And the letters weren't as hard as I thought they were

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Pinning keith angst Lance writes love letters and put it in what he thinks is his crushes locker but it's Keith's locker. Lance finds out and tells keith that they weren't met for him. Keith, who is crushing on him hard now is very sad 😏 gotta love the angst


“What’s this?” Keith pulled an envelope out of his locker, his fingers ghosting over the baby blue paper. 

“It looks like a lover letter,” Pidge wiggled their eyebrows as they attempted to snatch the envelope from Keith’s hand. 

“Stop that!” Keith pushed the younger person off them, “you gremlin.” 

Pidge laughed, stepping away from Keith, giving the raven boy some space to open the letter, being careful not to rip it. 

Your eyes shine like the stars at night, your hair wrapping my eyes in the night sky. You’re everything I want, please keep the stars alive. ~Blue <3

Keith felt his face turn red as he scanned the letter with his eyes over and over again, the words digging into his mind. What?

“What does it say?!” Pidge climbed up Keith’s back and he gripped the piece of paper tighter in his hands. 

“Who wrote this?!” Anger slightly consumed his voice and Pidge jumped away from the pale boy. 

“Wh-what does it say? Is it something bad?!” They tighten their hands into fists as the idea of their friend getting bullied. 

Keith shook his head, “no, no, it’s nothing bad, just a love letter?” He wasn’t really sure what it was since he had never gotten one before but he was sure they were like this. 

Pidge blinked a few times, scanning the letter when Keith turned it towards them. “It’s actually a love letter…I was just joking about that,” they gave a nervous laugh and stepped away from their friend, “I guess someone has a crush on youuuuu” 

Keith folded the letter and placed it securely in his backpack, “I’m sure it was just a fluke or something. Let’s just get going before we’re late for class.”

Pidge nodded, shutting their locker and quickly changing the subject to mothman.


Yet Keith soon learned that the first letter wasn’t a fluke, more appeared everyday. Every time Keith opened his locker a new letter would be there, the baby blue paper looking out of place among Keith’s red’s and black items. 

Keith would never let it show or tell Pidge but he looked forward to the letter everyday, it was nice to feel wanted for once. Moving from school to school had made it very difficult for Keith to feel wanted or have people ask him out. 

“Aren’t you curious who’s writing you these?” Pidge adjusted their glasses and Keith pulled another letter out of his locker. 

Keith shrugged, “kinda? I just want to know why really. I mean I’m not to look at and if it’s a girl they won’t have a chance with me anyways.” 

Pidge nodded, grabbing their backpack, “what if it’s that Lance kid? You know captain of swim team? And our class president?” 

Keith hid his face from his friend, feeling his skin heat up at that name. Lance. He was the first boy Keith had checked out at this school, there was simply something different about him that drew him to Keith but they had only spoken a few times. 

“I highly doubt it, plus isn’t he like straight?” Keith placed the letter in his bag, mentally clearing time in his schedule to read it later.

Pidge shrugged, “I think he’s bi? Not sure but I’ve heard rumors, plus he’s always around that Hunk guy.” 


This went on for almost a month before Keith learned who was actually putting the letters in his locker. He had just turn the corner to where the lockers were, slightly rushing to grab his book, he had forgotten it before going to class. Crap, why did I forget it?! He quickly scanned the small numbers on every locker, his eyes reading the numbers before he bumped into someone. “Oh sorry, I didn’t see you there.” 

“It’s no problem man, sorry I got in your way.” 

Keith’s eyes went wide as he quickly turned his head towards the voice, the voice that he had memorized the selective times he had the pleasure of hearing it. Lance! “No, it’s cool, no need for apologies.” Keith laughed nervously and reached for the dial on his locker. 

Lance cleared his throat, “so are you grabbing something for someone?” 

He sounded nervous and Keith shook his head slightly, “no this is my locker,” he chuckled slightly, glancing at the tanner boy, whose eyes were wide as the moon. “You okay?” 

Lance opened and closed his mouth a few times, looking like a fish out of water, “wait wait wait wait this is your locker?!” 

Keith nodded slightly, he didn’t know what to say, why would Lance care if it was his locker or not? 

Lance groaned, dragging his hand down his face, “shit, this isn’t good. You’re telling me that this isn’t Nyma’s locker?” 

Keith nodded, “Nyma’s locker is 245, I’m 254.” He swung the metal door open, hiding a smile as he saw the familiar blue paper sitting on his books. 

“Then I gotta apologize…for the letters that you have been receiving.” Lance avoided Keith’s eyes and Keith felt his face go red. 

Lance has been writing those letters?! Does he like me???? Keith raised his eyebrows, “ why are you apologizing?” 

Lance stared at the ground, “they weren’t for you, they were for Nyma.” 

Keith’s face fell as he looked at the unopened letter, “ oh okay, I suppose that makes sense.” Keith grabbed the letter, ignoring how his hand shook as he handed it to Lance, “go get her man.” 

Lance stared at the letter, his hand hesitantly coming up to grab the blue paper. “Thanks man, um do you have the other ones?” 

Keith shook his head, shutting his locker, his book long forgotten. “Sorry, I kinda threw them away,” lie, “I thought they were a bit cheesy for my taste.” Keith adjusted his backpack and gave the tanner boy a smile. “I wish you luck.” 

Lance smiled, sending Keith a friendly salute before running to the right locker.

Keith slowly made his way towards the nearest restroom, the tears failing before he could lock himself in the stall. He gripped at his hair, tugging at the thick strands, just once, just once why couldn’t I have had someone? He thought about how happy Lance would be with Nyma and he wiped his eyes, new tears replacing the old ones quickly. Pull it together Keith, it’s a dumb boy who probably didn’t even remember your name. Keith grabbed some toilet paper and blew his nose, fuck class. He closed his eyes, letting his heart slowly fall apart. Least he still had the others letters, he could still pretend. 

I headcanon that Nyma dyes her hair all the time lol 

My poor son :( 

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Fuchino Yuuto (Noya) wrote a blog post to wrap up this tour of Engeki Haikyuu, Summer of Evolution! (x

He of course begins by thanking everyone who came to see the show, and writes that he’s glad they could finish all 37 performances safely.  

Then he immediately starts writing about the pressure he felt taking up the mantle of Noya from Shouhei and how nervous he was to enter the Karasuno cast.  And although he was really overwhelmed at first at rehearsals, he was really glad to have become a part of their team.  He and Kenta are the same age, but he felt overwhelmed by Kenta’s presence as an actor, and so he worked hard to learn as much from Kenta as he could.  

He got a lot of motivation from Kouhei, and lots of advice from Kazuma.  He’s so glad that he and Justin could get that jump-serve-receive scene perfect for the final show, because they had a hard time getting it down just right throughout the entire tour.  

This play more than any other helped him realize what it is to ‘connect’ with your fellow cast members, and he tried hard to work on every relationship he could within the cast.  

He’s always thought Shouhei’s Noya-san was especially cool, and so he really wanted to be just as cool when he took on the part.  But there were times when he got depressed because he wasn’t quite sure what to do.  The day after Shouhei came to see the show, Fucchi and Shouhei went out to eat.  At that time, Shouhei told Fucchi that his Noya was cool, and Fucchi was so happy he had no idea how to respond.  It was then that he really felt that in the world of Engeki Haikyuu, there really are two Noyas.  

“Volleyball is a game about connection, and it’s like this that we are connected in Engeki Haikyuu.  The ball that Shouhei connected to me; I received that, and I face upward, wanting to continue that connection.  That’s what I thought from the bottom of my heart.”  

Lastly he thanks everyone for their letters and presents and all the support they gave him; he feels nothing but gratitude to everyone.  As an actor, he’s going to keep pushing forward!

I had a conversation with you last night about all the things that i want to tell you. I mean, it wasn't  ‘actually’ you, but i really wish it was.

I told you about everything that happened that night. I asked you why you didn't answer my calls, why you instead texted me. Was it because you didn’t want to hear me cry? Did you not want to hear my heart break in my voice, knowing that yours would break too? Of course i didn't get an answer, because you weren't actually there, but i still continue to ponder at what your answer would be if you were.

I told you, how after you sent the text that ended it all, i broke down in tears. i layed down and sobbed so hard that i couldn't breathe. I had tried to call my best friend to tell her what happened but the phone call ended up being me crying and her sitting in silence, because i had never cried like that before, and there was no other way to comfort me but with you. and you weren't there.

I told you how i had never cried over a boy because i thought it was stupid. I had always seen girls cry because their boyfriends broke up with them and they were so heartbroken. I saw them as weak and i told myself that wasn’t, and will never be, as weak as them. But there i was, crying over you. You were my achilles heel.

I told you how when the sobbing stopped, i had hoped that you would realize that what you did was a mistake; a stupid,irrational decision made out of anger. I hoped that you would realize that and show up at my house in the middle of the night, just like you had done so many times before. I hoped you would come and hold me in your arms and tell me how sorry you were and how much you loved me. And then i would kiss you, and tell you that everything was okay, and i would forgive you. And everything would go back to how it was. But that didn't happen.

I told you how i think about you all the time, that you never really leave my mind. I just cover you up with other noises but when all of those noises go silent you are still there and i can't help to be drawn into you again. And i can't help but wonder if i ever really leave yours. If at the end of the day, when your laying in bed , if i'm still there.

I told you how i see memories of us everywhere i go. And i asked you if you  see them too. As i drive around town, I think of the warm days where we drove around with the windows down and the music blasting and all of us singing at the top of our lungs. I think of the cold nights when you would drive me home and hold my hand while you were driving, even though you hated driving with one hand, but you knew that i was cold and you wanted to give me as much warmth as you could. I think of the times when we would lay in bed in total silence, just cuddling and enjoying each others company. I told you how much it hurts to think of these times, but i do it because they made me happy, and oh what i wouldn't do to be happy again.

But the most important thing i told you was how much i love you. and how i may never stop. But  i know it didn't matter to you. Because if it did, i wouldntve had to tell you all these things.


(letters to myself to help me get over you) 

D.M. 5/27/16 1:22 am


“You Make Me Whole, You Make Me Right. Don’t Ever Want To Think About You Leaving My Life.”


Days Later, Wedding Day.

Looking down on both letters that sat in front of me I sealed my lips together and shook my head. One made me feel all happy inside and I know it would make Ant happy as well while the other had my thoughts running a mile a minute. And with it being my wedding day I can’t have my thoughts from this particular letter distract me from everything going on today.

Hearing a light knock on my door snapped me all the way back to reality, tying my robe I walked over to the door and matched the same smile my girls wore once seeing me.

“Hi pretty,” they screamed I laughed shaking my head walking away from the door letting them in. I quickly placed both letters in my underwear draw before they could question me on what they were.

“Hair and make-up should be here any minute now, we just spoke did you shower and everything?” Ci asked me I nodded. “Yes, you speak to the boys?” I asked

“Yea, Jay told me that they are about to get their hair cuts and stuff and that their suits are getting delivered by 12,” I raised my eyebrow and shook my head while my aunt, mama J and Mama Lisa walked in the room

“They should have been at the house since early this morning,” I stressed my aunt placed her hand up. “Don’t Rae. Everything will be fine, don’t let anything stress you out, or have your mind running all crazy,” she coached I shook my head if only she knew her words are a little too late.

“I’m not ma, I just need everything to run smoothly,” I breathed out as the doorbell rang.

I would be lying if I said the butterflies weren't on a high ten right now. I thought waking up this morning I would be fine, I love Ant and I’m more then happy to be marrying him but I’m so nervous. I thought wedding day jitters was something you only saw in a movie or TV show, but this is real life. It’s weird though because neither Ci or Jay looked or felt the way I do right now. I’m just mostly scared something will go wrong and I don’t want that to happen. Both Ant and I worked hard to make sure this day would be perfect for the both of us.

“I don’t know Rae, you look like you’re about to throw-up, you okay?” Iyana asked me.

“I’m fine, though I am a little nervous,” she smiled and waved me off.

“That’s natural baby,” Mama Lisa spoke smiling at me. “Tell me about it, I fainted the day your uncle and I got married,” My aunt said I chuckled shaking my head.

“Why?” I asked her she shrugged. “I was nervous, for some reason I had a feeling that when it was time to walk down the aisle he’d leave me or wouldn't be there all together,” she laughed.

“Oh my gosh aunty, I can imagine how that made Uncle Nas feel,” Tae said. “He doesn't even know, my mother made sure nobody told him, and she told me not to tell him either. I have no idea why she did it or told me why but I have never told him and never will,” My grandmother really was a trip I do miss her dearly, I know she’s extremely proud of me though.

“Did you ever get over your nerves though?” I asked her she nodded. “Of course, once they opened those doors, we made eye contact and I saw those tears fall from his eyes,” she paused reminiscing.

“I told myself Nia this is your best friend, you’re marrying the guy who knows you better then you know your own self at times what is there to be nervous about. That’s all you have to tell yourself baby,” she shrugged kissing my forehead. Ci looked over at me and quickly looked away once my eyes met hers which had me all the way confused but I brushed it off. I didn't need that confusion on top of how I’m already feeling, especially not today.

“That’s so sweet aunty, how much years now?”

“28 years of beautiful marriage,” she boasted. This is why she and my uncle are my inspiration.  

“I’m trying to be like you aunty,” Yana smiled big her and Cole are already married and out of all of us I thought they’d tie the knot before any of us. We have all been in a relationship around the same time, but those two are so different. I don’t think they’ve ever had to deal with any infidelity ever. Tey may have had to knock a few bitches for trying to get at her man but with Cole he knew what he had and he cherished her I’m so happy for them and know for a fact that they are forever.

Just as we were going to continue our conversation the doorbell rang loud as ever. We all headed out my room and downstairs. “Hi,” I answered the door greeted by a bunch of people and of course David

“Your hair and makeup crew,” David announced. “Hi David,” I smiled hugging him.

“I spoke to Kathy she will be here with your dresses any minute, I’m going to check on the men. Call me if you need anything,” I nodded letting him out the house.

After setting all my girls up with their own mini glam squad it was finally time to sit with mine. We have more then enough time before the actual wedding so I wanted to explore different hairstyles. With the way my dress is set up I need an up-do, so we’ll experiment with that.

I will say my nerves are slowly dying down and I just can’t wait to walk down the aisle.


*Later That Day*

Fixing my bow tie I walked out the room to where all the guys stood and cleared my throat posing one time. “That boy clean up nice,” Jamal spoke brushing my shoulders off, I laughed rubbing my hands together.

“You ready bro?” Jay asked me shaking my shoulders. “Shit, more ready than I’ve ever been in life, I still can’t believe this day is here, finally here. I’ve been ready to marry  Rae since pulling that ring out,” I sighed rubbing my hand over my head.

“That’s real bro, so I guess I don’t have to talk you about treating my sister right huh?” he aksed me I waved him off.

“Have you ever had to before?” I joked as we bust out laughing. “You right bro, you got a good one right there, never forget that, and that’s all I’m going to say,” he said I nodded, don’t I know it.

I remember there was a point in time where I knew for a fact that I wasn’t going to get married because I could never keep a girl for the life of me. Girls only wanting me for money, or using me to be on my arm just because of the authority my name holds.

Seeing Rae in the club that night I thought I could pull her, we’d have sex and that would be it. But seeing her in the office the next day and just talking to her my mind changed immediately after. I didn’t think we’d make it here but I knew I wanted to keep her around for a little minute. She was cool as hell and easy to talk to, getting to know her more each day made me fall in love quick. She is everything every guy in the world needs, she’s beautiful, outgoing, independent, holds it down, has the best personality in the world, and to top it off she’s crazy, and when I say that I mean in a sexy way.

I can most definitely say my girl is one in a million because quite frankly she is. In all my years of dating I have never met anyone like her, and I’m happy I got her before anyone else could. This girl is everything and more and I’m glad that she’ll be wearing my last name.

“Yo anybody speak to the girls?” Trey asked Cole nodded. “Yea they waiting on their limo, ours is outside everybody ready?”  he asked I nodded.

“Wait where Dom go?” Jay asked. “He still had Ken’s bag so he went to drop it off, said he’s gonna meet us there,” Ty answered I shrugged and walked out the house. In all honesty we are cool, and got over whatever beef we had but I wouldn’t miss the nigga if he didn’t show up. If it were up to me he wouldn’t even be at the wedding, but he’s Rae’s friend so whatever. Now that I think about it he can watch as I marry the girl he wish he could have.

Pulling up I smiled in awe it looked completely different than when we came here a few days ago just for a test run and it’s the same exact area. David did his thing I tell you that much, I know Rae is going to love it.

“The girls will be here any minute,” David spoke once we approached him. “Cool, can we go see who’s out there?’ I asked him. “Of course go greet your guess I’ll let you know when it’s time to take your places,” I nodded.

I smiled once walking inside greeting all my family members and Rae’s family that Uncle Nas introduced me to. Everybody and everything looked absolutely looked amazing last piece of the puzzle is the girls and my bride to be.
“You ready?” Jamal asked me I nodded. “Yea man I’m ready. You see her?” I asked him he smiled.

“You lucky man, she looks beautiful. Bro believe me when I tell you she’s a keeper,” he said holding his hand out. We dapped each other and ended up in a brotherly hug.

“Okay, Ant you go ahead and take your place, your bridal party will follow after,” David instructed I nodded and dapped everybody.

Walking up to the alter I looked around and smiled at anybody I made eye contact with. I’m really about to get married.

After shaking hands with the pastor I took my place and watched as everyone came down the alter. The girls look great, Rae did a good job picking out their dresses.

The doors opened and instead of the traditional wedding song playing I picked out I Gotta Be by Jagged Edge to be played while Rae walked down the ailse. This is something I wanted to do and she told me I could even though she claims she was nervous for what I would pick. She wore a big smile once the song began playing that I mirrored. She looked stunning, like the queen she is and that alone caused tears to roll down my face.

My dad always told me Jordan men are Kings, and one day I would find a Queen to spend the rest of my life with. And for the first time ever I can finally say I found my Queen.


My hair came out perfect something simple yet elegant exactly what I wanted. The dresses have finally arrived so now it was time to get dressed and get married.

“Rae we need you dressed first, just in case we need to alter anything,” I raised my eyebrow and shook my head. I’m confused as to what Davis is implying but I’ll leave him alone.

“Yo where is Ken’s bag at?” Ci asked I shrugged. “It should be upstairs,”

“It’s not, I’m trying to get her ready and nothing is here,” I sighed and grabbed my phone before walking over to David and Kathy. Unlocking it I went to my recent logs and hit Dom’s name.

“Yo,” he answered all loud. “You loud as hell man,” I complained.

“Sorry, these fools loud as hell, what’s up?’ he asked me. “You all like what’s up, we need Ken’s bag fool,” he cursed under his breath which caused me to laugh a bit.

“I’ll be there in 2.5 seconds the shit has been looking at me for the past ten minutes and I ain’t even realize it was her bag. She’s good right?” he asked me.

“Yea, she’s sleep right now Ci was just about to start getting her ready,” I informed him.

“Alright, I’m leaving right now,” he said before we both hung up.

“He’s on his way,” she nodded and headed back upstairs. “Alright come on,” David said as I removed my clothes. Holding my boobs with one hand I used my other to hold David’s hand as I stepped into my dress.

“How does it feel?” Kathy asked me. “It’s fine a little snug but I’m fine, I can breathe and move around so I’m straight,” I joked.

“Your shoes?” Lauren asked me. “Upstairs, I’ll go get them,” I said holding my dress up and headed upstairs.

“Ci,” I called walking into my room. “Rae you look so good baby, Ant gon be crying his eyes out,” she said

“His ass better or I’m turning my ass around,” I said as we bust out laughing. “Get my shoes for me please,” I smiled big. “C'mon,” she bent down to place my shoes just as Dom walked in the room.

“Oh good you here. Help Rae put her shoes on and I will get Ken dressed,” Ci breathed out grabbing the bag and lightly picking up a sleeping Ken.

“You look beautiful Rae,” he said before getting down to place my shoes on. “Thank you,” I mumbled.

“No problem,”

There was an awkward silence between us and we both knew why. This should of have been us but we all know how that turned out.

“Look Dom-” I started but he cut me off and stood to his feet. “Don’t trip, we don’t even have to speak on it. I’m glad you got it though,” he smiled looking me in my face I nodded.

“You do know I love you right, and you’re still one of my best friends ever?” I asked him he chuckled shaking his head and kissed my forehead.

“Shit, I better be. But I love you too Rae, you know that. Now come on before they come up here and curse ya ass for making them late,” he joked I smacked his shoulder and followed him out the room.

“The bride has arrived y'all,” Dom yelled holding my hand as we walked downstairs.

“You look so beautiful baby,” Mama J said kissing my cheek. “Thank you Mama,”

“My son is one lucky man, you look absolutely gorgeous, welcome to the family,” Mama Lisa smiled hugging me. I looked over at my aunt and she was just crying her eyes out.

“You know I’ve been waiting for this moment forever, next are my grand babies,” I laughed shaking my head. “You ready?” she asked me I nodded.

“Of course ma, I’m ready to go meet my husband,” I smiled big. “You wanna ride with us Dom,” I asked him.

“Nah, I’ll meet you guys there my car outside,” I nodded as we all walked out the house.
“Wow Rae I never knew you could remove that ugly ass mask off your face and look so pretty,” Ty said walking up to me. “I should beat your ass,” I spat he bust out laughing and hugged.

“Shut up, you know I’m joking. You look prettifull,” he said kissing my cheek causing me to laugh. “You really get on my nerves, thank you though,” he nodded.

“Everything turned out the way you wanted it sis, everybody looks great, you look beautiful, congrats sis,” Trey and Cole greeted. “Y'all rehearse that corny asses?” I asked laughing.

“We brothers, we think alike sometimes,” Cole said kissing my cheek. “Thank you brothers,” I smiled as Trey kissed my forehead. “Don’t tell Ant I said this but you make his ugly ass look so much better,” Jamal joked I waved him off.

“You gon stop talking about my baby,”

“You look stunning cousin in law,”

“Thanks,” I smiled as Jay walked up to me. “Uncle Nas you know this girl right here?” he pointed at me I smiled shaking my head. “Can’t say I do, she does look familiar though,” my Uncle played along.

“Y'all need to stop,” I said walking into my Uncles open arms. “No but seriously though Rae I know we ain’t blood related but that don’t stop the fact that you’re my little sister. I really can’t believe you’re getting married, no matter how old you get you’re still gonna be my annoying little sister following my ass everywhere in the damn park knowing damn well you was too young to play with us,” he said making me laugh through my tears.

“C'mon now Jay, you got me crying,” I chuckled. “My bad, I got you,” he said grabbing a tissue tapping my tears. “Look I’m proud of you that’s all you need to know, and of course I love you. I gave you your nephew, where my niece at?”

“It takes time bro, I love you so much man,” I said hugging him. My Uncle walked up to me and placed his hands on my shoulders.

“You want the long version or the short version?” he asked which caused me to laugh. “You gonna make me cry too Unc, give me the short version,” I smiled he laughed and shook his head.

“Besides your aunt you have become one of the greatest blessings to enter my life and I try my best to make sure you know that everyday. Whether it be by me actually telling you, showing you, or just loving you. I’ve never claimed you my niece to anyone because well you’re my daughter and I know you look at me more as your dad then uncle and I’m glad I was able to be not only an Uncle but the father you need. Walking you down aisle has been a dream of mine, and today it finally comes true, you’re growing up everyday but please never forget you will always be my little girl and know that I will always be here for you. I love you more then you think you know Rae. Now I just need my grand babies,” I shook my head and wiped the tears that fell from my eyes.

“If that was the short version I can only imagine how long the long version would be,” I joked as we shared a laugh wiping my tears.

“Thank you so much pops, I love you more then you’ll ever know,” I said kissing his cheek.

No one really knows how much this man means to me, he didn’t have to take me in but he did and I’m so thankful for him.

“You ready?” he asked as everyone took their places. I nodded grabbing on to his arm.

Once we stepped inside ‘I Gotta Be’ by Jagged Edge started playing and I immediately placed a smile on my face and like the clock work the tears began when I caught Ant’s gaze and he began crying.

My baby did great by picking that song, I honestly had no idea what he would pick and I was so nervous. Everything and everyone looked so great I can honestly say I did that.

Grabbing Ant’s hand I smiled stepping up to come face to face with my baby and the butterflies started once again. I’m really doing this, I’m getting married.

The pastor began and heart raced quickly, soon from now I will become a Jordan.

Third Person