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Inside Dominion: 207

Carl Beukes: I think that was a beautiful thing for Gabriel, to learn what it felt like to basically be human, and feel that bond between human beings.
Tom Wisdom: I don’t know if Michael every says or does anything without a thought behind it, I think he knows exactly what he’s trying to do. He brings up a story of David and Goliath, because he wants Gabriel to remember a time when he was a better person, when he liked himself, when he was as happy as which is when he was looking after this other boy. He was a Chosen One, just like Alex. Gabriel definitely gets that comparison.
Vaun Wilmott: His belief after that was that God’s, their Father’s, plans may be perfect, but humanity, humans will corrupt them. You really see that he was a father to this son, and losing this son has just completely altered him.
Gregg Simon: In a sense, this was one of the key circumstances that changed Gabriel’s whole perspective on humanity.
Carl Beukes: When David was ripped away from Gabriel, it opened the door to that world of hating humanity. And this does kind of work. It makes him stronger. It brings them back to where they used to be, and that gives him strength. Julian should’ve never put them together, I think. Michael and Gabriel have this unbreakable thread. When we’re on set, it feels as if Tom Wisdom and I have the same thing. Often we don’t have to speak to each other, we laugh at something.
Tom Wisdom: They love each other and the last thing they’re gonna ever do is let one another die.
Carl Beukes: Gabriel does go within and does open his heart to the relationship that Michael has with Alex, and for once sees it for what it is.

Oh my god I’ve been teaching this class for less than a week and I already want to buy one of those ‘It’s on the syllabus’ shirts.

when you’re lowkey really worried about dan

anonymous asked:

You could have like. Adopted all those kids.

that is very true

adopting twenty six thousand kids with dan howell still seems like a concerning situation though i’m not gonna lie