And now you are talking to yourself

The signs responses to compliments

Aries: lol k
Taurus: thank you omg you too OMG
Gemini: we’re dating now
Cancer: marry me
Leo: lmao I know
Virgo: who paid you
Libra: *walks away thinking they were talking to the wrong person*
Sagittarius: Have you seen yourself ;)
Capricorn: thanks bb
Aquarius: is this a joke like where are the cameras
Pisces: *is the one complimenting people but is actually perf*

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hiiii do you have anymore head canons about wild&unruly that you want to share?!

hahah okay this really small but, Lexy and I kept wanting to put in the idea that Liam had originally wanted to name his saloon the Funky Buddha and then Maggie and Niall and Harry and probably his wife had to talk him out of it.  And of course they would tease him about it all the time over the years when they went to the bar.  like “don’t forget, Liam, we saved you from yourself in your time of need!!!”  We never found a place for it though, and now it’s even more bittersweet because of the demise of the actual Funky Buddha in London.  Poor Liam!!! ahah I love Liam. 

If anyone is ever having a hard time and needs someone to talk to, come and talk to me! I will get back to you! I know it’s hard right now for a lot of people and sometimes you just need someone to talk to. It may take a bit of time to reply but I’ll reply. You are NEVER alone it may feel like that right now but so many people love you. I may not know you personally but I love you. Whatever you have done in the past, Forgive yourself.. FORGIVE. You are a living, breathing human being and you shouldn’t be enduring the pain you’re in at the moment. Just know that you can be whoever you want to be. I know that seems impossible right now but nothing is permanent.

I’m pretty bad at talking about this kind of thing and wording in general, but please, bear with me if you will.

A lot of us acknowledge our privileges and know what those are in each of our cases, but even so, that doesn’t really means that we’re free of all responsibility for our statements, on the contrary, I think it means that you’ve got to take even more care with that you say, and educate yourself over it, as well as learning from it and whatever mistakes you make because of it.

I mean, honestly, some of you have reblogged one thing in particular that came off as pretty ableism to me when a lot of you talk about ableism and blablbabla and, among those some, most are abled bodied and whatnot so it’s come as pretty hypocritical and annoying. Now imagine having your privileges listed and not giving enough thought to your words, you’re gonna end up causing more harm than good, and come off as really “better-than-you” when not really.

That’s just my onion tho.

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No no I can't do that, I'm too afraid to come off anon, at least not now. I'm too ashamed and embarrassed of myself that it's come down to this point.

I asked you to come off anon because I’ve recently talked with a person who has felt many of the same things that you feel in your relationship with God. In doing some more research, I think I am finding that this extreme sense of not feeling able to be saved or continually never feeling good enough for God or for yourself is something more than much of the doubt/fear many Christians are subject to. 

From your message you set previously, you mentioned how you know that you’re constantly failing God and that you’re not good enough for redemption. 

I think at this point, these thoughts have become more than just the normal amount of guilt for the consequences of sin and may have been perpetuated by a psychological condition I’ve recently researched called scrupulosity. Scrupulosity, often termed as “religious OCD”, is a psychological condition that affects some Christians and makes them feel like they will never be good enough for the love of God and that they will surely be damned to hell and that they screw up too many times to deserve His salvation. This is a very good resource to learn more about this condition. 

Now, I don’t want to pathologize you and I definitely don’t want to diagnose you with a psychological condition when I haven’t met you face to face (and when I have neither a theology degree nor a doctorate in psychiatry). I do want you to be free to live your life and your walk and your awesome salvation in His arms, worry free and burden-less. 

And so if my suspicions are correct, if you are showing signs of this scrupulosity, I don’t think that the words that I will say to you will be enough to convince you of the unconditional love of Christ. I can say that if you choose to look further into the possibility of these psychological signs, I can definitely do some research and see if there are any free counseling sessions or offices around your area. 

I don’t want you to think that you’re broken or screwed up for having these thoughts because that isn’t true at all. I’m somebody who likes to keep true to my word and I wouldn’t say these things if they weren’t based in the truth. I do want you to know that even when you don’t feel like it, your God is always there for you. Even if you can’t always remember it, His love is all we can ask for imagine. A lovely follower, theveryhungryblonde shared an awesome verse with us for you. 

Through the words of 1st Corinthian 12:9- 

“But he said to me - My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

With that, I urge you to understand that what you’re going through and what you’re experiencing is not exclusive to you. Many people in this world feel like they are the worst of sinners and that there is absolutely no hope for them because they’ve failed God for far too many times. But, there is hope in numbers (in terms of the fact that there are so many people who have felt just like you) and there is hope in the power and potency of God to triumph all feelings of inadequacy and fear. 

I was very reluctant to go into much more details about the possibility of you experiencing this condition in public. If you are still embarrassed to come off anon, I can totally understand but this is totally a place free of judgment and a place that is meant to usher in the healing of God in our lives and in our walks. 

I definitely encourage you to keep reading up on these things that I’ve brought up here and if/when you’re ready, message us again so we can talk all of these things through and see if we can get you free or reduced Christian counseling around the area to address the possibility of this condition. 

With love, 

- 31Women (Akua) 

5sos ships

hey guys!! since i have a three day weekend and it’s my birthday on monday (woohoo!!) i decided i’m gonna do some 5sos ships for you cuties c: here’s what you have to do in order to get a ship:

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i will also be taking requests for blurbs/preferences/imagines/one-shots/smut/fluff/anything that your lil heart desires

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Ever since I was little (i'm talking like 5/6) I hated my body. I tried to diet all the time and still ended up being overweight. Now i'm finally coming to terms with it and trying to be healthy bc it makes me feel great. Not because society wants me to fit a certain structure.

I’m glad you’re starting to accept yourself.

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For that anon talking about depression: I've been there and still kind of am. Sometimes it feels as if it will last forever. For me, now, I feel like it's slowly melting away. When I heard that a few times a week It thought 'yeah right' but the strange thing is that It will be over at some point. Some day you will find moments you're at peace with life and then you will remind yourself to remember those precious moments when days are getting darker. For me those moments are what life is for.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ thank u for this 


Hey, this is Chris again, updating you on Heges condition.

She’s been doing alot better than before in the last couple of days, but some wounds are harder to heal than others… Like the stubborn girl she’s always been and the fact that she never wants to bother other people have made her not wanting to get any mental help for herself. 

She’s strong, but the loneliness that she’s been keeping in her heart for so long is also strong. Take Hege’s case as a reminder that everything may seem alright on the outside, but on the inside she’s been beating herself up for the longest time. If any of you ever find yourself in this situation, please get help ASAP! Or just talk to someone! 

I remember what Hege always used to say to people: “I may not be able to give you advice, but I’ll listen to what you have to say no matter what!” And now I wish she had followed her own advice.

Also thank you all that have sent her message, I hope it’ll be a nice suprise for her once she get back on (after she’s killed me for even getting on her blog that is) and I hope you all have a further nice day :-)

- Chris

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Well well well (omg im laughing too hard)

(-o-)Omg Fin pLZ

*You had prepared yourself well for your “me” time.
You got someone to babysit your babies so you could go to another room for a bit.
The room wasn’t used much, so you figured this would be the perfect place.
Since Itchy is out into town, and you can’t be bothered to find someone right now to satisfy you, you decided to do it yourself.
You had made yourself comfortable on the old couch with one of your favorite toys, and so you began.
Your moans filled the room, but came to an abrupt stop when you heard the door open.
You were now looking Fin straight in the eyes, he was obviously put off by the scene he had just walked into, and despite your surprise, you manage to put a smile on your face and calmly talk to him*
Oh, hey Fin, do you wanna help me finish?


9x01 | 9x22

        ↳ When someone asks Cas to choose them over Dean.

justin, you got your degree. me and your mom are so proud.
but, now what? all you’ve done since graduation is eat at Denny’s.
you need a plan. less pancakes, more plancakes. you’ve got hambition, but no ambition. you talk about makin something of yourself but so far you’re just bacon something of yourself. do ya really think you’ll climb the ladder eating t-bone steak? gimme a t-bone break. if you got all this diner passion why don’tcha be a sausage director or a soup broker… manage eggs…  i dunno…

Can I talk to y’all for a second?

Please take a chance.
Don’t just talk about what you want to do with your life, sit down and start to formulate a plan.

Make that move to California. Ask that guy out. Present yourself for that promotion. Do not continue to let someone treat you as their mistake.

You do not want to look up 5 years from now and wonder where your youth went. You only get one shot at this. Don’t spend it fantasizing about what your life should have been like..Make it happen. 

I don’t want anyone who sees this to not see their dreams come true.

Everyone left, they hate me, they don’t care about me. 

And you kept thinking what did you do wrong or what happened and they all suddenly stopped talking to you.

You kept blaming yourself to the point you became very depressed. 


Have you not thought to yourself that you will be answering Allah alone and not with the help of even your parents on the day of reckoning?


Look, I too have been in this phase. Believe me.

But it is very wrong to blame yourself because of the things that happened, its simply a fact that says these people are not good for you and Allah saved you from them, it must be surreal for you now but in time Allah will show you why such people do not exist in your life anymore, and when that time comes you’ll realize it is all for your well being.

Indeed, people are dependent, sometimes to the one they love, their friends or family, not thinking that eventually these people will go either by the time they reach old age or that by the time you have done something wrong and they can’t forgive you and just want you out of their lives. 

Yes, this happens, there are people like that in this world. May Allah forgive us all.

So today, I wanted to share this beautiful story of  a man who will show you great strength of His trust with Allah and that true companionship comes from Allah as well.

I will not be narrating his whole life but just this event that highlighted such beautiful and inspiring moment to everyone.

This happened during the battle of Tabuk where the Muslims marched forth to fight against the Romans, and during this time, there was drought and many weak souls remained behind.

Most of those who remained behind were of the hypocrites who scoffed the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam and his Companions Radiyallahu Anhum for marching forth in the heat.

During this arduous march with the scorching heat above them, they noticed that Abu Dharr RA was not among them, and so one of Sahabah said “O Messenger of Allah, Abu Dharr has remained behind, his riding camel has slowed him down.”

The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam said:

“Leave him for if he has goodness in him, Allah will make him catch up with you. And if he is otherwise, then Allah has disburdened you of him.”

Thus they continued to march without pause.

Meanwhile, Abu Dahrr RA was trying to prod his riding camel to move faster, but his attempts in vain. So he took his things, carried them on his back and followed the tracks of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam and his Sahabah RA.

When from a distance the Muslims saw the rising of dust, a sign that a man was approaching they said, “O Messenger of Allah, this indeed is a man who is walking all by himself on the road.”

The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam said expectantly, “Be Abu Dharr!” When the man came nearer and the people were able to discern his features, they said, “By Allah, he is Abu Dharr, O Messenger of Allah!”

The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam then said: “May Allah have mercy on Abu Dharr; he walks alone, he will die alone, and he will be resurrected alone.”


What does this story teaches us? 

That like Abu Dharr, even if we have faith in Allah, we will be tested in so many ways but it is only those who are the likes of Abu Dharr that we could achieve such beautiful reward.

Indeed, like Abu Dharr, we also will and may have experienced the lost of beloved ones, or have our so called friends leaving us or even talking about us behind our backs, but even in seclusion and without companionship, Abu Dharr risen to follow the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam, and look how Allah Azza Wa Jall made him catch up and be with the companionship of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam.

So if you come and think of it, we have to stay focused to our goal, ask yourself, if you were in same situation like of that of Abu Dharr RA, being left and would have to walk alone, would you actually walk forward or just stay depressed and whine about how they left you or they hate you because they left you or would you be like Abu Dharr that is so determined to go on?

Ask yourself, is it your friends or these people the reason that makes you really happy and makes you say “I shall go on”?


And I pray that Allah Azza Wa Jall enlightens our hearts to yearn for His Companionship along with the companionship of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam and His Companions on the day we return back to Him. May He make the day we finally meet Him the most beautiful day of ours. 




Story was taken from Al Baihaqi, Dala’il 221, Ibn Asakir 70/157 and Ahmad 5/166

A message from your King...

So I go onto my Tumblr dash today and all I am greeted by is this ass!
No not some pathetic donkey, some strange man’s ass.
And everyone is now talking about this Sir Thomas Sharpe…
“Ooh he’s so handsome and devilish!”
“Ooh look at that ass!”
“Ooh I want to touch it!
"Ooh I want to bite it!”
You pathetic bunch of mewling quims…
Once upon a time it was all “Loki! Loki! Loki!”
But oh no, now it’s all about the Sharpe ass!
There are some that have remained loyal to me and I will remember you…
Pledge yourself to me again…
In the end you will alway kneel…

Your King Loki

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Idk if I'm in time for the prompt Dx anyway "why are you so jealous about Lydia? You like me or what?" Stiles, of course xD

“Are you jealous of Lydia? Do you like me or something?” You stopped your scowling from you place at the locker, looking at Stiles in surprise. He had originally been halfway across the corner talking to the aforementioned girl…but now he was besides you and had a surprisingly arrogant smile on his mole splattered face. 

“What…?” You blinked once. Twice. Three times thinking that you’d misheard him. You hoped you misheard him you really didn’t want to open that kettle of fish today….after all the answer would be yes and yes I do. 

“I said do you like me?” He leaned against the locker beside you, the self-satisfied smile still attached to his lips, You were taken a back, a blinked again at him… before collecting yourself.

“Phh…no…Why…why would I like you?” You scoffed looking away from the boy you’d been crushing for the past god knows how many years…but he didn’t need to know that. 

“You like me.” He retorted leaning closer to you as if it would have an impact on your response…which of course it did have an effect…After all he smelt like aftershave and something undeniably Stiles and the closer he was the more little features you spotted on him…but you refused to admit anything.

“No I don’t.” You denied, arms crossing as if to protect yourself from the inevitable downfall that was about to happen. 

“Yes you do.” Stiles sang as if it was most entertaining thing in the world to him. He was even closer now, just mere inches from you, but you refused to budge. Refused to give in. 

“No I do-” You went to deny once again, but were surprisingly cut off by a pair of warm lips pressed against your own. Your eyelids fluttered and you felt yourself leaning into the kiss and responding. He pulled away and you started at him with shaky breath…

“Okay…I like you…I like you a lot…” You finally admitted, leaning back against the locker to steady yourself as he merely smirked at you. Except there was a tenderness there this time…a tenderness that came with a confession..


Haven’t made a video where I’ve talked in a while so this one is especially for that anon that called me fat. Go fuck yourself. I’m trying to love myself and my body is perfect the way it is. Lumps, skin, scars, stretch marks and all. You can’t make me feel bad anymore 😌💖✌️I’m gonna go eat a bunch of top ramen now hehe ☺️🍰

I did this Tumblr-thing where You combine a quote with a screenshot or a photo for some hilarious results. Okay, in this case I drew the picture myself. But I had recently the happening that Erik did start to talk to me. Via my tumblr dash…. Okay, I have collected now 6 fitting quotes. Prepare yourself for more such sketches. 

And as You love Erik being all miserable and lovesick, I guess you will like this little sketch too. :D

Imagine Pietro coming to save you...

“Pietro?…” You whisper into the communicator. 

“Y/N?” He replied back, his voice laid back and content. As far as he knew, the danger was over. 

A cough escaped you as you looked up, backing away from the man who stepped toward you with his gun aimed directly for your forehead. Just a few more feet and his shot would have no chance of missing.

“Thank you so much, for everything…” You could barely hold back the sob as you stared at the eyes of the man who would kill you. 

Pietro could hear the fear in your voice, he was already running your way with everything he had. “No Goodbyes. I do not like them all that much.” He demanded, he wasn’t far now, only one more block. 

“I didn’t say goodbye.” You whisper, smiling to yourself and thinking about how nice his voice sounded when he was talking to you, your eyes close, prepared now for the final shot. 

The sound echoed in your ears, shocking you and leaving a dull buzzing that seemed to overwhelm all other sound. But there was no pain, no stopping of your senses, it was like you weren’t even hit. Your eyes opened, sure that a bullet passing through your brain wouldn’t feel like that. The man who would have been your killer was sprawled out on the ground, clearly unconscious, the gun no where to be seen. And at the sight of him there, kneeling down before you and reaching out to pull you against his chest as the sound returned to your hearing, you realized that you weren’t ready to go. Not even a little bit. Not at all.