And if you don't like the stuff I post or reblog then just unfollow me

I think I just unfollowed around 20-25 blogs… most of which were 5+ months inactive or have have been shut down entirely.

I mean, I’m a person who unfollows people if I no longer enjoy the content they post or reblog because I want to see only what I like on my dash and I do not have time to wade through stuff I don’t. If I ever post something you’re uncomfortable with please unfollow me or ask me to tag stuff. And I’m super picky about who I follow.

But this seems like a huge number of inactive blogs, which means I must clean out my actual list of people I follow more often.  But now I’ve got to find more blogs to follow. So I will be stalking people for awhile.

{ So apparently I’m getting unfollowed if I reblog NaruSaku/SasuSaku content.


This is a role play blog, multiship blog. If you’re going to follow me you’ll see content of a lot of ships. Despite NaruSaku being my OTP, I ship other stuff as well, so I AM WARNING, following my blog means that you will see a lot of ships, posts, reblogs etc. Also, I’d gladly like if you could stop reblogging my role plays, it just messes up the post and everything.I might get unfollowed again, but I don’t care. Tho I wanna thank to those who actually enjoy my blog and don’t mind what I am reblogging/posting.  ღ

Welp, this is it.

I’ve officially become half a Steven Universe blog.
Maybe more than half.
I’m still going to reblog whatever I want, but a lot of that stuff is going to be Steven Universe and I will continue to post my musings on various episodes and also sometimes Steven Universe art.
If you want to unfollow me, please do so now.
(No pls don’t I just hit fifty followers)