And I haha

Honestly I’m always so surprised at just how much they make Keith’s character revolve around Shiro..

Like his feelings for Shiro are such a huge part of his character so far.

I’d say it’s almost even kinda odd…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen something similar in this type of show? (like between two guys atleast haha)

Like I always feel like they gonna sweep it all to the side at some point in favor of something else, but they don’t. They just keep putting emphasis on just how much Keith loves him.

Not sure how to word what I mean..

Like even for Allura, when she had to say goodbye to her dad, it didn’t take like a whole episode focusing on her struggle… And even Pidge’s feelings for her family get kinda pushed to the side..

Seriously, the amount of screentime Keith’s feelings for Shiro get is incredible.

And you know it’s not gonna be just that episode, it’s gonna be like an entire season again probably (cuz we didn’t even had the background flashbacks)

So ist es immer, touka/yomo fanfic (headcanon)

Summary: Yomo and Touka share a nice moment together the day after her wedding.

i wrote it this morning and i totally forgot to post it! i hope it’s not too ooc, touka apparently knows that yomo is her uncle (it was hinted before..) so i do mention that in here, i also want to believe that they share some corny family moments like this once in a while ♡ enjoy! /////


“It’s… kind of a big deal, you know? Being married and all that,” he says, trying to gather some wisdom. “So much, uhh… stuff to do, you know, responsibilities, many adult decisions to make and… yeah.” He frowns, what the hell is he even saying?

Touka frowns too, blurting out a giggle.

“God. You’re terrible with words, did you know that?”

Yomo smiles, cheeks softly blushing.

“Y-Yeah, sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m awful with words too. I guess small talks don’t run in the family.”

Yomo shakes his head, and he’s not smiling anymore. His face shifts to one side to look at her, and Touka finds nothing but truth within his eyes.

“No,” he admits, and he’s being serious right now. “You’ve always been great with words. Just like your mother.”

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So finally here’s my fic rec list I promised like million years ago haha :3 since I am a sucker for pain  (always the pain Haley always) most of the fics I rec here are hurt/comfort, pain & angst (please read the trigger warnings of the fics first) there might be also some fluff and nsfw smut ones haha ;3 Also there could be some Aaron focused + other characters fics too. 

Enjoy reading them and a tons of kuddos to the amazing fic writers who always heal my heart and soul when the canon broke it ♥ ♥ ♥ 

(You should also totally check out my fanfic tag on my blog)

Since its a lot of fics I put them under the cut, in no particular order:

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Wendy in Sodas & Skateboards!

Well the name of the palette was Sodas and Skateboards so I drew her with a skateboard xD (I was gonna add the sodas too but that just looked stupid) 

I love drawing Wendy with shorter hair so much! 

(Palette Challenge) (Please don’t send more!)

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kim missed school, trini climbs through her window, takes off her pants and cuddles with her in bed as they talk it out.

In the month after the team defeated Rita, Kim seemed to be folding in on herself. She’d been missing classes and training, giving the team increasingly more worrisome excuses until one day, she wasn’t at the front of the school to meet them that any of them decided to do anything about it. 

“We should give her space,” Jason says as they lean against the brick wall out front, waiting for the warning bell to ring. 

“No, I think we should all just go over there and ask her what’s going on,” Zack interjects, brows furrowed as he looks at his teammates. “There’s obviously something going on that she’s not telling us.” 

“So you think that barging into her house and interrogating her is what’s going to get her to open up?” Jason argues and he would have continued to do so if they hadn’t been interrupted by Trini’s ringtone blaring from her pocket. 

She doesn’t have to look at the screen to know who it is, “Hey Kim,” She answers, turning her back to the rest of the group as Billy does what he can to get the other boys to chill out. 

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farewell teen wolf challenge | day 5 & 6: under appreciated characters
↳ kira yukimura

In all of the stories, kitsune are tricksters. They’re mischievous. They don’t really get caught up in right or wrong or even understand it.