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Writer’s Reflections: Tag Meme

Rules: answer the following questions about your own writing, whether fanfic or original. If you can’t/don’t want to answer a question, just put N/A. If you don’t have that many posted works, tell us about your WIPs or individual chapters/drabbles or even your ideas! Then tag as many writers as you like :)

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What’s your most popular fic, by whatever metric is most relevant to you (hits, kudos, comments, reblogs, some other trait)?

Distraction tends to be the one most people know me for, and has some of the most kudos of anything I’ve written. So do An Unquenchable Flame and Shield Raised. For a oneshot, it’s probably Birthright. For Deus Ex, probably Prague, 10:42 PM, which started as an anonymous rarepair experiment and… OK, I was not expecting that at all.

What’s your favourite fic that you’ve written?

Crikey… this one’s tricky. Distraction is always going to be one of them. It flowed quickly and I loved so much of it. Those Who Wait, Reprise and Proprioception had a lot of heart in them, uneven though the results probably are. They have a lot of sad parts, but they’re ultimately about hope, strange as that may sound, so that was nice to write. I’ve had people say that they really touched them too (I had some heartbroken-but-happy comments over Reprise, and two or three people separately told me that Proprioception was “the fic I’ve needed since I first played Human Revolution,” which was just… wow).  I’m not very good at total angst. I think also july forever, which I wrote over a tricky few months during a hiatus, and gave me some really fun images and tones to work with. It really did feel like a summer holiday. I’d also been reading a lot of Austen, and in some ways it showed. And… yeah, just all of Shield Raised, which has been a passion project even more than most of my fics, for good or ill.

What’s your best fic, and is it different from your favourite fic?  

I think any of the ones where I had a very clear idea what I wanted to do and how I wanted people to feel, and had something to say. Birthright was a simple idea, executed pretty simply. I had to do some worldbuilding to make it work, but I think it did and I juuust about managed to keep everyone IC. Maybe the pacing could do with some work. Same with Distraction. In both cases, I knew where I was going and what tone I was aiming for from the start. Some people are telling me Proprioception is up there, and honestly, I don’t know yet. I think I’m stretching myself with it, and we’ll see if it works. I think Shield Raised is the fic I learned the most about writing with, and it shows.

Do you have a fic whose popularity surprised you?

Pretty much all of them. It’s always a wonderful miracle when people read my stuff. But in particular the fics which started as anonymous experiments where I was trying something different, and I didn’t expect many readers. So Distraction, Those Who Wait, Prague, and Proprioception, all of which were posted hastily on anonmemes before I lost my nerve and then edited when people went, “Wait, hang on, don’t go, I want to read more of this.”

Do you have a fic you wish more people would read?

Not really? I think more people read my fics than I’d ever have expected, and I’m very happy with that. I’m not some sort of “big name fan,” but I get a really lovely amount of feedback and my followers tend to read and talk to me about it.

Is there a ship or fandom you haven’t written, but really want to?

I need to write more Eva/Kaidan, I really do.  I think there’s so much there. I’m pretty much going to end up writing ever pairing in Deus Ex at this rate, I ship everything and nothing and I’ll write a bit of it all.

Tell us a random fact about your writing process.

I’ve been writing Armour for seven years. It’s the longest WIP I’ve ever had, at this point. Um.. also sometimes I bribe myself to get a chapter finished with playlists and olives? 

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