And even more lovely than I imagined she would be


Travels With The Doctor Panel at Gallifrey One

A common complaint that I’ve heard about Cursed Child is that Ron’s character is “reduced to a punch line” and “only there for comic relief”. While I understand where these concerns are coming from, I happen to love this development for his character and I think it makes perfect sense.

Picture this. The Battle of Hogwarts is over. Voldemort is defeated. Good has won, but the Weasley family has paid dearly for it. The loss of Fred rocks each of them to their very souls.

For Molly, this is worse than even her worst fear. Remember that the boggart at Grimmauld Place showed dead twins. She never imagined that they would be separated. She regrets being so hard on him. She would let him pull a million more bone-headed pranks if only she could hold him in her arms again.

Arthur desperately wishes he could have told his son how very proud he was of him and all that he had accomplished. How he took his passion and smartly turned it into a successful business. How he never hesitated to fight for goodness. How he never lost sight of hope, even in the face of evil, and how he kept laughing when no one else (other than George, of course) could muster up a single happy thought.

Then there are the siblings.

Bill and Charlie are wracked with guilt that they didn’t do more to protect their little brother. It was their responsibility as the eldest to look out for the younger ones, and they had failed in the worst possible way.

Percy deeply regrets losing so much time with Fred over such a petty argument. He was fortunate enough to have gained forgiveness in the last moments of Fred’s life, but he could have had years more if he hadn’t been such a prat. There is also the possibility that Fred might not have even been in the line of the explosion that took his life if he hadn’t been wanting to fight alongside his long-estranged brother. That possibility will haunt Percy for years.

Ginny has lost her hero. She spent her entire childhood looking up to the twins and trying to be more like them. They taught her how to both make and take a joke. They taught her how to stick up for herself. She wouldn’t be the same person if Fred hadn’t been in her life. She certainly won’t be the same with him gone.

Of course George is affected the most. He has never been without Fred. Losing Fred is losing a huge piece of himself. Now, for the first time in his life, he has to figure out who George Weasley is as an individual. And that thought is terrifying. He’s not even sure he wants to find out. What’s the point without Fred? 

Ron sees all this and, through his own devastation, he recognizes that he has an obligation to his family. Say what you want about Ronald Bilius Weasley, but his family means more to him than anything in the world. Think about how hurt and defensive he always was when Draco insulted his family. Think about how terrified he was when he found out that Ginny had been taken into the Chamber of Secrets. Or how protective he was of her when she started dating. Or how he listened to the radio everyday while he was out hunting horcruxes, desperately hoping that he wouldn’t hear any of his loved ones’ names added to the rising death toll. Family is everything to him, and right now they are broken. He will breathe life back into them. He will make them laugh again.

Fred was a light in the darkness. His life’s purpose was to provide a bit of cheerfulness when people needed it most. Ron learned that lesson from his brother, and he stepped in to be the light during his family’s darkest hour. So, no, I don’t think Ron is just a punch line. I think he became what his family needed at the time and was surprised to find that it fit him well.

Evil's Forehead Poke spoiler (699 potential spoiler)

When Itachi used to poke Sasuke’s forehead, he’d always leave him with a “Sorry, Sasuke. Maybe next time.”

Implying there WOULD come an eventual time. And in the very end, THE TIME DID COME. Itachi DID give Sasuke the answers he’d wanted all along.

Likewise, if Sasuke mimics this with Sakura, it would also imply, “I can’t right now, but next time/in the future/wait for me next time.”

Unless he just does it as a form of affection, but as a gesture that had been a special one between only Sasuke and his precious older brother - the brother he LOVED more than anything, his decision to mimic it with SAKURA speaks volumes. Also, IMAGINE HIS EXPRESSION AS HE DOES IT.

I’m not saying this makes us canon, but is it a strong booster to getting us there, HELL YES. We know what the forehead poke meant to Sasuke. Sakura doesn’t. He would be sharing an intimate gesture with her, one that meant so much to him in his past, and she wouldn’t even know the weight of it.

How very Sasuke like.

It’s a form of AFFECTION either way, so now all those people claiming Sasuke doesn’t feel ANYTHING for Sakura can go choke on their denial.


AU: Ashton getting asked in an interview about in what kind of situation would you get angry as he simply replies by bringing up a topic about your food, talking about the horrific experience he received from you but confirms that’s possibly the only thing you’ll get angry to and that he loves you more than anything. 

“Food is like literally her life so if I even take a small bite of it she would get angry though that’s the only thing she would get angry about, she’s usually kind and caring so the only thing you need to careful is about to not eat her food then everything would be completely fine” - A


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Hey Bartender

Request:  @tuesday-666 Dean is jealous when the reader gets attention from other guys even tho they are dating and Sam makes fun of him?

Dean X Reader (obvi)

Warnings: Swearing

We have been driving all day, when (Y/N) suggests stopping at a bar; I am more than willing. She hops out of the impala, with such a bounce in her step; the fact that she is a hunter would not even cross your mind. Its one of the reasons I fell in love with her, even through all the darkness, she was so light.

She practically runs to the bathroom once we are inside, so Sam and I pick out a nice booth in the back corner. Siting down, I curse, immediately placing my hand on something sticky, groaning in disgust. Sometimes I hate the seediness of bars. I don’t hear her approach, but suddenly (Y/N) is sliding into the booth next to me. I don’t have time to warn her before her hand also lands on the unknown substance.

“Ewwww, what the hell is this?” She makes the cutest face at her hand. “Now I have to go wash them again.” She stands back up, slightly exasperated.  

“I’ll come with you.” Any more time spent with her is much appreciated, plus I really need to wash my hands. She smiles at me and we make our way to the bathrooms. The place is starting to fill up with people, making it a little hard to get through the crowd around the bar. We both make it to the bathrooms and say we will meet back at the table.  

The bathroom was surprisingly clean for how dirt the tables are. I don’t see (Y/N) when I get out, but there is a crowd forming around the bathroom, so I go back to our booth. Sammy is still in his seat, but now there are menus, and it looks like the table has been wiped down.

“Hey man.” I sit back down, hesitating to place my hands down.

“Hey, they cleaned the table. So you can now touch it without fear.” He laughs at me. Rolling my eyes at him I snatch the menu out of his hand. He gives me his classic bitch face, but says nothing as he garbs a different one.

Glancing over my shoulder I see (Y/N).  She is standing near the bar motioning for me to check my phone. Pulling it out of my back pocket, I see a text from her.

Going to order the drinks here. What do you and Sam want?

“Sam, (Y/N) is grabbing our drinks at the bar what do you want?” He barley even hesitates.

“Any beer it doesn’t matter.” Sam just shrugs.

Sam said any ol beer. Ill have a Jack on the rocks. Thanks babe

As she orders, its clear the bartender is hitting on her. He leans against the counter trying to be smooth, not even bothering to make the drinks. Anger starts to boil in my blood. (Y/N) is too nice sometimes. She will talk to people cause she does not want to hurt them. But this asshole is clearly hitting on her, I can tell from here. Sam glances up, clearly feeling the air shift around us.

“What’s up?” He looks confused. I jester angrily in the direction of (Y/N) and the douche bag, Sam just smiles. “Oh come on Dean, they are just talking. Besides (Y/N) is madly in love with you, she would never cheat.” Sam’s words did nothing to sooth me.

The bartender says something probably not even funny, but (Y/N) laughs anyway. Sam continues to talk, making fun of me that I’m getting so worked up over this. Ignoring him completely I make my way over to them.

“You know, we don’t see very many girls as pretty as yourself around here.” He even winks at her, unfucking believable.

“I’m sure that’s not true.” What the fuck, is she flirting back? I clench my fists, seeing red I look back to Sam who is on his feet, ready to stop the ass kicking that is about to ensue.

“Well it’s too bad you have a boyfriend, I can give you free drinks you know, if you wanted to dump him.” He gives her one last hopeful glace. Okay, so she may have mentioned me, but she still engaging him in his game.

“Sorry, but I love Dean, and he will always trump free drinks.” Hearing her say this, edges the anger a little. Suddenly the bartender’s eyes drift to me.

“Can I help you buddy?” He is clearly annoyed at being interrupted with the pretty girl. (Y/N) turns around.

“Hey babe!” She turns around and walks into my arms. I kiss the top of her head, but make eye contact with the bartender. She is mine. She turns back and introduces me to the asshole.

“Dean this is Taylor, Taylor this is Dean; the love of my life.” Her face beams at me when she says it. My anger has completely melted away, and is now replaced with pride. Taylor looks away, defeated, and starts making our drinks. Leaning down I kiss (Y/N) hard.

“What was that for?” She laughs.

“Because I love you.” I smile back, relishing in this moment with her. Finally Sir. Dick is done with our drinks, so we take them back to Sammy, who is sitting there laughing at me.

“See Dean, everything is all right.” I ball up a napkin and through it at him. (Y/N) gives me a puzzled look.

“What was wrong?” Sam opens his mouth to inform her, but I kick him hard under the table. He looks down at his beer and mumbles “nothing”.

“Okay then.” Taking a sip of her drink, she drops the subject. I spend the next couple of minutes watching her talk to Sam about the case, till she finally turns and looks at me.

“What are you staring at?” She smiles at me, causing me to lose my train of thought for a second.

“I was just thinking of how beautiful you are.” Sam chokes on his beer, practically spitting it out in laughter. Snapping my head to look at him I give him my best death stare. He stands up, saying he is going to the bathroom, but I don’t care all I can look at is (Y/N). “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Suddenly we are kissing, we lose track of time, when suddenly someone clears his throat. Sam stands over the table looking uncomfortable.

“Do you guys just want to go back to the motel?”

“Yes!” We both answer in unison. We practically run to the car, while Sam mutters under his breath about getting a separate room. We hold hands the entire way back. Having one the best nights we have ever had.  

Killian knows better than anyone what losing love can do to a person, and it was so painfully clear in that moment that he didn’t want to be another loss that left Emma afraid to live without her armor. So all he asked of Emma was that she honor his love for her by keeping her armor off […] O’Donoghue’s delivery of that line was filled with the kind of sincerity only he possesses, the sincerity that made all of us fall in love with Killian Jones right along with Emma. It was the perfect dying wish for Killian; I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful request or a more beautiful performance in that moment than what Espenson wrote and what O’Donoghue delivered.

Stef & Lena → 30 Day Challenge
Day 11: Favourite Stef quote

“You’re the person I’ve been waiting for my whole life. And I am so proud to be standing up here in front of our friends and family to make sure they know just how lucky I feel to have found you and just how much I love you.”

(Feel free to delete the caption/text if you just want to reblog the gifset.)

Trying to find a favourite Stef quote was actually more difficult than I would have imagined as she is so much of an acting/reacting kind of character rather than the talking kind - so in the end there really was very little competition for the wedding vow. There isn’t really much that I have to add to those lines as they pretty much say everything that needs to be said. And given the fact that not even a year has passed since that moment it’s also something we ought to remember every now and then even when 2B gets frustrating. ;)

Also, Stef looking at Lena. Stef looking at Lena like that will forever be my favourite thing.

anonymous asked:

I love all of your designs omg ;A; I can imagine an instance where Peach would go out to eat with Bowser n Daisy, and behind Peach's back, theyd give each other some kind of glares of jealousy x'D

THEY WOULD. Bowser more than Daisy. But Daisy would definitely reply in kind, even if that’s probably against her better judgment. I assume she usually doesn’t pick fights she knows she can’t handle…but she just likes Peach so much she can’t help giving Bowz the stank eye. Not gunna lie tho I feel like Daisy would be a lil bit of a weenie.

The lovely John Finnemore shared a few deleted scenes with us and even though the one from Gdansk created an incredibly funny moment my favourite might have been from Uskerty.

I don’t remember the exact words but it was Carolyn and Martin talking about Herc and the fact that he takes Carolyn out to opera.

They reveal that Carolyn in fact enjoys opera more than she would have imagined but doesn’t tell Herc because this way he keeps giving her opera tickets as presents (because they have this tradition of giving each other things they hate - see Finn McCool the Third), she can pretend she hates it and he’ll try even harder for her to like it while she secretly enjoys it. That way she basically wins twice - once because she enjoys opera and also because she is the only one who actually gets her partner a present he hates.

(I thought many of you would enjoy this and fractionallyfoxtrot’s tags reminded me of this. Enjoy!)

Hey @taylorswift these are two of my best friends (I’m the one of the right) and we are all coming to see you in Sydney on 28th November!!! One of us has had a pretty tough year losing her mum to lung cancer recently but on the 28th we are gonna be celebrating the end of her chemo and the fact that she kicked cancer’s butt!!! YEAH!!!! As much as I wish that at 24 she didn’t have to deal with things like that I’m so so so proud of her. She’s had a positive and bright attitude through it all and she’s braved the hospital visits. I can’t even imagine what she’s gone through or how she’s kept a smile on her face. Whenever I’d go visit her we’d have 1989 on repeat and would just chatter non stop about the concert. I’ve been following you since 2006 and would love nothing more than to meet you. It would be a dream come true for all of us! Our seats are Section B1, Row E, Seats 12-14

- Ana


i just need to say that in Steve’s ‘nightmare’ in AOU, when Peggy says “imagine it” she sounds and looks as terrified by the prospect of the war being over as he does.. and then they dance and it’s alright because they still have each other and they would get through it together. and even if they can’t get through it, they’ll do that together too.

i love their relationship so much (and would like to thank Markus and McFeely) because you can’t get a more literal definition of it than ‘the right partner’ except for maybe ‘shared life experience’ and like this post says: that line isn’t about Bucky.

Steve and Bucky are absolutely undeniably best friends and mean the world to each other and can certainly be something romantic and/or sexual to each other, but they’re like the embodiment of Newton’s third law. Steve and Peggy are a parallel, their relationship functions on a totally different principle. more like the first law of thermodynamics, if you will.

but it’s like Hayley said of Agent Carter as a series: it’s about grief and every character dealing with it in their own way. Peggy and Steve have been through all of this trauma together and to suddenly be forced to move on without your partner by your side is crushing. Peggy, as it turns out, also can’t live without conflict (or at the most basic level, without purpose.) the point is: they fear the exact same thing.

20 years ago today the world lost a truly incredible person and the woman who is my inspiration in all that I do, Selena Quintanilla Perez. I’ve spent the last ten years of my life learning everything I could about her. In 2006 I took a trip to her hometown to see all of the sights related to her and I even got to meet her father who was one of the kindest and sweetest men I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Selena is so more than just a singer to me. She was smart, funny, beautiful, kind, caring, and would do anything for her family, friends, and fans. I live by her example of kindness and compassion every single day. She is so deeply loved and missed by so many every single day. It is crazy to me that next year I will be the same age she was when we lost her, it really puts it into perspective for me just how young she was when she was taken away and I can only imagine the even greater impact she would have made on the world. I cannot properly express in words how much she means to me. It makes me glad and is comforting to know that her music, family, and fans will keep her legacy alive for many generations to come. She will always have a special place in my heart. 💜

Confession: The my dwarf noble Illiana was very much in love with Gorim. So much so that she did not romance anyone in hope of finding him in Denerim. Only to find out that he had replaced her, with a baby on the way. Even so she understood and she was genuinely happy for him. Then I found out that DA is only spaced out over a single year and not the six or so I Imagined. It made me feel incredibly hurt for Illiana that he would replace her so quickly. She obviously loved him much more than he did her.


I’m terrified that Korra’s going to see Bolin next episode (or the one after) and be so happy to see him, and then find out that he’s still working for Kuvira even though she is trying to take over Zaofu. That would devastate her. Korra was just told this past episode that she needs to reconnect with those people who love her. How is she going to feel if she thinks the people who she thought loved her have all moved on and changed that drastically?Imagine all of that happening while Kuvira more than likely asks Korra what she has done to help the past few years and tells her to back off. Korra’s going to blame it on herself, and she’ll be really hurt and I’m just really sad. 

Read right to left, because I read too much manga.

Sometimes, I like to imagine a world where they met, and there was no jewel, no Naraku…. just a lonely miko raising her sister and doing her duty to the village, and a lost, angry dog boy who didn’t even realize he was just as lonely as her in all his self loathing. They fall in love, they marry, the understanding they have in each other meaning more to them than anything.

But then I remember the prejudices they would have faced, with him being a half demon. How upsetting it would be.

But then I imagine Kikyou being the salty bitch she is and handling these situations with absolute grace…. and everything is okay again.


On top of all that, I had to take a break from commissions for a moment. I’m still making sure to put a few hours towards them a day, but I had to give myself a break to just… draw what I like. I was getting horribly burned out. So, this happened. I like doing comics more than I thought, even if I am still learning.

Commission Information

imagine Morrigan caring for the warden, just not in that way, but they’re okay with that, and the two stay as close friends. imagine the warden not letting their dearest friend leave without them, and they help her raise Kieran.

imagine Hawke diligently writing letters to Varric whenever they can, even more than they write letters to their love interest. after all, where would they be without their trusty dwarf?

imagine Sigrun feeling broken over the fact that she’s never felt interested in a relationship with anyone until the Warden-Commander gives her a new book that explains aromanticism. imagine her being so excited to figure out and telling all the other Grey Wardens gleefully.

imagine Sten exchanging letters with the warden. it’s been over ten years, but despite that, and despite the distance, he still worries about them.

imagine Merrill pretending not to notice romantic advances, not because she’s oblivious, but because she isn’t sure how to politely turn them down. imagine her instead forming close friendships with her would-be-suiters once they figure out she’s not at all interested.

imagine neither Carver nor Bethany being interested in relationships. imagine the twins asking each other to drive away people interested in them.

aro Dragon Age characters!!

I mean guys, I know we miss Taylor. Hell I miss her like way more being on here than I ever thought I would . But think about it … This girls been doing music basically her whole life , and touring all over the world for years. Doing free meet and greets . Finding ways to meet fans , even if that means stopping on the side of a road or at an airport, just because a girl was wearing her T-shirt. She literally has just put so much into us and her music all this years, she even deserves a break yes, even from us. You know she loves us . I can just imagine how overwhelming it gets. So until she comes back, and makes more music. Im happy just simply knowing shes finally enjoying a well deserved break after all these years. Because Taylor Swift I’m sure likes to be a normal 26 year old girl for a little while, even if its just pretend…


Granny makes moonshine
within knots of oak trees.
In days of desert tumbleweeds
It is really just stout
fed to infants through
rites - it is all about honor
tradition. Even mighty
reality towers tall in
recipes for soul saving
concoctions concealing
heart, while knees still tremble
at trivial matters.

Still a dreamer, here
in more lands than she could
ever say. Sometimes lingering
where heart beats so fierce
tornados are lullabies
where souls dance love.
Imagine sunlight kisses
free from moonlit moonshine.

Let’s love to love honest, that
keeps on in spite of ever blowing
hardships. If only these intentions
were earthling, less calling I would wrap
your being around my soul to love
you beyond time, space and poetry.

Somewhere night faded on
reality fretting about hardships
with stout fed half a dozen children.
Finding words to be of good
comfort, even when they fall upon
a mattress pressing springs from
hard wooded floor.

Now, this mind is clarity… to see how
hands illuminate by light of
that moon, thinking of such things
as silent unveilings, strengthening
truth, still not sleeping- just alone
to love dreams created in
lucidity in between planes.
Swearing by all my never(s) I would
never return- yet, there is something
in The Way You Move Me
into daydreams or night flights.

I think … how easy mighty oaks
will snap in storms, yet this weeping
moss covered willow tree will always
seem to dance in whipping winds.




My friend Victoria has been missing for two days (since 9/9/14). She's 18 years old.
She lives in Denmark and was last seen in Roskilde on her way home from school!

We do not know any more than this and would love to see her home safe again!!

She’s such a lovely girl, and I cannot imagine a world without her!

If you could please REBLOG this and message me if you know anything or have seen or heard anything at all. Anything you know is important and could help, even the smallest things. I just really want her home safe as soon as possible!