And then John's face!

Imagine Felicity inviting Dyla over for dinner, because she insists that Oliver and diggle need to work things out, and she secretly loves having couples to do things with. So she’s in the kitchen getting things ready. And Oliver comes in with his arms crossed and a grin on his face as he says ‘you know giving John food poisoning is not the best way to repair our friendship’……is that a no?

Well Felicity will roll her eyes. with a 'hahaha, you’re so funny’ and he comes up behind her kissing her neck, as he says 'let me do the cooking’ he will then continue to kiss her, and add. 'or we could just order some food, and then we’d have all this extra time to ourselves’

Then the Diggle’s showing up with baby Sara, and she walks now, so you have to keep an eye on her at every second. So Oliver’s following her around the house, keeping her out of real trouble, until she turns around and says 'up’ and that’s when Oliver learns that there are now 3 women in his life that can make him to anything with a look and a word. And when he returns to the living room with Sara in his arms, Diggle shakes his head 'you know you’re doomed now. you give in once, and it’s all down hill now’ and olive'r just smiles and kisses Sara’s cheek as he looks over to Felicity 'it’s good practice for the furture’


Did another makeup test because I like practicing my costume make up skills (Also it’s fun doing the scars). 
I’ve realized that I can give myself pretty convincing facial hair by darkening the facial hair I already have. I’ve also realized that my eyes are really green in the right light and it’s tripping me out. 
Super excited for Comic con. Just another couple months. :D


‘SLAM!’ A wicked crack sounded through the canyon as John slams against a nearby vending machine, his head made full contact with the hard metal surface and successfully knocked him out. The cause of this sudden and harsh contact being a successfully placed bomb in his transport car down on Pandora, his unconscious body was slowly being surrounded by a group of bandits looking to assassinate the CEO. A steady stream of blood dripping down his masked face, John was completely defenseless against the surrounding threat.

We can’t remain without response

The kidnapping of our two brothers, the Metropolitans Youhanna (Ibrahim) and Paul (Yazigi) is one of these cases which confronts our citizens and in the face of which we cannot remain without response.

Patriarch John X of Antioch and all the East

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I have a headcannon that Sherlock shaves all his body hair - armpits, legs, chest, 'down there' etc. Is it true?

Headcanon! How delightful. I don’t suppose it means a cranial-exploding dead man’s weapon, but the story as you see it in your mind. Looovely. It must be nice, dreaming of those pretty boys, mm? I wouldn’t know. I have the tapes.

Sherlock is mental. He has some odd private compulsions. He does use product, yes he does, for his hair, because otherwise he’d be forever pulling it out, strand by strand. So too with the hair on his body: he would pick and pull at any little sign of one endlessly since puberty. He did shave, at first, but the stubble, he can’t bear it.

So he waxes. All up, and all “down” as you say.

Imagine John’s face when he found that out! Oh, he never stops teasing Sherlock now. Asks him does he want to go for a mani-pedi too. He’s only half-joking. They might just. I should be off, this is all so darling I need to hunt something beautiful.

Some powder for your headcanon, my dear. Keep asking such interesting questions and you’ll go on my “Do Not Skin” list!

Bret Hart just sounds really stupid for saying that Seth breaking Cena’s nose is the reason why he can’t like him currently. Even since he once said he was a great wrestler that was going to carry the company in the past. Also Cena has had nothing but praise for Seth, there’s plenty of interviews of Cena and Orton both praising him saying that they know that they can put on great matches with him. Also we can’t rule out the fact that John hadn’t moved his face the wrong way or something. I’m sure that Seth was legit concerned when that happened and he apologized to John backstage because remember accidents happen even between two highly trained individuals.

Bret should know that accidents happen in WWE considering he’s been wrestling way before either Seth or Cena were both in diapers.

Ruining my life.

Yesterday I had a really shit day because some people are just literally the worst that humanity has to offer. Which us what ever. But because I was already up in my feelings I got thinking about Johnlock and S4 and the devistating look that’s going ti come over John’s face when he sees all of thise scars on Sherlock’s back and he’s going to put it all together and think back to that first night when Sherlock wore that stupid mascara mustache. And I thought about how he’s going to start lookjng at Sherlock, deducing him in the way he taught him and all the signs are going to be there. The exact same ones John himself had when he came home from the war. I thought about the guilt and the self loathing and the absolute pain he would feel as Sherlock won’t look him in the eye and suddenly, without a word, John is on his knees his face pressed into Sherlocks hip, into his stomach, arms wrapped around his waist. “I was a fool. I was selfish and stupid and I know now… Sherlock… I know what you’ve done for me now. I’m so sorry…. I’m sorry. Please.” And then they’re both on the floor and it will be the most cathodic thing for them. And there won’t be this thing hanging between them anymore and John can feel that going away. He knows now what it was. He knows that Sherlock’s body holds the scars of what he protected John from.