And he says No but I've put a lot of work into it or whatever it was

A Close Reading of the Recent Update?

Ok, I’ll chime in. I got the tweet about the update, like, five minutes before I needed to get to class and I literally jumped for joy in my dorm room, lol. 


The boys in suits, and I love that Bitty continues to wear bowties. 

Frogs confused by and discussing vague modern art and Chowder’s relationship with his girlfriend. Chowder needs to work on his ‘dressing up’, and is that a blush on Nursey’s face? 

((Also, has anyone else noticed that Chowder has a lot of speech bubbles when he’s off-screen? Generally loudly refuting whatever Nursey says? See: the Hazeapalooza comic and the Shinny comic.))

I’m pretty damn sure Lardo bedazzled some jock straps. And doesn’t that say something about her relationship to the team? I could go further, but I haven’t quite put my thoughts on that into words yet. But I like it. A lot.

((Insert obligatory Jack gazing at Bitty love))

Holster and his alcohol. Realizing he’s older than Shitty, he’s probably been the one supplying Haus alcohol for a while. He and Jack, I think, were the only legal ones? And Johnson? 


((Shitty generally has large word bubbles, but here he is with a multitude of ellipses, the  “…” of hesitation. Hm.))

A flying goalie. Honestly, that made me smile so hard.

And then, not only the development of Shitty-Lardo, but the development of the amazing friendship between Bitty and Lardo. I’m really looking forward to that, and I think Lardo will be the first to know about Bitty’s feelings towards Jack, and vice-versa. 

And finally: I adore Ngozi’s use of backgrounds. The detail that goes into them is astounding, and those moments when it’s a solid color? IMPORTANT. I love it.

EDIT: One more thing. Colors. Everyone/everything is in shades of blue, red, or brown. Frogs are one of each, Shitty and Bitty are all three. Who isn’t? LARDO. Who is in black with gold jewelry. Because it’s Lardo’s update, she’s the one who stands out. ((In addition, Jack, Holster, and Ransom all look quite drab compared to Shitty and Bitty. Why? Cause Shitty and bitty are the other two foci of the update. Boom.))