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          {❉} -     ≡ ◎ ≡ βɛ мʏ мιяяσя, мʏ ƨωσя∂ αи∂ ƨнιɛℓ∂ ≡ ◎ ≡                      

“I let a girl kill herself. I know I could have stopped her- Well, not me specifically, but my partner would have been able to if I’d asked. Was she a bad person? Yes, almost inarguably so. But was it right to let her end her life when I could have very well saved her? I…I don’t think it was. Even if she did do bad things, and try and kill both me and my best friend, I might have been able to stop her death.” Oriko sighed, exhausted. “I’d just like to stop letting the people around me die, even if they are bad ones.”

                      ✧ ~ (Ѧʏ мιƨƨισиαяιɛƨ ιи α ғσяɛιɢи ғιɛℓ∂ ) ~ ✧