And the song just happened to be EXACTLY the lyrics I was looking for

Tae’s latest Bangtan Bomb is literally just a performance for Kookie, an essay:

Obviously I’m talking about the “ This is how V warms up his voice before singing” Bangtan bomb. 

First of all, we don’t actually see Kookie in the room, but we know where he is because Tae sings his name and looks at him at the end of the video, proof:

The above happens almost at the end of the video but please notice the direction he’s looking as he’s singing to Kookie above. Remember the direction!

Let’s proceed to the start of the video where Tae starts singing.. Again, notice the direction he’s looking as he sings different songs (aka exactly the same direction!).. And also please notice the lyrics he sings when he looks in that specific direction (aka in Kookie’s direction! 😍)….. 


We know Tae, we know.


We still know. 


Kookie, please just look at him?

Fourth: Aka the one that killed me.. He added the *no* himself and then stopped smiling! Poor TaeTae..

In conclusion, this bangtan bomb might not have seemed very Taekook-ish, but as with everything Tae and Kookie related, it’s Taekook AF, we just had to pay attention!  💕💕