And even more lovely than I imagined she would be

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how would th rfa+V react to having a vv smol s/o

Haven’t written for ten years BUT OKAY (prepare for awkwardness)


He would feel so #blessed. This boy is also pretty smol compared to the other members of the RFA (I mean he may be taller than Jaehee but she will w r e c k you). A smol s/o would make him feel just that tiny bit more masculine and not even just that but he loves cuddling?? He will just randomly plop down beside them if he isn’t doing anything and give them a huge hug and call them adorable. 


He would die internally. The man’s already a giant and having a smol s/o other means that he gets tease them all the time?? Like let’s say you need something and this guy decided to take it and hide it. He’s going to be holding it over your head (literally) until you give in to his demands (usually a kiss). Not only that, but he also adores the height difference because he thinks it’s adorable!


She wouldn’t think that they were all that smol because she’s pretty short for her age too. All that a short S/O would mean to her is that she doesn’t ever have to strain herself for kisses or something. The other members like to tease the t of them a bit, but honestly they all think it’s adorable as well.


 He adores it!! He thinks that the fact that they’re so small makes them even cuter in his eyes. He loves to hold them, or have em sit in his lap while he’s working because he feels that they just fit so perfectly there. 


He would be teasing them all the time for the fact that they were so short. He never means it in a rude way because he honestly loves it. He loves being able to pick them up and to give them piggy back rides so that they can feel tall too. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he just picks them up randomly for a quick run around the house.

you know, i bet sera and anders would get along rlly well.

because like, even tho anders is a weirdy mage he uses his magic to help the little people, and sera would really appreciate that.

and sera has exactly the shitty sense of humor that anders would appreciate, she would really help him lighten up.

and can u imagine these two assholes planning pranks to play on the templars? like sera wouldnt like templars much more than anders does, beause they abuse their powers and stomp on the little people. she’d love to bring them down a peg. 

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how do you feel about crossover ships? cause I kinda ship Ace/Naruto now, which all started from imagining them bonding over arguments over whose grandparent is stronger and neither believing the other about Tsunade and Garp's ridiculous strength. that then morphed into Marineford and infuriated Tsunade vs Garp; because, after everyone she's lost, I'm not sure there is anything that would piss her off more than someone standing aside and letting a loved one die, particularly her grandson-in-law.

I adore crossover pairings, even if they do originate in the very lowest circle of Rare Pair Hell. (Or maybe because of that. ^^’) And yes, Ace/Naruto sounds absolutely epic, as does Tsunade’s inevitable response to Garp. I approve of this. I approve of this so hard that I want to write it gfdit sskkdfbskfjjj. *headdesk*


You know the stories and you know the rhymes, of beautiful mermaids living under the glittering surface of the world above. Even Auradon Prep had one such beauty, none other than the most famous of mermaid’s daughter. She too, like her mother, fell in love with her own Prince Charming.

Prince Ben was everything a girl would want - charming, handsome, charismatic, funny, and so much more. But alas, he was with Audrey, Sleeping Beauty’s daughter, who was everything any guy would want. At least physically - everyone agreed her attitude needed adjustment. While you watched from afar and hummed songs of old, you imagined your life with Ben.

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A common complaint that I’ve heard about Cursed Child is that Ron’s character is “reduced to a punch line” and “only there for comic relief”. While I understand where these concerns are coming from, I happen to love this development for his character and I think it makes perfect sense.

Picture this. The Battle of Hogwarts is over. Voldemort is defeated. Good has won, but the Weasley family has paid dearly for it. The loss of Fred rocks each of them to their very souls.

For Molly, this is worse than even her worst fear. Remember that the boggart at Grimmauld Place showed dead twins. She never imagined that they would be separated. She regrets being so hard on him. She would let him pull a million more bone-headed pranks if only she could hold him in her arms again.

Arthur desperately wishes he could have told his son how very proud he was of him and all that he had accomplished. How he took his passion and smartly turned it into a successful business. How he never hesitated to fight for goodness. How he never lost sight of hope, even in the face of evil, and how he kept laughing when no one else (other than George, of course) could muster up a single happy thought.

Then there are the siblings.

Bill and Charlie are wracked with guilt that they didn’t do more to protect their little brother. It was their responsibility as the eldest to look out for the younger ones, and they had failed in the worst possible way.

Percy deeply regrets losing so much time with Fred over such a petty argument. He was fortunate enough to have gained forgiveness in the last moments of Fred’s life, but he could have had years more if he hadn’t been such a prat. There is also the possibility that Fred might not have even been in the line of the explosion that took his life if he hadn’t been wanting to fight alongside his long-estranged brother. That possibility will haunt Percy for years.

Ginny has lost her hero. She spent her entire childhood looking up to the twins and trying to be more like them. They taught her how to both make and take a joke. They taught her how to stick up for herself. She wouldn’t be the same person if Fred hadn’t been in her life. She certainly won’t be the same with him gone.

Of course George is affected the most. He has never been without Fred. Losing Fred is losing a huge piece of himself. Now, for the first time in his life, he has to figure out who George Weasley is as an individual. And that thought is terrifying. He’s not even sure he wants to find out. What’s the point without Fred? 

Ron sees all this and, through his own devastation, he recognizes that he has an obligation to his family. Say what you want about Ronald Bilius Weasley, but his family means more to him than anything in the world. Think about how hurt and defensive he always was when Draco insulted his family. Think about how terrified he was when he found out that Ginny had been taken into the Chamber of Secrets. Or how protective he was of her when she started dating. Or how he listened to the radio everyday while he was out hunting horcruxes, desperately hoping that he wouldn’t hear any of his loved ones’ names added to the rising death toll. Family is everything to him, and right now they are broken. He will breathe life back into them. He will make them laugh again.

Fred was a light in the darkness. His life’s purpose was to provide a bit of cheerfulness when people needed it most. Ron learned that lesson from his brother, and he stepped in to be the light during his family’s darkest hour. So, no, I don’t think Ron is just a punch line. I think he became what his family needed at the time and was surprised to find that it fit him well.

A Million Stars But You’re The One I See || The8

Word Count: 1325 words

Genre: Fluff

Summary: She loved stars; he loved her. It couldn’t be more obvious as to how this could turn out – especially when he would literally do anything for her, even if it meant sacrificing his sanity and sleep.

Tag: @iamjem

A/N: This is shorter than what I usually would write but whatever, I hope you like it!

☾ ˢᵉⁿᵈ ᵐᵉ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵇᶦʳᵗʰᵈᵃʸ ᵃⁿᵈ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵇᶦᵃˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ᴵ'ˡˡ ʷʳᶦᵗᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ʸᵒᵘ

“How much more can you see?” He asked me, bending down as he pulled the telescope down to meet his eyes. He pressed his eyes against the lenses, closing one eye for the other to stare out into the black, night sky. He twisted some of the knobs, making them focus much better than ever before. Sighing, he shifted his small stool forward, closer towards the black lens of the telescope. He forced a smile as he took note of the tiny dots of stars that barely twinkled in the black sky; he scrunched his eyebrows together as he drummed his pencil on his makeshift desk; he would cock his head to the side with a slight frown finally taking over his face.

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How do you imagine Souza would show that he was in love with female Saniwa? Like, she had been showering him with affection for a while but now he was starting to understand that he liked her too. As cute or nsfw as you wish~

I tried to go with cute but it feels angsty again…

• At first, he wouldn’t want those feelings. He doesn’t think swords should have them, and more than anything he doesn’t want the burden of carrying them.
• It’s different to the love he has for his brothers, and even that is enough to make him feel disappointed with himself since he believes there should be no one more dear to him than them.
• Say he was able to accept he had these feelings weren’t going away no matter how much he tried, he probably be very direct about it.
• “It seems like I’ve fallen in love with you.”
• He’d just walk over to you and say it, looking away clearly embarrassed and troubled.

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This is a long shot but I'd love to see how Venara would react to Makenna as a companion.

I don’t think I got Makenna’s voice right (or maybe it’s just super filtered through Venara’s POV).  Also, I imagine that in this AU, Makenna doesn’t tell anyone where she is from or even an inkling of who she is, and Donnchad didn’t come with her. I feel like this prompt deserves 3000 more words than I can give it tonight, but I gave it my best try! :)

For @dadrunkwriting

Makenna belongs to @wickedwitchofthewilds, from her fic Blood Queen.

The Witch from Beyond the World’s End

The woman came from beyond the Breach.

In all her magical studies, Venara had never encountered the possibility that other worlds could exist. There was a popular theory that an infinite timelines and dimensions existed, the theory being that every choice ever made created a new timeline, with its own unique progression through time. Venara herself had witnessed the truth of her theory when Alexius had thrown her and Dorian forwards in time. And yet, even after experiencing that, it had never crossed her mind that a world other than Thedas could exist as someone else’s reality.

And yet that truth stood before her. Unless the woman was lying, of course. But Venara had a feeling that Makenna spoke the truth. The fact that she had kept her origin a secret for so long reinforced that truth, no matter what Cassandra and Leliana said.

The day after her revelation finally came to light, Makenna was still kept under careful watch. Not only had she lied about where she came from, but she had also concealed the fact that she was gifted with magic. About this Venara was not surprised. Makenna had demonstrated a strange way of perceiving the land and a peculiar accuracy with her bow, both of which were simply explained by the fact that she was a mage. Or a witch. Or a sorceress—whatever magic users were called in her land. “Sorceress” seemed like the correct term. Makenna carried herself with a sense of self and power that Venara never could. She knew the extent of her magic and she knew how to control it. That made her self-possessed in a way Venara, whose magic was growing in frightening, unknown and uncontrollable ways, could only envy. And she wasn’t just a mage. She commanded respect and authority. It was in her diction, in her language, in the very way she moved. No matter what reasons had brought her to Thedas, Venara could tell that she had once held a position of power.

After having her weapons confiscated and put under threat of being thrown in the Chantry dungeon, it was no wonder that Makenna was so irritated at the guard Cullen had placed on her at Cassandra’s bidding.

Makenna had left Haven’s military compound to sit by the lake. Venara found her and her accompanying soldiers by the frozen waterfall. Makenna was huddled down in the snow, twisting her red hair between her hands as she clearly tried to behave as if her guard was completely invisible.    

“You can leave,” Venara said wearily as she approached.

“But Herald—”

“Protest all you like,” Venara said, raising a hand to silence the soldier. “This is an order. Take it up with Commander Cullen if you want, but surely the Herald of Andraste can manage the situation herself for a couple of hours.”

The guard flushed nervously. “Yes, Herald.”

He saluted and gestured to the rest of the soldiers, rounding them up and tramping back up the path to Haven.

Makenna eyed her. As always, Venara felt a queasiness tugging at her. It wasn’t because Makenna only had one eye; it wasn’t even the intricate patch she used to cover her destroyed left eye. There was something else, something left unexplained that rose whenever Venara looked at her.  

“Thank you,” Makenna said in her lilting voice.

“What kind of accent is that?” Venara asked, sitting down beside her.

“What do you mean?”

“Your accent,” Venara said. “Do all people speak that way, where you’re from?”

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Theres this girl,
She acts so strong like nothing in the world can hurt her? you would think that? thats the impression she gives off to people, however i know this girl like every detail on the back of my hands. inside her head shes trying to runaway as far away as she can & even when she feels as far away from that pain as she possible could be, she still bounds, inside her head she deals with giants & monsters that even storybooks & fairytales know nothing about, even more disorderly than one could ever imagine, inside her head memories of her past flows & streams through her mind like a river, inside her head is where a spiral staircase lives. obstreperous. Theres no way to control the shrieking inside. Everyday to her seems like its going on forever & that shes stuck in the hurt she has surrounding her head, just looking into that deadly pain like its a constellation in the sky & all she can do is just stare. However, she always has that amazing smile that could light up a room in an instant, like the rays on a summers day, a laugh that could immediately make someone collapse in stitches, but most of the time thats just an act & underneath is every nightmare you could ever imagine. i know this because that girl is my best friend & i can read her like a book, & i wish i could take away all the struggle & pain, i would pump all of the heartache through my veins even if it was to make me go absolutely insane, i would if that were to take it all away from her, & if anything or anyone was to take her away from me, i would loose myself.

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I live for your friendship with @adoringrucas

I’m… Shooké.

No, honestly, seriously, from the bottom of my heart - I love that asshole more than anyone in this world (even more than I love myself because let’s be honest, if I’m going to be in a relationship with someone, it will be me, myself and I) and she’s like my other half, obviously the better and the innocent one and I can’t imagine my life without her in it anymore. And I know that a lot of people would say that Internet friendships do not last and stuff like that, but I’d like to say that our friendship is one of a kind, okay? What you see here or on Wattpad or maybe on Twitter is just a little bit of our daily craziness.
She’s the Maya to my Riley (just because she’s the blonde one and the artist), Peaches to my Honey, pepperoni to my pizza and all of that. She’s my hoe, botch, homie for life and, of course, my extraordinary relationship.

So to hear that you live for the friendship between @adoringrucas and I honestly means everything to me and I am incredibly grateful for letting me know that, Anon. 💖💖💖💖💖


Dean : “You have to threw this Cas, she’s not here anymore but she’s in our heart”

Castiel : “I.. I can’t live without her Dean”

Dean : “Stop it, she loved your more than anything. You have been her entire life, If she could be here, she would tell you that she wants you to be happy even If it’s not with her anymore”


“So, hey, when you’re done your food, what do you say we head out of here and grab a cab over to my place? I’ve got a bar and some good tunes. We could have a few drinks and dance! What do you think?”

December brought her drink to her lips and sipped, staring at him seductively once more, before putting it down.

“I actually have work after. However, I’d love to take you up on your offer at another time. Or, you could come by my place. Either or.”

She winked at him and went back to her meal, seeing him smirk above the rim of her glass. He poked her playfully with his foot under the table and they went back to chatting over their food. The date went better than she imagined it would, and she considered even accepting another evening with him.

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oooh harry potter for 001


001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

  • Favorite character: tonks is my queen
  • Least Favorite character: snape. i hate him more than anyone else. even umbridge. that is how much i hate him
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): ginny/harry, lupin/tonks, bill/fleur, hermione/ginny, ginny/luna
  • Character I find most attractive: cho chang was always so pretty in my imagination when i was reading the books… i cant remember what she looks like in the movie, tho
  • Character I would marry: charlie the dragon boi. i dont even know him but i love him
  • Character I would be best friends with: luna lovegood
  • a random thought: why didnt harry take the luck potion on the day of the final battle tho… like whats up with that
  • An unpopular opinion: hermione/ron is not my fave
  • my canon OTP: harry/ginny
  • Non-canon OTP: luna/ginny
  • most badass character: hermione. is this even a fair question i mean
  • pairing I am not a fan of: hermione/ron, as stated above
  • character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): HAGRID. LUPIN. FRED. TONKS. DOBBY. SIRIUS. NONE OF THEM DESERVED ANY OF IT I DONT CARE IF IT’S IRRATIONAL FOR ME TO THINK SO BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY NOT EVERYONE CAN BE HAPPY BUT THEY WERE GOOD PEOPLE DAMMIT. also there’s this really interesting slam poem i watched a while ago written from the perspective of cho, talkin about how much she was shit on, and i agree with that so yes her too. 
  • favourite friendship: harry/hermione
  • character I want to adopt or be adopted by: lupin pls adopt me

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For each “⭐️” I get, I’ll write a headcanon about our muses

So, I know we already talked about this but, Lena is obsessed with flowers, she really is, she loves its meaning, its color, its life, everything about them. Lena is not good words, sure she can run a meeting and even stand up for herself but… when it comes to feelings, something she’s not really used to express, she’s speechless, and so she has flowers to make everything easier. And gosh, she loves Shay so much, like more than she could ever imagine. And so she always leaves a different flower each day on her office, knowing what her reaction would be. 

And this is the new part, everytime they have a meeting, Lena makes sure Shay has a flower to put on, doesn’t matter where, her hair, her dress, the front pocket of her jacket, anywhere. She just leaves the same two flowers, a purple rose and a red one, to make her remember how much she loves her and that it’ll last forever.

Hey Bartender

Request:  @tuesday-666 Dean is jealous when the reader gets attention from other guys even tho they are dating and Sam makes fun of him?

Dean X Reader (obvi)

Warnings: Swearing

We have been driving all day, when (Y/N) suggests stopping at a bar; I am more than willing. She hops out of the impala, with such a bounce in her step; the fact that she is a hunter would not even cross your mind. Its one of the reasons I fell in love with her, even through all the darkness, she was so light.

She practically runs to the bathroom once we are inside, so Sam and I pick out a nice booth in the back corner. Siting down, I curse, immediately placing my hand on something sticky, groaning in disgust. Sometimes I hate the seediness of bars. I don’t hear her approach, but suddenly (Y/N) is sliding into the booth next to me. I don’t have time to warn her before her hand also lands on the unknown substance.

“Ewwww, what the hell is this?” She makes the cutest face at her hand. “Now I have to go wash them again.” She stands back up, slightly exasperated.  

“I’ll come with you.” Any more time spent with her is much appreciated, plus I really need to wash my hands. She smiles at me and we make our way to the bathrooms. The place is starting to fill up with people, making it a little hard to get through the crowd around the bar. We both make it to the bathrooms and say we will meet back at the table.  

The bathroom was surprisingly clean for how dirt the tables are. I don’t see (Y/N) when I get out, but there is a crowd forming around the bathroom, so I go back to our booth. Sammy is still in his seat, but now there are menus, and it looks like the table has been wiped down.

“Hey man.” I sit back down, hesitating to place my hands down.

“Hey, they cleaned the table. So you can now touch it without fear.” He laughs at me. Rolling my eyes at him I snatch the menu out of his hand. He gives me his classic bitch face, but says nothing as he garbs a different one.

Glancing over my shoulder I see (Y/N).  She is standing near the bar motioning for me to check my phone. Pulling it out of my back pocket, I see a text from her.

Going to order the drinks here. What do you and Sam want?

“Sam, (Y/N) is grabbing our drinks at the bar what do you want?” He barley even hesitates.

“Any beer it doesn’t matter.” Sam just shrugs.

Sam said any ol beer. Ill have a Jack on the rocks. Thanks babe

As she orders, its clear the bartender is hitting on her. He leans against the counter trying to be smooth, not even bothering to make the drinks. Anger starts to boil in my blood. (Y/N) is too nice sometimes. She will talk to people cause she does not want to hurt them. But this asshole is clearly hitting on her, I can tell from here. Sam glances up, clearly feeling the air shift around us.

“What’s up?” He looks confused. I jester angrily in the direction of (Y/N) and the douche bag, Sam just smiles. “Oh come on Dean, they are just talking. Besides (Y/N) is madly in love with you, she would never cheat.” Sam’s words did nothing to sooth me.

The bartender says something probably not even funny, but (Y/N) laughs anyway. Sam continues to talk, making fun of me that I’m getting so worked up over this. Ignoring him completely I make my way over to them.

“You know, we don’t see very many girls as pretty as yourself around here.” He even winks at her, unfucking believable.

“I’m sure that’s not true.” What the fuck, is she flirting back? I clench my fists, seeing red I look back to Sam who is on his feet, ready to stop the ass kicking that is about to ensue.

“Well it’s too bad you have a boyfriend, I can give you free drinks you know, if you wanted to dump him.” He gives her one last hopeful glace. Okay, so she may have mentioned me, but she still engaging him in his game.

“Sorry, but I love Dean, and he will always trump free drinks.” Hearing her say this, edges the anger a little. Suddenly the bartender’s eyes drift to me.

“Can I help you buddy?” He is clearly annoyed at being interrupted with the pretty girl. (Y/N) turns around.

“Hey babe!” She turns around and walks into my arms. I kiss the top of her head, but make eye contact with the bartender. She is mine. She turns back and introduces me to the asshole.

“Dean this is Taylor, Taylor this is Dean; the love of my life.” Her face beams at me when she says it. My anger has completely melted away, and is now replaced with pride. Taylor looks away, defeated, and starts making our drinks. Leaning down I kiss (Y/N) hard.

“What was that for?” She laughs.

“Because I love you.” I smile back, relishing in this moment with her. Finally Sir. Dick is done with our drinks, so we take them back to Sammy, who is sitting there laughing at me.

“See Dean, everything is all right.” I ball up a napkin and through it at him. (Y/N) gives me a puzzled look.

“What was wrong?” Sam opens his mouth to inform her, but I kick him hard under the table. He looks down at his beer and mumbles “nothing”.

“Okay then.” Taking a sip of her drink, she drops the subject. I spend the next couple of minutes watching her talk to Sam about the case, till she finally turns and looks at me.

“What are you staring at?” She smiles at me, causing me to lose my train of thought for a second.

“I was just thinking of how beautiful you are.” Sam chokes on his beer, practically spitting it out in laughter. Snapping my head to look at him I give him my best death stare. He stands up, saying he is going to the bathroom, but I don’t care all I can look at is (Y/N). “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Suddenly we are kissing, we lose track of time, when suddenly someone clears his throat. Sam stands over the table looking uncomfortable.

“Do you guys just want to go back to the motel?”

“Yes!” We both answer in unison. We practically run to the car, while Sam mutters under his breath about getting a separate room. We hold hands the entire way back. Having one the best nights we have ever had.  

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I love all of your designs omg ;A; I can imagine an instance where Peach would go out to eat with Bowser n Daisy, and behind Peach's back, theyd give each other some kind of glares of jealousy x'D

THEY WOULD. Bowser more than Daisy. But Daisy would definitely reply in kind, even if that’s probably against her better judgment. I assume she usually doesn’t pick fights she knows she can’t handle…but she just likes Peach so much she can’t help giving Bowz the stank eye. Not gunna lie tho I feel like Daisy would be a lil bit of a weenie.

Baz Is Angsty As Fuck (and Corny)

There was a time that Baz had liked to imagine things.

In fifth year he liked to imagine Simon wouldn’t kill him when Baz kissed him. He imagined Simon telling him he loved him. He imagined them having a relationship and holding hands.

Now that he and Simon were in a relationship there were diffrent things to imagine. They were together for two years now and the things Baz imagined – and knew he could never have – were ‘Will you marry me?’, and 'I do’ and 'Would you like to move in with me?’

He knew their relationship would never get more serious than she was now. They were together even longer than Baz had expected. None of them had even said 'I love you’. Baz knew why. (Simon didn’t love him. Not really.)

Baz also knew the reason why Simon still lived with Penny instead of him. It was only a matter of time until Simon would get tired of him. Until then, Baz kept imagining. When he ran his fingers through Simons hair. When he was laying awake at night and silently watching Simon sleep.

When he closed his eyes he dreamt of a future he would never have. Sometimes he thought of a time that was to come in which Simon was gone and he was still here. But he pushed that thought far, far away.

It was christmas when it happend. Their two years anniversary. They’d had dinner. Simon had put on a suit. Baz had smiled at him but something was off about Simon. He looked nervous and tense.

Merlin, Baz thought. This is it then. He’s breaking up with me. He’s just waiting for the right moment to say it.

Throughout the evening Baz got more grumpy. He barely touched his food.

Simon didn’t know whether he should wait. Baz was clearly in a bad mood. It was certainly inappropriate to say what he wanted to say for months now. No. He would say it. He had convinced himself to finally do it and he woudn’t stop himself.

'Baz,’ he managed to say. 'We need to talk.’

Baz looked at him, eyes shimmering. 'Can’t it wait until tomorrow?’ Can’t you just leave me one more night with you?

Simon wanted to say 'yes’ because there was a chance that this would end everything between them. And he didn’t want that ever to happen. But he woudn’t back up now.

'No,’ he said firmly. 'It can’t wait.’

Internally, Baz braced himself for the words to follow. This would put an end to his silly imagining.

'Is there someone else?’ Baz asked sadly. A girl, probably. A girl like Agatha.

'What do you mean?’ Simon answerd frowning. 'Oh… you mean like… Of course not, Baz, why would you think that? I didn’t give you reason to, did I?’

'No, you didn’t,’ Baz whispered. So Simon was just tired of him, then.

'Listen… What I’m about to tell you… it’s okay when… when we just stay friends. Please don’t freak out, okay?’

Baz forced himself to nod. Simon lifted his chin to make Baz look at him. Their gaze met and Simon finally said it.

'I love you.’

Baz stared. Nobody said anything. The silence stayed for a second too long. Simon sighed.

'I see… Friends it is, then.’

Baz kept staring.

'Or… not, I guess. I mean, I guessed that this wasn’t mutual but I didn’t predict that it would make you so uncomfortable.’


'You know, that’s the reason why I didn’t tell you all those years.’



'You… love… me?’

'Ehrm, yeah.’


'Yes, you, who else?’

'You are not breaking up with me?’

'Why would I?’

Baz started to smile. The smile soon turned into a wide grin. He put his lips tenderly on Simon’s.

Simon gasped.

'You’re okay with it, then?’

'No,’ Baz whispered. 'It’s not that. I love you, Simon, I love you so much you wouldn’t believe it.’

But when Simon melted into their kiss he believed it a little.

Oh my god, I’m doing it, I can’t believe im doing it, Aleister Crowley I’m really doing it.

Those were about Baz’ exact thoughts when he dropped to his knee, the white rose in his hands shivering. Simon looked at him, his eyes wide in surprise. They were so blue. They took Baz’ breath away.

'Simon,’ Baz breathed. 'Your eyes are as deep as the ocean and so deep is my love- oh fuck that sounds incredibly corny, doesn’t it? I-’

For once in his life, Baz was lost on words. He had it all planned out and here was stuttering and mumbling.

'I just wanted to tell you that a world without you is an empty world to me.’

Still corny. Well, screw it.

'Maybe I’m going to have a very long life and I have absolutly no idea how I want to spend it. Apart from one thing – I want to spend it with you.’

Dammit, Simon just stares. You can still back up now, take it all back-

Baz,’ Simon whispered. 'Are you asking me if I want to be your wife?’

'Idiot,’ Baz growled but he smiled. 'You saved me. In more ways than you even know – and therefore, I love you. I love you so much it scares me.’
Also corny. To hell with it. This is a proposal.

'Do you want to marry me?’

And it was better than Baz had imagined. It felt perfect. Here it was. His life. And right in front of him was Simon Snow saying the single most beautiful word that Baz had ever heard.


Baz reality was better than his dreams because everything was so real.

Time to stop counting stars, Baz thought when Simon said 'I do’. This is your dream come true.

Read right to left, because I read too much manga.

Sometimes, I like to imagine a world where they met, and there was no jewel, no Naraku…. just a lonely miko raising her sister and doing her duty to the village, and a lost, angry dog boy who didn’t even realize he was just as lonely as her in all his self loathing. They fall in love, they marry, the understanding they have in each other meaning more to them than anything.

But then I remember the prejudices they would have faced, with him being a half demon. How upsetting it would be.

But then I imagine Kikyou being the salty bitch she is and handling these situations with absolute grace…. and everything is okay again.


On top of all that, I had to take a break from commissions for a moment. I’m still making sure to put a few hours towards them a day, but I had to give myself a break to just… draw what I like. I was getting horribly burned out. So, this happened. I like doing comics more than I thought, even if I am still learning.

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