And can you imagine how that must feel for Simon

Okay but you know what broke my heart ?? Jocelyn, basically Simons second mother flinches away from him as he’s smiling at her when she sees his fangs.

Like simon was obviously excited to see her again and he was obviously happy that she was okay and he thought maybe she’d comfort him or something. Maybe she’d be like before. Maybe she’d still act like a second mother since he can’t see his real mom yet.

And then as Jocelyns going to touch him she flinches away and he feels the need to cover his fangs. Imagine how heartbroken he must feel. Imagine how alone he must have felt in that moment. My poor baby simon doesn’t deserve this.

listen nothing is more beautiful than simon’s gigantic ass smile when he found out he can go out in the sun. like, simon is someone who loves the sunshine and you know it. he grew up loving walking through crowded city streets under warm sunlight. he loves the beach and the feel of warm sand and the sun on his back. and i can just imagine how he felt when he turned but now he can go back in the sun and see all the beautiful wild flowers swaying in the spring breeze and glass windows reflecting stranger’s faces and bright bright sunlight and wow he must’ve been so fucking happy i love him