And procrastinating


I keep having dreams where I have long hair. I don’t want it this long but I am growing my hair out! it’s going to be a while before it’s where I want it though. I’m passing as a guy most of the time now and I don’t like it although I really don’t want people thinking I’m a girl? but I feel like the combo of being on T with long hair will be a good gender feel for me.
(agender, they/them)

it only takes a couple of minutes to download bejeweled blitz on your phone, but it was long enough for me to go through at least three stages of regret and self-examination so that by the time it had finished installing I was already scrambling to delete it

all of my ritshou fics and the ones i got planned are from ritsu’s perspective and i just realized why. because i love the whole ‘mystery man shou’ thing where u dont really know his thoughts all that well and see him through another person’s eyes, which cant be done if it’s from his perspective. Plus ritsu so so fucking easy for me to write??? i love writing his character and i feel like his actions and what he says makes more sense and means different things when i can write out his thoughts too and idk if im even writing his character right but i like it

glacierdianeloyalty  asked:

(From ask-the-pokemon-guardians, Mars@Alx) "Wow, a Primarina, never saw those up in Kanto, i'm Mars, it's nice to meet you! Alx is it? Might I say you look lovely? Not to mention your name, it's quite, unique to say the least. Is there a meaning to the name? I am quite curious."


“That’s a beautiful amulet by the way”

Sorry i didn’t draw any other details for Mars, I just didn’t know where to put them :( hopefully you like the amulet though <3


Opposite Gender Challenge - Havoc

Rules: Take a photo of your favorite sim in their usual gender/look/makeup/style etc and then take an after photo of them completely genderbended. You may edit their features to match the original sim’s face if needed. Tag 10 other people & tag your challenge with #simsgbd

Tagged by @ninjaofthepurplethings. I may or may not have also done the two sets of gen 3 twins for this too XD And taken loads of pictures of them all >> (Don’t worry Ninja, I’ll only tag you in this one, promise XD) I’ll try to spread the posts out so not to spam everyone with these ;P

I was so happy to see all of Hav’s tattoos actually moved over perfectly! So of course Male!Havoc had to wear a top that shows them off ;)

Don’t know who to tag, seen so many people already doing these. Feel free to tag yourselves if you wanna do it!