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Shawols have every right to be extra and praise SHINee in various ways. Why?

1. SM finally giving them the promos they deserve!
2. We aren’t putting down or comparing other groups to SHINee.
3. SHINee amplified us being extra by using OT5/5HINee/5QUAD against us.
4. We aren’t shoving SHINee down others throats, in their faces or up their asses. (Like legit Shawols are shoving SHINee in Shawols faces tbh)
And lastly
5. We stay in our own lane??? And if a fellow Shawol swerves left or right we make sure they get back in the damn lane.)

Honestly I don’t have a single problem with the whole “smh knowing and making bets about bitty and jack’s relationship” thing. They’re all best friends. They know they have each others backs through anything. They waited until Jack and Bitty were ready to come out to them on their own terms.

And I don’t think they’re dismissing it when they don’t directly adress it? They’re easing the tension Bitty was obviously feeling (and probably Jack too, to an extent) and showing that everything is still normal. That it’s okay, they kind of already knew anyway, that they love them no matter what.

Domestic Solangelo

This is really fun to come up with

  •  It had been almost a decade into their relationship when they’ve decided to take their relationship to the next level and it had actually been Nico who did the proposing. On his very own birthday.
  • “It’s been years, Solace and today is my birthday. Marry me as a gift. No is not an option” *Blinks* “Uhm. Okay?“ *Frowns* “Will…" "Oh. Is this the part where I say yes?”
  • Nico doesn’t really know how to be romantic most of the time but he is trying okay.
  • They took the initiative to learn how the other likes their coffee specially in the mornings. It had been a series of trial and errors. Of too much sugar and too little cream before they got it just right.
  • They would make sure to attend a Jazz club at least once a month
  •  Will used to be the one who patiently falls in line paying for their bills until Nico simply took the responsibility. Will was of course a bit surprised on how the other willingly had wanted to interact with people but no really, in reality, Nico simply found the simplicity of paying bills online.
  • Every Saturday is a cheat day with a ‘Yes Nico, you can go eat your happy meal’
  • They would fight over the Sunday newspaper just so they can answer the crossword puzzle.
  • Once a month, they would gather around with the others and have a massive barbecue party.
  • When one is mad or simply disappointed with the other, they would call the other with their full name. Will also had the habit of lightly tapping his foot impatiently while Nico would cross his arms.
  • Will does the grocery shopping. Most of the time. On the rare occasions that Nico had to, he would do the shopping in the middle of the night on one of those 24/7 grocery stores.
  • Their fridge was completely decorated with souveneir magnets from places they’ve visited together.
  • Nico does the cooking. His favorite apron is a black one with the words ‘Tiny gay Italian chef’ written on it. It was a gift from Will
  • They each own one of those magic mugs that had words showing up when you put in hot water. Will’s had the word ‘sunshine’ on it and Nico’s had the words ‘death boy’ They occasionally swap mugs.  
  • With Nico doing errands for his father and Will working as a doctor and sometimes overseeing the camp infirmary, cleaning their apartment only happens once a week. There place isn’t that messy anyway and besides in that way, they can work and bond together on something relatively normal.
  • When they first moved in together, they had argued with a lights on and a lights off. They finally decided with the lights turned off and with not a bedside lamp on Will’s side of the bed but of a massive glow in the dark solar system on the ceiling. Nico thinks it’s rather childish but the fascination on Will’s eyes made it all worthy.
  • With Will sometimes having late night shifts, Nico totally wears the other’s clothes and sleep at Will’s side of the bed.
  • Whenever someone enters Will’s office, the first thing they’ll notice was a portrait size of his and Nico’s wedding photo hanging on the wall.
  • They’re not the perfect couple. They would have fights, some petty enough to be laughed at five minutes later. Some, big and problematic that they would ignore each other for hours, even days but in the end, they would always kiss and talk things out and also, make out.
  • Even during a fight, none of them really wanted themselves or the other to sleep on the couch so they still sleep on the same bed but with their backs facing each other and a pillow in between. Which probably is pointless since they would wake up tangled to each other
  • It had been three years into their marriage when they first decided to adopt a child. The first kid they adopted was a legacy if Hermes named Amandla and about a year later, Cassandra a daughter of Ceres and a few months after that, a mortal boy named Gio who can see through the mist.
  • Every weekends, Nico and Will would clear their schedules whenever they can to spend time with the kids. Their favorite bonding activity would be baking brownies and cookies and putting them on small jars and giving them to their neighbors.
  • Also building makeshift tents out of bed sheets and role playing scenes from the kids favorite Disney movies.
  • And turning their living room into a miniature campsite and having movie marathons while sharing tabs of ice creams and all kinds of sweet stuff.
  • Will probably thinks it’s unhealthy but three kids and an adult looking at him pleadingly is just too much. He had lost the battle. He can’t say no. And so he cave in.

Probably going to add more to this. *Shrugs*

PJO Headcanons, Solangelo fanfic, PJO fanfic. If you guys are interested.

Always has been.- CH

His face says it all, his eyes are hollow holes to his soul and when he looks at you, your heart breaks into a thousand pieces.

“I am so tired of this.” You open your mouth to speak but no words come out. You have exhausted every apology, every sympathetic nod and now it is time to give in, throw in the towel and let the silence scream your pain.

This is how it has always been. This is how it always will be.

“What do you want? I don’t even know what to give you anymore. Do I even make you happy?” Calum shakes his head and you want to apologize for being the cause of the argument, yet again. You want to apologize for being too weak to cope with his absence and that you have let your mind be open to attacks.

“Well? Are you happy? Answer me that, please.” You can’t say yes, but a part of you doesn’t want to say no either. Calum causes a mighty fire to rip through you and leave you with nasty burns for everyone to see, but it doesn’t mean you want him to leave. You are unhappy with him and unhappy without him.

You lift your head to meet his gaze and take in every inch of him, he is beautiful and a master piece that is yours. You crave his touch every second. You look at his fingers and imagine them wrapped around your waist again, swaying you to the beat of the song one evening when you thought you had found the person who completed you. It takes you a moment to realize that moment was a few years ago. Nostalgia claims you as its prisoner.

Life passes by with no warning and lures you into a false sense of security. One day you are slow dancing with the love of your life on a summers evening and the next it is a distant memory. You take a deep breath and let yourself remember how he whispered in your ear that this was everything he wanted. You were perfectly fine, life was perfect but you wake up and it’s not summer anymore, its winter and the cold air fills your lungs with a sharp pain, you are bitter. You can’t remember how it happened, but the warm air is gone and the warmth of the sunshine on your back has disappeared and all you are left with is the winter chill climbing up your spine reminding you what it feels like to be alone.

It’s a change in your relationship that has slowly killed you both, something has shifted out of place and how you once fit beside each other will never be the same again. You can see it in the way his laugh doesn’t reach his eyes anymore, you can feel it in the way he kisses you, its fleeting and he doesn’t stop to savor the moment anymore. You are both the shell of the relationship you once were. The pain from that hits deeper than any other, it hurts because there is nothing to blame, no one to point the finger at or no precise moment to class as the breakdown. It has driven you mad and it has driven him away.

“I’m so sorry, Calum.” A hiccup rises from your throat and you only just now notice that you have been crying.

“I know it doesn’t make a difference, me apologizing has become a worn out phrase. I’m not right and you aren’t wrong. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am so sorry. I’m sorry for disappointing you.”

His voice startles you, it’s a whisper but it cuts the tension in the room like a loud speaker. “Does it even matter anymore? Do you even love me anymore?” You know you do, you must do otherwise your heart wouldn’t feel like it has been ripped out of your chest to prove how broken you are. His brown eyes meet yours and you feel yourself crumble, you wish it was a problem you could fix but you know it is never that simple. It’s beyond all the silly arguments, it’s beyond the arguing about who the girl in the picture is or why he didn’t call for weeks on end when on tour. It’s beyond the bickering and always trying to be right. This is how it has always been. This is how it always will be.

It’s only when you are in bed that night, his breath on the back of your neck that he asks, “Am I the one for you?”

You want him to be. You want him to be the one so badly.

“Yes, you know that.”

He doesn’t reply and you never offer the question back.

You are too scared that he won’t say it back.

This is how it has always been. This is how it always will be.


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Theory: Lapis & Peridot’s fusion

So I’ve noticed that some people have been leaving ‘#Turquoise’ comments on Lapidot-related posts. I assume it means that it is what they believe their future fusion’s name will be. And hey, it’s a pretty good guess–turquoise stones features heavily in Near Eastern art, like peridots and lapis lazulis, and it’s greenish-blue, so colour-wise, it totally makes sense.

But seeing how much of a big deal this fusion will be for both Peridot and Lapis, I think the Crewniverse would choose a gemstone that carries more a significant meaning, particularly something to do with recovering from abuse. And I think that stone will be… 


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