And this is my very first try at making a gif

So this site I found called Piskel is kind of great, and this didn’t take me very long at all. It’s still super rough, I want to smooth it out and make it prettier, but this was my first try and I really like it so far. Especially considering this is like my… 3rd attempt at both animation and pixel art. 

YES the dress-up game is here.

I spent countless hours drawing and trying to stumble my way around Flash, which I have never used before. It was very difficult, being my first game, and it was a rather ambitious one at that. Make sure you try out all the buttons ( even ALL the arrows next to her body ) for a wide variety of options. (Game includes Lolita fashion, Maid/Nurse/School uniforms, Magical Girls, Sukeban, etc…)There are a couple glitches here and there with the heart buttons, but that can be remedied by simply pressing the other heart buttons. With this game you can probably make thousands of combos. If you do use this anywhere, please credit me! I put a LOT of hard work into this. That being said, please post whatever dolls you make! I would LOVE to see everyone’s creations! After all that’s why I made this game, a gift to the menhera community!




 WAR & POETRY ( 500PX350PX + 300PX ), standard layout muse page by loserps

i dont even know what to say, y'all seemed to like my first page, i just wanted to make something to go along with it idk??? Enjoy??? thanks for being awesome??? since my coding skills are very poor, there are probably a few glitches, dont hesitate to ask for help and i’ll do my best to try to solve it for you!!!

♥ Happy 30th birthday, @amazingphil (Jan 30, 1987) ♥

Thank you for making mine and many other lives so much brighter :)


This was my very first proper try at animating so bear with me pls

hi, it’s moNICA (prev. jinkooks) it’s been a while although i’m always on and off with tumblr (sorry, been busy a lot ;-;), but anyways i’m trying my best to keep my blog going c: as i came back from a hiatus i reached a ton of wonderful followers thank you soo much. i was bored so i thought of doing a follower forever for my 29k hit and to a new year! here are some beautiful blogs i appreciate thanks for making my dash entertaining

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Peridot is trying to help Lapis with being near water and going into the ocean again, and pointing out all of the cool things she sees.

This is the first time drawing the gems not in human form on this blog… how did I go this long?

I am very happy with how this turned out! (Minus the background, but that’s because I don’t know how to make fitting backgrounds on TV Paint yet)

I know I said yesterday I was working on a picture of them, but I got distracted and wanted to animate something, since it’s been a while. This took way more time than I expected.

Anywaaays. This is for @lapidot-love. I’m one of the members or the group and wanted to draw fanart as soon as possible for it! Anyone who likes the ship, can draw, and would like to join in, message the admin of the group  @spacemonkeymafia42

I’m still working on that other picture, but I’m going to put it on the back burner for a while.

hii so i recently hit 1k which is a goal that i’ve been trying to get to for ages, and to celebrate i’m making my very first follow forever!!! i love everyone i follow loads, y’all  make my dashboard a very happy place :)) keep doin’ you ♡ 

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How do I start this? It has been around 3 months since I made this blog, and since that very day, more than 1100 of you amazing cupcakes followed me. I do not know how I could ever say THANK you. My trash daughter is so important to me, and boy do I try to make sure I bring her to life just as she is. I am so incredibly BLESSED to see so many of you are appreciating that. There will come a BIAS LIST, right after the giveaway, but first things first, I want to try & show you all how grateful I am by offering you a bunch of things!

The rules are quite simple! You have to be following me (do not unfollow after, or I will block you), you have to be a roleplay blog. The THREE winners will be chosen randomly.

Reblog once to enter, after that likes count too & you can reblog as many times as you like.
( Only liking it won’t be counted, however. )

  • First winner will get a fully customized theme + 75 Icons of their choice or a Promo banner
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The giveaway will end 5th August, 7:00 PM GMT+1 !


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Can This App Make Me Happier:

Julie Beck does first-hand reporting on an app that purports to help its users “win happiness.” Here’s an excerpt below: 

Of course you can’t measure your happiness in a vacuum—and you probably wouldn’t be very happy in a vacuum anyway—but if there really is an app that can make you happier, I wanted to try it when my life was relatively stable. I decided to do it for a month.

(Photo credit: Chelsea Beck)