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A bts reaction to having a dream about your wedding? ❤️❤️ily and Thank you

eep i was in such a bts mood yesterday hehe

Seokjin: bro he’d be such a little fluff ;;;; he wouldn’t stop thinking about the dream. i don’t think he’d tell you about it but he’d act super cute the entire day. you’d lowkey be confused asf but you’re not complaining lol

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Yoongi: he’d have to decide whether to continue sleeping or to wake up and act cute towards you. knowing him, he’d probably keep sleeping yoONGI WAKE UP but his dream probably wouldn’t repeat. honestly it was just an excuse to continue sleeping.

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Hoseok: he was literally like 10x more energetic? you were so confused like he’s always hyper and shit but hES REALLY ACTING CRAZY TODAY !! you were kind of scared to talk to him was he going to slap you? was he going to eat you? hoseok calm down

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Namjoon: he’d probably be really embarrassed. he’d send you little signals and was like “jirrit jirrit let’s get married y/n!!” 

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Jimin: instead of acting cute, he’d try to impress you all day. 

“look over here bitch, your main boy park jimin is singing”

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Taehyung: if he woke up and you were still sleeping, he’d probably just like stare at you and smile lmao is that creepy

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Jungkook: once you both woke up, he’d probably just want to stay at home and like listen to some good music. it’d be really fun!!! unless he starts bullying you because your dance moves are weird!!!

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