And the talk of rebirth in the finale

Not Your Usual Tattoo

***PLEASE NOTE: This is Part Two of a series. You can find Part One linked below.***

Pairing: TattooArtist!Daveed x Reader

Summary: You go to a clipping. concert and get a lot more than you asked for. (This contains smut.)

Warnings: some aspects of d/s, fingering, oral sex, some biting, hickeys, hair pulling, slight dirty talk (i guess), Daveed with tattoos (tbh that’s the real killer in this AU)

Words: 6.5k+ (shit, I am so sorry)

Part One | Part Two

A/N: So this has been in the works for a longgg time and it is FINALLY done! I am so excited to release it! I hope you guys like it! <3 shoutout to @helplesslylins for being the B E S T and sticking with me through this ride! Also first fic on my rebirth account!

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You’d be lying if you said you weren’t overly excited for the concert. The past week you’ve been playing strictly clipping. Clipping. was the only thing that felt right during your commutes around the city. You knew a fair amount of songs by the time the concert rolled around. Doors were at 8 but you decided to be in the area at 7:30, there was a small line but it wasn’t anything crazy. Everyone seemed to be chill and friendly, there was excited chatter about clipping. but most of it was centered around Daveed.

“I’m just saying if he wanted to pull me backstage I would not mind.” A girl to your left spoke to her group of friends.

They all burst into laughter and you quietly agreed in your head as you unlocked your phone.

“Hey Rafael!”

You looked up, a few people in line were calling out to Rafael who was walking past. You two connected eyes for a second and he did a double take before walking to you.

“Hey! You came.” Rafa smiled, tucking his hand into his pockets.

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The Last Jedi + possible cliff scene outcome + Freud (a meta)

Since a “cliff scene” has been rumored to be a part of TLJ, here is a possible interpretation, I hope you enjoy it! ;)

The symbolism of water, as seen in Freud’s “A general introduction to psychoanalysis” and Otto Rank’s “The Myth of the Birth of the Hero”

From what I’ve read on Tumblr, we can assume that Rey and Kylo will fight, and that one of them, or both, will fall into the ocean that surrounds Ach-To.  Personally, I believe that it will be Rey who falls into the water, and that Kylo will jump in to save her (as “the girl” seems to be important to him). I am pretty sure that Rey does not know how to swim, having grown up in a desert.

In “A general introduction to psychoanalysis”, while talking about water-related dreams, Freud states that:

“In the myths of the birth of the hero, which O. Rank submitted to comparative examination,—the oldest is that of King Sargon of Agade, about 2800 B.C.—exposure in the water and rescue from water play a predominating role. Rank has recognized that these are representations of birth, analogous to those customary in dreams. When a person in his dream rescues another from the water, the latter becomes his mother, or just plainly mother…

Freud further explains this through the myth of Moses. However, in this particular case, I would take some liberty and say that maybe, in case that Kylo rescues Rey, through this act, he might finally become her “teacher” - someone who wants to take care of her, assumes a role that is nurturing - her “mother”. I am aware that the same rules do not apply to dreams and reality, but since I am talking about art, there might exist a same underlying symbolic message, as above. Whatever the case, one thing stays true - the “dive” would play a crucial role for Rey.

Furthermore, while in his book, thereby also in the previous paragraph, Freud talks about “birth”, I think the same can be applied to a “rebirth”:

Birth is regularly expressed in dreams by some connection with water; one plunges into the water, or comes out of the water, which means one gives birth to, or is born. Now let us not forget that this symbol may refer in two ways to the truths of evolutionary history. Not alone have all land-mammals, including the ancestors of man, developed out of water animals—this is the ultimate fact—but every single mammal, every human being, lived the first part of his existence in the water—namely, lived in the body of his mother as an embryo in the amnotic fluid and came out of the water at the time of his birth.”

The way I see this is that a profound change might happen in Rey, Kylo, or both, resulting in their “rebirth”, symbolically represented by this “plunge”.

This encourages my hope that Kylo might change his ways and start his journey to redemption.

Feel free to leave comments, I am open for discussion! :)

Disclaimer - I do not own the pictures - sources - Daily Mail and Star Wars TFA

Can You Count Them

For @deathberryprompts​ ‘gaze.’ It’s been a while since I wrote something post-686. The spirit caught me. 512 words.

There is nothing in his gaze except accusations. None of the cockiness she pretends not to love, none of that unchanging will she respects. A ring rests on her finger and he didn’t put it there. He thinks of what to say, still trying to handle her like the queen that’s ruled his heart for so long he hardly recalls a time before her.

“Why?” It’s the only thing he can push out, and his voice cracks. He wishes the ice she’s put between them would instead.

Rukia makes him stand there in silence. The ability to face her gives way to his resolve not to shed tears. He won’t break even though his eyes sting and his hands are trembling.

Something slips.

He presses a palm against the side of his head, and he turns. Warm eyes become endless voids with an acid jaune at their depths. His nails are black and she expects the grin that her brother described in the most words he’s ever uttered in her presence, but there’s a flat, disinterested line on Ichigo’s face and he doesn’t wear a mask. He cocks his head to the side, considering her for a moment. She has the nerve to look surprised.

“Ichigo can’t talk right now so tell me why.”

“Zan… getsu?”

“Yeah.” He’s calm, nothing like the ravenous thing she’s heard about.

“Where’s Ichigo?” she asks, slightly on guard.

“Broken. In too many pieces for me to count. Talk.”

“I want Ichigo back.”

That grin comes.

“Right. That’s why you’re standing here with that ring. You could have just stayed away, you know? You’re great at that.”

The final Getsuga Tenshō sapped Ichigo’s powers, but Zangetsu lingered in the corners of his soul, bound, but there, waiting for rebirth, waiting for her.

She only came when death made its move on Ichigo. How consistent of her.

Zangetsu sits at Ichigo’s desk and fiddles with a cup of pens and pencils. The noise is louder than it should be in Rukia’s ears.

“Nothing to say, huh?” He swivels around in her direction. “I suppose there’s nothing to be said. Your choice is clear.”

He stands and looks down at her, and she’s never felt smaller.

“Get out,” he bites. “Don’t even think about coming back. Tell that mangy mutt the same.”

Her feet feel bolted to the floor, and as with old habits that stubbornly cling to life, she makes her decision.

“I’ll never be able to make up for the pain I’ve caused him.”

“I told you not to come! I’m resigned to my fate!”

“If killing me will lift your spirits even a little, I will gladly offer you my life.”

It’s always been easier for her to run away than face it. She finds her footing, and doesn’t bother hiding her tears.

“Goodbye, Ichigo.”

She rushes out of the window, and quickly disappears from his sight. Inside, Ichigo screams for her.

“Pipe down, King. We both know it’s better this way.”

Zangetsu feels their heart squeeze, and the smell of rain is in the air.

Last year I wrote a novel-length Zelda/Ganon fic called The Modern History of Zelda. I had a lot of fun with the fandom, and the project meant a great deal to me, so I commissioned @dibeediboop to create character designs for Zelda and Ganon along with this illustration of a key scene from the story. It was such an incredible experience to work with her!

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Translation of Persona 3 Finale Event’s Stage Drama script #1 and #2

The Finale Event for Persona 3 movie, which was held on 2016/03/05, featured a series of stage dramas where the seiyuu for each character read their dialogue live on stage. The Winter of Rebirth blu-ray came with a booklet that contained the script for the four dramas performed. 

#1 Short introduction by Pharos.
#2 SEES talks about what they imagined Makoto to be before meeting him.
#3 Post-Kyoto hot spring incident. The boys try to come up with ways to make it up to the girls somehow.
#4 January 29th, SEES enjoys each other’s company at the playground before the last battle

I’ve translated #1 and #2. 

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Guys guys guys

Ok so this has nothing 2 do w Jason Todd but I feel happier now cuz I did it. I finally like talked full on blunt w my father abt what happened w the assault and how I felt like he didn’t do shit and he listened and genuinely apologized for what happened and I feel better because tbh this is the first time he apologized for it….

Lowkey continuing paralleling my life 2 Jason in that in rebirth he and Batman finally started to understand each other even if they disagreed a lot and still don’t have the healthiest relationship

Disclaimer that I have no desire to hate any of my parents… I feel like I come across that way but I stg I don’t but yeah

Something that makes me really, unbelievably happy is the fact that Ben Affleck has talked about reading DC Rebirth and the Batman titles.

And like?? This means he knows about the Bat Family. Not the public perception of it, where it’s Batman and Robin and Batgirl.

He knows about Stephanie Brown and Duke Thomas and Tim Drake and Kate Kane and Harper Row and Cassandra Cain and Jason Todd.

And he’s talked about introducing the Bat Family to the DCEU, which means we finally have a chance to see these characters on screen.

Like????? We could see Nightwing in a movie! And Oracle!! And Red Hood!!! And Red Robin!!!! And Batwoman!!!!!! And Spoiler!!!!!!!! And Lark!!!!!!!!!! And Bluebird!!!!!!!!!!! And Black Bat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

"More than ever before, Iris is Barry's lightning rod. It's reminiscent of the relationship Wally West and Linda Park had during the Mark Waid run"--- sorry I don't read comics. Is he talking about something in particular? Like why mention W&L?

He mentions Mark Waid and Parkwest here because that’s where the “lightning rod” concept actually started, or at least was explicitly realized. All the most famous moments of Iris being Barry’s anchor come after his return in Final Crisis (2009), but they only happened because of the way Mark Waid wrote the Wally West/Linda Park romance.

(This is from Geoff Johns’ 2016 DC Universe: Rebirth because I’m too lazy to look through old comics right now.)

Which makes me think that if it took Flashpoint for this reviewer to see Iris as Barry’s lightning rod “more than ever before,” then it must be something even more obvious than 1.21 or 2.21. Perhaps we’ll even get the famous “As long as I remember Iris” scene as Barry is trying to focus himself to get back to his home and his timeline?

My Thoughts on DC Universe Rebirth #1

I briefly considered making a video about this… but I have other work to do – a Chain Reaction, a 400th episode, just life in general… so here’s a lengthy discussion of DC Universe Rebirth.

Beware: here there be spoilers… and we’re going to talk about spoilers first.

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its been a while since ive updated, but its about time we talk a bit more about the upcoming Rebirth DLC

The game expansion will be called will come out sometime this year (hopefully around the middle)

this expansion will feature:

- 100+ new items

- a full new game mode that will totally change how you play

- 10 new challenges

- a new playable character

- a new alternate final chapter

- new alt floors

- new game endings

- new final bosses

- tons of new bosses and enemies

- new item pickups, cards, pills, etc.

- tons of new achievements and rewards for beating the game on hard

- new co-op babies

- new transformations

- and more… :|

you could almost get lost in all that new content!it should easily extend the gameplay time by another 100-200 hours…

last update i asked for you guys to give me some awesome challenges for the DLC via reddit, here are the top 9 challenge suggestions you all posted.
keep in mind that not all of these challenges will make it into the DLC, and if they do they might not be designed as described.

1. a XXXL room challenge: all floors are XL but have the max amount of rooms per XL floor.
2. High Speed!: the game plays at x2 speed
3. Sonic: all doors are arcade doors, start with 99 coins all enemies have greed shot effect (cause you to drop/loose coins) you die at 0 coins.
4. Max hearts : a challenge where you start with max heart containers but hearts no longer drop.
5. High Rule: start with moms knife + trinity shield + boomerang
6. Rollers: each time you complete a room all of your items and stats are rerolled (item pools arent depleted)
7. BRAINS! : start with 3-4 bobs brains, blindfolded (no tears)
8. Blue Bomber: blue baby run with kamikaze + flying + new dlc item + pyromaniac, Blindfolded (no tears)
9. all start boss rush: a challenge where you fight all the games bosses


this week i want to ask the isaac community about item combos.

so as some of you know, almost all the cool item stacking in rebirth has to be hard coded, this isnt easy because there are so damn many possible item combos its just not realistic to have a functional combo for every item in the game… but we can still add combos that feel the most logical/needed.

so this week im asking everyone to pool their knowledge and give us your top 10 must have item combos in rebirth that dont currently exist.

a good example would be midas touch + ecoli = golden poop on touch, or brimstone + moms knife = barfing knives.

please post your must have combos on this reddit thread HERE.
ill read them and post the top 10 in the next blog update.

in other news Florian (original programmer for isaac) got a new pc and found a way to open/update the old games fla files (kinda, it still breaks 80% of the time).hes been playing a lot of rebirth these days and was jonesin to work on the game again, he came to me a few weeks back with an swf with a few modded bosses that he then called “eternal bosses” white over powered bosses that play very differently. he made so many i thought it might be cool to attempt to patch the old game with anew “hard mode” that will feature tons of new eternal bosses, enemies and a few other little features that will keep skilled players on their toes.

this update will be free, but will only update for those of who own wrath of the lamb. not sure when he will be done, but its a very nice update for the 1000s of people who still play the classic game daily.this update will also feature tons of bug fixes that florian hasnt been able to fix for a long time.

here is a lil video of the update in action (god i hate looking at my old art)


Me when Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth was announced: what the fuck????? lobdell again?? And what the hell is that plot? Jesus Christ pull the trigger piglet, let the suffering end

My fake ass now, after almost a month without a Jason Todd comic: rhato rebirth,,, is gonna be trash but damn,,, I miss Jason,,, I can finally fill the hole in my heart,,,, thank u dc,,,,, lobdell king of bad writing,,, 10/10 

Beth's 'Journey'

Hello boys and girls. Today, I’d like to talk to you about a little thing called The Heroine’s Journey. This is actually a response to THIS awesome post and if you haven’t, you should read it, like it, reblog it, all those wonderful things. But mostly read it because I’m not going to repeat everything she already said. And then come back and read my response. I didn’t want to reblog that essay just to add an essay of my own when she’s clearly not on team delusional so I’m trying to be as respectful as possible. With that said, let’s get on with it.

According to her, Beth completed every stage of The Heroine’s Journey up until Stage 6. I vehemently disagree after reading that post. In fact, my faith is renewed even more after reading it. 

Stage 6 ‘The Death, or All is Lost’ is still what is happening right now. It is the fake death or seeming death. This death is a fake out for the audience and Team Family. It is a seemingly real death because it had to be. They are taking this stage very literally because hello, Walking Dead. All hope appears to be gone for good. It ends with a dark moment where all seems lost. Judging from the impact on Team Family, this coincides perfectly with Stage 6. I looked up the 45 Master Characters book to read up further on it and the text is so very interesting. The word choice is oddly familiar. “She may face a literal death experience." Yeah, I’d say this is pretty literal.

"She tasted success during the eye of the storm, and it felt good. Now she wants it all.”
During her interview with IGN, Emily made a point to state that Beth wanted it all which led to her being shot. Interesting, huh?

“If survival is an issue for her she’ll lose her means of support so she can support herself later on." This is mentioned in the Stage 4 ‘The Descent’ text. Since stage 4 and 5 can be repeated multiple times, this happened quite a bit with Beth. First, with losing the prison and her sister Maggie. Then again with being taken away from Daryl. 

"This hero must give up the path of resistance, the path that fights against the flow of things, and instead move into the path of allowance, going with the flow of events." Beth did just this when she adapted to her environment at Grady and wisely went along with the system while quietly plotting against it.

Stage 5 'The Eye of the Storm’
"After facing her fears and possibly the villain as well, the hero comes to terms with what just happened, and she feels she handled everything well. She gains a false sense of security. Somehow she stuck things out." This also happened at Grady with Beth’s first escape attempt that allowed Noah to escape. Afterwards, she had a face to face conflict with Dawn and challenged her ideals. Dawn then proceeded to beat Beth and Beth took it in stride. After that occurred, she was more confident and felt she had nothing to lose. Then, comes Carol, the small sliver of hope.
"She gets a small taste of success, however false, that will later fuel her motive to succeed again." In the final confrontation, Beth stood up to Dawn once more with a motive to succeed again.

Now let’s talk about Stage 7 'Support’. I think this is going to also run concurrently with Stage 8 'Rebirth’. "In some cases, like mysteries and horror stories, the hero finds herself totally alone as everyone else has died or disappeared. In this case another character has already set up the tools or set out the information she’ll need to find her way out. She’s still being helped." This sounds more like what we saw and will be seeing with Beth. Noah was her support during her time at Grady for the beginning portion. Thinking her dead, all of Team Family will have disappeared (left). Beth will find herself completely alone. Another character (or two) will end up helping her though by providing her with what she needs. This could be Morgan with the map later on. This could also be Dr. Edwards with the medical care. We don’t know yet, but it’s set up for either one or both at this point. "The hero can allow them to make amends through helping her.” I would say the Doc definitely has some amends to make. And I could also argue that Dawn could also fit in here a little bit, since she provided Beth the key to the medicine cabinet and continued to leave the elevator key in the same spot she always did.

Stage 8, to quote swiftsnowmane’s post, “the Heroine rises up from the ashes, stronger than ever before.” She takes the final steps to show her transformation. And I think, again, they’re going to use this very literally. After her brush with death, she will be 'reborn’ a new woman. Different but still maintaining the signature traits we know and love.

Stage 9 'Return to a Perfect World’. This is quite obviously Beth making it to Alexandria, or Hilltop. I don’t think this journey is over, not by a long shot. Judging from this, we’re still very much on Stage 6. What do you guys think?

anonymous asked:

I run, screeching into your inbox, a grey mask slightly muffling loud, nearly unintelligible cries of "MOLTING!! PLEASE DO MOLTING!!!!" I run smack dab into a wall and pictures of Warren and hundreds of feathers fly out of my steel tone jacket as I land harshly. The glasses I wear lay cracked on the navy floor of the inbox. With a final call of "NUMBER ONE...." I die, sprawled on the inbox floor, with no one but you to avenge my dying wish.

Kurt began waking up late at night to Warren itching and digging away at his wings. The angel sighed and rolled in bed, unable to get comfortable as he dug  and drug his wings into the mattress. He would move every few seconds, and give in with a low growl and angry fingers as he itched and scratched until blood was drawn.

Kurt rolled over to face him the third night, and sat up. He crawled out of bed and took the angels hand; Warren pouting and letting the blue boy lead him over to the bathroom.

It was that rare time of the year again- the snow  melted and coating the ground in a thin mud as the sun shone a bit brighter. The birds returned, the wind was cool, and the days were oddly warm if you stood still enough.

Water flowed in the rivers and filled them up and over the banks. The flowers sprouted in lime green stumps out of the thawed ground. The trees grew buds, and the ground bubbled with the overloading water.

During this gorgeous time of rebirth and regrowth- the nature of New York repairing itself after the long, heavy winter- was also the time when Warrens wings died and shed their beautiful feathers.

“I’m sorry you have to do this..” Warrens rough, tired voice is like a dagger against the quiet night of their room. Kurt has set him on the toilet, and taken out the specially made lotion that Hank was kind enough to gift them with last year for times like these.

Kurt coated his hands, and leaned forward to plant his lips softly on Warrens. “Don’t be. I do not mind it, you know zhat.” Kurt mumbles quietly to him, his eyes still adjusting from dark sleep to the bright lights of the bathroom. He smiles, and moves behind Warren. The angel spreads one wing, and Kurt can now see the distraught feathers as they lay crooked and messy from both scratches and their biological clock. His smile doesn’t fade a bit as he gently weaves his fingers though the small coverts near the base of Warrens wing, and touches the irritated skin beneath them.

Warren turns his head to watch Kurt for any signs of annoyance, but all he gets from the blue boys tired eyes is pure love and caring as he works into Warrens wing and takes care of him.

Man, how did he ever live without this before?

Kurt works his hands delicately through the feathers as he smooths the lotion across every bit of skin he can reach on Warrens wings. He organizes the feathers the best he can in their dying time, and frowns every now and then when a small one sheds.

He is half way done with the first wing-  ignoring Warrens whines when he refuses to stop and itch a particularly bad spot for the angel, when he bumps a feather and it falls to the floor.

It was a thick secondary- once beautiful and wide as it sat on the edge of Warrens wing and gave him lift when he flew. Kurt stops and looks down at it in utter shock, and feels his heart lurch in his chest.

“Kurt?” Warren calls when the soothing motions stop, and is nearly asleep at the final relief as the lotion did its job of cooling and relaxing. “Babe…” Warren turns a little to face Kurt when he sees what his love is looking at, and the blue boy looks at him.

“They’ll grow back…” Warren whispers sweetly in a smile up at Kurt, and the teleporter finally nods slowly.

“I still miss zhem…” Kurt says as he goes back to work, and frowns at the now obvious gap in Warrens wing when he spreads it again.

“There will be plenty more in two weeks, don’t worry babe,” Warren tips his head back to peer at his love upside-down, and Kurt leans forward to meet his lips.

The teleporter continues on to the next wing, and doesn’t feel so bad when more feathers are lost and now litter the tiles. He pecks Warrens cheeks every now and then as the moves over the skin between the countless quills, and smiles when Warren nearly falls asleep sitting up.

He would miss every old feather that left Warrens wings over the next week, and cherish every new one that would poke through in a small fluff of rebirth. Kurt hated this time of the year when the angels wings died and became a messy mound of the changing season, but also adored and admired the process when the new vane would stack up and spread along the quill in one final motion to repair the strong beauty that was Angel.

“Velcome to zhe vorld little ones! You are going to be big and strong and beautiful vone day! And zese vings zhat you are on? Zhey are glorious. You are going to fly vith them soon. You are very important to zhem…”

“Kurt, are you talking to my feathers again?”

“Of course Liebe. I am velcoming zhem into zhis glorious vorld! Zhey are a beautiful part of you!”

after whatever wild events lead them to finally confessing their love for each other and kissing and their enemies dying they probably stay in bed for a week. they come home and its like, this whole new thing they need to adjust to, sleeping in the same bed- its not even a question but it’s still new. so there’s this moment of like, i guess this is my bed now too- and they fall asleep for like 16 hours or more, waking up and sleeping for more hours back and forth and only getting up to go to the bathroom or get water- mrs hudson likely brings them a bit of food here and there. truly after what theyve been through they deserve it. they just spend 4 days sleeping and lounging and kissing and talking. they haven’t even had sex yet- that’s a whole new leap that they want to do right- but after a few days they probably finally feel rested and also a little bit very smelly and gross, so they take their first shower together. it’s so intimate and nice and it feel amazing to be cared for like that, scrubbing each other up after all this. and then they like, emerge from their shower and hibernation feeling brand new after all has happened to them. a rebirth. a new life together.

Important Announcement -- Character Recasted!

Due to personal reasons, Sahar will no longer be voicing Mikasa Ackerman for Attack on Space. The episode that came out earlier today (which you can find here) was the last one she recorded for. As for the specifics of *why* she left, that’s not something for me to post publicly for all to see. If you’re curious, and if Sahar is willing, you can ask her about it privately on her tumblr HERE. However, regardless of these trying times, do not think for a second that Attack on Space will be slowing down! No, my good sir or ma'am or whatever kind of strange gender you are, Attack on Space will continue to progress at the breakneck speed of one episode a week until its series finale in September. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for.

In death, we find rebirth. And in Sahar’s departure from AOTV, we find a new cast member! Meet Mandy (kairixxxsora16), our new Mikasa VA! She’s got a lot of spunk, let me tell yah. She’s super spunky. And she will be spunking up Attack on Space with her beauteous and masterful Mikasa voice from here on until the end of the series.

Yes, I know that having a new VA coming into the scene this late in the project is kind of jarring and weird, but we *literally have no choice.* Sahar just kind of left out of nowhere. And Mandy is a good VA! So, please, try to keep that in mind as you continue watching the series. As always, we will continue to try our best at bringing high-quality, enjoyable content to your eyes and ears, so it’d mean a lot to us if you supported Mandy as she takes on this role!

Anyway, I apologize for the inconvenience, and I sincerely hope this doesn’t hinder your viewing experience of Attack on Space too much moving forward! But if it does, well… shit. Not much we can do, Sorry!



[141105] Wu Yifan Talks About ‘Firsts’ on SINA Interview

For the first time since his ‘rebirth’ as an actor, Wu Yifan meets his audience a day before his birthday, and weeks after the completion of the filming of his acting debut, ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 Somewhere Only We Know,’along with Actress-slash-directorXu Jinglei(who also directs the said film) to talk about firsts in acting, composing and producing, crash dieting, and even love – today, November 5th, in Beijing, held bySINA Entertainment.

As his first film ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 Somewhere Only We Know’ enters the final stages of production, Wu Yifan and Xu Jinglei visited the SINA headquarters earlier this day to talk about topics ranging from the film, to the soundtrack, to preparations, and even more personal questions such as about eating and drinking, relationships, and future plans. Some of the questions, were sent by fans days before upon the announcement of the said guesting. Setting the flame of blaze, the MC and Wu started with discussions about the song that would be released midnight – hours later; the song said to be produced, composed, and sang by the young actor himself. Wu reveals that it was his first time personally working on a song, that he sees it as his ‘son.’ He confidently stated that the song represented the movie well, with Xu Jinglei adding on the side that she trusts the young man’s decisions well enough to believe the words he just said. Touching on the song’s title, ‘有一个地方(There’s A Place),’ the host asked if there was a place that was important to him and his friends. Wu affirmed, but refused to reveal further more than what he unveiled to be that place where he and his friends played basketball.

Diverting a bit from the flow, Wu is cornered with a rather quirky question about his first love. At first he denied and stated he couldn’t remember, but later revealed that he planned to marry once – a pigtailed girl from kindergarten when he was around 3 or 4 as memory served him. Unable to escape the topic, he was then asked if he had any relationships recently, which he denied, mainly because he was too focused on work. He also described his ideal type to be someone who possesses an angelic face and can take care of themselves well; a position which he gladly said was open even to fans, as long as they were ‘the one.’

Talking about the movie, the MC also turned to Xu about Wu’s role, the main lead Ze Yang. The female director described Ze Yang as a very difficult character to portray, because Wu needed to learn how to play musical instruments he might have never touched before. Yifan added that the cello, for example, was a very difficult instrument to actually play, and that he tended to have cramps whenever he held the bow. Aside from the instruments, his projection of the language needed to be refined, which Xu worked on by having Wu recite poetry during preparations. Xu Jinglei confidently added that since it was a very hard role, the film wouldn’t have been completed without Wu Yifan. As for his physical appearance, it was revealed that Wu Yifan needed to go on diet to portray Ze Yang well, which he started by melancholically eating a whole bucket of chicken wings on Prague’s Charles Bridge at 3AM – as his last indulgence before he had to cut eating habits. Wu quickly added that even though his schedules were packed, it was manageable and the fact that he had good working relationships with the other lead actors and actresses made his first experience memorable.

As for fans and family, Yifan talked about how much he treasures family so much that he wishes nothing else but a happy family in the future. As for the fans, Director Xu complimented how Wu’s fans came from all over the world with so much beauty and politeness. She stated that she believes he will gain more fans in the future for his hardworking attitude and talents. Yifan thanked Xu Jinglei for granting his wish to be able to act, and added how much he was thankful for everyone’s support, but also hoped they would put themselves first, too. The session ended with the staff presenting Wu Yifan with a birthday cake, and well wishes for his future and his birthday. He concluded by stating his future endeavors: saying he had no plans to give up on either music and acting, and that there is a right time for everything, and that is taking things step by step.

Wu Yifan is currently shuffling with three confirmed films: ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 (Somewhere Only We Know),’ on last stages on production, ‘夏有乔木雅望天堂 (Passion Heaven)’ which just ended filming, and ‘Lao Pao Er’ which is yet to start production. He is also said to be preparing for an EP/ mini album, and will be meeting fans tomorrow again for his birthday event broadcasted by Tencent. ‘有一个地方 (There Is A Place)’ will be released midnight of November 6, Beijing time.

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Hi :)) [didn't want to turn the long post into a too long post] For a long time I was sure Hannibal tried to change Will and turn him into another "mini me" - but that quote with the caterpillar pretty much changed that completely, so thanks haha xD Poor Will, season 2 was one hell of ride for him...

You are welcome! :D Hannibal wants all his little murder babies to be their own true selves. He teaches them to fly and then says, follow your dreams! He wants Randall to build his animal suit and live it out to the fullest. He wants Margot to kill her brother because it would be the best thing for her. It’s just that Will was his true love so their relationship naturally became a bit different than all his other murder babies. They achieve their dream together.

Yes, rebirths are painful but he had Hannibal helping him. 

Will: I’m alone in that darkness.

Hannibal: You’re not alone, Will. I’m standing right beside you.

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I think it was Bryan or Hugh, or maybe when they were talking together, that said they had to delay Will taking the final step to being with/becoming Hannibal because if they did it too early the drama would be gone.  And they would have 2 Hannibals running around. So, there was misunderstandings and hijinks and angst that ensued to keep them apart like in a romantic comedy. But as Hugh said recently, he was always wondering when Will would finally come out “gleaming and whole and deadly”.  

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Where do I begin to start with Jean Grey? It would be more prudent to call her my soulmate than my sister or my friend, a title only proven by her literal excursion into my soul as I lay dying some years ago. She walked its paths, met its inhabitants, and so close was I to the veil of death that I could even introduce her to my parents.

I loved her and love her still,and every time I see her likeness imitated, or her powers mocked, or her descent into the Phoenix Force cast aside like a worn out cliché, it truly angers me. Jean was the strongest woman, the strongest person I have ever met, and not just in powers.

She is life and death and rebirth, and yet she is also a woman who laughs when her ice cream cone melts in her hand when we talk for too long without stopping. I am proud to know her and to love her, and perhaps one day she will finally find the peace she so deserves. I can only hope.

- An excerpt from the journals of Ororo Munroe, known professionally as STORM.