And this is my very first try at making a gif

How do I start this? It has been around 3 months since I made this blog, and since that very day, more than 1100 of you amazing cupcakes followed me. I do not know how I could ever say THANK you. My trash daughter is so important to me, and boy do I try to make sure I bring her to life just as she is. I am so incredibly BLESSED to see so many of you are appreciating that. There will come a BIAS LIST, right after the giveaway, but first things first, I want to try & show you all how grateful I am by offering you a bunch of things!

The rules are quite simple! You have to be following me (do not unfollow after, or I will block you), you have to be a roleplay blog. The THREE winners will be chosen randomly.

Reblog once to enter, after that likes count too & you can reblog as many times as you like.
( Only liking it won’t be counted, however. )

  • First winner will get a fully customized theme + 75 Icons of their choice or a Promo banner
  • Second will receive either a promo banner or 50 icons of their choice.
  • Third place will receive 30 icons of their choice.

The giveaway will end 5th August, 7:00 PM GMT+1 !


Promo Banners:

Icon + PSD Examples:

My little treat for you guys! Thanks for sticking around. (View Illustration)

Though this work is older I never posted its process here. Not only I lost the very beginning of it, but I used to be ashamed of how it looked in the earlier stages.

I see things differently nowadays. What’s making me a “better” artist all of sudden is not succeeding on the first try, it’s keep frigging trying until I succeed. Just like this gif!

Happy Halloween, by the way! :)


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oh, hello :D so i reached 1K recently and to celebrate, im doing a follow forever! this also happens to be my first one, so yay! i just want to thank you guys, cuz yall are amazing. seeing your blog on my dash, or having you interact with me by answering my posts or re-blogging my edits(which few do so thank you) makes my day a little brighter. i love you guys very much ♥ thanks for being there! :)

 sorry if i missed anyone i did my best to try not to

also the edit above is credit to the lovely Zhen. thank you again for making me an one because i cant make any for my life

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HAPPY 2015!

I didn’t really do an edit for Christmas, so this is one for New Years, because well.. it’s 2015, which means a new year is coming. Hopefully this one will be better for The Wanted and our fanmily. I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year, because I’m so thankful to my followers, my friends and everyone that stood beside me through 2014. Thank you for sending me lovely messages, reblogging my edits, asking me questions and trying to make a conversation with me.

*quick shoutout to the amazing friends I have on tumblr; in abc order*

Emma (f0reversykes)☼Elise (aheartbreakstory)☼Gabby (daddysykes) Jo (showmeamerica)☼Lauryn (nodoys) Maureen (showme(dash)lovejm)☼Marie (frenchlovetw) Monika (jaygasms)☼Zhen (thewantedaf)

A special thank you goes to the lads, because in August, I saw them live for the very first time, front row and having this gorgeous man up there point at me and smile. It was the best experience ever, no matter the difficulties I faced along the way. 

You are all amazing human beings, thank you for existing. Have a great 2015! xx ♥

Valentina (bangmejay)