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What is cptsd? And sorry, I don't mean yo offend you at all, but having some of the symptoms doesn't mean you have the disorder. Self diagnosing isn't a good thing! Hope you have a nice day ♡

complex ptsd. also i disagree with you for reasons i don’t really have the energy to explain rn. but basically i didn’t just see a list of symptoms and go ‘yeah i have that!’ it’s been literal years of trying to figure out what is wrong with me and finally finding comfort in a reason (among other things like extensive reading and a lot of reflection)

i’ll probs get around to reblogging some things on why i believe in self diagnosis at some point because i haven’t done that on this blog yet. you didn’t attack me which i appreciate but this is also quite upsetting to read so i’d ask that anyone who has similar beliefs stick around n keep an open mind when i reblog those posts, or unfollow! it just makes me real uncomfy n sad, you know?

Okay, so I unfollowed a lot of blogs because I lost interest on a bunch of stuff and long story short I need more people to follow, so please like/reblog this post if your blog is mainly:

- All Time Low

- Set It Off (the band)

- Green Day

- You Me At Six

- Panic! At The Disco

- Papa Roach

- anything Marvel (especially Avengers/Deadpool)

and I’ll check your blog out!

@dark-naruto said: aaarg, sorry it took me so dang long to see this! ahhhh, i see now, tho. i just wasnt sure if i unfollowed w/o meaning to or not! yeah, i think know what you mean abt feeling uncomfortable sometimes; i feel like that whenever i get rly depressed/anxious and it makes it hard for me to talk or interact wtih ppl much >< i’ve thought abt making another blog that’s just for fun, but that’s how /this/ one started originally, so… there’s probably not really much point, lol

Well, this blog will help me to separate things =/ It’s been hell to find some posts I made like… 2 years ago? because of all the stuff I reblogged… My RAM would crush before getting that far in my “published” post (you know, in your settings) cause I made private a few posts and wouldn’t appear in my archive so… yeah, that’s why I’ve been spamming this last week in this blog xD I had to delete many things to be able to reach my own posts…. *sigh*

And yeah, I turned them into private ‘cause I became aware of all the exposure I had done about myself =/ There were things that back then at the moment I didn’t think wouldn’t hurt me… but becoming concious about all the people watching me made me feel anxious. I know nobody can get access to my private accounts nor they are going to come to my house or things like those, but still… I don’t know, there was also that reposting thing bugging me, but hopefully I won’t have those kind of problems (like back then) in the future. So I’m more calm about it now. 

Also, you know, there are things that people don’t want to know. That they think is worthless/pityful/whatever and what I wrote rewarded me with many people unfollowing me. Just because it was a different user name, so yeah, they don’t gaf and that’s exactly why I changed it to post what I wanted to say in that moment.

I feel better now, and hopefully it’ll be that way for a little longer than usually xD But this blog will be reserved to only reblog stuff I like and for people to reach me would I change my mind in the future and change my main url again xDUu

Alright, it’s my blog, so I’m making a small fuss. This is probably just me beating that dead horse yet again. If you’re not into that, you know exactly what you can do about that. (Hint: it involves that shiny “unfollow” button.)

I have pet peeves. All people do. I do my best not to let them get the best of me, especially when it’s not something personal. But since this is my blog and my art, I’ve got some things I want to clear up to those who are not in the know. (Most of you are, and that’s great, and YOU’RE GREAT and don’t you ever forget how much I appreciate your AWESOMENESS.)

Anyway! Stuff that makes me hit the punching bag: 

1. Removing the text from my posts, or from other people’s posts. Generally speaking, when I see people doing it, it puts a nasty taste in my mouth. You don’t like my text? Do me a favor and do not reblog my posts. (Or install the themes that display posts as photos only until the post is clicked on.) How hard is it to be respectful? Serious question. I do not understand why people think it’s okay to do this. RUDE.

2. This one is as old as the hills, but newcomers might not know how annoying it is when they tag my pallanophs as “wolves” or as “werewolves” or as any variant of canine. They are not. They have never been, and they never will be. The years will never change my mind on this, and unfortunately it has not gotten any less annoying. Which sucks. (I don’t even draw canines, let alone wolves, so this will be eternally perplexing to me.)

3. Assuming that, since my work looks generic, that one can copy/paste + trace my concepts instead of doing their own work. That’s plagiarism. Inspiration is a whole different animal, and that’s well and good, there’s no harm in that. I don’t claim to be unique in the slightest, but that doesn’t mean you can photochop my things to pieces and call them yours.

In conclusion: You do not have to like me or my art, but I would greatly appreciate it if the contents of my blog were respected. It isn’t asking for much; in fact, it pretty much requires minimal effort.

Bonus grumpy pallanoph channeling my frustrations as of late. Please send chill pill?

How to deal with ship hate: A scenario.

Shipper: Ugh that last episode gave me so many Lizzington feels!

Hater: I cannot believe someone would ship these two together. It is so sick and twisted.

Shipper: I wonder if someone has already posted gifs of the best Lizzington moments….*furiously seeks out gifs*

Hater: You are all so warped to think that this obviously paternal relationship is even remotely romantic.

Shipper: Did I really just favorite and reblog 375 Lizzington posts? Oh man, that’s gotta be a record.

Hater: *takes time to send long angry ask about why shipping Red and Liz should be illegal and why you are a terrible human being for doing so*

Shipper: *opens ask and reads a few words* What? Hate mail? Psh. *deletes without reading*

Hater: Ha! You’re not answering which means I know I’m correct! 


Hater: Enjoy your sick fantasies you pervert! You should all be punched in the face.

Shipper: DID. RED. AND. LIZ. JUST. INDIRECTLY. SAY. THEY. LOVE. EACH. OTHER. *creates a millions posts of car scene complete with reaction gifs.*



Hater: *uncontrollably starts spewing profanities*

Shipper: *stops typing for a moment and starts gently sobbing* 

Hater: Ha! Got em. Now you finally realize how gross you were being.

Shipper: *between sobs* I forgot I had pizza rolls in the oven and now they’re more burned than Reddington’s back and Lizzie’s hand.*ceremoniously dumps pizza rolls into trash* 

Shipper: *sudden visual of matching burns brings on raging otp feels*

Hater: *spontaneously combusts from lack of attention*

EDIT: This applies to anybody shipping anything, not just Lizzington. I just used Lizzington as an example.


I recently reached another milestone on my follower count and I decided that I’d host this giveaway to thank everyone! I do a lot of graphic work on tumblr and I decided that I’d use some of the tricks I learned to make you guys stuff! 


  1. You MUST be following me.
  2. Only reblogs count, no likes please!
  3. Do not unfollow me after the giveaway is over bc that’s just rude :l
  4. The giveaway will end on July 11th, 2015.
  5. Only RP blogs may reblog this.
  6. You must have your askbox open on July 11th, 2015.
  7. You DON’T have to be a mutual to reblog this.


      (First Prize) is a theme background for any theme of their choosing, 100 icons, a little art from me, a super nice promo graphic, and my love.
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         EXAMPLE OF ART: X X

And that’s all! I hope you guys have a lovely day and thank you for reading this!