells Lydia he knows who she really was. Despite all the masks she wore to keep people from realizing her genius, Stiles noticed her in a way that Jackson never had.

When Peter bit Lydia at the end of season 1, it set her up for big changes in season 2. Being at odds with Jackson taught her to stand on her own, but her love for him never went away. Given her strange behavior, Derek was convinced she was the kanima, and Stiles did everything he could to protect her.

It didn’t exactly make them besties, but Lydia certainly couldn’t help but notice him now. Her best friend was dating his best friend, and that sort of thing led to them getting to know each other. Even though she was more willing to show off her smarts in school, she was still hanging onto her old life and Stiles was still hanging onto that childhood crush.

That changed when Jackson left town and Lydia became aware of the supernatural. Her life changed in incredible ways, but she managed to handle it with grace. She was now less focused on putting down those around her in order to build herself up and more focused on helping her friends through difficult times. Stiles also threw himself further into his role as the researcher, helping Scott navigate adolescence as a werewolf. It quickly became clear both were starting to find their roles in what would eventually become Scott’s pack.

Season 3 brought us the biggest change of all. Though it did not happen simultaneously, Lydia found out she was a banshee and Stiles became possessed with the nogitsune. Gone were the days of Lydia worrying about what others thought of her, and gone were the days of Stiles obsessing over his crush. They truly knew each other now — their darkest secrets, their deepest fears — and that connects you to someone in ways that can’t be forged without heartbreaking experiences.

Despite their differences, they became friends. Good friends. Great friends, even. Their relationship was honest and genuine and complete. Three seasons ago, neither one of them would’ve believed it was possible, but now they realized how much they had in common, how good and strong they were together, and what they could do for and with Scott’s pack.

It’s such a terrible feeling to know this came as a result of all the adversaries they had to face. I’m sure they wished they had never known such loss, but despite that pain, they grew as people and as friends. Though we never want to see our favorite characters go through situations like those Lydia and Stiles have experienced, I can’t help but love them even more for surviving each and every one of those battles.

But, as with life, things change. By this point in time, Allison had died and Stiles and Lydia had grown even closer. They were the best of friends, and the juvenile feelings they’d had for each other in the past were long gone. Lydia was no longer on a pedestal and Stiles was no longer someone unworthy of her time. They had both matured individually, in their own separate and unique ways, and this had made their friendship feel absolutely natural and organic.

Stiles never stopped caring for Lydia, but he certainly respected her boundaries and the relationship they had cultivated over the last four seasons. Still, Malia was now part of the equation, and the pair was good for each other in a lot of ways. Stiles became more confident, and Malia learned to navigate life’s various obstacles with his help. Lydia mourned the loss of Allison and Aiden and dealt with the fact that her banshee powers were becoming more powerful than ever.

Teen Wolf season 5 has brought us some of the best moments between Stiles and Lydia so far in the series, even if they were hard fought. The first half of the season saw Stiles distancing himself from many of his friends, Lydia included. Lydia was also focused on learning to fight and figuring out what kind of supernatural creature Deputy Parrish was. Plus, after the first half of season 5, Lydia was placed into Eichen House, where she has spent much of her time. It hasn’t been all rest and relaxation, however, as Meredith was teaching her how to use her banshee powers. None of this allowed for Stiles and Lydia to have many deep interactions.

That all changed in episodes 15 and 16, however, when Stiles concocted an elaborate plan to break her out of Eichen and bring her home. With Lydia struggling to contain her banshee powers after Valack drilled a hole in her head, it seemed likely that someone was going to get seriously injured as a result of the doctor’s experimentation. Lydia knew this, and when Stiles came to unstrap her from the chair, she warned him away. And when a banshee tells you that you might die if you stick around, most people tend to listen. Not Stiles. He didn’t care about the repercussions; he just knew he had to save his friend.

After they arrived at Deaton’s, Lydia screamed and passed out from the force of it. Fortunately, despite that agonizingly long pause before she opened her eyes, Lydia looked at Stiles, and said he was the one to save her.

It’s so easy to brush off the importance of this moment. Of course Stiles would save Lydia, and of course Lydia would be grateful. But it was in that moment where we saw the queen bee and the awkward teenager look at each other with such love in their eyes that we also saw them realize how far they would be willing to go for each other, despite the circumstances, despite the consequences.

Call it what you will, either a romantic love or a deeply understanding friendship, but for me it hardly matters. They both put it all out there in that moment, and though they did not verbalize it, the care they have for one another goes beyond just simply being a part of the same pack.

Moving forward, I can only hope Teen Wolf continues to naturally develop their relationship. Despite loving Stiles and Malia together, and despite thinking Lydia and Parrish have incredible chemistry, I also have to root for Stiles and Lydia to explore whatever it is they’re feeling for each other right now. It has grown beyond a simple childhood crush and into something so genuine that it makes me more excited than ever to see what happens next.

‘Teen Wolf’: A look back at Stiles and Lydia’s relationship across 5 seasons, by Hypable

This is what I like to call the “Why the hell bother trying to make the Antis see what’s there, that they so desperately want to pretend doesn’t exist, when social media can do it for you so, so perfectly?”.

Also, never forget that MTV could have easily made a Stydia video that reflected their friendship, and instead we got this materpiece.

Now curl up into a ball and come join me because Stydia is beautiful and I can’t stop crying.


Penguins of Madagascar is here!!!!!  So happy to be part of it and this is seriously one of my favorite DWA movie!  These penguins are just soooooo darn ADORABLE!!!!!  Like Skipper said, “immeasurable amount of cuteness!!!!!”

Above are early North Wind character design I did for the Penguins movie.  They were so much fun to do. One of the requirement was, they have to be bad ass yet still very cute!  I was inspired a lot of the Provensens design.  I’m such a huge fan of Alice and Martin work.  They illustrated some of my all time favorite children’s book.  

I absolutely adore Private!  Christopher Knight has the most endearing voice.  And my favorite, of course, is Skipper.  He is so cool!  And Tom McGrath is one of the nicest person I know!  I love it so much when someone is uber talented yet humble and super sweet.  And oh, he would totally go on character when there’s kids around.  Yeah!!!  He’s that cool!!!!!  Conrad Vernon and Chris Miller are also super amazing.  These directors are mindblowingly awesome, super creative and extremely nice.  Everyone LOVES them and want to work with them.  

These are some early character design I did about 3 years ago.   They are based on Craig Kellman’s original design. 


Hope you guys enjoy will the movie as much as I do!  


Critical Role + Aesthetic: Vax'ildan and Keyleth (x) (x) (x)

“Yeah, it’s fine. I can be your wife.”

“I think of Keyleth. Beautiful. Walking under the trees.”


13 Breakout Characters of 2013-2014

1. Enzo, The Vampire Diaries

A hidden gem from Damon’s past, this bloodthirsty lab rat became a fan favorite. Like a breath of fresh air, he brought charm, wit and forced everyone to think on their toes. “Break out the popcorn, Blondie. Elena’s little sex romp isn’t over yet.” – Enzo


Look at this universe — damaged, broken, disorderly. It needs someone to take care of it … to take care of everything and everyone, from now until forever.

Karzahni, cruel and disturbed brother of Artakha. One of my favorite characters in the Bionicle universe, and one of my favorite fan projects. The statue is made from an aluminum and wire armature that has been coated with sculpey. There are cloth and leather parts making up the loincloth, and some static grass and fake plants for decoration. Considering that Karzahni tends to rebuild himself, I wanted to make sure that his organics were both exposed and worn away from different parts of his body, such as his abdomen, letting his mechanical parts weather down. I also wanted to include some kanohi in the base since one of my favorite aspects about his character is how he erases the identities of matoran by replacing their masks. Of course, I also included Lhikan’s Hau because hell, why not rub it in Jaller’s face.

I really enjoyed this project and want to continue making more Bionicle characters. Right now I’m working on a G1 Artakha.


→ day one - favorite underrated villain: Kron

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this is probably gonna get rly roasted bu t Captain Swan

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it.

Of course the worst ship in the show is gonna get roasted, are you kidding me? Where do I even start with CShit? There is so much to hate and so little time. 

Oh, I know, let’s start with how this ship literally only happened because of FAN SERVICE. I was here in season 2, I remember the way people freaked out over how hot Colin’s Hook was, I remember how he quickly became a favorite, and how his character was kinda great during season 2. A true rascal. The pirate we deserved. And then I remember how people started shipping with Emma, and how these people were so obnoxious and loud and large in numbers that Adam & Eddy, for the sake of their precious numbers, quickly shoved CS down our throats in season 3. 

If you pay attention, and I did because at the time I was an affronted high school student trying to understand what the fuck had happened to one of my then favorite characters on my favorite show, there is no sign whatsoever in season 2 of Hook showing interest in Emma in the intense, “true love” way we see him suddenly dive into on season 3. The whole “he did it all for Emma” thing never stuck with me, because the reading I had from 2x22 was that his regret, his “reminder” came when he remembered Baelfire, and the chance he’d let slip because he was an asshole to that kid. He could have loved Baelfire and mended his ways, but he didn’t, he chose revenge. And in that scene he thinks Bae is dead, and now he can make up for it by saving his son, since he couldn’t save him. He owed Bae a debt. 

But on season 3, they changed everything completely. Everything Hook ever did in his life was suddenly for Emma when we had never seen an ounce of this undying dedication for her before. Don’t get me wrong, s2 does shows so commendable aspects of Hook’s character (getting Aurora’s heart when it’s about to fall into that evil pit of magic, “letting” Emma and Snow get back to their family, etc) but they are all very subtle, and it was nothing like suddenly sacrificing his entire character in the course of ONE EPISODE for the sake of being with Emma. That’s what happened in Neverland. 

My problem is they could have eased us into it, but because of fan service, they didn’t. 

They killed Hook’s character for CS to happen. The Hook from s2, the real pirate I had liked, was dead and in his place we saw this pathetic puppy running around Emma, begging for scraps of her affection. And honestly? The way he did it was downright disgusting. Because he is, indeed, a rather disgusting fellow because of his selfish nature and pirate-y traits, but the problem of the show now is that they try to make it like he’s not. The problem of the fans is that Hook suddenly has no flaws and that he is a hero when he isn’t, because all he does is for selfish reasons. He saved David get with Emma. He helped Henry to get with Emma. He would spend time with Henry, later on s4, to be on Emma’s good side, as pointed out by Will Scarlet. It seems like he doesn’t like any of these people, it seems that all he does is a ruse to get Emma to think he is this perfect guy for her when he really isn’t. 

He isn’t a hero, he is a pirate
Except now he is not even a pirate anymore, he is a puppy

And now the show is all about them. We don’t see other stories being developed anymore. All the characters seem to do now is live for this ship that a) wasn’t well developed in the first place b) feels forced most of the time c) is overall wasted potential all around. Season 5 has been a joke in regards to that. All we’ve been seeing is going around CS and it makes me want to vomit. Not to mention the blind worship to Hook and how his fangirls think everything he does is amazing and perfect and that he is the world’s best guy, there is nothing Hook can’t do. Hook is the most heroic character to ever grace his show. Guess what? He’s not. He is an asshole and he’s always been one, except now he is also a puppy who only reveals his assholeness on occasion. Like that fucking episode where he thought he was possessed by his hand. On top of it all, he is also clearly psychotic. He beat the shit out of Will Scarlet for no good reason whatsoever, because HA - HE WASN’T POSSESSED BY HIS HAND! WHAT A SURPRISE! Honestly, what the fuck. 

And then there is the fact that CS is so forced it has been copying Snowing’s storyline just to get across. I will always find you, Hook? Using the word always with no fucking precedent because Emma has never had to look for that fucker before? We will share a heart, Hook? They can’t come up with original content anymore, and are literally ripping off from the one solid couple they have on the show, the one with the actual epic love story, just to say that this is what makes them epic, they are just like Snowing because we are mirroring everything. They can’t be epic on their own, they have to take away from Snowing. This entire ship is one pathetic excuse written by Adam & Eddy. 

Sketch of Seto Kaiba in DSOD! :-)

Only until a few years ago, he’d been the the most hardest Yugioh character for me to draw. Not just because of his huge, slender physique, but the ridiculously complicated outfit…. Most importantly, his handsomeness is so DELICATE that I had felt that my clumsiness couldn’t handle it properly X-p

So I feel kinda sorry for Seto….

He is my second favorite character of Duel Monsters (the 1st is of course Yami) but just because he’s hard to draw I’d always been very reluctant to do fan arts of him…. TTTTT

Now I’m feeling much more confident, even though it isn’t still satisfactory. Hehheh…. Along with the release of DSOD, it’s the perfect time to show my previously pent-up love for Kaiba!! :DDD