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anonymous asked:

i really like your blog but i was kinda disappointed to see that stuff about ace people... they're part of the community regardless of whether or not they're discriminated... and also tbh there are a lot of sexualities that simply don't get as much hate because they're not well known... as for ace people - I literally had a teacher tell my class this week that "being asexual or aromantic - those people are sick, you can't be those things and be healthy... it's an illness"... decide what you will

oh my god. Look. Okay, this is all I’m going to say on the matter:

being anything and everything outside of a cis heterosexual person is not like a free pass to the lgbt community. okay, I am an Ace person, I am ace. I am asexual. and people talking about aph*bia on here KILL ME, because at the end of the day being ace does not mean you’re lgbt. someone saying that- doesn’t mean they hate ace people?? It doesn’t! why is that so upsetting to hear? being straight ace doesn’t mean you’re lgbt, it means you’re straight ace, Why are straight ace people so Desperate to call themselves specifically LGBT??, like whats wrong with calling yourself straight ace?, 

I don’t care if you’re disappointed to see it on my blog, unfollow my blog, because I stand by this. Being straight ace doesn’t make you lgbt. And if someone who is lgbt tells someone who is straight ace that being straight ace doesn’t make them lgbt then honestly why should that bother them in the first place like?? Doesn’t mean you’re not ace? Doesn’t mean you haven’t possibly faced your own forms of exclusion as someone who is ace?? It just means you aren’t lgbt??? Why are these people so desperate to call themselves lgbt??

listen to me. being asexual IS valid. It is different and I am ace myself, I know that in being ace a person can be faced with various forms of exclusion and even manners of oppression in regards to that but that relates specifically to being asexual and it does not make someone lgbt.

the post I reblogged highlighted the fact that being asexual has never been punishable by law anywhere in the world at any given time. and that’s just true. that’s a true statement. there’s nothing wrong with wanting your identity to be accepted and understood and validated and recognized for what it is. but maybe let’s stop trying to identify it as something that it’s not??

anonymous asked:

I hate you because you use patreon

I am going to assume you mostly sent this in a light hearted “joking” way, otherwise I’d have just blocked flat out ^ ^

But please, even as a joke don’t send stuff like this, to me or other creators. If you do not like the fact that I’d like to spend more time on creating art (including stuff I post publicly), feel that my time, skills, and effort are worthless, or just in general feel that I am undeserving of a means to support myself financially, fair enough. You know where the unfollow button is, and heck you may even block me to erase all traces of my existence from your tumblring experience, and I’ll never notice but will still wish you a lovely rest of your life.

Because sending me asks like this give me the above messages.

Just because I now have some form of income doesn’t mean I’ve stopped posting publicly. You may have noticed that I’m still posting the same amount, if not more content overall as a direct result of having a Patreon. Yes, I do have exclusive content because yes, I do in fact need to give some incentive to patrons to come check it out and yes, I do want something I can give them to thank them for allowing me to continue drawing for even people like yourself.

I feel like I’ve been explicitly clear that Patreon is not and will never be (and obviously can’t be) mandatory for my followers and supporters. It is OPTIONAL, and the content on there is also OPTIONAL. You can follow all of my stories on here perfectly fine, I’m still producing tons of free content, because I WANT to. I feel I have the right to advertise my relevant content on my own blog, but it’s your choice to follow those links or not, and I do my best to more than balance it out with non-Patreon general art content. And if you do choose to become my patron, I’m trying to be fair to my audience to provide a variety of affordable tiers, starting at literally $1 a month.

My having a Patreon as an option for people who do want to and are capable of helping me out financially does not mean that my feelings towards my public audience has changed. I am still grateful for every comment, ask, reblog, like, what have you, and am still grateful for your presence on my blog touching my work. If that is all you can or want to do, that is OKAY, and I thank you for being here.

But don’t send me shit like this. Don’t fucking do it.

Any follow ups and I will gladly remove all of my content from your dash myself via a block ^ ^

improperweed  asked:

Can you tag things you reblog with comments from roachpatrol? (Like the neural network color post) because their a pedophile and I don't like seeing them on my dashboard.

Ok so here’s the deal: 

  • I don’t know who you are and I have literally NO idea who that is. 
  • I personally don’t mind blocking this person. I hope you also have them blocked. 
  • I can also blacklist them as far as desktop
  • I’m totally willing to tag post-based stuff such as epilepsy-unsafe gifs, nazi mention, csa mentions, etc. Basically if the issue is defined/mentioned in a single post I can tag it. 
  • but that is the extent of what I’m willing to do based on the accusation of someone who I don’t know and owe nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m anti-CSA in all it’s forms but I do not have the time or energy to do a full tumblr dot com background check on every person in a reblog chain for a post about a computer calling colors ‘snowbonk’.

This is my personal blog that I use explicitly for my own enjoyment. I’m not doing this for y’all. I woke up at 4AM this morning, drove to another state so that I could fly to another state to talk to people about survey metrics. I got home and reblogged a funny post about neural networks because it made ME smile. 

I don’t get paid to babysit my followers.

Yes, this IS babysitting. This is me tiptoeing around my own personal space for people I don’t know because if I don’t then what?

I’m a bad person?

I’m a creep? 

Do not attempt to put the onus on me for the content of your dashboard. There are at least a billion different callout scandals going on this site at any given time. Even if I had the emotional energy to follow this type of stuff closely I couldn’t feasibly keep up.

I am not God. 

I’m a millenial with a bird icon.

You are in charge of your own dashboard. 

I’m not curating a museum here, and I’m not in the business of hand holding.

If you don’t like this, manage your dashboard by hitting ye-olde unfollow button. 

I will block this person but I just gotta ask:

Why am I the one who has to do all of this comprehensive background check and post tagging on MY blog?

You don’t seem to regularly tag your posts.

What about your  followers?

Art blog!!

So since a lot of people don’t really like the stuff I reblog or maybe its cause I reblog many things a day but idk so for you peeps that like my art, I made an art blog!! kinda

@maaratt is the blog, and I’ll just be reblogging my art that I post in here over there, so yall wont have to deal with the memes

Follow if you want, be my guest!

iscribblesometimes  asked:

The last post you made is really good, I think that sort of attitude is really important in Christianity. But how do I keep that attitude, and understand that the bible has been interpreted in many ways, while not becoming doubtful of the bible and it's truth? How do I keep an open mind and still remember that God is unchanging? (I'm not sure if you take asks so don't feel pressured to answer, just thought I would say what I've been thinking for a while that your post reminded me of.)

Hey dear friend, I believe you’re referring to this post:

For reference, I wrote this: 

“Because the Bible says so.” Okay, but whose interpretation? Yours? Mine? From the era of the Crusades? When they were burning people at the stake? When it was used to support slavery? What if we have different conclusions? What if we’re both wrong? 

So first off: I got quite a lot of backlash on that post, and I had to take a break from my inbox and from looking at comments and reblogs. I don’t say that out of self-pity (there’s a lot more important stuff happening across the world), but rather to point out that I must’ve hit a nerve somewhere. Someone commented something like, “I thought he was one of the good guys.” I mean, I laughed, but I was also a little bummed out by the judgmental assumptions on the whole thing. Like, can we not ask these questions at all?

I wrote the post originally because a few people confronted me saying things like, “I unfollowed you because I don’t agree with you theologically” (which is fine, everyone has a right to unfollow) or “Your interpretation is off” or “You’re becoming a liberal” (as if liberal is a bad word). 

So I asked the questions out of sincere curiosity. How exactly do we meet in a place where we can intellectually discuss our disagreements if one party already presumes the higher ground? Really, when someone says “I disagree with your theology,” what they’re saying is, I disagree with your interpretation of theology based on my interpretation of theology. So where did that interpretation come from? Trace it back and it’s always from someone else. A person. With a tiny brain like yours and mine. Augustine or Calvin or Nietzsche or Osteen. Some church leader a thousand years ago, or some book written last year, or some preacher guessing at the Bible the best he or she knows how.

I’m not entirely sure how to discover which interpretation is the right one. Each of us have so much self-interest that we can use the Bible (and other stuff) to justify any position we want, even under the guise of “the common good” or “your benefit.” 

But I have two starting points. 1) I assume that my precious beliefs are always open to challenge, and 2) I must live by the beliefs I hold true, as honestly and as passionately as I can, by the grace of God, and God will sort that out. 

If my opinion and my interpretation of the Bible are always matching up, then it’s possible I’m just making God into my own image and forcing Him to conform to what I want. I’m basically just colluding with myself as my own accomplice into the crimes I want to commit. Then I wouldn’t be in dialogue with God, but rather manipulating a robot-idol I designed to do my bidding and to turn off at my convenience. If the Bible is timeless truth, then I’d expect that such truth would press against what I hold to be personally and culturally true. And we are all chronologically landlocked by ideas that don’t make sense and must be challenged and changed. I believe the Bible, read correctly, will usurp what is destructive and affirm what is constructive. And still, I assume that these ideas can be confronted and rebuked.

Once I land on a conviction, I assume God will sort out the outcome. History (at least hopefully and generally) will prove whether I was aligned with God’s purpose, or not. I know there are a ton of caveats and exceptions with this idea, but the natural world does usually unroll either benefits or consequences from our actions, or a mix of both, and in our limited three lb. brains, I think we can grasp an inkling of what God must want out of all we do.

Yet in the end, figuring out what God wants is not some mysterious, complicated puzzle. The more I have to justify and rationalize something, the more I can be sure it’s not from God. The Bible has made a lot of things pretty clear. Jesus said plainly: I must love people. There’s no equivocation or wavering there. How it happens might differ, but that it happens at all must not. 


gaycostis  asked:

Just checking, are people who use are regression therapy (which is completely nonsexual) ok to follow? I don't want to make you uncomfortable or anything

I’ve received tons of messages like that . 

The thing to understand it that it doesn’t matter at all what makes ME personally comfortable or uncomfortable . I mean I get very uncomfortable in front of hardcore porn blogs and I’ve never said anything about those kind of blogs following me and reblogging my stuff ( I do have however something to say about the exploitation of poor ,vulnerable women in porn but that’s neither here nor there ) 

The thing is that all this daddy kink ideology of grown women “ acting up” as children during sex is awfully harmful because it normalizes pedophilia. It is not normal to see it so widespread on tumblr and so commonly accepted ! 

I’ll never ask anybody to unfollow me . If I don’t want someone to follow me I block them ,as simple as that. So even if you’re a part of the daddy kink community as one might call it I won’t ask you to unfollow.I’ll ask you to think about the consequences of your actions but I won’t ban you from my blog or whatever. I’m not looking for a witch hunt there. I’m looking to understand why so many people think it’s okay to encourage fantasies about having sex with children. 

Now to get back to your ask to all the people liking childhood stuff without any link whatsoever to sex YOU WERE NOT CONCERNED AT ALL BY MY POSTS. Do not feel targeted by it because it didn’t target you.

anonymous asked:

Now people on tumblr are calling Pansy racist which I don't mind really but if I do mention that I like her, they'd jump at me and I'm so not here for it. I feel like liking characters are illegal now, even when I have no malicious intentions on why I like them.

omg!! I get you totally. I was going to make a post about this a few days ago, but I didn’t. but basically, the hp fandom is so vile. sending hate to people who don’t or do ship something. sending hate for not liking a character, or for liking a character. like relax and stay in your lane! if you don’t like a certain character, great!! that’s your opinion. if you want, you can complain about the character on your own blog, but don’t go over to someone who does like the character and send them hate for it.

like, there are so many characters and ships in hp that the fandom adores and I don’t, but I don’t send people hate for it!! I might reblog an anti post, because it’s my blog and I want to, but I always have a tag for it. it’s disgusting that people actually…send other people rude stuff?? just don’t. you can unfollow, block, or blacklist the url. why send hate :// 

Happy New Year Everyone!

So 2015 definitely goes down as “The Year Evie Joined Tumblr.”  Running this blog has been an incredible motivator for me and it would not be what it is without all of you.  Thank you @concernedpony for a crazy year of Elsa and Concerned Pony stuff– I still don’t know what’s going on and I started it, I think.  Thank you to @harpygee/@potatofarmgirl for enduring my bad renditions of your wonderful characters.  If you started following me for “The Property of Hate” fanart or “Over the Garden Wall” fanart but you somehow didn’t unfollow when this blog turned into Guardians of Childhood central, Thank You and I’m sorry.  Thank you @love-susan-ramos-rodberg for being one of the most passionate people I know and always reaching out.  Thank you @cyrusdreamseeker and @the-ink-addiction for helping me navigate the ins and outs of tumblr– I don’t even think I’d still have a blog if it weren’t for you two.  Thank you @sparrowatheart for always being interested and sending me ideas (we’ll roleplay one of these days!)  Thank you @nose-nippin-fun for being such a passionate Jack blog– your feels are contagious!  Thank you especially to @omnipotentmoon for being the very first person ever on tumblr to reach out to me.  I was because of you, Michi, that I became brave enough to join the fandom and you are just the absolute best.  Thank you forever to @askthespectralboy for literally reblogging every drawing of Nightlight I think I have ever done even though they get repetitive; I still get excited that you even give my art the time of day.   Thank you to @mooniisms for being a fellow art buddy and inspiration, it’s so nice to have someone I admire like my art back.   Thank you to @notaguardian– Magic, you are the sweetest person and every muse you write is amazing.  Thank you for always being so encouraging about my art!  Your tags make my day.  I could go on and on about each one of you but I am probably cluttering the dash as it is.  So to the following people I just want to say how dear every one of you is to me.  Thank you for loving the Guardians and for Believing and for sharing that with me. This is the first time in my life I’ve really felt happy to share my art with others. @the-young-lad-of-ordon @piratekingpitchblack @rin0rourke @jamiecakeconfections @luluguardainofcreative @miss-evening @frostbite-maiko-fan @writlargefic @incessant-ree @only-1-a @fun-and-trust @adragonprince @coolthedemonlo99 @fearking @doorsail-toho @magi-kathryn @crysalgira @confusednymphinayellowdress @danslailleurs @lemonwicky @the-boogeyraven @zuzuhe @joheart96 @navbloo  

I really do love you all, to the moon and back!  Happy New Year!  Remember, the best is yet to come!  

“He who is the faithful witness to all these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon!” Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!” – Revelation 22:20

Just a list of basics rules and tags that I will reblog every now and then. I want you to enjoy following me and have a good time browsing my blog, so here we go !

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  • Before asking something, check the “FAQ” section and look if your question hasn’t been already answered to.
  • I have trouble answering every messages I get, but I do read everything and hope you won’t be too upset if I don’t answer you sometimes. ♥
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If you need to reach me for commissions or for business related questions: my e-mail is in my description ! 

I love you all, you big nerds.

- Maryne.

The DR fandom isn’t the worst I’ve seen - far from it - but it’s the only one where I’ve seen this trend to mock someone else’s work. I don’t care if you don’t like this edit/fanfiction/fanart. Whether it’s because you dislike the theme, the ship, the artstyle, it’s not my problem. Don’t reblog someone’s art with some derogatory comment, even in the tags.

People spend hours making their stuff, they don’t need you to stick your ‘different’ opinion on it ? If you reblog something, it’s because you enjoy it, if you don’t enjoy it, please don’t reblog it, and if you can’t stand seeing this particular kind of art on your blog, unfollow, block, blackist if you need to.

I’ve been in this fandom for a couple of months, and I’ve seen entire blogs dedicated to bashing fanworks, but also just some random blog I followed reblogging edits to mock the person who made them.

It’s killing me that these people don’t understand how much they can hurt some people who are artists, whether you like their art or not, and not always confident about what they do, and the day they decide to post their work, they are laughed at/insulted/mocked.

peonyaurora  asked:

Hi! I'm not in a good mood recently and seeing one of my OTPs being assaulted and expressed disgust at only make it worse. My brain keeps telling me that I shouldn't care too much, but it still stings. How can I ignore it more efficiently? Thanks <3

That’s a hard one, isn’t it?  When you love something, and invest your time and energy into it, someone else attacking it can feel very personal.  Most of the time, the best thing to do is try to figure out why this person or persons is attacking your ship.

1. The person is frustrated/disappointed/angry about something that happened in canon or something that commonly happens in fandom, and your ship could be seen as a symptom of this problem.

This is common on Tumblr.  People get upset about fandom’s treatment of POC, the lack of femslash in comparison to male slash, and ships that in real life would be dangerous, unhealthy and misogynistic, and most of the time, they’re less angry about a particular ship and more angry about what that ship represents to them.  I had this problem with Clint/Coulson, because it’s pretty much the poster child for ‘this logical ship has 12 fics, and this completely stupid ship with two white guys has 1047948394 bazillion fics, WTF, Fandom?’

I had to remind myself that they’re discussing a legit problem with society, and how it feeds a lot of problem in fandom, and consider their points.  (I’m still bad at this, but all we can do is try to be better)  It’s okay to like problematic ships and people, but it’s a good idea to look calmly at them to determine why other people find them problematic.  Critical thinking, about society, canon and fandom, can only improve things.

2.  The person feels that the ‘legitimacy’ of their own ship requires them to attack another ship.

This is common right now with Steve/Bucky and Steve/Tony shippers.  It falls under Sci’s ‘limited ship material makes fandom insane’ theory.  Basically, the bigger the ship pool, the more people just stay in their lanes and ignore everyone else.  There’s enough to go around, who cares, here, EVERYONE GETS A PILE OF FIC.

For example, Avengers has a lot of characters and a lot of ships.  ScienceBros and BowTie and Pepperony and BlackPepper and HulkEye and ThunderShield and FrostIron.  You name it, someone ships it.  Find your ship and stay in your happy corner.

Smaller casts lead to more infighting. Supernatural is the poster child here.  There are three main characters, and two ships.  And since one character is part of both of those ships, people…  Fight over where he ‘belongs.’

Then you get down to something like Sherlock, where the fight becomes ‘platonic or sexytimes’ and that’s a fight that can draw blood because there’s only one ship involved, and people live and die by their interpretation of it.

This is not a hill I want to die on, because if someone is so insecure about their own OTP that they have to attack someone else’s, well, you’re not going to change their mind.  Unless they’re actually your friend, you’re better off unfollowing, blocking, or using blacklist so their posts on certain subjects don’t show up on your dash.

3.  The person hates the ship/character/show/movie etc.  

That’s it.  They just don’t like it, and that’s okay.  Everyone has different tastes.  Sometimes, posts about a ship can come from a place of general frustration because popular ships get a lot of fic/art/meta, and it can feel like there’s no escaping it.  If you’re following a ship tag that’s lucky to get a post or two a week, having the flavor of the week be all over the place is enough to make you bitter.  Bitter like week old burnt coffee.

This does not excuse them being nasty to other fans, or to demand artists or writers cater to their preferences, but it does make the occasional, “God, if I have to see one more AU about Clint running a coffee shop, I’m going to stab someone” post a little more understandable.  Take your mounds of stuff as tradeoff for the fact that people are going to grumble about it.

4.  The person is a jerk, and doesn’t actually care about the ship, they just want to make trouble or make someone feel bad.

Most of the anti-ship posts don’t fall in this category.  Try to remind yourself of that.  Most people have reasons for attacking a ship beyond ‘to watch the world burn.’  However, this is the internet, and such people do exist.  

Turn off anon, disable notifications, and block users that cause you anxiety.  Remember, it’s your dash.  It’s your space.  You are not required to give anyone else a platform for their abuse.  Try to follow people who make you happy, and avoid the ones that don’t.  

And for these people, you continuing to love your ship is what they want to stop.  Defy them.  If you see a nasty “ugh, Bruce is the WORST” post, then find your favorite post about that character and reblog it.  Fight hate with love.  It’s healthier.

Try to enjoy your thing, and remember, dislike of a THING does not imply dislike of the PERSON who does like it.  As long as you’re not hurting anyone, it’s okay to like your thing.  Even if it is hella problematic. 8)

Alright, it’s my blog, so I’m making a small fuss. This is probably just me beating that dead horse yet again. If you’re not into that, you know exactly what you can do about that. (Hint: it involves that shiny “unfollow” button.)

I have pet peeves. All people do. I do my best not to let them get the best of me, especially when it’s not something personal. But since this is my blog and my art, I’ve got some things I want to clear up to those who are not in the know. (Most of you are, and that’s great, and YOU’RE GREAT and don’t you ever forget how much I appreciate your AWESOMENESS.)

Anyway! Stuff that makes me hit the punching bag: 

1. Removing the text from my posts, or from other people’s posts. Generally speaking, when I see people doing it, it puts a nasty taste in my mouth. You don’t like my text? Do me a favor and do not reblog my posts. (Or install the themes that display posts as photos only until the post is clicked on.) How hard is it to be respectful? Serious question. I do not understand why people think it’s okay to do this. RUDE.

2. This one is as old as the hills, but newcomers might not know how annoying it is when they tag my pallanophs as “wolves” or as “werewolves” or as any variant of canine. They are not. They have never been, and they never will be. The years will never change my mind on this, and unfortunately it has not gotten any less annoying. Which sucks. (I don’t even draw canines, let alone wolves, so this will be eternally perplexing to me.)

3. Assuming that, since my work looks generic, that one can copy/paste + trace my concepts instead of doing their own work. That’s plagiarism. Inspiration is a whole different animal, and that’s well and good, there’s no harm in that. I don’t claim to be unique in the slightest, but that doesn’t mean you can photochop my things to pieces and call them yours.

In conclusion: You do not have to like me or my art, but I would greatly appreciate it if the contents of my blog were respected. It isn’t asking for much; in fact, it pretty much requires minimal effort.

Bonus grumpy pallanoph channeling my frustrations as of late. Please send chill pill?

anonymous asked:

Can you tag the comics? Even the ones advertising products (like the otis plushie), I think they're drawn well, but the writing is lacking, It just doesn't translate well to comic form (it's not funny). I've blocked the tags on the other posts, but sometimes you reblog your own stuff and don't re-tag it so it still shows up. I love everything else you guys post, and have taken the effort to block it, but i need you guys to tag it. Thanks!

I know you said thanks and everything, but did you consider maybe not writing this message? That perhaps telling a creator they suck is kind of rude? That maybe you can handle scrolling past a thing once in a while or even just unfollowing?

I have not been feeling well.

Like… super extra not well.

My depression has been pretty bad. I am so incredibly tired and there isn’t anything I can do about it. The doctor basically shrugged at me. My self esteem has not been too great. I feel like I’m letting people down. I feel like I’m not doing my job well enough. I’m worried that I can’t handle life in general.

And then I get this message.

And even though it is just one person’s opinion and it really doesn’t matter much… it still is a punch in the self esteem bits. Something I really didn’t need right now. 

There is stuff I don’t like that people make. But I realize that taste is subjective and there are probably lots of people who enjoy that stuff. And that’s why I would never go out of my way to tell them I don’t like their stuff. That’s pretty discouraging and we need creators to keep going. They are a sensitive bunch and they work hard to try and entertain. You can put all the thanks you want on your message, but it is still kinda mean. 

Maybe my writing hasn’t been the best lately. But perhaps you could let someone have a slump and not kick them when their down.

I am telling you this in the hopes that you won’t send anymore messages like this to other folks. I want to let you know this wasn’t super tactful and you should be more considerate. If you don’t like something, just quietly unfollow or deal with it. 

I need more accounts to follow!

I just went on a MAAAJOR unfollowing spree, and I’d like to follow some more accounts, so if you post any of the following, reblog and I may check out your blog:

  • Homestuck
  • Hetalia
  • Dangan Ronpa
  • Disney
  • Free!
  • Attack on Titan
  • One Piece
  • Studio Ghibli
  • WTNV
  • Avatar the last airbender
  • adventure time
  • Danisnotonfire
  • AmazingPhil
  • Sherlock
  • Bands (panic! at the disco, fall out boy, MCR, Marina and the Diamonds, Arctic Monkeys, Studio Killers)
  • Kill La Kill
  • Animals/cute/happy stuff
  • Astrology

anonymous asked:

Dude you need to realize not everything in life is about boys. I mean it's not like they don't matter I think every girl likes talking about them and stuff but you do nothing else. Your Twitter and Tumblr is full of it. And don't say "just unfollow then" cause I like you but srsly that boy stuff is getting out of control. We get it you had bad experience with one currently. But you know what you're 14.Will it matter in 10 years? strongly doubt that. Think about other things in life like cooki

do u honestly think I care about nothing other than boys???? like seriously you just reprimanded me like my mother about how I shouldn’t express my feelings and I should stop posting things that have to do with boys cause it gets on ur nerves well gUESS WHATS everyone else likes it so u can go home. and I don’t really get what you’re saying about twitter and tumblr bc I barely post about that stuff in comparison to how much I tweet/reblog totally other things???? And yes I am 14 but does that really matter!!! like, you can feel things and like boys and be sad and be mad at any age. your life must be very boring if you think that if somebody hurts you, you should repress your feelings and just get over it and never ever talk about it and just pretend like you totally don’t care and never express ur feelings wow fun !!!!!!!! no. I don’t know if ur a male or female but I’m guessing you’re a guy because no girls are mad about talking about boys on social media so maybe if you like watching our covers then u should stick to that and not go on my social media and I apologize deeply but I’m not gonna stop talking about boys :)

anonymous asked:

Sorry, but you were kind of rude in that other ask. I don't think it's an unfair request to keep this blog MF-centric. Most of the people following this blog are following for a reason. You don't HAVE to use this blog to spread awareness of random thinks or a different TV show that isn't even related to MF. Please keep that to your personal blog. It's kind of a middle finger to the people following this blog for MF. And yes, we can unfollow, but it's kind of a shitty way to treat your followers.

Alright, let’s talk about this. I don’t think I was being rude - I think the person made their request in a rude way.

I do my best with this blog. I finished my first year of college a couple of weeks ago and it was VERY busy, yet I did my best to keep the blog updated and running on a queue. Yes, sometimes I didn’t update for a while, but it happens. Why did I spend as much time making stuff and reblogging stuff on this blog when I had a ton of schoolwork and other things to do in addition? For the followers. I’m very, very thankful to the followers of this blog and I try to always show it: this is why I keep updating, this is why the posts have so many tags and there’s a tag page, etc. I could just keep watching the show and only update every now and then (I’m not saying this as a threat, just a reminder).

How is it a middle finger to the followers to reblog one or two things about an issue that needs more attention or something that is important to me? My blog is not a service to Modern Family fans - it’s my blog, I run it, I am part of the deal when you follow the blog.

Does it really bother you that much to learn about the fact that there are more than a thousand people dead in India over the past couple of days because of the heat wave? Does it really hurt you that much? Besides, this is just an online blog! Who even cares that much? Why are you making such a big deal out of something like this?

How to deal with ship hate: A scenario.

Shipper: Ugh that last episode gave me so many Lizzington feels!

Hater: I cannot believe someone would ship these two together. It is so sick and twisted.

Shipper: I wonder if someone has already posted gifs of the best Lizzington moments….*furiously seeks out gifs*

Hater: You are all so warped to think that this obviously paternal relationship is even remotely romantic.

Shipper: Did I really just favorite and reblog 375 Lizzington posts? Oh man, that’s gotta be a record.

Hater: *takes time to send long angry ask about why shipping Red and Liz should be illegal and why you are a terrible human being for doing so*

Shipper: *opens ask and reads a few words* What? Hate mail? Psh. *deletes without reading*

Hater: Ha! You’re not answering which means I know I’m correct! 


Hater: Enjoy your sick fantasies you pervert! You should all be punched in the face.

Shipper: DID. RED. AND. LIZ. JUST. INDIRECTLY. SAY. THEY. LOVE. EACH. OTHER. *creates a millions posts of car scene complete with reaction gifs.*



Hater: *uncontrollably starts spewing profanities*

Shipper: *stops typing for a moment and starts gently sobbing* 

Hater: Ha! Got em. Now you finally realize how gross you were being.

Shipper: *between sobs* I forgot I had pizza rolls in the oven and now they’re more burned than Reddington’s back and Lizzie’s hand.*ceremoniously dumps pizza rolls into trash* 

Shipper: *sudden visual of matching burns brings on raging otp feels*

Hater: *spontaneously combusts from lack of attention*

EDIT: This applies to anybody shipping anything, not just Lizzington. I just used Lizzington as an example.