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Wander Over Yonder is an amazing and one of my favorite shows. I love this show so much for a couple of reasons. •I love how Wander is so nice and helpful to everyone, especially in the antagonists, like Hater, Lord Dominator, etc. •Especially all the colors and how smooth the animation is. The backgrounds are amazing, and so lively! They all come together so nicely, and with the amazing animation, it’s just wonderful. •Plus this show just makes me laugh and smile a lot! I love seeing Wander and Sylvia get a long together, all the songs that everyone sings, I love singing along with them, and dancing to it. The jokes always make me laugh, especially the episode, ‘The Party Poopers!’ Overall the show is amazing, well animated and written, the characters are awesome, and hilarious! I hope it will have a third season, I would be so happy! Link to petition: @disney

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whatever happened to b-sides. Taylor should just do us a solid and drop us a bside album. All the shit that didnt make the cut the last two albums, but was still really awesome. Just throw that shit on itunes. You know, that song that was *this* close to replacing WTNY or whatev. damn she'd probably win a grammy or something in the process which would be hilarious

Just give us all of it, let me cry to something while you’re on this break.

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My favourite twenty one pilots lyric has got to be from the song called Taxi Cab "We're driving toward the morning, son Where all your blood is washed away And all you did will be undone."

When I scroll through your blog, I see someone who really cares about this music. And you seem hilarious. Let’s be frens. 

Oh my gosh, I love taxi cab so much. akjsdhfl. I’m sorry. That song. THAT SONG. okay i’m done freaking out. but my favorite has really got to be “Don’t be afraid, we’re going home.” Those lyrics have given me so much hope. 

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I went to a fob concert earlier this year (wintour) and I had gotten seats on Joe's side. between songs we would look at our side and make hilarious faces. he is just so adorable and I love him. he makes the world happy :)

Joseph Trohman is literally a gift to this world he is so under appreciated and he’s truly hilarious.

I made Set It Off sign a piece of paper that said Suck It Julia because my best friend (Julia) told me I wasn’t going to meet them and while I was telling this to Dan, Cody leaned over and started laughing and screamed “that’s awesome” and turned to Zach to tell him the story and that was the happiest I’ve ever been because he has the most contagious smile ever

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