And she's smiling

This is the “Date Outfit Ideas” video that is referenced in the first part of this long description of Marina’s erratic behaviors in recent videos.  At the 0:08 you can see a piece of paper in the left corner that could be a script someone is having her read from.  At the 0:13 mark, you can hear her whisper very softly, “Help me.”  At the 0:15 mark, you can see somebody’s finger at the left of the screen very clearly directing her on how to move.  At the 1:04 time mark, you can see large yellow bruises on her arms, as well as on her back at 1:13. If you watch her eyes at 1:08, you’ll notice how they dart away fearfully to look beyond the camera at something or someone.  After that, she smiles automatically, as if some had just directed her to. From the 1:22 mark to the 1:31 mark, her actions and voice look and sound very forced.  If you are wearing headphones or listening from speakers and have the volume turned up loud enough, you can hear breathing that isn’t Marina’s at 0:53-0:57.

Regardless of what’s actually going on with this poor girl, this is terrifying.

He noticed how she always smiled when she cried, and how she kept striving even when she seemed so depressed. When he asked her about it, she told him that being planted in dark rooms had taught her how to bloom even in the absence of light.
—  Myss Bradley, Etiolation
Art is not an object, but a person with soft brown eyes that crease ever so slightly when she smiles. It is the way that her lips thin when she laughs and the hue of pink that her cheeks take on when she blushes. It is the way that she says my name and how her laughter rattles my ribcage. Art is not an object, for it is her name, her body; her soul.
—  She is art.

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whats wrong w marina joyce ?? omg

 Marina Joyce has been kidnapped/abducted and is being made to make videos especially her recent ones. Theres bruises all over her body and she’s repeating herself over and over again and she’s not looking directly into the camera and sometimes she looks to the side of the camera and you can TELL she’s being silently commanded to do stuff (i.e in her date outfits video you can see that she takes a moment before twirling in a dress or touching a part of it or in other ways that she’s definitely not smiling because she wants to.) 

she’s not okay and someone needs to fucking save her.

She walked into my life like a promise
 and left me breathless.
 The only time I knew for certain,
 no matter how broken she may have been,
 she knew I would put her together. 
I could see it in her eyes when she smiles at me when I was distracted. 
The kind of smile that says
 ‘I love this boy. 
I swear I love him to every piece he says isn’t broken because of me.’

1.Kiki was sitting next to Ronaldo at Steven’s house even though it would have been less weird for Ronaldo and Peedee to be sitting on one half of the couch and the twins on the other. It might be because they’re on the corner piece, but they do seem to be in closer proximity than Jenny and Kiki or Peedee and Jenny.

2. Kiki is very calm about Steven’s plan. She doesn’t even sweat while they’re acting it out on the boardwalk (unlike fry boy), she blushes and smiles more, and her acting is less stiff than Ronaldo’s.

3. Ronaldo objects to the plan on the basis that he has a GF and Jenny immediately, assuming he’s lying about that, switches into wingman mode, insisting that it’s a good plan and emphasizing how cute her sister is to Ronaldo. Kiki is also blushing during the sequence, even before Jenny calls her the cutest girl in town or blows a raspberry on her.

In conclusion: Kiki has a crush on Ronaldo and she’s never told anyone about it but her twin sister who is determined to help get her a date because she’s nice like that.

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8 Supercat please!

8. “I want my best friend back.”

Kara smiles when she steps into the breakroom to find a box of donuts open on the table in the centre of it, a note beside them imploring people to help themselves.

Kara does just that, selecting a chocolate-filled one and taking a bite as she fiddles with the coffee machine – the caffeine might not do anything for her, but she still enjoys the taste – devouring the rest of her donut as she waits for the machine to finish. 

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The Olympians: Aphrodite

Although her origins vary from person to person, her beauty is nearly uncontested. She had many lovers, from the great Ares to the mortal Anchises, and plays a crucial role in the Trojan War.

“Aphrodite just kept smiling. Because she was just doing what a goddess does-the same way that a tornado rips houses apart or a fire burns down a forest.“

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I dont know if you are taking prompts and this is far from canon rn but here it is : olicity and some fun beach time/oliver always carries her back home bc she hates walking back with sandy shoes (past present future doesnt matter anything) pretty please?? :)

a/n: i hope this is close to what you were thinking

Felicity leaned back onto her towel. She was dripping wet, exhausted, and there was sand on various parts of her body.

Oliver leaned over and kissed her stomach gently. He started to trail his lips upward.

“Again?” she asked with a laugh.

“Nope,” he said innocently.

“Good,” she smiled down at him.

He tilted his head upward to return the smile.

“I’m tired,” she leaned in a little more and gave him the smallest peck.

She pulled back before it could get heated. Felicity really did need a moment to relax.

“Have a good day at least?” Oliver asked as he traced shapes on her thigh.

“Mhmm. I definitely needed the break.”

“I know,” he chuckled. “You used your loud voice on me three times yesterday.”

“Stress,” she sighed.

“It’s okay, I understand.”

“You’re the best.”

“Nah,” he laughed again.

They sat there for a few moments in silence before Oliver got up. He started to pick up all their things and put them into their beach bag. Lastly, he leaned down to pick Felicity and her towel up.

“Aww you remembered.”

“You complained the entire way back to the car last time because of the sand between your toes,” he teased.

Felicity scoffed. “It wasn’t just my toes. There was some unpleasant chaffing too, but we don’t need to talk about that.”

Oliver snorted and shook his head.

Felicity held onto their things and leaned into Oliver. She enjoyed him carrying her around more than she would care to admit. She had a feeling that Oliver liked carrying her just as much, though.

He set her down in the passenger seat of his car.

“Thank you, my good sir,” she laughed.

“Of course, M'lady.”

“You’re gonna carry me upstairs when we get home, right?”

“Mhmm,” he closed the door and walked around to the driver’s side.

“Piggy back?”

He broke into an even wider smile, “You like that too much.”

“True, but so do you.”

The fact that his wide smile didn’t break once was enough answer for her.


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when she smiled at keith i was like oh shit oh shit what’s going to happen 

who knows what could still happen with her if she’s being reserved like what’s not holding back abuelita like

what’s gonna happen when nobodys listening if she’s just alone with keith oh god *clutches chest* 

3 uploaded with permission 

Chapter 1(part 1):New Places, New Faces

 Amelie’s POV 

 I got woken up around 6:30 am, by the blonde from yesterday.“Good Morning! I brought you your  schedule, and some clothes you can borrow!"She says happily. I nod groggily. She helpsz me out of bed and shoves me the clothes."I can only hope we’re the same bra size."She smiles. I walk into the small bathroom in the medbay. I shut the door and lock it. I dress in the clothes she gave me. She gave me a short high waist black skirt, a tight purple t-shirt, a clean pair of deep blue, underwear, a matching bra to top it off, and a pair of black flats. All surprisingly fit comfortably. My hair is down, so I’ll have to ask her for a hair tie. Overall I look pretty good, even if I look like a blueberry.  I walk out to see her talking with a guy. He has dark chocolate skin, and curly hair. He wears a black hoodie, black jeans, and black converse."May I have a hair tie?"I requested."Of course!"She chuckled. She pulled one off her wrist and handed it to me."Thanks…uhm"I mumbled the last part not knowing what her name is."Oh my, I never told you my name! I’m Angela!"Angela quipped out. I nod in acknowledgement to her statement. I look over at the guy that was in the room."Oh yeah, that’s Gabri-"She was cut off by the guy."I can introduce my self. I’m Gabriel Reyes, and I’ll be one of your guides here."He let out what I believe to be a growl at the last part."Oh okay. I’m Amelie Lacoix."I introduce myself. I held out my hand for him to shake and he takes it giving it light shake. Then someone bursts through the door."Sorry I’m late, I had to fix my hair."The guy grins. He wore a grey shirt, blue jeans, and the most revolting lime Nike sneakers. His accent was French, and I wonder how one of my own be a thing like that."Uh…Bonjour, I’m Amelie…"I introduce myself, sticking my hand out for him to shake."Ahhh, Bonjour je'ampelle Gerard."he introduces himself in French and takes my hand lightly in his own, planting a kiss on it. I make a face of disgust and pull my hand away rather quickly."Vas te faire encule , la con dégoûtant."I spit out venom at him. That was the 1st most disgusting thing that’s ever happened to me, what a creep."Oh, mon cher. Vous me aimez assez tôt."He chided, those words sent the unpleasant kind of shivers down my spine. The tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife."Oooooookay then. I have to head out, you two play nice. I don’t want to hear about Amelie being harassed during a fight."Angela chirps uncomfortably and struts out. 


The two boys and I are walking silently to homeroom, I feel eyes on me everywhere I go. Gabriel leads me up to the teacher, who is the monkey from before."Oh, Mr. Reyes. How can I help you?"The monkey asks."Hey Mr. Winston. The new chica, is here and we need to know where she sits."Gabriel explains."She sits next Jamison."Mr. Winston replies."Aw, guess we won’t be sitting together mon amour."Gerard winks. I just roll my eyes."Luckily you’ll be sitting at my table."Gabriel added. I nod and follow Gabriel to a table in the back. Two boys are sitting there already. One lanky looking one with spiky blonde hair and punky type outfit on, and across from him is fluffy boy with white hair in an undercut that’s pulled back in a ponytail in a sweater with a pig on it. Gabriel sits down next to fluffy, and I sit down next to spiky."Good'ay mate! I’m Jamison Fawkes, but you can just call me Jamie. The big guy right there is my boyfriend Mako Rutledge!"Spiky or Jamie boasts in an introduction."I’m Amelie."I mutter."Pleased to meet ya! So Amelie, who ya gonna sit with at lunch? Gabi, Mako, and I have this great place outside we hang out at during lunch, you should sit with us, cause you seem cool! So who’s your host? Is it Gabi? Has he shown you your dorm? Have you gotten a dormie-"Jamison’s rambling ended when Gabriel told him to shut up."I think I’ll take you up on that offer of sitting with you at lunch."I mused, this Jamison is pretty entertaining."Or. You can sit with me!"A voice butted in next to me. I internally groan, I see everyone at our table’s moods go down."What do you Retard?"I snarled."The names Gerard, mon amour~! And what I want is you! Why hang out with the imbeciles when you can hang out with moi?"He was determined set me off."I think she got your name right the first time."Mako butted in quietly."What did you say fatty?"Gerard teases. I furrow my brows. This man has a complete lack of human respect. I looked at Mako who was looking down at his thumbs. Jamie looked like he was about to explode. Before Jamie could say something, I took this opportunity."If I have lunch with you, will you leave them alone?"I even cringed at my offer, but I can’t stand bullies. Gerard had slimy little smirk that made me want to punch him so hard in the dick."Oui I’ll leave them alone. See you later,mon amour!” He sang as he walked away.“You didn’t just…"Gabriel looked at me wide eyed."I can’t stand people who act like that, but if he’s bullying people I’ll stop it at any cost."I stated."Sheila, your putting yourself through hell for Mako…CONSIDER US BEST FRIENDS!"Jamie yelled hugging me. I let out a small giggle. 


I’ve done my first 4 periods and now it’s lunch. I’m following Retard to the lunchroom. I get in line and get my food. I get a salad with bleu cheese dressing, apple slices, and chocolate milk. When I get to the cashier, I pull out my schedule to be scanned, but Retard beats me to it and pays for it."I could’ve bought it myself."I huff."I don’t get a merci?"He asks as I follow him to a table in the middle of the room. He sits down and unfortunately I sit next to him. I look around the table and see the rest of them are boys."Wow Gee, I didn’t know you liked blueberries that much!"One laughs. The others start to snicker."Hey now, she’s my girlfriend. So don’t be mean."He chuckled. My eyebrows crease, and my eye starts to twitch."G-Girlfriend?"I seethe. He places his dirty paw on my thigh and leans over and whispers in my ear."We wouldn’t want anything unfortunate to happen to your friends, right? Oh what a tragedy it would be if their new friend betrayed them."Gerard hisses. I nod, and start picking at my food. Glad I didn’t pay for it myself."Yeah, her skin is from a rare condition. It’s pretty boring."Gerard discussed. Him and his friends were chatting away while I was quiet and played with my food."Isn’t that right babe?"Gerard asks."Hm?"I hum in confusion. He sighed, and smack my arm quite hard, if I didn’t know better his dead body would have been on the table in 3 seconds."We asked you a question, dumbass. What’s your talent?"Gerard scoffed."I’m skilled in ballet, and combat…"I mumbled."So that means your flexible?"One of them catcalls."Why don’t you come over here and see?"I grin. He walks over and I stand up in front of him I grab my chocolate milk and pour it on his head.  He grabs my salad and dumps dressing and all on top of me, soon enough the entire tables in a food fight.

 Anyways, this leads other tables to join, I pick up a sandwich and throw it at the cheerleader who just threw a bowl of spaghetti at me when it hits someone who recognize to be the vice-principal. The room turns deathly silent as some turkey from the sandwich slides off her face."Who threw it."She asked. As someone who owns up to everything, I’ll have to own up to this one."Me."I admit in a solemn tone. She stomps over to me and grabs my arm and drags me out to the hallway."I want a story now. Tell me the truth and your punishment wont get worse."She ordered, I nod."I was sitting with Gerard and they asked me what my talents were, and I told them ballet and combat. One of them proceeded to catcall me and as out of anger I poured chocolate milk on his head and accidentally started a food fight."I described the whole scene."You are off the hook. Go to your dorm and clean up."She decides after a minute."Merci-beaucoup madame, but why?"I inquired."Boys will act like dogs, if they do not learn their lesson they will never learn at all."She concludes our chat. I head to my dorm, I was shown my dorm before school. My roommate is a brit named Lena. Angela had some clothing she bought online brought to my room, so I wouldn’t go naked for the time between now and when I go shopping.


 I’ve been hanging in my dorm with Lena, after going to my last to classes. She grabs her guitar and walks out saying she’s gonna go play in the courtyard and get some fresh air. I nod, and return to my book that I need to catch up on for English. 

 A/N:Sorry everything is so run on. I just had a blast of inspiration today and sat myself down and wrote for about an hour or two. I’ll try and post chapters often. My motto is "Don’t release a chapter until you’ve started the next, or else you’ll lose interest, ideas, and time and you’ll get hella lazy.” So I hope you all are liking the story! Cause I love writing this! Thanks for the love!




the hand I hold...

AN: I started writing this a few days ago when I saw this gifset on my dash and put it in my queue. I wasn’t expecting to be inspired to write domestic smuff from hand holding, but here you go. ;)

A slight chill creeps along her skin as the t-shirt she grabbed to wear to bed sticks to her spine from her still wet braid. With a quick flick of her fingers the fireplace in the corner flares to life, casting a warm glow across the deep red quilt and the two matching pillows. Her lips curve into an admittedly sappy smile as she hears the sound of the shower curtain being drawn back in the adjoining bathroom and the unknown melody Killian is humming to himself.

Moving closer to the fire, she lets the heat lick up her bare legs, drying the last water droplets her own shower left behind on her smooth skin. Killian, reluctantly, had given her privacy to have a female moment, not intruding on her shower so she could shave her legs and condition her hair without his wandering hands of distraction. Of course, he’d managed to pull her back in with him when his turn came around, not wasting a moment to drop to his knees and slide his tongue along her now baby smooth inner thigh. She’d tried, halfheartedly, to warn him of the not limitless hot water, but soon succumbed to his determination to leave her breathless.

“Ah, a fire, I’m chilled to the bone.”

Throwing a chuckle over he shoulder, she holds out her hand in invitation as Killian emerges from the bathroom with just his towel wrapped low on his hips.

“I warned you about the water.”

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Here it is! After much waiting, a broken phone, and a few delays, here’s the blurb. Thank you for all your patience, and all the new followers. Also, feel free to drop any requests into my inbox! I’m looking for inspiration. Have a great day!

Harry thinks maybe being obsessed with her skin so much is a bit odd.

He would skim his thumb over her cheekbone all day if he could. Whenever he does that, her cheek quirks and her eyes flutter, and she sighs, leaning into him just a bit.

After a long night that leaves them sweaty and tangled up together, he always presses kisses to slight freckles on her shoulder that happens to face him, murmuring how pretty she is just to see her nose scrunch and her mumble of how cheesy he is. She always smiles though, snuggling into his arm.

She likes to read nude sometimes, flat on her stomach with the sheets pulled up over her bum while she tries to fall asleep, forearms propping her chest away from the mattress because it really is an uncomfortable ache if you don’t do it right. It’s these nights that if he’s feeling cuddly or needy, he mouths softly at her neck before trailing sloppy kisses on each knob of her spine, making her burst into giggles and swat him away when she turns over and pulls him up for a kiss.

If he’s had an achingly trying day at the studio or a meeting or promotion of some sort, all he wants is a rest. She can read him like an open book, the moment he comes in with his hair ruffled and eyes half closed she pours him a cup of tea and trails into the living room. It’s nights like these, when she flips on the television for him, just a quiet football or soccer match to wind him down, and she sits facing him with a book perched in her lap with her legs wound with his, that he’s most content.

He always ends up weaseling under her book, nudging against her like a puppy with his curls, tucking his head into her neck. “What do you think you’re doing?” She always asks, laughing and setting the book down to comb her hands through his hair down to his shoulders, where she gives him a gentle rub if he’s lucky.

“Just lovin’ on you, sunshine.” He usually replies, although the pet names change from time to time.

This is when he presses kisses to the skin of her collarbones, sometimes nicking her with his teeth on accident so she squeals and bursts into laughter.

If she’s drunk, or he’s drunk (they both tend to be happy, cuddly, and clumsy when liquored up) he always tickles her. Her hips, her neck, and her stomach, leaving her out of breath and shrieking his name, trying to push his relentless hands off of her, but to no avail. Those are the nights he remembers with a foggy memory and a dopey grin.

She has the best legs, even when she hasn’t shaved for three days and she complains if he teases her about the pricklies. “If you don’t like them,” she grumps, shoving his ringed hands away, “don’t touch me.”

“Poppet,” he whines, running a hand up the slightly pokey, but still sinfully soft, skin. “Know I can’t go a minute with touching you. You drive me balmy.” He always grins, and she always laughs, shoving his hands back again, but eventually giving in.

He’s a big hand holder, especially with her soft little fingers and the fact she steals his rings even if they slip off.

“Don’t think they’re going to fit, bunny.” He’ll murmur when they fall off again. “Your fingers haven’t grown in an hour.” She’ll huff and pull them off, but he knows in one hour she’ll be trying them on again.

Her hand is always so small in comparison to his, though he thinks everyone’s is. Her hand is so delicate next to the tattooed mess that is his left arm, and sometimes he’ll just stare when she laces her fingers with his, until she mumbles his name while her cheeks flush.

Another issue Harry has is his obsession with her forehead. She’s an expressive little thing, and she always gets this crinkle in between her brows when she’s confused or thinking of a joke for him to Tweet. He likes to smooth it away with his thumb, or sometimes press his mouth to it until she melts against him.

He even likes the few spots of red on her face, kissing them when she finally falls asleep, and tracing over the acne scar she has on her right jaw with his thumb.

Yeah, Harry thinks his obsession with her skin is pretty weird, but he also thinks it’s the most delightful thing he’s ever held or even seen, so he’s pretty content with being obsessed with every inch.

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*Blood Diamond saw the opal walking around with a quartz Guard, she talked with the huge gem animately, thin limbs pointing and waving around at various things. The Quartz guard nodded every once and a while, showing the smaller gem she was listening.* ((The-fossilized-opal))

Blood Diamond smiles as she watch. Her court is home to many flawed gems that escape from being crushed. To her, flawed gem are special.

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(@thenattiestnat) Nat had fallen into the underground, and it was all very strange for the fifteen year old. After sparing all of the boss monsters so far, but sadly, not all of the monsters, she arrived at Hotland, now at LV 5. She saw Annabelle, and with her IRON KNUCKLES and LEATHER JACKET equipped, she approached her, expecting a fight.


*Annabelle is humming Showtrousle softly as she walks through Hotland. She was thinking of visiting Arach at the Parlor. She sees Nat and smiles.*

Hello, human.