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dicks out for simply and the rest of the lesbophobic blarkes who deleted all there posts about clexa after a bellrke told us to 'find receipts' on them being lesbophobic

im dead did they really

hi our names are graeme and john and these are our clone ocs: ones a punk with a british accent, ones a scientist (but she’s not a regular scientist, she’s a cool scientist that smokes weed!!!!), ones a cop, ones a murderer (she has scars on her back in the shape of angel wings!!), and ones the head of corporation with a bob haircut and two different colored eyes!!!

Well…. I’m home

I almost ended my streak today…. Not because of travel or that I only got 3 hours of sleep but because the pain stuff I’ve been dealing with is NOT getting better.

I’m nervous. I’m usually a ok when I’m moving around, running… Walking but when I first get up in the morning or if I’ve been sitting for a bit it really hurts… 😢 I’ll be talking to my PT again tm with an update and hopefully we can adjust from there… Ugh.

And yes I’m fully aware I need to put my health first….. Maybe/ hopefully a little rest is all I need

Run streak day 274
158 Miles for August


I’m basically liveblogging this book, which I apologize for, but…character growth! This part takes place before the beginning of the show, I don’t think Jim has been captain all that long at this point, and he’s not gotten along that well with Spock. Now he realizes he’s been dumb. :P

Prayer request 8/31/16

I just found out that the father of one of the girls at the theater I interned at died suddenly on the 25th. I’m not sure how he died, all that was said is that he lost a long battle against alcoholism. Please pray for the repose of Bob’s soul, and for his family, particularly his daughter who just moved to the west coast. I’m not sure if she’ll be able to afford to come back for his funeral. 

Lord, please be merciful. Mary our Mother, please bring comfort. 

Thanks and God bless, 

'Supernatural' Exclusive: Watch a Supercut of the Best 'Dean-isms'

Yahoo TV has an exclusive first look at Dean’s best lines, or “Dean-isms,” if you will, from the upcoming Supernatural: Season 11 DVD/Blu-ray release. Superfans of the long-running CW series will surely remember these lines, but, with all due respect to Sam, Castiel, Crowley, and the rest, Dean had enough excellent material this season to earn himself a supercut, so that means we get to see them all in a row now. Feels like we’ve died and gone to heaven.

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Please post the picture about the water bottles or please explain I have no idea what you guys are taking about

When GG and CP where filming last Friday GG was seen carrying a water bottle. CP is also seen with that same water bottle because all of the rest of the pictures show GG was drinking coffee while they were filming and CP didn’t have a water bottle until GG got over to her we think GG might of got the water bottle for CP. Nothing too major. 

Hey guys,

So I’m messing with the theme right now (I’m a web design student I’m never satisfied) so if the blog looks weird for a bit that’s why! It’ll be a lot better for updates and stuff so stay tuned~

Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Prep Keiras wedding shopping  and  Sci-Twilight nightmares

Sci-Twilight was having the same Nightmare  everynight  sense the Friendship Games Ends .   Sci-Twilight  was Floating "Hello ?  Anyone ?“Sci-Twilight asked as she heard an Familiar Evil Laughter Sci-Twilight asked ” I Know That Laugh Midnight Sparkle  Sunset Shimmer and Prep Keira Defeated you at the FriendshipGames “

Midnight Sparkle  said   "Have You Forgotten Twilight  Midnight Sparkle is apart of You I’ll be Back Twilight I won’t rest til i have all the Magic ”

ScI-Twilight Yelled “NOOO Stop”

*back in Reality*

Applejack  tries to Wake Sci-Twilight “Twilight Wake Up Your having a nightmare "Applejack said

Sci-Twilight wakes up sweating   .  "oh sorry i must have dosed off I haven’t been sleeping very well   but don’t worry about me  were here for Prep Keira to choose her wedding Dress "Sci-Twilight said as she has a good point .


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U hate monto and want him to die

I know it’s you.
Stop this.
I figured it out.
You keep making more accounts.

Because yesterday, I blocked all your accounts. I triple checked that I did. And today, what do I find? A completely new, seemingly unused account with the same naming basis as all the rest, and your art style. And what did I get right before finding this account? Anon hate, that’s what. Anon hate in the exact same typing style as all the rest. Anon hate in YOUR typing style.

It’s been you.
It’s always been you.
You’re making account after account to send people anon hate.
People who block you get the hate only because you go on an “old account” or make a new one to send them said hate.

People might question why you would do this, but the answer is quite simple. You look to make people feel sorry for you. When they block you, or don’t do as you want them to in terms of helping you, you go on anon and push them around. You try to steer them back towards you. To make them feel bad, and to make them return to you.

If anyone’s skeptical, just look up “Monto”, and look at the list of tumblrs. You’ll find at least 6 with his naming basis, and his art style. Most with barely any posts, if they have any at all.

I no longer feel sorry for you, Monto. In fact, I feel nothing but pity for you. Pity that you feel the need to try and force people to feel sorry for you, to try and make them help you. What a poor, sorry fool you are. You should’ve known it wouldn’t last long, darling.

H A L L O W E E N spells Halloween!

Jaina was out all day getting the rest of Arthur’s costume. She had her night situated also.
Arthur wanted her to be a queen again, but she chose against it, deciding to be Little Red Riding Hood instead.

Once they were home, Arthur rushed to his sister playing with her blocks and drooling happily. “Hi!” He smiled wide. His sister looked up with her green eyes and giggled at her brother, handing him a block.

Jaina walked in and looked around for Lancelot. “Are you all set for tonight, my love?” She asked, smiling and picking up their daughter who was still holding the block.

how about this: any nonblack person messaging me for the rest of the day owes me $100 since all of you are annoying the shit out of me! thanks

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I saw your drawing of Shiro looking at his hand and the rest and is him having all those scars canon? Because I see a lot with scars, and then some with no scars. Do people do it for fun or is it a real thing in the show?

It’s a real thing in the show, but I guess you can say that we like to add a few more details onto the paladins! Like, they are bound to get some scratches or a few marks here and there due to their training and such.

It’s just a neat thing to add. :3c

                                                   Boredom leaked from each corner of the room,  painting the expensive furniture into a dirty color  . The authority was drowning in acid,  all while resting in his armchair  . One foot draped over one of the arm rests while the scrawny back was resting against the opposite one.  Golden eyes stared at nothing, as if he had already been lost to the world  . Death was bored,  he was so fucking bored  . The voice had been reduced to a  hiss  like sound,  however still refined && prideful  .

 My miracle…  your assistance is needed  .