And whether or not the world adheres to them in their time

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Is GD a Christian? He has a cross tattoo/earring and I read that he was... Does he ever talk about it?

To be honest I can’t comment much about his personal beliefs, or the degree to which he still adheres to them. We know for a fact he comes from a Christian family and used to attend church throughout his childhood and trainee years, but stopped a while after debut (Daesung mentioned that he brought GD to church for the first time in a long while after Dae’s 2011 incident). The only member of BIGBANG who attends church regularly and is an outspoken Christian is Daesung. However, church attendance can’t be used to determine whether GD is still a Christian. That would be like using school attendance to measure how much love a student has for a certain subject.

One thing that did happen was that in the One of a Kind World Tour he hurt his ankle…and they recorded the prayer he said afterwards. However, the contents of the prayer itself only says he believes God takes care of everyone - it does not go past what non-religious people could say about being grateful for “someone” watching over them.

Not to mention the cross is no longer exclusively a symbol meaningful to Christians. In Western culture almost everyone, even non-Christians, use the symbol for other things - despite this not really being the right thing to do. So really, we can’t draw a solid conclusion as to whether or not GD is a Christian, and he has not been very vocal about it either.