And whether or not the world adheres to them in their time

Why are aquaponics so slow to take hold?

by: Nathan Hill

Very recently I wrote about the impetus on the hobby to up its green credentials, though at the time I made very little mention of an area that could be one of the driving forces that we need. Moreover, it even has the potential to boost the number of fishkeeping adherents around the world. I’m talking, of course, of aquaponics. Though you probably guessed that from the title of this piece.

The fact is that for us who understand that ammonia is ammonia whether it comes from a packet of fertiliser or a fish’s gills, the aquaponics concept is a great way of killing two birds with one very well placed stone. We are able to keep fish in the exact, low pollution conditions that we want of them, and at the same time we are able to grow herbs and brocolli from the comfort of our living rooms. We get happy fish and free chillis. That’s got to be a result, by anyone’s standards, right?

Which brings me to the very point of my blog: why aren’t mainstream manufacturers embracing this idea, and forcing their design teams to build a funky model on pain of death? They’re missing a trick, for certain.

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