And his bio page image

Now introducing my three main characters

In order to make things easier for basic browsing of my characters, I decide to narrow things down to three main characters in case no one wants to choose a generic species themselves.

So for my scalie character, I’m using Donnie. He is a somewhat shy corn snake. His bio page is here. The image used for him is by furaffinity user: LavyPandaWorks. 

For my avian character, I’m using Sebastian. He is a laid-back, but fun and loving quetzal. There’s nothing that he enjoys more than looking good, so you’ll likely find him in a suit of some kind. His bio page is here. There is no image currently for him (as it is on my laptop which is currently getting repairs), but just think of a quetzal in a suit for now and you’ll be fine.

For my insect character, I’m using Zavier. Like Donnie, he is a bit shy, but warms up to his friends and loved ones after a while. He is a green beetle. His bio page is here. The provided image (which is NSFW) is by Tumblr user:

So if you’re interested in roleplaying with any three of these characters, you’ll now at least have a decent understanding of them before jumping in. Feel free to send in your asks about Donnie, Sebastian, and Zavier. No question will be turned away, so send them in! 

Also feel free to send roleplay starters. I’ll be reblogging roleplay memes, so feel free to respond to those as well.