And Peter is talented as hell


“You must think that’s a hell of a time. Personally, I think that’s a hell of a bird.”

mcu tony and kids

One of my favorite things about Tony in the MCU is how much time they dedicate to him spending time with kids and helping kids!!!!!

  • harley in iron man 3: Tony helps him stand up to his bullies, gives the kid a chance to show how smart and talented he is, have someone to listen to him and his concerns, and then he gets complete trust and control over his own super expensive stark tech. Tony takes him seriously, which his family or the town wasn’t doing, and supports him in pursuing something he loves and is doing.
  • peter parker: Tony finds this scrappy kid from Queens who can barely walk in a straight line and says “hey kid, you can be a hero too, come on” He gives him a new suit and support even when he had a hell of a lot going on. i refuse to believe tony was only finding peter to help himself. he was watching peter beforehand, meaning that there was clearly an interest in him there and again. but tony takes him seriously. Others would probably just dismiss peter as some vigilante punk but tony’s like “nope, he’s a hero and i want him on my team because he is that good”, and i cant wait to see how he’s gonna help in spidey’s solo movie.
  • donating millions of dollars to broke MIT kids so that they can pursue careers in science too, taking the anxiety and stress off of college students because damn they have enough.
  • signing drawings for kids and making cute jokes with them, even if he’s having a serious conversation because dang those kids are more important and they need a hero
  • letting kids pretend and dream big! like the one kid pretend he is really iron man and helping him defeat a bad guy. Tony supports the fantasies of children and makes them real, if only a little.

It’d be so easy to make a “playboy” type like Tony completely turned off and afraid of kids, because oh man “me, a playboy liking chiLDREN, how can i be cool and sexy if im hanging out with kids????!!?”
but i love the fact that they dedicate time to showing that he loves kids and wants to support them when no one else does or will believe in them. this in a lot of different comics too with tony’s character, and i’m just really glad it’s so heavily recurring in the mcu as well.


I have finally met the man that has made the most incredible impact in my life. Peter loved my poster, I had drawn him a poster of every Optimus he has played thus far. He took one look at it and said, “Wow! That’s a hell of a lot of work! You’re really talented!”

and then he looked me in the eye and said, “You made my day.”

But what really hit me was when I told him about my anxiety and depression and how he’s the voice that tells me to keep going, he got tears in his eyes and hugged me super tight. He used his Optimus voice and said “Never give up, never give in.” And I can officially cross that off of my bucket list.

So sadly Peter Capaldi was not nominated by BAFTA this year for his amazing performance in Doctor Who Series 9.

I really am disappointed. It utterly astounds me that he was overlooked.

But you know what? He’s our winner. That’s right. Peter Capaldi gained himself an entire legion of fans when he stepped into the role of the Doctor. He had a loyal dedicated fan base from TTOI and some even before too. But Who introduced me and many others to a wonderful talented and generous man.

Peter has shown himself to be the most incredible and astonishing actor and you only need watch Heaven Sent to know what I mean. Hell right from Deep Breath you can see it. As he stepped into the role of the Twelfth Doctor and made it his own, he blew us all away. He gave and continues to give us the most magical performances. We are so lucky to watch this man in action! What a gift!

Peter gives himself in so many other ways too. His time for fans and his dedication to ensure people get selfies, autographs etc is nothing short of remarkable. He is the most gracious, kindest and humble man I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. His charm, wit and kindness speaks of a man who carries such grace and class. Thank you Peter.

So while You may not have been nominated for a BAFTA Peter, know this: We love you! We think you’re amazing. And appreciate all that you do for us.

You’re our winner Peter.


My first tumblr post about Doctor Who. Sent painting and letter to Peter and after 17 weeks got all this! Mentioned two fellow PCap fans/whovians and he replied to them too! I praised the hell out of him in the letter. Told him he was incredibly talented and didn’t think he realised this. Told him he was the best thing to happen to Doctor Who and hoped he continued to have the time of his life playing the Doctor for a very long time, and that if it was up to me he would never leave! I also told him he was gorgeous! 😍 I love this man so much! ❤

I fucking knew it. Okay, i actually do like Murphy and i am beyond excited about Freak Show. However, i really think he needs to start putting more effort into writing Evan Peters’ characters. It’s getting so goddamn predictable. The guy is an amazing talent, and yet his character and story arc is literally driven by girl’s coochies every single season. Give him something else to work with. Hell, make him a villain, even. Something to challenge him. Having him and Emma Roberts as a couple is so amazingly predictable. For the love of Misty Day, you’re better than that.

Also, dear Ryan Murphy, be more cautious about spoilers in the near future. That interview was honestly filled with them.

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies perhaps follow the Superman (1978) model more closely than any other series, and yet the first two Raimi films stand out on their own as perhaps the most creatively successful superhero movies next to Nolan’s Batman movies. Spider-Man was always about taking the larger-than-life mythmaking of Superman and making him more relatable to everyday people. Raimi then wisely follows the model of the first two Superman films while telling a tale of an everyday teenager through his own sensibility. Raimi’s films often deal with normal people in extraordinary situations (The Evil Dead, Drag Me to Hell, A Simple Plan), and his take on the superhero movie fits that distinction. Peter Parker is what happens when a normal person becomes a superhero, rather than the son of an alien or a billionaire. Raimi is also one of the most talented pulp filmmakers of his generation, and so his kinetic camerawork, whip pans, and sparing but effective use of POV make for some crackerjack action sequences that he wisely combines with bigger than life emotion and goofy comedy. If modern Marvel movies are disappointing, it’s because none of them boast the same creativity that Raimi’s Spider-Man films do.
—  Max O'Connell, “The State of Supermen Pt 2: The Golden Age."