And even more lovely than I imagined she would be


Here’s my meta about the last clip of episode 5.

  • Our intro shot of the karaoke bar introduces our players. I’m especially interested in how we see Mari and Sara twice each (and sharing one shot).
  • May I just say: I am glad my son Eskild is alive and Extra.
  • We have Chris talking to Sara (we don’t see Sara’s face but it’s her jumper) 👀
  • In general we have a big focus on couples (including Evak) and russebussen people. Showing, again, this season’s themes (love and identities/belongings).
  • We have some Chris and Eva talking about wiring money, which seems like foreshadowing to the russebuss contract and payment.
  • Even is about to sing and no one ships Evak more than Magnus.
  • @newlevelofdesperate​ wrote a great meta about Even singing “Imagine” by John Lennon. I agree with most of it.
    I’ll just add that the song is ironic, just like “I’m Not In Love” in s3e5. “Imagine all the people living life in peace.” Sana is feeling the song at the moment. She feels that everything came together, finally. But it’s not true. She wished she could create world peace (if you gave her the power to do so she would, she really would). But she can’t. Some things are beyond her reach and she still hasn’t managed to reconcile her two identities (Norwegian & Muslim).
    Also, I think the song is as much an Even song as a Sana one. Once again.
  • We barely see Mikael walk in, and Elias and the gang look around. Yousef seems to be looking in the crowd for Sana. 
  • No shot of the squad until we get a shot of Even seeing them. Then Magnus and Jonas turn to see where Even is looking (not Isak or Mahdi) and we get another shot of balloon squad: no Mikael. Adam and Mutta seem unconcerned. Elias though sees Even and is not smiling (but he’s not looking mad either).
    He grabs Yousef who was smiling towards Sana and…the smile falters.

[this is getting long so I’m adding a “read more”]

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The List - Bruce Wayne x Reader (Quite NSFW)

Summary : You and Bruce, are making a list of all the people you slept with…Because why not ?

I just had this stupid idea when I was at work and sorry for it…hope you’ll still kinda like it and boom, here :

Do NOT read if NSFW/smutty things make you feel uncomfortable, you can go check my other fluffy and angsty stories instead, over there ;-) : 

My masterlist blog :


You don’t even remember who started it.

You don’t remember if it’s you who made a snarky comment first, or him.

You both were equally gifted in the sarcasm area, so it really could be any of you. And none of you could actually remember the instigator of it all…

But oh someone definitely started it, and now, you were both sitting on the floor around the coffee table of the living room, a pen in hand, a blank sheet of paper in front of you, thinking about all the people you had sex with. 

Or rather, about the people you had sex with and that you both knew. 

Who cared about some unknown guy from a bar, or a girl from a gala ? 

They meant nothing. They were just pleasure on the spot, something that didn’t matter at all and…to be honest, both you and Bruce didn’t care about those one night stands with people you didn’t give a damn about…You both knew you weren’t each other’s first time after all, and one night stands ? They were long over and there were not nearly as much as everyone thought…Bruce had only a few, and you too. And again, it was such a long time ago, and so meaningless (definitely not your favorite kind of sex, and Bruce would agree with that). 

This list was about the people you had sex with, with whom you shared part of your life, and/or someone you both knew. 

You knew almost everything about each others, but your past relationships ? You rarely talked about it. You never felt the need to, as you were too in love with each others for anyone else to really matter…

Both of you already stated multiple times, in your long years of marriage, that you never loved anyone like you loved each other. That all those past relationships were nothing compared to what you felt to each others. 

But…Curiosity always got the better of the two of you. 

And besides, when Bruce learnt that you used to date his best friend, Clark, he started to wonder if you slept with anyone else he knew, after all, you knew lots of Justice League members before knowing him so…He just wanted to know (he would never admit it, but he was quite jealous really. Grumpy Broosh). 

And so here you were, after one of you made a comment about it (wether it was you comparing Bruce to Clark or him saying something about Selina, you didn’t quite remember), writing a list. You were writing the last name on yours when Bruce raised his head and, very sternly said :

-I’m done.  

You smiled as you finished the last letter of the name you were writing and looked up, smiling at him. 

-Me too. 

Just another proof of how you were always so damn in sync, finished right at the same time. He doesn’t smile, and you smirk at him as you exchange papers. And…Exact same number than you. You quickly look over it and chuckle a bit, he detached his attention from your list (his frown getting bigger by the second as he was reading it), and, a bit suspicious, says : 

-What ? 

-Bruce, I think the two of us basically slept with the entire league. We’re super-sluts my heart. 

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cloud942  asked:

so i love all your art especially your sjm art (tog and acotar)! i recently saw a post on tumblr that talks about why lysandra is actually of asian descent and i cant believe i never realized before cause its true - sjm describes other canonical asian characters like nesryn and thesan with "upturned eyes" (feyre also remarks amren resembles thesan's race) and sjm also describes lysandra with "uptilted eyes". would you ever consider altering your way of drawing her? just curious :)

I saw the post too, and while I am totally supportive of an Asian Lysandra, I still see her as being European. When I read the description of “uptilted eyes” I think of almond eyes rather than Asian eyes. See, people thinking that Asian eyes are uptilted is kind of this western beauty ideal… Asian eyes are as diverse as any other race. You can see here.

And basically every race have almond eyes, including Asian:

Nesryn I definitely imagine as Asian (actually I think Sarah J Maas described the Southern Continent as being inspired by Mongolia) but, not because of the eye description, it was her skin tone, glossy black straight hair and the fact that she mentions prejudices against her specifically because of the heritage.

 Which is actually another reason why I never saw Lysandra as Asian. Nesryn talks about being attacked and having rocks thrown at her and her family and being treated as a second classcitizen because of her heritage… if we are to fullyacknowledge the racial prejudices in this series, I don’t believe for a second that Lysandra would change her appearance to appear as being from the Southern Continent. That would have been putting herself in direct danger of the racists in Adarlan, and she also mentions changing her appearance to make people more sympathetic to her. She would probably would have received more money as someone who looked like they were from Adarlan than someone from another heritage in a society where rocks are thrown at children simply for looking different.

But all that aside, @helenaveee​ made such a lovely fancast for Lysandra, of Asian heritage, like man she is gorgeous. But, I don’t personally see Lysandra that way and that it fine!

(HI saw this on the chuck shurley x reader tag and NEEDED to write it) 

Pairing: god!Chuck Shurley x Reader

Warnings: haha you’ll see

Originally posted by bloodyrayofsunshine

(shout out to @spn-imagines-nation for this imagine!)

“Well?” Chuck asked when Metatron finally put the sheets of papers down onto the table, removing his glasses as the former sat across from him in the booth. He frowned a little, confused and more than a little worried about that particular chapter’s fate, when he noticed that the ex-angel wiped a tear from his eye; was Chuck’s writing that bad? “What is it?”

“Nothing- It’s- It’s good, just…”

“’Just’ what?” The darker-haired one parroted back at him, not entirely sure he was as open to constructive criticism about that particular part of his book as he was regarding the other chapters. After all, this was a chapter about you; anyone with a brain and a heart knew that whatever Metatron had to say about God’s actual love of his (really long) life, he had to tread carefully, lest he accidentally invokes Chuck’s wrath and create a large hole in the middle of the United States or something. Chuck didn’t want that, he knew the former-angel was stalling, and he knew he struck…something when he wrote it, but…what? “It’s okay, this is still a safe place, you don’t have to worry about hurting my feelings or anything.”

Metatron sucked in a shaky breath, preparing the things he needed to say. “I’ve never seen someone pour so much…love and adoration for someone else the way you did in your writing.”

Chuck didn’t comprehend what the fallen angel was trying to state. “Is that bad?”

“No, no- Of course not, I just…I’m curious, you don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t feel like you want to- But why didn’t you just bring her back?” Metatron asked him, making the omnipresent being before him tense up visibly. “You have the power to bring (Y/N) back from the dead! I mean, you’ve done it with the Winchesters, and you’ve rebuilt Castiel more times than you should, but not for the woman you love. Why is that?”

Chuck leaned back against the cushioned seat, not expecting that question to come from Metatron, but it was Metatron, after all; the angel and him had worked together in the past to write and had always managed to challenge him in the best ways, so of course he’d see the little details and question them. He was an editor, wasn’t that part of the job? “She made me promise not to.” Seeing Metatron’s confusion, the writer ran his fingers through his soft, curly hair before continuing.

“When I told her I wasn’t as human as she thought I was, she made me swear no matter the circumstances, I am to never, ever bring her back. When…When it was her time, she said, ‘I swear to you, Chuck, if I find myself still breathing after this, I will never forgive you’, and so I- I respected her wish.” Chuck drew a shaky breath, and Metatron’s heart (does a fallen angel have one?) nearly shattered for his Father. “I miss her so so much, more than someone like me should for such a small human, and not one day had passed where I don’t think that I wanted, more than anything, to bring her back, to see her again in the flesh, to hold her hand one last time. Nothing hurts me more than the fact that I could breathe life back into her and she could be by my side if I wanted to. Believe me, I do want to, but then I can’t live with the idea that she could never forgive me for doing so. I guess I just find it easier to go through those particularly hard days without her, knowing that she’s in Heaven, and she’s happy. She makes me more human than I could ever possibly be when she’s gone, and I love her for that.”  Chuck spoke quietly, his eyes downcast. The ex-angel before him could tell that even if this was God, and people presumed he didn’t care, he sure does care for this particular girl.

“I can’t imagine what that must be like for you, Chuck.” Metatron said genuinely. He’d never known love, never known what it’s like to fall for someone who would mean the universe to him, someone to cherish for as long as life let him, but if anything, he knew right then, Chuck and (Y/N) were the greatest and most tragic of all. “To live through that day by day.”

“That’s the thing; just like the rest of the broken-hearted humans here on earth, I don’t have the strength to. I try, sure, but most days I find myself too numb to even think of moving on.” He answered truthfully.

“(Y/N) broke me and fixed me at the same time.”

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London, England - 1938 

Miss Sybil Moira Branson, daughter of Irish journalist Tom Branson and the late Lady Sybil Branson (née Crawley), has published her first novel at the tender age of 18. The Fate of Gold explores the adventures of an aristocratic young woman who goes against the wishes of her family to explore the goldfields of Australia in the early 19th Century. The novel has so far received positive reviews from literary critics as a ‘heartfelt’ and ‘refreshingly exciting’ piece that examines the harsh reality of the British class system and the challenges of womanhood. 

Miss Branson currently resides in London, working as an intern for the magazines, Tatler and Sketch (the latter owned by her aunt, Lady Edith Pelham (née Crawley), Marchioness of Hexham). Miss Branson’s mother stunned the British aristocracy shortly after the Great War when she married the family’s chauffeur, Mr. Branson. Sadly, she passed away after complications during the birth of Miss Branson in 1920. Thereafter, Miss Branson was brought up with her mother’s family in Yorkshire at the family estate, Downton Abbey whilst regularly travelling to Ireland to visit her father’s relatives after spending a short time in Boston, Massachusetts. 

For the time being, Miss Branson intends to remain in London to begin her career in journalism whilst working on her second novel, which she promises will more thrilling than her first. 


Damn it! Kara is relying on me! She has always relied on me. Ever since you sent her here. I’m sure you had hoped that she would find people that would take care of her. Who would love her like she was their own. I did. I only wish I’d been a better sister to her when she first got here. I can’t… I can’t even imagine it now. I used to resent her for coming into my home. For following me around at school. Some strange girl who didn’t know how to fit in. For embarrassing me in front of my friends. But all Kara wanted was a family. And that’s what she is to me. She is my sister. And she needs me now more than ever. So please. Tell me how to help my little sister!


You know the stories and you know the rhymes, of beautiful mermaids living under the glittering surface of the world above. Even Auradon Prep had one such beauty, none other than the most famous of mermaid’s daughter. She too, like her mother, fell in love with her own Prince Charming.

Prince Ben was everything a girl would want - charming, handsome, charismatic, funny, and so much more. But alas, he was with Audrey, Sleeping Beauty’s daughter, who was everything any guy would want. At least physically - everyone agreed her attitude needed adjustment. While you watched from afar and hummed songs of old, you imagined your life with Ben.

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Imagine that five years ago someone is telling you that the brightest element of the Next Naruto series will be Orochimaru son.. you would probably laugh out loud. But here I am, loving my moon and everything associated with him. 

I love my son more than myself. 

I just freaking love Kishimoto design and his style. Seriously, I will read Ikemoto’s manga but never fully enjoy it. 

Dating would include – Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Originally posted by hellomikky

Jacob Frye 

  • Well, the two of you usually can be found in the fight club 
  • Eventually you patch up Jacob after his last fight 
  • Or Evie has to take care of both of you 
  • It really depends on your mood 
  • “Yes, Evie. That guy deserved every punch." 
  • But to be honest you two are always up to cause mischief 
  •  ”[Y/N], Jacob, what have you done this time?!“ 
  • "We did nothing! … Oh, that. Yeah, we did that." 
  • Giving each other nicknames … all the time 
  • "Love” - “Angel” - “Dear” - “Could you two stop?!" 
  • Jacob is a big fan of public display of affection 
  • The people need to know you are his better half 
  • … and he would be lost without your kisses 
  • Seriously every kind of kiss 
  • "I want all of them, love." 
  • After a hard mission he needs you wrapped up in his arms 
  • Jacob’s mixed scent of smoke, beer and himself lures you in 
  • "Why do I smell beer on you, Jacob?" 
  • … "I think Evie calls me!" 
  • He makes sure you keep up your training 
  • Driven by his fear to lose you forever 
  • Even if he knows you can handle yourself just fine 
  • Him not being able to take his eyes off of you when you plan your mission 
  • The satisfied smirk on your lips makes his knees weak 
  • "Stop drooling, brother dearest." 
  • Randomly he wraps you up in his arms to get his daily dose of cuddles 
  • The two of you get comfortable on his favourite but little settee 
  • Resting your head on his chest, while his arms hold you close 
  • The closer the better 
  • His steady breathing making you sleepy 
  • "God, you are adorable, love." 
  • The two of you are barely fighting 
  • And if you do, it will be solved in the fight club later 
  • "I’m not going to hit you!" 
  • "Good, then it is going to be easier for me!" 
  • Don’t worry neither of you gets harmed, because you end up in a heated kiss 
  • "I don’t think you know how much you mean to me, [Y/N]." 
  • Evie approves your relationship without a doubt 
  • You are good for Jacob and vice versa 
  • And foremost you make each other happy 
  • Jacob could never think of someone else taking your place 
  • You are the only one he will ever love the way he does right now 
  • And occasionally the Assassin tells you his feelings in an unknown serious tone 
  • "I truly love you with every fibre of my body, love. You accept every flaw I have. You adore every insecurity I have -" 
  • "Shut up and kiss me, Jacob." 
  • Your wish is his command 

Originally posted by diospyros-05

Evie Frye

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Up to the Challenge - Fred Weasley x Reader

Hello witches and wizards! This is my first attempt at a Fred Weasley imagine so I hope I did a good job! One lovely anon requested this, and I was more than happy to oblige! Enjoy! -Emma.xx

anon asked: fred trying to flirt with a shy girl (but boy is she badass and sarcasm queen) but its like,, almost impossible?? but he’s totally up for the challenge ?? idk id like to read it thoughhh

“Are you an animagus, or are you just a foxy lady?” a voice floated through the library to Y/N’s ears, but she ignored it. No one would talk to her like that, and even if they were, she’d be too nervous to reply.

“Ah, playing hard to get now are ya, love?” the voice said again, this time sitting right next to her.

Looking up, Y/N found a tall, ginger-haired boy occupying the chair next to her. He looked vaguely familiar, she’d probably seen him in the Great Hall or something. But he had been talking to her. This - kinda - cute boy had been trying to hit on her. She felt her throat go dry.

“ ‘M sorry, love, but has a cat got your tongue? Hope it’s not Professor McGonagall,” the boy quipped, falling into a fit of giggles and earning a nasty look from Madame Pince.

Y/N cracked a smile. Okay, so that one was pretty funny. But she still didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t even sure of the boy’s name. The longer she looked though, the more familiar he did look. She concluded that he was one of the Weasley twins, but she had no idea which one.

“There we go, there’s a smile,” the twin grinned, leaning forward to rest an elbow on the table, snatching her book out of her hands.

Automatically, she said, “Hey!” reaching forward to take her book back off of him.

“So she can speak! I was starting to get worried there for a second, love,” he laughed, holding the book up over her head.

Y/N may be shy, but she won’t stand for people taking her things even if they were only making a joke out of it. So quickly pulling her wand out of her robes, she muttered, “Expelliarmus!”

Watching as her book came flying back towards her, she gave a look of satisfaction at the expression on the twin’s face. She neatly tucked her wand back into her robes, proceeding to open her book and begin reading once more.

Wicked,” Y/N heard the boy mutter after a few more beats, trying to fight the smile that threatened to break out on her face.

“So, what’s your name, or can I just call you princess?” the twin asked, leaning towards her once more, but this time a little more cautiously.

“Y/N, and yours? Or can I just call you annoying?” she retorted with a small smirk.

Bringing a hand to his chest, he feigned hurt. “Ouch.” But then he extended a hand, saying, “Weasley. Fred Weasley. The smarter, more attractive half of the Weasley twins.”

“I think I’ll have to meet your twin before we can know for sure,” she replied without looking up from her book.

Fred remained quiet prompting Y/N to finally look up from her book. He seemed like the chatty type, and found it odd for him not to come up with a snarky comeback. But when she looked up, she just saw him smiling at her. Y/N felt the blush creep up into her cheeks so she turned back down to her book.

“Want to go to Hogsmeade with me next weekend?” Fred suddenly asked, an almost nervous hint to his voice.

“ ‘Dunno, I’ll have to check my schedule. I’m pretty busy, y’know,” Y/N said, trying hard not to smile but failed.

Fred smiled back at her. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“You’ll take that as a maybe, Mr. Weasley. Remember, I still need to see this twin of yours to make sure I choose the better twin,” Y/N laughed.

Biting his lip, he gave Y/N a look over. She could feel herself blush again, but this time she didn’t look away. She continued to stare back at Fred. But then he was standing up, a hand on the back of his neck.

“I.. I’ll see you around, Y/N?” he said, grabbing his backpack and backing away from the table.

Y/N nodded in return, but just before he was out of earshot, she called out to him. “Hey, Weasley, did someone say Wingardium Leviosa, or are you just happy to see me?”

Fred instantly looked down at himself, his face red as a beet. But when he noticed her laughing quietly to herself behind her hands, he vowed to make her his.

Has nobody wondered why Pink Diamond’s Ship and her Palanquin are so far apart from each other?

Here’s a map of the SU world from the art book (yes, it’s canon, the Gem locations match up with what was shown in It Could Have Been Great and Buddy’s Book):

In Lion 4: Alternate Ending, we see that Pink’s Ship is in the desert, the same desert that the Desert Glass and Lion himself were found in.

On a real map, this corresponds to northern Africa. But in Buddy’s Book and Steven’s Dream, we see that Pink’s Palanquin is located in what corresponds to Korea:

But the thing is, when we find Blue Diamond in Korea at Pink’s Palanquin, she’s only a short ways away from her own Palanquin, and her own Ship is parked at her location.

This means a Diamond is never far from their ship or their Palanquin. So why are Pink’s ship and Palanquin so far away from each other? I’m imagining her ship was shot down, but that itself begs the question of what could have possibly done that? Peridot’s hand ship survived 4 Quartizine Cannons, and I imagine a Diamond’s ship to be much more resilient than that. Even if it wasn’t shot down, why would it have been parked in the desert of Africa and left alone while Pink takes her Palanquin all the way to Korea?

If her ship was shot down, then she would have been picked up or gone to a Warp Pad (there’s one in that desert after all) and her ship would have somehow been taken in for repairs or something. She wouldn’t just take her Palanquin for a lovely stroll across the continent like normal, you’d wait for rescue and repairs, wouldn’t you? She certainly wasn’t stranded. Between being able to send a distress call to Homeworld Gems and having the option of using a Warp Pad to get back to Homeworld or a nearby colony, I don’t feel like she was stranded.

If it wasn’t shot down, it’s just as hard to explain why she would make the conscious decision to leave her ship behind and take her Palanquin.

Considering the sand buildup and all the stuff hoarded behind her ship, I doubt anyone took her ship for their own use during or after the war, even Rose, and that’s assuming they even could.

@swaggythunder What do you think? Could there be a viable explanation for this? The only explanation I can come up with is that her ship was (somehow) shot down, Pink took her Palanquin to the nearest Warp Pad, and got to Korea. The only caveat being that Steven and Greg had to fly to Korea, they didn’t go by Warp Pad. But even if there was a Pad in Korea, what business did Pink have there specifically? It’s close to the Galaxy Warp, sure, but she could have just as easily Warped directly there. We know she could have, because it was broken only after the War had ended and Homeworld Gems fled the planet.

Some Unholy War (Part 5)

Final Part of MMA Fighter!Tom AU

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Summary: Ultimate fighter Tom Holland walks into a diner at two in the morning and finds more than greasy eggs and dusty bar stools.

Warnings: Language and lots of sadness pls don’t cry too much

Word Count: 3600+


I really hope you guys enjoy this last part of my story, it’s been amazing writing it for you guys and I’m so thankful that you all enjoy it! I have lots of other exciting things I’m working on right now, lots of AUs bc I’m a prisoner to Tom AUs. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this last part and please send me compliments as usual bc I crave attention and constant validation from strangers! also not my gif!

Tom was in the park walking Tessa at six in the evening when he saw her. It was as if time stood still around them as she sat at the park bench, notebook and pen in her hand, turning her head toward him. Tom’s heart fell into his stomach when her eyes met his, it had been too long since he had seen her in real life, usually she was a figment of his imagination or in his dreams, but this, this was real.

She stood up and shoved her notebook in her large bag, walking slowly over to him. He met her halfway, only a few feet from the bench.

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Tzuyu as a mom because yes

Originally posted by hyijo

  • Alright listen we really need to talk about this
  • So let’s imagine an adult Tzuyu
  • maybe 26/27 years old
  • I just feel like Tzuyu is a perfect awkward!mom™
  • And probably very a little clueless
  • Like she often has no idea what is the right thing for her and wants to give her the free space she never had buT ON THE OTHER HAND
  • Wishes for an honest and pure daughter
  • And as a single mom, she would go all in
  • “Mom, can I-” - “No.”
  • Of course she knows that she can’t keep the kid safe from Jeongyeon’s brats forever
  • Though Tzuyu, as the busy person she is, wouldn’t spend too much time with her kiddo
  • So that kid is most likely even more of an adult than her mom
  • Their relationship is kind of impersonal?? like they do love each other but don't have (and need) this overly profound bond
  • And imagine startled Tzuyu when her 13 y/o daughter asks for a cuddle in the middle of the night because of a very stressful day
  • Even though it unsettles her a little, mom Chewy is up on the spot to make some hot chocolate
  • Including sitting on Tzuyu’s bed in silence, enjoying their warm drinks
  • silence is their way of communication tbh
  • because deep conversations are not their thing
  • “Are you okay?”
  • “Yeah mom, I’m fine.”
  • *stare*
  • “That’s… good.”
  • please DON’T
  • But yeah, her daughter probably can’t express herself that well, just like Tzuyu, so they’re able to understand each other without words
  • Isn’t this kind of comfortable?
  • imagine though
  • Tzuyu raising the kid with Jihyo

Originally posted by jihyosjagi

  • while Jihyo does the whole bonding thing with their daughter
  • Tzuyu likes to watch them from afar
  • and she just smiles the whole time, secretly takes Pictures for her lockscreen
  • both of them are so CUTE HELP
  • And sometimes Tzuyu feels like a kid herself
  • Because Jihyo can be such a dad lol
  • For instance, pulling both of them into a tight hug, grinning contendedly
  • “That’s my girls!”
  • *sigh* “Come on, you sap.”
  • I guess Tzuyu asks for education tips all the time and Jihyo doesn’t quite understand why
  • Both of them are already goals af, still she doubts her usefulness as a parent
  • Plus, it’s not like she can change everything up because work
  • so Jihyo just goes ahead and tells her daughter about Tzuyu’s insecurities
  • The kid’s smart enough not to snitch
  • And both of them would come up with plans to get their beloved Tzuyu out on a free weekend
  • this lil’ miss is probably the most tolerant kid in the world
  • And when she gets older, she starts to crack up whenever her moms kiss because that’s the only time Tzuyu looks soft
  • it’s cute okay
  • So we know now: Jihyo is the bestie mama and Tzuyu is the awkward but very responsible mom
  • If anyone dares to insult her daughter though
  • Or assaults her in any way
  • Tzuyu’s gonna show up in front of their window and unleash a fucking storm
  • Those bullies will get in so much trouble
  • And it throws Jihyo off every time because wow
  • My wife is such a badass
  • Her daughter doesn’t even catch on to Tzuyu’s interventions
  • “That girl I told you about, she stopped being mean to me and apologised. Strange, right?”
  • “Strange indeed.”
  • But Jihyo’s just like “That’s great sweety.” and it’s meant for both her princesses
  • Jihyo is the praise queen
  • and Tzuyu’s commitment makes her so proud and happy
  • also, they wouldn’t ever miss any event their child attends to
  • “She’s growing up so fast.” - that’s what Jihyo says every time they watch her dance or sing on the small stage and gives Tzuyu’s hand a light squeeze
  • Tzuyu doesn’t respond, just watches in awe and gives a short nod
  • She’s very very very proud

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You’re not weak

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Words: 806
Warning(s): Angst. Fluff at the end!

So this is my first real writing on tumblr, so please have mercy with me!
Also English isn’t my native language so if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes I’m sorry.
Thoughts are bold.

(Y/N) can do this!

Sure, she is the best!
Of course, if someone can do it then (Y/N)!

Stop! Please stop!

Everytime I can hear them. How proud they seem to be. But why?

I can’t do anything like they say. Maybe it seems like I could take care of all these things. Take care of my job, my friends and my private life. But it’s not that easy. Of course, I always give you a smile. I don’t want to show you how scared I am to fail.

And I failed so many times and you didn’t even noticed. At least, I thought you didn’t.

Bucky always watches me. Even when I won’t recognize it, he takes care of me. Still I won’t talk to him, he has enough problems to deal with and I don’t want to be another one of them.

Bucky’s POV

There is that look again. I can tell it at the way her eyes scan the room when Tony gives another speech about how great she did in training the new recruits for the field. She’s great. Everyone knows it. And I love her more than she could ever imagine it but she doesn’t know. I don’t want to be another problem (Y/N) has to take care of.

But it would break my heart if I would ever see her with someone else who is not me. I know that sounds selfish but I love her and I don’t want her to get hurt. (Y/N) doesn’t deserves this.

So I follow her when she gives us an excuse to leave. I feel Steve’s eyes on my back when I leave the others behind and stroll after her.

She does that very often but I think the others never notice this. Everytime when some of the others try to praise her in any kind of way, (Y/N) tries to leave or escape this situation because she can’t handle the smiles. I don’t know exactly why but (Y/N) can’t take those compliments. Maybe she thinks she isn’t good enough.

“(Y/N) wait!” I call out and she frozes.

(Y/N)’s POV

Oh please, leave me alone. I can’t handle another ‘How great I am’ speech!

Slowly I turn around and meet Bucky’s gaze. His blue eyes search my face for any emotions like he always does when he notices that something depresses me.

“Yes? What’s the matter?” I ask and shift from one foot to the other.

In some kind of way he looks nervous and his gaze turns towards the floor before he speaks up again and raises his head to meet my eyes.

“I was worried about you. I knew something is up so I wanted to see if everything is okay…” he mumbles and stratches his neck a little bit which looks really cute.

Just say that everything is okay like you always do. You can’t bother him with your problems. Give him a smile and just leave.

The voices in my head are getting louder and all I can do is to squeeze my eyes shot.

In the next second I feel two strong arms embracing me. First I am really caught off guard but then I let myself sink into Bucky’s embrace. I can’t hide it no longer and start to cry.

He begins to caress my hair and kisses my head slightly while he speaks to me “I don’t want you to feel alone. I know that you do everything to make us happy but you have to be happy as well, you know?”

I nod sniffling and raise my head. Softly he strokes my cheek and brushes the tears away that are flooding down to my chin.

“And you know why?” he whispers and looks deeply into my eyes. Slowly I shake my head.

“Because I love you more than I thought I could ever love a person. You are such a strong woman even if you think you’re weak. And you help me so much by just smiling at me in the morning. Can you give me that smile again, doll? Come on…” Bucky winks and gives me his award-winning smile as a smile spread over my face.

“You love me?” another sniff leaves my nose as I look up into his bright blue eyes who sparkle when he gives me a smile “Yes, I do…soo much, (Y/N)”

“Can I tell you a secret?” I whisper and look over his shoulder down the floor to see if someone of the others are watching us. He nods and holds me in his arms as I stand on my toes and give him a quick sweet kiss on his pink plump lips. Smiling he responses with another kiss “Let me guess, you feel the same?”

“You’re such a smart-ass, Sergeant” I grin and wrap my arms around his neck.

I hope you liked it! Give me some feedback if I could change something or if you just want to make me happy!

Phantom thieves (Akechi + Mishima) as parents

I loved writing this, and if you guys want I kind of want to do more about the phantom thieves kids, who knows maybe some of them phantom thieves kids like each other. I DUNNO! Let me know if you want me to continue this or not by sending me a message or something!))

•Akira wouldn’t have a lot of kids, he would be more than happy with just one
•I imagine him having a little girl
•her name would be Chiyo and she looks almost identical to her father.
•seriously, same fluffy hair, same nose she even wears glasses once she enters elementary
•she is the definition of a daddies girl
•you better believe that girl grows up to have Akira’s sarcasm and sense of justice
•as a father he would always support his daughter
•she wanted to do music?
•sure thing! He’ll go to all her recitals
•she wants to play baseball?
•of corse he’ll be at every game
•he is stern at times though
•he certainly won’t allow his child to grow up into a little Shit
•he’ll make sure his daughter is well mannered and polite
•but can also kick some serious ass
•he’d do family picnics every Sunday or try to do something with the whole family
•trips to the movies or museum is pretty common
•seriously Akira’s child can kick some serious ass if needed
•would akira be protective of his daughter?
•hell yes, but he’ll more likely do silent threats to whoever tries to date their child
•glares across the room, just staring at them in complete silence
•he might even mutter a “you hurt her and I’ll be the last thing you need to worry about” when it’s just him and the partner in the room
•Akira would honestly be one of the best dads. He would do dad puns or anything like that but he’d always be there for his daughter

•this boy has a large as family
•seriously he would have six children if his partner would allow it but they don’t
•he’s more than happy with his three little monsters though
•his oldest are twin boys Ichiro and Tatsuo
•his youngest is a girl, Yoshima
•the twins look the most like Ryuji while his daughter shares his eyes
•he is the most active father ever
•Ryuji is always outside playing with his kids and encourages them to play sports
•what they end up doing with Ichiro following his fathers footsteps by joining track
•Tatsuo was pretty active in the basketball team
•and Yoshima joined her schools tennis team
•all three of them do pretty damn well in their respective teams with Ryuji either couching or attending every single game
•he spoils his kids, especially his daughter
•they all have him wrap around their finger
•he insists on family day once a week
•it is a must that on a Sunday they all go out together and do something (usually it’s going for a hike or doing something outdoors"
•he’s also has a yearly camping trip with the whole family around golden week
•he is supper protective of his daughter, he truly believes no one is good enough for his little girl
•as for his sons, he tries to give them tips about how to get a date but Ryuji’s partner just reminds him that he had ‘zero skills’ in school
•his sons takes no advice from their father about dating
•he doesn’t let his kids swear but they still do it, especially his sons, I mean their Ryuji’s kids? Did he expect anything less?
•over all Ryuji is super active in his kids lives, he’s determined to be nothing like his father and by doing that he became one of the most active parents ever

•Ann loves kids and ends up having two
•the oldest being a girl, Nyoko
•the youngest was a boy, Syo
•both of her kids have the same beauty that she has, seriously they are the most beautiful children you’ve ever seen
•Ann is a super attentive mother as well,
•she always looking out for her kids and does anything she can to give her kids the best life they can
•Nyoko took an interest in becoming an idol at an early age and Ann always encouraged her
•she payed for voice and dance lessons the minute her daughter confessed she wanted to become an idol
•as for Syo he quickly showed his skills in a more academic sense, he excelled in almost every subject
•Ann payed for tutors and anything she could to help him in his studies
•Ann would insist that everyone be home for dinner, she wants them all to have at lest one meal all together daily
•she also visits the beach a lot with her kids, it becomes a yearly trip for them really
•she’s also another one who goes to every event the kids in
•she totally brags about her kids to the other parents
•she is seriously so proud of everything her kids to
•refuses to throw out any of her kids artwork
•she also takes a thousand pictures of her kids as they grow up
•her whole house it littered with family photos
•she loved to style her kids hair, Nyoko loves it, she kind of had to force Syo to let her do it
•will tell each child she loves then a hundred times a day, she’s the mother that will put notes in her kids lunch or send them random texts asking how they are
•Ann will never allow anyone to hurt her kids! If they try they will face hell
•Honestly Ann is the most loving mother ever, she may be a little bit of a helicopter parent at times but she means well

•Yusuke only has one kid, he’d rather focus all his attention on one child then try to spread it out
•he end up having a little boy names Yamato
•he is a god damn clone of his father
•the only difference is instead of panting he takes more of an interest in sculpting
•either way he is just as much of an art nerd as his father
•seriously he hangs all of Yamato’s art on the wall for months
•his quality time with his kid if going to the art gallery on an almost weekly bases
•seriously, Yamato’s second home was the art gallery, he’s memorised every art piece and the artist
•he can’t make it to every school event his kid has but he tries to go to all the major ones
•Unlike Yusuke, Yamato is a lot more social
•and he is stunned whenever he comes home to find like four other kids running around his house
•it takes him awhile to get use to that
•Yusuke isn’t one to really interfere with his child’s personal life
•he won’t ask if he’s dating anyone or anything, he honestly doesn’t care as long is kids happy
•Yusuke is more of a father who will show his love through actions rather than words
•sometimes that causes some tensions between him and his son, especially in the early years, but it never lasts long
•yusuke has no idea about sports what so ever so when his son joins soccer he is completely confused
•but yet he still goes to every important game, he has no idea what’s happening but he’ll still support them
•yusuke even learnt how to cook a few things after becoming a parents, sure his partner does most of it but he can do the basics
•his son secretly loves it when his father cooks
•Yusuke is that awkward father where he doesn’t say much but he still loved his son more then anything in the world. He’d do anything for his child.

•Makoto always wanted to have two kids, much like her own childhood
•you can imagine her surprise and joy when she has two little girls of her own
•Hana being the oldest and Mayu the youngest, both of them completely opposites
•Mayu is almost an exact copy of Makoto, a diligent student, top of her class and polite
•Hana on the other hand struggled with school, is more socially orientated and spends more time doing sports rather than studying
•seriously the two girl are complete opposites and at first Makoto and her partner had their hands full
•makoto is super loving, seriously of her kids so much as scrapped their knees she would go full out parenting mode
•If her kids get sick, you better believe she would go full on mother mode
•"you aren’t getting out of that bed until your 100% better you lady"
•"I know you have an exam Mayu but you need to focus on your health right now"
•"Hana I know you have a sports meet but your sick. Your staying here and that’s final"
•Makoto would go to every school event she can.
•every important game Hana had she would go to
•and Mayu would always see her mothers face at every debate final or speech cup
•Family time is important for Makoto. Friday night would become family board game night
•and every Sunday would be a family outing, usually a picnic, movie or even shopping in town
•Makoto would want the best for her children, she would sit down whenever she could and just talk to them, ask about their day
•she would also help them with homework
•she is seriously the most supportive mother ever, she’ll tell her kids she loves them every morning and before they go to sleep
•Makoto is one proud mother. Will seriously cry at any achievement no matter how small
•she’s a some what embarrassing parent but let’s be serious her kids love her so much. She is the sweetest mother ever

•no one could have imaged Futaba being a parents but when she has her twin boys everyone is surprised
•Yuuto and Yuuta are two little devils to say the lest
•and since the two twins look exactly alike their known to stitch places and take exams for each other
•when they do this only Futaba can tell them apart
•most of the time Futaba doesn’t act like a parent as much as a slightly taller child herself?
•all three of them bond over pranks and the internet
•seriously, Yuuta is almost a better hacker then Futaba
•and Yuuto pulls a practical joke on someone at lest someone once a day
•the Futaba house hold is just insane
•"YUUTO! YUUTA! I swear if I open this fridge and glitter gets fired at my face again I’m destroying all your laptops!“
•Futaba is literally a cheerleader for her kids.
•will leave the house for every event, no matter how many people are there
•proud parent mode beats her anxieties
•will brag to EVERYONE about her children’s lives
•she will tease her kids about their crushes, seriously don’t tell Futaba you have a crush on someone
•family game night is everyone playing mario kart together
•family game night ends in a lot of yelling at the Tv
•Let’s face it Futaba’s kids will be taller than her and you better believe they tease her about that
•The family always sleeps in late, there have been times where the twins miss school because no one in the house woke up past noon.
•Futaba is honestly the cool mum who forgets she an actual mother. That being said her kids do adore her dearly

•no one is surprised Haru is a mother
•let’s be real no one is shocked when Haru ends up having a large family
•seriously, she has four kids. FOUR
•she has three girls and one boy
•the girls are all older, Sora, Rina and Ai
•Katsu was the baby of the family, and surprisingly looked the most like Haru
•Haru, like said before is super mum
•every kid has a back lunch, filled with their favourites
•each have a personalised note in them
•seriously Haru is supper attentive
•she would go to all of Katsu baseball games and Ai’s swim meets
•of corse she was front row at all of Rina’s violin concerts
•and obviously Haru attended all of Sora’s plays and drama shows
•every day is family day at Haru’s house
•family dinner set up at the table every night
•Sunday was family outing day, they usually went out for drives or spent the day out in the garden
•they go on a family trip every year to the mountains, it’s a must for Haru
•Haru wants all of her kids to be happy, so she’ll do anything possible to make that happen
•she is just a bundle of sunshine, none of her kids have ever seen her get angry let alone be upset
•Haru is the idealistic image of the perfect mother, seriously, all of her kids friends love spending time when Haru is around

•Akechi didn’t think he ever wanted kids
•seriously, after what happened with his own father he’s terrified the same thing will happen
•of corse all his worries go out the window when he holds his baby girl for the first time
•Emiko, melted his heart the moment smiles at him
•Emiko is honestly the sweetest girl
•she’s clumsy so doesn’t do a lot of sports but Akechi goes to every athletics day
•he is a proud daddy who will give his daughter everything he can
•they don’t get to eat together a lot due to his work but he makes sure any day he has off he spends with Emiko
•Akechi tries to keep his daughter away from the phantom thieves kids
•doesn’t work though, Emiko becomes best friends with Akira’s daughter Chiyo
•he won’t let any boy go near is daughter, seriously he scares off anyone and everyone
•Of cause Akechi would make sure his daughter has the best everything, from toys to schooling
•Akechi struggles saying that he loves his daughter
•he tries to show his love through his actions but it doesn’t always come through
•sometimes he’s a little harsh on his kid, expecting a little too much out of a child
•it causes a few fights between the two. They always make up in the end but the longest a fight has gone for was a whole month
•during these fights Akechi gets super stressed and worried, he feels like he’s turning into his father
•when they make up, Akechi spoils Emiko like crazy
•Akechi is a well meaning father, he’s truly trying to do his best but he isn’t perfect by any means

•Mishima always wanted kids but he’s actually surprised when he has one
•it’s a little boy, Satoru and boy god is the the complete opposite from Mishima
•seriously Satoru is the class clown, pretty popular and is the star in his schools baseball team
•if it wasn’t for the near identical looks Mishima would have no idea Satoru was his son
•that being said Mishima was so supportive
•he would learn how to play baseball just to help him practice
•he would go to every single game and be the loudest parent in the crowd
•it’s kind of embarrassing to be honest
•Mishima has like three whole albums filled with baby photos and will actively make it his mission to show as many people as possible how cute his son was as a baby
•Mishima cries a lot when it comes to his son
•did Satoru just hit a home run? He’s crying
•Satoru just got his first 100% in a test? He’s crying
•he’s just so proud of his son!
•He’s actually pretty close with his son, they may be complete opposites but they have a really good relationship
•like Satoru has to problem spending the day with his father and quite often invites him out to the batting cages
•that being said he would be happy if Mishima stop showing every girl he brought home photo albums
•Mishima tries to eat breakfast as a family everyday, he’ll even get up early just to organise everything
•he also tries to do something big as a family on long weekends
•it’s usually just a trip to Kyoto or something
•Mishima is also one of those parents that have a video camera and films every major event, seriously every birthday has been filmed and is probably on Facebook
•keeps kids school photo in his wallet or keeps a letter Satoru write for him on Father’s Day.
•Mishima is the definition of loving father. By god does he love his child and would do anything to protect them. He truly found himself once he had a family.

okay this post is kind of obligatory for me at this point but you guys i am so proud of sara lance

she’s come such a long way from the traumatized kid we knew at the beginning of arrow, the girl who had her whole life stolen from her too early, who was molded into a weapon and then set loose on the world

she’s lost more than a lot of people have, including parts of herself that she may never get back. she’s steeped in self-loathing, views herself as a monster, knows that all the blood on her hands will never wash off 

and yet

time and time again when she is offered the chance to go back and change those things, to bring back the people she lost and seal over wounds that may never fully heal otherwise, to stop her life from spiraling into what it became, she always puts the integrity of time and the good of the world itself first

when she was handed the power to reshape reality as she saw fit she tried desperately to hand it off to any of the other legends instead because she was so convinced that she’s a horrible person, that she can’t be trusted to do the right thing –

(”it’s a weapon. and you know what we do with weapons,” she says to her duplicate self earlier)

– and yet when it fell to her anyway, she looked her dead sister (who she loved more than anything in the world) in the eyes and made peace with her and let her go

and saved the world

and i don’t think any of us can imagine the kind of strength making a choice like that would take

sara has been through so much and come so far and even rip knows she’s where she’s meant to be now, the captain of this ragtag team of legends, because who better to trust with the whole of time than the former assassin who will put doing the right thing even ahead of healing herself

she may never see it but shes a good fucking person

Fruits Basket’s relationship

This might be a spoiler for those who have not read the manga. Read at your own risk.

 I just thought about this recently; Kyo and Tohru’s relationship is probably going to be the healthiest of ‘em all.

In most romance series, characters usually get together at the very end. However, what I really love about Tohru and Kyo’s relationship is that they managed to work on their insecurities before they got into a relationship. Yes, Tohru helped Kyo (but she basically helped everyone), and Kyo helped her, but they seriously had to open their own bottles of insecurities before they got together. 

Before Kyo ended up with Tohru, he really had to learn how to control his anger. He and Yuki had to work on their problems. He had to accept his curse and recognize that it won’t hinder his life completely.

Tohru had to learn to believe in herself. She already knew what she wanted to do after she would graduate, but she needed to love herself…even that “ugly’ part of her that she rejected for so long. Moreover, she had to come to terms with the fact that as an individual, she has the room to love more than one person in her heart.

And once they both were able to do that…
They both were not broken. They were not half of each other. They were two wholes coming together. I can only imagine Tohru and Kyo arguing about the small stuff and discussing with compassion when it comes to the hard stuff.

To put this into context, just think about Haru and Rin. Rin had so much angst. I bet even though Haru was with her, he had to suffer a lot in the very beginning.

Then again, what do I know about relationships?

wonkasbadonkas  asked:

Yo what if Keith's mom is that random Galra from the Weblum episode and when she shows up she looks at Keith and says "hope you've been taking care of my old Lion for me while I was gone"

So, I am like totally ON BOARD with Keith’s mum being the Galra side. GIVE IT TO ME. AND I LOVE THAT IDEA.

Like can you imagine how much this changes everything? Clearly Keith remembers his dad enough to have memories of him and recognize him. So what happened? Was it the single dad life for them? Did he pass and Keith move on to foster care like so many people head canon? How much did Keith know his mother, if at all?

Imagine (And I’m about to go in a totally different direction then you):

-So obviously, Keith’s dad knew and kept it from him. So likely Keith had no idea who his mother was and figured his dad just simply didn’t want to talk about it.

-But one thing that would on the occasion slip out was that his mother loved the sky, and that is why Keith was so determined to be a pilot. 

-Of course, a long ways down the road, Keith is the red paladin, and has long forgotten that it’s probably pretty significant that the red lion was in Galra control

-BUT LIKE IMAGINE IF KEITH’S MOTHER WAS IN ZARKON’S ARMY. Not part of the blade of Marmora. 

-And when she finds out that Keith is the red paladin, She thinks automatically that Keith will side with her and bring them the red lion. “Have you been taking care of my old lion while I was gone?”

-The betrayal Keith feels knowing that all this work he had to do to prove to the others that his Galra side wasn’t who he was and his own mother is one of Zarkon’s most trusted generals. 

-It would be an all out civil war between mother and son. And the red lion would be torn between the two of them, even more so than Zarkon and Shiro because the red lion loves the both of them equally

-Keith’s mum would use him to practically wipe the floor with him. It’s painful for the others to watch, because Keith has no chance defeating her. 

-But imagine that Lance does. Our resident sharpshooter. Because he knows Keith, and this woman means nothing to him as Keith does, so no love lost if he, you know, shoots her in the arm or something.

-”I mean, Keith, she is trying to take the red lion from us. What did you think I was going to do?”

-”She’s still my mother, Lance!”

Oh man, oh man, I love this idea. This is probably not what you were thinking with that episode, but I’ve gotten out of control. (And it went in like the opposite direction)

Dreamworks hire me.

Michael Clifford - Homesick

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Word Count: 6.1k+

Rating: Smut

Requested: Yes, by anon

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