And the bisexual hints keep coming

Stony Prompt #38

Anonymous said: “Imagine teenage Steve and Tony being best friends and Tony tries to tell Steve that he is bi, but he chickens out every time, afraid of being left alone again. and Steve is not stupid, he figured it out already, so when they are sitting together and there is some kind of spot on TV about LGBT-rights Steve just casually slips into the subject, about how Steve himself fits there in order to make Tony more comfortable with coming out.”

So this definitely changes your Prompt a bit- Also I made it romantic instead of keeping it friends-only - I hope this is okay! 

Thanks for the Prompt and I hope you enjoy reading it<3

Sexuality is nothing Tony has ever worried about. Maybe he’s young, only 17 years old and a tad too clever for his age, but he’s learnt soon enough not to give a shit about other people’s opinion. The only two people in his life who can make him stop and think for a minute are Rhodey….and Steve.

The latter is also a source of Tony’s problems – not that Steve would be aware of them.

It’s just- Tony isn’t sure about how to tell his best friend that he also kind of has a crush on him. They’re comfortable with each other, they spend evenings in their dorm together, joking and watching movies. It’s nice.

And it is a familiarity Tony doesn’t want to risk.

Steve is an incredible guy. Everyone loves him, he’s great with girls and just as good with guys – which drives Tony mad. Not enough that Steve’s friendly with everyone he meets; he also is a very handsy guy, always touching whoever he’s talking to. This is the reason Tony thinks he might have a chance with him – should he ever gather enough courage to tell Steve that no, he’s not hetero, he likes girls and guys just fine, thank you.

Tony isn’t sure why he’s so scared of telling Steve that he’s bisexual. It shouldn’t be a big deal; but it kind of is. Tony doesn’t have a lot of friends and he’s scared of imagining what might happen if Steve doesn’t accept his sexual orientation. What if he leaves him? Breaks off their friendship and never talks to him again? So he hasn’t yet dared to ask, or even mentioned anything about it.

Instead, he keeps up thinking different plans on how to come out. Works on various strategies to subtly drop the hint that he likes the idea of having a girlfriend, but also wouldn’t mind a boyfriend.

It’s stressful, actually. It’s exhausting to watch Steve touch other guys so carelessly and craving exactly this. But Tony values their friendship too much to risk it for a silly crush that might never be requited.


Of course Steve has other plans.


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I ship Pocahontas and Mulan since their arrival to the Princess Club <3 Also, I really like how Mulan keeps on crossdressing into Ping. ^^ Are they genderfluid or something similar? :) I headcanon this character genderfluid in your verse!

I think that’s a wonderful headcanon! I like to keep things fairly vague so the fans can come up with ideas like these! Who is to say what is canon and what is not canon? I love when people start shipping the characters in OPC too. 

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do you mind me asking why you're convinced sterek has a chance of going canon next season?

Sure mate, let me see if I can make a wee list. I’m only going to add the things I find most convincing. =) (this may be long, hold onto your butts)

  • In 3a, Stiles made a quip to Heather that he hadn’t turned 17 yet. Skip a few weeks ahead to 3b, the writers have Derek (of all characters) inform us that Stiles is 17. Considering the writers know how up in arms fans have been about the characters’ ages, this is interesting. Why even mention his age at all? Meta on this here. [x]
  • The final episode delivers a compelling argument that Stiles is Derek’s anchor, a scene that Jeff Davis informed us was inspired by the short story, An Incident At Owl Creek Bridge, in which a dying man hallucinates he has escaped danger and returns home to his wife and family. [x] From this we can surmise Derek, having been shot and faced with his worst nightmare, goes into shock and his mind retreats to a safe space, something that has meaning for him. In TW we know that an anchor has to be something meaningful for our characters, not just a safe place but something that has the power to pull people back to themselves, which is precisely what Stiles does for Derek in this scene (and what Lydia fails to do in Anchors). So logically this tells us Stiles is Derek’s anchor.

    And if you need more proof (because some people are intent on believing Derek imagined Stiles because Stiles has experience identifying dreams from reality), remember Hoechlin told us Derek would be getting a new anchor in 3b. The golden lighting in this scene is also very interesting, especially considering Davis’ comment that Derek will find a light and Stiles is often referred to as the “light of Beacon Hills”. And if you don’t think lighting is important in the show, take it up with the crew who have said otherwise.
  • In S3b, after seasons of hints we finally have Stiles questioning whether he’s attracted to both men and women. TPTB wouldn’t fork out money for Zelda Williams to return for such a scene if it wasn’t going to be important further down the line (remember TW plays the long game), especially when Stiles’ sexuality has been a big topic of discussion in the past. The common argument against this is that the scene was played for comic value and O’brien has stated he’s always believed Stiles is not gay. Let’s take the first: Jeff Davis and co. have responded a few times to accusations of queerbaiting. They’re very aware of the issue and considering they’ve called Stiles’ sexuality “spoiler territory” in the past (Davis’ words), having a scene that had the entire audience sitting up and discussing the possibility is something that has pretty obvious offensive repercussions if merely done for laughs. That’s a “no homo” Moffat would pull, but not Davis and Mulcahy, two gay men who have voiced distaste for queerbaiting, and discussed a desire to write more queer characters into the show. And with this in mind, why then have a sterek scene inspired by An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge, especially after a season of no interaction? That’s certainly toeing the line and I suspect that’s something they’d want to steer clear of if they had no intentions of exploring Sterek.

    As for O’brien, he chose his words very carefully in that interview, and considering it would be a mammoth spoiler for his character, that was precisely the way I’d expect him to answer such a question if Stiles bisexuality was going to come up soon. “Not gay” doesn’t mean “not bisexual”, and in addition he mentioned that he sees Stiles as someone who sees people as they are - that’s pretty telling. And keep in mind Davis has hinted for years that Stiles is bi, so that’s something O’brien has always been aware of.
  • Derek is the king on Stiles’ chess board, and Peter informs us that chess is Stiles’ game. Couple that with Derek’s name written in code on the blackboard in Stiles’ dream (Anchors). Now this may not necessarily have romantic connotations, it could have more to do with Stiles’ weird connection to the Nemeton and the Hale family’s former role as protectors of Beacon Hills - but this background foreshadowing does tell us Derek and Stiles’ relationship will be important in some way later on. I think it will be more plot-related, but still, adding that to the Stiles being Derek’s anchor - all very telling.
  • At first I wasn’t fully convinced that the Dennifer/Sterek parallels meant anything, but that was before I realised just how much this show loves its parallels. In fact, one of the show’s major themes is history repeating itself (again, linked to the Nemeton - trees are often linked to time/time travel). And again, we had Davis (trolling) teasing us that they were important. Add that to young!Derek’s relationship with Paige (if indeed we can take that as canon): their’s was very much a hate/love relationship, much like Derek and Stiles’ dynamic. In fact, it’s the only other relationship of that hate/love dynamic on the show so far.
  • Orange & Blue: Ok, again, this is up to debate but I do think it’s interesting, particularly as colour and wardrobe are important in TW (see: Ms Blake’s transforming wardrobe throughout 3a). A lot of people tend to think meta on lighting and costume etc. is over-thinking the show somewhat, and in some particular cases I totally agree, but it doesn’t harm to discuss it because often the tiny details have proven to be the most important, the most foreshadowing (see: butterflies, moths and fireflies in S3a, the blackboard in Anchors). Like I said earlier, the crew have even informed us lighting is important in the show, and there is an absurd amount of detail in the setting and cinematography, which all makes sense considering Russell Mulcahy is one of our directors. So keeping this in mind, in S2 we have Stiles giving his whole “perfect combinations” speech to Lydia in a season where she very clearly chooses Jackson, Derek wears one of Stiles’ orange and blue shirts in a memorable S1 scene, and in 3b we have Stiles removing the red string off of Lydia’s finger (red string symbolising the Japanese red string of fate connecting two people), and telling her “blue is just pretty” and the next episode features Derek in a blue shirt. Now I’m not totally sold on the “blue is pretty” theory, it could be overreaching, but it is interesting that this is also the episode Stiles canonically questions his sexuality.

But here’s the thing, none of this is probably going to convince you Sterek is a real possibility if you don’t believe the show is well written or that Davis is dead-set against queerbaiting. It requires taking a bit of a step back (away from angry fans!) and looking at the show as a whole.

Why Tyler Posey's comment gives me hope for Sterek

I hope you’ve read my previous post, about the very bad, no good week, because it ties into what I’m saying.

We all know, by now, what Tyler Posey said in an interview about Sterek. He’s clearly unhappy with it. He’s so unhappy he went seriously offscript to comment about it. Look at Hoechlin’s and Holland’s reactions- he was way off the reservation.

So lets talk about why. 

I want you to think about, with me, what it will mean if Sterek does go live. Hoechlin hinted in that same interview that Derek might find love in season 4, which will give Stiles enough time to get free from the Nogitsume. Many people have speculated that it’s going to be Stiles actual first name that helps him overcome the possession, and I suspect that’s likely. Also, I do believe there’s a reason the writers have been so careful to keep Derek and Stiles from having any interaction yet, and that the payoff is going to be huge.

Keep in mind, that JD went to a huge amount of hassle to have Caitlin come back, solely for the purpose of making Stiles bisexual. There’s plenty of hints that Sterek IS actually a possibility. 

Also, think about two themes the fandom has been obsessing over in the last year- Dark!Stiles and Fox!Stiles. What are we currently getting? Dark!Stiles and Fox!Stiles. I do believe that JD is not that far from the fandoms headspace after all is said and done.

So, Sterek happens. Think about what the reaction is going to be. Think about the media attention. Think about the commentary from people who’ve never even heard of the show, because of Sterek. A main character in a mainstream TV show developing a homosexual relationship? The coverage is going to be nuts. And if they can successfully pull this off, it’s going to draw in all kinds of new viewers.

Don’t think it’s accidental they’re using their best actor for this. JD has always said you should write the television ‘You want to see.’ He’s already made a TV show where sexual orientation is a non-issue (and I do credit him for that) and now he’s going to write a main character gay love story, because that’s what he wants to see! 

And I believe it will work. O'Brien is so talented he can make anyone believe anything, and Hoechlin’s been experimenting this season on ways he can sell this. Notice all the non-verbal scene’s he’s been doing? Communication with only his expressions and body language? That’s how he’s going to tell the Sterek story.

Consider Dethan, which I believe was the test case for Sterek, They needed to show MTV powers that be that a homosexual love story would go over well with the audiences. They needed to show they could have a homosexual love scene (remember the nipple scene in 3.6?) without losing viewers. It was a test and it passed.

So, what will be the result? It will be huge! Break out star and top level actor pulling off a solid convincing developing homosexual love story. Everyone involved in this is going to be getting all kinds of attention, and in Hollywood attention=power=success. O'Brien, Hoechlin, and Davis are going to be talked about constantly. 

Who’s not going to be talked about? If you think about it, this might be the missing link in the reasoning of why would Crystal Reed leave the show-she knew she’d become invisible if/when Sterek happened and she wanted to try and get a better venue for herself. 

But Posey, who for a long time was the frontman, is going to struggle to remain the focus of his own show. No wonder he’s not feeling the Sterek love. No wonder he’s using words like 'weird’ and 'twisted’. It IS twisted that Sterek is going to become the major draw of a show named after HIS character. Its suddenly a lot easier to understand why he said what he said, because he’s no longer going to be the star, he’s going to become the 'supportive best friend’.

Which is why MTV and the cast have rallied around him. They do understand why he’s upset and they need him to stay.

All of this is complete and utter speculation.There are points I’m certainly wrong on, but I think mostly it hangs together. And I think Sterek IS happening.

Ok but can I just say how much I love the way they reminded everyone that Magnus is //bisexual// without AT ALL diminishing or questioning his feelings for Alec? Magnus is 10000% in love with Alec, obviously, and he’s so flamboyant and free about his sexuality and NONE of that was called into question or retconned or watered down AT ALL for the sake of a female love interest, BUT!!!! they still managed to confirm in words, actions, and concrete proof that Magnus Bane is BISEXUAL and once upon a time loved a girl just as much as he loves a boy right now, and they made a point of showing that Alec (and once upon a time Camille) is special because Magnus doesn’t just give up his heart to anyone, even if he has sex all the time, he doesn’t WANT to just bang Alec, he wants to LOVE him and he had his heart broken before by someone he truly loved and there is literally ZERO divide for him between male and female, love is love, the difference is that Camille was bad for him and Alec is good for him (not that he necessarily sees it that way but the audience was presented with it that way) BUT!!! it was never even HINTED at that the reason was because of his sexuality or because of something like he leaned more towards one side or he was a flirt or whatever I just…

Shadowhunters is treating both gay AND bisexual sexualities the same way they’re treating heterosexuality and I’m just so excited??? I’m so excited to see how they keep working this out and giving us more positive representation where LGBTQ people are treated like the rest of the community when it comes to romance and love and sex??? I’ve only read The Infernal Devices so far, SOMEONE TELL ME DO WE GET MORE LGTBQ FOLKS IN THE BOOKS?

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do you think that dan's video kinda includes him lowkey tryna hint that he's gay/bi? bc i don't think he'll ever outright say anything but he's been talking about hot guys all the time recently and i just think its his way of coming out without coming out if you know what i mean?

He’s definitely made it clear in the past two or so years that he falls somewhere on the bisexual spectrum, even if he’s never said it outright. I don’t think he ever plans on clarifying, he’s just going to keep being vague yet obvious about it.

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My Best friend has recently been more cuddly and 'touchy' than usual and she keeps singing 'I kissed a girl' by Katy Perry. About a week before this I asked her if she would feel weird having a lesbian friend and she said a little and the said she wouldn't feel weird ( because I think she assumed I was lesbian) and I think I might have a crush on her. Does she seem lesbian? Should I tell her anything?

she can be hinting that she is a lesbian, or a bisexual. or she is just a Katy Perry fan and likes the song haha, maybe it is just smart to come out to her and look what will happen.