i thought about this a lot last night, but one of my favorite parts of the new movie was belle asking everyone why they all cared for adam so much and mrs. potts responding, “We’ve looked after him all his life.”
i really think there’s more to that than is suggested.

after adam’s mother died, he really didn’t have anybody to care for him. his father was never one to really provide any sort of love or affection. so i can totally imagine a young adam running to some of the staff members at times after his mother’s passing. they were probably some of the only ones to offer him any sort of sympathy. but, of course, his father would pull him away, saying it was improper to socialize with those below him.
which is where everything went wrong.
i have no doubts that they really did care for him for a time until his father had had enough and rarely even allowed adam to speak to them directly. he’d tell adam that they were just staff and no prince should be associated with them. and, after a time, this became adam’s belief as well, which is why he turned into almost a carbon copy of his father.
with the lack of affection and the inability to speak with those that actually cared for him, he became exactly what his father wanted him to be.

further on this, i truly think that adam saw them as his family eventually. especially after they were all cursed. he definitely recognized that they were the ones trying to help and console him. even after he was the reason they were cursed in the first place, even through all his rage-driven outbursts, they still did all they could for him.
mrs. potts, lumiere, cogsworth, plumette–they were all he had.
but–and this is my favorite part–he definitely tried to distance himself from them. he tried to convince himself that he didn’t care as much as he truly did. because once he lost hope of the curse ever being lifted, he knew that they would all be cursed forever. but while he would continue living, they would become inanimate objects. and i can’t tell you how guilty he would be.
so, in distancing himself (to a point), he figured it would hurt less when they were all inevitably cursed.

Reasons to watch the LEGO Batman Movie
  • It’s so meta. Batman narrates through the opening logos and they show clips from the other adaptations of Batman and talk about how Joker and Batman have been fighting for 78 years. My personal favorite is when Alfred calls Batman out for all the Brooding™ he’s done since 1966.
  • It’s freaking hilarious. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the funniest movie I’ve seen in years. The jokes always hit the mark and even just how the characters act are enough to get huge laughs.
  • The characters. Batman is of course amazing but there’s also Robin who’s a literal ray of sunshine, Alfred who is the coolest butler ever and so much more, one of the best adaptations of Joker, and Barbara Gordon who is such a competent leader and fighter and so amazing in general.
  • Batman’s and Joker’s relationship. Having Joker portrayed as wanting validation from Batman that he is his greatest enemy but Batman not reciprocating those feelings creates one of the funniest, most amazing hero-villian dynamics ever to be put to film. 
  • It’s actually emotional. Amongst all the hilarity and action scenes the movie does take time to address the concepts of loneliness, confronting one’s fears, if you are really a good person or not (or if you’re in between), and the nature of family. It gives so much depth to Batman that is hardly seen in other adaptations and that’s what makes it so great. 

Today’s the anniversary of Osamu Teduka’s passing. Akuemon is one of my favorite Teduka’s character. He IS hot, sexy and, of course, hairy!


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Hey hey heeeey!!! (Heh) I'm addicted to reading your top 5s! Can you please do a top 5 for the most underrated characters in your opinion?

Top 5 underrated Haikyuu characters!!

can you please do the top 5 most underrated characters in haikyuu? love your posts

Due to popular demand…here we go with the top 5 most underrated characters of Haikyuu. I mean, there are LOTS of underrated characters, mostly all the secondary characters are, but some of them deserve way more love and recognition. 

I would like to clarify that of course this my opinion and it’s heavily influenced by my fandom experience but, after all, anyone could see who are the fandom favorites (yes this list is based on fandom recognition, otherwise it would have been impossible to make). 

1. Ennoshita. I could sit here and talk all night about how Ennoshita Chikara is just…the most important person. His backstory broke me in half and, because of all his suffering, he’s gonna be an amazing captain, the embodiment of his parents best features: strong and reliable like Daichi, loving but yet sassy af like Suga. I can’t wait to see him in action

Originally posted by tetsuruo

2. Tanaka. He’s one of the most consistent member of the team, he basically always scores, he would die for his team, he’s one of the funniest and most supportive characters ever and yet no one seem to notice him. I mean, I know we ALL love him, but just have a look at the tags of my top 5 reasons to love Tanaka and you’ll see what I’m talking about

Originally posted by akaneko-san

3. Asahi. Our glass heart ace deserves all the love possible. He’s one of the characters that had the most character development in Karasuno, he grew up so much during this three seasons and I’m infinitely proud of him. Starting at his very bottom, almost quitting volleyball for good and then becoming a supportive senpai and an always reliable ace. It’s so heartwarming to watch how quietly confident he is now :’)

Originally posted by tsugumi

4. Yaku. I’ve talked with the #1 Yaku fan out there (my dear @haikyuuliberos) and we agreed on the fact that Yaku is so much more than what meets the eyes. For sure he’s sassy and and angry little kitty, but still he’s an incredible player, he’s extremely passionate about volleyball and he has a huge heart in that tiny body of his. After all, he’s the one in charge of training Lev…he deserves an award just for that

Originally posted by mairieuxs

5. Ukai Keishin. I have a gigantic soft sport for him, he’s a hard worker, he’s competitive, he’s determined and will literally die for his crows. Even if they truly manage to get on his every possible nerve, no one loves them as much as he does. Overall, every single thing Karasuno accomplished, they own it to him.(the fact that he’s a fine piece of pastry too it’s another story….or is it?)

Originally posted by enncshita

- bonus: of course my thoughts go to Narita and Kinoshita, to Konoha and Komi, to ALL Dateko, and to all the other secondary characters out there. You’re all amazing and we love you very much a lot. 

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

Why I Love Killian Jones

Companion piece to this post, because one person asked, and because this kind of thing is so much fun to write.

It’s funny to think back now, but Killian is actually a big part of why I started with OUaT; somebody I follow kept reblogging gifs, and my curiosity was piqued. Once I actually watched the show, of course, Emma captured my heart, and my love of CS is founded in my love for her, but Killian is also one of my favorite characters in his own right.

Why is that?

First of all, he has impeccable taste in women. A++ choices in selecting those to receive your lifelong devotion, will applaud forever.

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Inspired by the return of Mikasas’s sudden headaches in chapter 83. She seems to get one every time she loses someone important to her…

I thought it was very significant that it returned this chapter.

In the second version of this image I decided to put in some panels and text from the manga for context in case there were people who didn’t pick up on it.

I have some other versions of this image here.

I’m just, like, slowly realizing that Scanlan is my favorite character.

Like, I appreciate the Perc'ahlia ship so much because of all the depth and complexity there. It took time and certain specific events to develop. There were hidden sides of both the characters that they revealed to one another as they built trust. Their love seems so genuine.

And, like, here’s the thing… those same reasons are why Scanlan’s my favorite character, too. It’s like over the course of the show, Percy and Vex were developing their relationship as the audience was developing its relationship with Scanlan. He’s deep and complex, hiding his genuine love, anxiety, responsibility, wisdom, and foresight with a smirk or a joke. He has revealed his true nature to us over time, first in developing his relationship with his estranged daughter, then revealing his anxieties through his interactions with Jarrett concerning suude. We had to build trust and rapport with his character as he went from being the sleazeball of the group, the one who was funny, but also creepy and uncomfortable, to being this genuine, kindhearted person who used his humor to charm and entertain others, not to seduce or manipulate.

I just… Scanlan is the comedic role. The one who’s the butt of the jokes or is constantly ruining an emotional moment with a stupid quip. He’s not supposed to be the one sticking around, the last line of defense between antagonistic giants and his friends as Vox Machina escapes. He’s not supposed to be the one working to become more responsible so he can be part of his daughter’s life. He’s not supposed to be the one comforting his friends immediately after being resurrected from death. And, yet…

You know, Scanlan frequently jokes about being the leader of Vox Machina, but truthfully? In a way, he really is. He carries them when they get down, emotionally. He speaks for them when they need a representative voice. He makes sure they have a safe space to eat and sleep in dangerous places. Scanlan is always the character with the most clutch solutions. He’s the one there, quietly supporting others as they face their own difficulty, while he struggles desperately to take care of himself on his own.

I love Scanlan so much. And he is severely under appreciated by the fandom.


I always love either super sunny quirky character designs, or really dark creepy ones… There’s no in-between. SHSLs Inventor and Folklorist from Danganronpa V3. They’re my favorite for now, both because of their design and their talents!

SHSL Inventor

  • Design and talent-wise, Souda was one of my favorite DR2 character, so of course I like this girl!
  • I love here steampunk vibe! Goggles!!! Also her tentacle hair. 
  • Her talent will probably be (too) helpful in-game. I don’t think she’ll survive… :-(
  • That said, I see her as a cackling over-the-top mad scientist murderer, not a victim. She’ll be my first suspect if the Kiibo (the robot) “dies”.

SHSL Folklorist

  • I’m curious to learn about obscure japanese folklore… Except his dialogue will probably be toned down by the translation.
  • It would be very cool if he actually survived the game. I don’t think people expect the deadly looking guy to stand a chance (at least I don’t). Post-game, he could make the story of DR3 into a legend!
  • But it probably won’t happen.
  • He looks so chilling. I imagine him not realizing how much he scares people with his stories (or totally doing it on purpose and smiling behind his mask). 
  • Maybe someone will strike to shut him up. And/or he’ll die in an urban-legend themed murder. (2nd case anyone?)
  • But let’s face it, he looks like a designated villain/killer to me and he’s my favourite guy.

Ever since the last quidditch match, bokuto’s been absolutely SMITTEN and has been dropping off ‘anonymous’ love letters to the ravenclaw seeker akaashi via his Animagus form every morning. in his owl mode, he freely studies akaashi’s reaction to the letters and (if he’s lucky) even gets hand-fed some breakfast by his favorite person. of course, it doesn’t take long for akaashi to uncover the true identity of his secret admirer…

…(*/ω\*) i am in preeeetttty deep in this hell….

my quick non-spoilery Doctor Strange review

  • lives up to its name by being hella strange
  • most of the trippy visuals, (believe me there is a lot!) aren’t shown in the trailers
  • trust me, the word “trippy” isnt being overused to describe this, it really is trippy, and i love that they committed to showing us a bunch of weird/cool shit
  • great cast overall(aside from the whitewashing of course)
  • christine wasn’t just a throwaway love interest
  • visuals were friggin’ cool
  • not a huge fan of benedoodle cumberbun in general, but he was great as the lead. really charismatic.
  • wong, just wong
  • mads was good in his role, but i feel like his character wasnt well fleshed out because of his screen time
  • the music was awesome
  • as with all marvel movies, it has its really funny moments
  • “beyonce”
  • the relationship between steven and christine felt very real because of their chemistry
  • dude, the costuming was on point and i think my favorite out of all the marvel movies. those robes kick major ass.
  • breathtaking special fx
  • yeah, the story falls in line with other superhero origin movies, but it still manages to bring something completely new to the table which i appreciate.
  • the last fight scene was fucking cool as hell
  • i wanna see more
  • i give it a solid 8/10, i really enjoyed it

I’m so h a p p y. I just can’t even vocalize how amazing it is to have a canon gay relationship between two main characters. And my favorite fact is that even though Yuri wanted Victor to kiss him, every time he offered it jokingly, of course Yuri would say no. But when Victor is overwhelmed by his feelings and just gets it and kisses Yuri at the end, Yuri just smiles like he’s been waiting for Victor to realize his own feelings this whole time.
There so beautiful and lovely and they have to get married and I have feelings

a little thing about Roman Torchwick

so over fall break i introduced my ten year old brother to RWBY and we watched almost all three whole seasons together and of course he was asking about my favorite characters and stuff when we first started and i was explaining that i personally love Roman and Neo more than anything

this is going to be a long one, so buckle in my good friends

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Okay, so I’ve been thinking about a Doctor Who/Stranger Things crossover for, like, months now (I mean. Eleven. And Eleven. My two favorite characters in existence. How could I NOT?). Just imagine it!

Elle is trapped in the upside down after what she did to the Demigorgon. Afraid and once again alone, she sobs quietly, asking for help that she know can’t come.

Somewhere in the universe, the Doctor (currently traveling alone) gets a message on his psychic paper. All it says is, “Help me.” He of course springs in to action, tracing where the cry for help came from, and is surprised to find that it’s from a small pocket universe.

He manages to fly the TARDIS in, and when he lands, he (for once) turns on the monitor instead of simply going outside to see what’s there. He sees a young girl, sitting alone against what appears to be a large tree. She’s got her knees pulled close to her chest and is sobbing rather heavily, this is evident only by her quivering body, as she makes no sound.
Then he runs out of the TARDIS doors to get the child. The TARDIS has warned him that the environment is toxic, but doesn’t care – the girl has already been here too long.

Elle looks up and sees a man running for her, but he doesn’t seem threatening. In fact, he looks worried. Worried about… her? She doesn’t move, or make him stop. She can tell he wants to help her.

When the man is in front of her, only perhaps a foot away now, he stops, and kneels down so that he’s at eye-level with her.
“Hello,” the Doctor says, with a small but kind smile, “I’m the Doctor,” the child flinches at the word. “I know you’re frightened, but it’s going to be okay. I’m here to help.”

Elle stares into his eyes for a few moments, then nods as though she’s decided to trust him. The Doctor’s smile grows a little now that he knows she’s not afraid of him. “What’s your name?” He asks gently. She stares at him again for a moment before answering in small voice, “Eleven.”
“Well, Eleven, we need to get you out of here. Will you let me help you?” She nods again and wraps her arms around the Doctor’s neck – they both know she’s too weak to walk.

Once they’re safely in the TARDIS he puts Eleven down on a small chair that the TARDIS has provided for her. The Doctor goes to the console and take them into the time vortex where he knows they’ll be safe. He then goes back over to the little girl, Eleven, and kneels in front of her again. Now that he gets a good look at her he can see what a mess she is. Her face is stained with tears and blood, there’s even dried blood that had come from her ears. He doesn’t ask what had happened though, he already has a pretty good guess.
Instead he asks, “Where is your home?” This time she doesn’t need to take any time to answer and says “Mike.” “Who’s Mike?” “Friend.” She smiles very slightly when she says the word, and the Doctor understands. “We’ll find him. I’ll get you home, I promise.” She nods, and then she does something he finds a bit odd. She places a small hand on his chest, feeling his hearts beating. Then she looks into his eyes again, seeing how old and how sad he is, and she says softly, “Eleven.” The Doctor smiles just slightly and nods.

The Doctor had got her home safely. She’d insisted that he meet her friends before he left, and they never forgot the strange man in the bow tie who brought Eleven home.

Years pass – for both of them, many for the Doctor, only a few for Elle. Something goes wrong; the bad people are back. She remembers the last time she was afraid and alone and who helped her. So she uses her powers to try and contact the man – the other Eleven.

And he comes. But he’s different this time. He’s not wearing a bow tie now, and his hair is grey. His face is different too, not just older, but different. However, when she looks into the man’s eyes she knows that it’s him.
Eleven smiles and puts a hand on the man’s chest, feeling the unmistakable vibration of two hearts beating, and says “Twelve.”

My 2nd favorite episode of season 2 is…

How can you get away with showing what a character would act like drunk in a kids show? Have them loopy after a dental appointment of course! This episode is hilarious and adorable. Seeing what Hater would be like if he and Wander were best friends is precious and leaves us chomping at the bit to see how their friendship would’ve blossomed in season 3. 

Seeing Hater be more of a doofus than usual is such a hilarious time.
What a goober. Honestly it gives us a taste of what Hater is deep inside.
A pretty fun and nice guy.

I finally finished Downton Abbey. ( Yes, I’m very late, but I began this show the last summer) . 
I really will miss this show ! I liked Julian Fellowes ’s characters and background ! 
Here, a fanart of Tom Branson, one of my favorite characters, he was so cute when he was still a chauffeur for Crawley family ! and, I love his couple with Lady Sybil, of course ! 


Ed, Edd n Eddy - fan art / July 2016. — Hahaa, this show means everything to me. My favorite characters are of course the three Ed-boys, though I didn’t like Eddy when I was younger. Can you imagine! He’s awesome! Maybe his greediness made me angry or something. Kevin (and Jimmy) are surprisingly fun to draw. There’s no other characters because I’m lazy, but maybe some other time. Also sorry about the messy quality, pages in my sketchbook are super thin and scanning anything is a nightmare… 


ChildHyde AU: Life with a little demon angel. 

“Favorite Habit”

Hyde right now apparently doesn`t want to read Shakespearean stories so Licht reads to him the classic Fairy Tale collection. Of course, Licht would often exaggerate some parts of the story and would sometimes criticize the actions of the characters, but Hyde finds these amusing. He falls asleep halfway though, so Licht tucks him in and gets his own sleep. <3

mazying said: Hi there 😬, could you please write a Kakashi headcanon which is about is fiancé (s/o) doubts his love for her?

A/N: Yeah, of course I can, lovely. I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with! Thank you so much for your request, I truly appreciate it! Kakashi is one of my favorite characters. :3 - Admin Kat 💟

Originally posted by avpdkakashi

Not my gif! Gif credit goes to it’s rightful and amazing creator

Headcanon’s For Kakashi Dealing With His S/O’s (Fiance’s) Doubt’s For Their Relationship:

- Kakashi isn’t necessarily a very emotional type of person, he tends to avoid serious situations and commitments such as these; However, if he seriously saw how insecure his s/o was, - especially if they were having doubts over their relationship-, he would give it his best shot.

- Kakashi would seem uncomfortable at first, incredibly ungainly as he takes a shot at nonchalance, rubbing the rear of his neck; and asking what was up.

- Once the entire thing is out in the open, he’d grow serious and mature, - a total contrast from his usually stoic and relaxed persona-. He’d take a seat beside you and tell you that there is no reason for you to worry whatsoever.

- He wouldn’t just say things, he’d show you just how much you mean to him: He’d do this by treating you the way that you truly deserve, being incredibly intimate with you.

- “Out of everyone that I know, you’re the closest to me. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t hold people all that close to myself. You’re the first people in years that I’ve let come close to me.

- “You’re my fiance, (Y/N). If I wasn’t all that serious about you, that ring wouldn’t be on your finger.

- “I would never be unfaithful to you, you hear me? I stay true to my word. I love you, you mean the world to me.

- “You’re all that I really have left, - other than my students-, I’m not leaving you for anyone else.

- Kakashi would certainly prove just how much you mean to him and how important you are in his life: He would show you in his own Kakashi sort of way. *wink* *wink*

- He’d definitely understand why you were feeling anxious, and he wouldn’t hold it against you at all.

- Instead, he’d do all he could to resolve your issues, telling you patiently that he loved you and that he wasn’t going anywhere.

- However, needless to say, Kakashi may understand why you’re feeling the way that you do, but he won’t see the sense behind worrying over it since he’s not leaving: He’d ensure you a million times and prove it to you.

- You better believe that he’ll put ‘Icha Icha’ to aside just to comfort you for awhile.

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frieza-fan27  asked:

Do you think any of the Volturi have any favorite activity's

Of course :3. Here are a few of my headcanons! If you want any more for a specific character or characters, let me know :). 

Volturi Coven:


  • Collector: I feel like Aro is kind of a pack-rat and loves collecting popular memorabilia, artwork, and such from the different centuries.It gives him a strange sense of nostalgia because he has lived vicariously through so many different people’s thoughts. Although it’s a pretty space-intensive hobby.


  • Painting: She has painted some really nice landscapes of the views from the Volturi tower (although I tend to reject the idea that the Athenodora and Sulpicia live exclusively in the tower). The paintings are hung in the waiting area, and illustrate the progressive changes of the city from over the centuries. Aro told her about the “painting with a twist” trend that’s been going on recently. So, now she holds classes a few times a year where she gives guards the opportunity to learn how to paint. She can be a little scary and critical, but she means well. Plus, your painting will be beautiful if you take her advice. 


  • Painting: Caius’ paintings have a tendency to be much darker in nature compared to Athenodora’s paintings. Because of the darker nature of his pieces, they aren’t hung where prying human eyes can see them. Although, he does occasional paint landscapes with Athenodora. The troublesome part of these types of “dates” is that they will proceed to ask others which painting they like better. It is a lose/lose situation usually. 


  • Musical Composition: Music is a sort of emotional outlet for Marcus. There are countless pieces he has composed that are inspired by Didyme. Contrary to popular belief, a majority of these pieces are inspired by the happiness she brought to others rather than being about the emptiness he feels now that she is gone. He wants others to be able to feel the happiness she brought to those she was around. It’s his way of allowing her memory to “live on” in a more positive manner. 


  • Candle Making: She makes a variety of scents, some more successful than others. When the Volturi holds holiday celebrations, Sulpicia will try her best to capture the appropriate scent (i.e.: a snowy/woodsy scent scent for Christmas). 

Volturi Guard:


  • Sketching: Because Afton has the whole mental invisibility thing going on, I headcanon him as being fairly introverted. As a fellow introvert, I can vouch for the need for “me” time away from everyone else. So, I kind of imagine Afton likes to venture outside of Volterra when he has free time. He sketches anything on his mind, while just enjoying his “me” time. 


  • People Watching: Alec is pretty curious about what children his age are into. So, when he has free time, he observes children around his age. If he sees any fads, he’ll try them out and see if he enjoys them. 


  • Hair-styling: Chelsea really enjoys playing with other people’s hair. Whenever there is an event going on, you can bet Chelsea will be showing up at your room to do your hair. Some of the new guards find it a little weird at first, but she does a really great job. 


  • Star-gazing: Corin set up a fancy telescope at the top of one of the towers so she can star-gaze. She makes sure to inform everyone of when cool celestial events are happening. She convinced Aro to put them on the calendars he hands out every year too. 


  • Dancing: Dancing is sensual and gives Demetri an excuse to show off how ridiculously debonair he is even for a vampire. He likes a variety of dancing styles including the more traditional ballroom-style and risque dances. 


  • Video Games: Yeah, I don’t care if Felix is ancient because he has to be into video games. And now with the invention of the HTC VIVE, you can fight zombies and dinosaurs in virtual reality. Obviously, he thinks it’s totally awesome. Others are less as enthusiast because there may or may not have been a few times Felix accidentally punched through a wall. But it happens to everyone, right?


  • Digital Artwork: Like most older vampires, Heidi was pretty skeptical about technology at first. Now that she has gotten use to sketching on a tablet, she loves it. She carries it around with her on her travels and does an urban sketch kind of thing. She tried to get Afton into it because it’s so light weight and convenient, but he told her that he’s more of a paper and pencil kind of guy. 


  • Porcelain Doll Collection: I think I may have shared this headcanon before, but I’m not sure and I’m really lazy and don’t want to sort through my tags. When Jane goes out on various Volturi missions, Alec and she will go off on their own once completing the mission. This gives Jane the opportunity to check out various shops that sell china and porcelain dolls. Alec and Aro are the only ones that know about Jane’s hobby because she is already a bit self conscious about coming off as childish. 


  • Pressed Flower Artwork: I really like the idea that Renata loves making pressed flowers. She’s made so many of them that she started putting them into jewelry, phone cases, and picture frames. They make really great gifts; some people have tried to convince her to make an alias and sell them on Etsy. The idea still makes her nervous though. 

Critical Role + Aesthetic: Vax'ildan and Keyleth (x) (x) (x)

“Yeah, it’s fine. I can be your wife.”

“I think of Keyleth. Beautiful. Walking under the trees.”