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Moon Dupes: Crescent Pendant

Usagi loved to wear this cute, minimalist outfit in the first few seasons - a white sleeveless hoodie, a baby blue pinafore, accented with a giant crescent moon pendant. Ever since I was a child, that pendant stuck in my mind; it was such a perfect simple accessory for the Moon Princess. Did she buy it after she discovered her identity, or was she always drawn to it?

What I knew is that I wanted one for myself, and with the power of the modern Internet, I can have one!

The necklace I found that matches the one in the show most closely is HH & Co’s Crescent Moon Necklace in Bronze (left).*

If you want a more stylized 3D rendition of the same concept, I really love Ewelina Pas’s Large Brass Moon Necklace (middle).

And for a really contemporary take with modern cut glitter acrylic, check out Geeky Wears’s Large Crescent Moon Necklace in Gold Glitter (right).

*I’ve seen multiple sellers using these same moons, so if anyone has wholesale shopping links for the pendants used in the first (and possibly second) necklaces, share the knowledge!

To match Usagi’s necklace even closer, you can restring any of these necklaces onto a sturdy brown cord or hemp rope.
In US, More Adults Identifying as LGBT
In 2016, 4.1% of American adults identified as LGBT, up from 3.5% in 2012. An estimated 10 million adults identify as LGBT in the U.S. Millennials and women largely drove the increases in LGBT identification.
By Gallup, Inc.

New analysis from Gallup shows:

Millennials are more than twice as likely as any other generation to identify as LGBT. In 2012, they accounted for 43% of LGBT-identified adults. As a result of their disproportionate increases in identification since then, they now account for 58%. Millennials comprise 32% of the general adult population.


Gallup research shows that data security and confidentiality are not major concerns of millennials. This could be one factor that explains why they are so much more likely to identify as LGBT when compared with other generations. They are more comfortable than their older counterparts with the idea of sharing what some might consider private information on surveys.”

More adults identifying as LGBT signifies: more adults are comfortable identifying themselves as LGBT, rather than hiding. As our world shifts in attitude, perception, and belief, we can see the tangible effects of the It Gets Better message being spread. Our community grows larger, louder, and prouder.



YouTube’s “Recommended For You” more like “Recommended For Pain”

jacelghtwood  asked:

Jimon + "is that my shirt?"

It’s fragile, this thing they have. They don’t really talk about it, which is probably the whole problem, but whenever Jace is around, Simon can’t get himself to actually say the words out loud. Can’t voice what Jace means to him, what he wants, without scaring Jace away. Because that is surely what will happen when he really says what he means.

So they continue their weird little dance. They will fight, they will yell, they will kiss, they will fall into bed together, and when Simon wakes up in the morning, Jace is gone, and the only trace he was ever even there are the wrinkles in the pillow next to Simon’s, the faint smell of Jace’s cologne.

Simon stays quiet, enjoys every moment he gets. Runs his hands all over Jace’s body, tries to map out his body, commit every inch of his skin to memory. Sometimes they don’t even have sex, they just talk, with Simon’s head pillowed on Jace’s chest and Jace’s hands running through his hair. Those are the days he’s the most disappointed when he wakes up to find Jace gone.

But then, one day, he wakes up to an empty bed and noises coming from the kitchen. He frowns into his pillow at first, confused. The only people that have a key to his apartment are Clary and Jace, and he’s pretty sure that Clary is hanging out with Izzy today and Jace… Jace.

Simon’s out of bed faster than he can blink and before he knows it he’s standing the kitchen in only his boxers and an old band shirt, watching Jace putter around the kitchen.

Watching Jace putter around the kitchen.

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