And if you don't like the stuff I post or reblog then just unfollow me

it’s funny how everytime i post a tbbt edit, i lose at least 1 or 2 followers. amazing, isn’t it? well guess what, this will go on for as long as tbbt exists, so if you’re not in for that, you can unfollow me now. i’m not being mean. and i know almost ½ of tumblr hates tbbt but i would just like you all to know that i love this show so much and it has made me feel a great deal of happiness and i have found a family here and i have invested so much time and emotion for these characters and i know this show is flawed but i will stand by it no matter what because that’s what real fans do. so i’m not sorry for liking this show and making gifs for it every week. unfollow me all you want if that’s what makes you happy. but i will never stop posting/reblogging tbbt related stuff just to please some people. i hope you understand. thank you. have a nice day. 

me not caring about Americans under the cut rly boring and just a complaint

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