And they look really good as cop partners

Partner in Crime

“Hiiii can you do a super duper kewl/cute one where they tress pass to get a good view over the city or something and they get caught and she’s really sassy/cheeky and haz realised he loves her in the back of a cop car. Thank you !!!!”

Lying on the couch with your legs perked up on your boyfriend’s, you sighed as you flicked through the channels.

“Bored?” Harry laughed, looking up from his phone.

You shrugged. “Not much to do, is there?”

“We’re in Hollywood, Y/N,” he cocked an eyebrow, “this is like the tourism capital of this side of America.”

“Yeah, exactly. It’s all tourist stuff, boring old celebrity house tours and views of the Hollywood sign from a million miles away.”

“Well, let’s go see it up close.”

“Ah yes, let’s go break the law,” you smirked. He stared at you with a straight face.

“I’m serious. We wouldn’t get caught,”

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