And I find comfort in that..

I really think Peridot is autistic (or at least an allegory for autism).

I know this is a common headcanon, but it’s one I subscribe to personally, and one I feel has a lot of stuff to back it up.

Peridot is, in my opinion as an autistic person, a textbook example of autism. And, being me, I feel like the best way to explain this is through bullet points.

  • She doesn’t get other people. One could argue that this is due to Homeworld bullshit, but keep in mind that Jasper and Lapis have a much better understanding of How To People than Peridot does.
    She finds structure comforting. Look at Homeworld’s caste system, for instance–it’s something that is actively detrimental to her, as peridots do not seem to rank especially high on the Homeworld social ladder, but she clings to it regardless. (Granted, some of this might be conditioning, but I digress.)
  • She’s obsessive about her interests and areas of expertise. Now, her technological and Kindergarten knowledge is pre-programmed, but her interest in Camp Pining Hearts is very much not. She grows very attached to the series, and develops an encyclopedic knowledge of it fairly quickly once she watches the whole thing. In fact, according to her Twitter, she’s writing an essay on a character she doesn’t like and why she doesn’t like her!
  • On a related note, watching the same episode over and over? I’m not sure if that’s an autistic trait exactly, but it’s definitely something I do.
    She’s often insensitive, even mean, without having any ill intentions. This, of course, ties into her not getting other people–she doesn’t pick up on social cues, and can thus say deeply hurtful things without any intention of hurting anyone.
  • As a more specific example, her recording her message to Amethyst in Too Far strikes me as an autistic thing. She knows full well that she might slip up and say something wrong, so she thinks it over. She figures out the message she WANTS to get across, and puts time and effort into making that message clear–and, knowing that she might not be able to do that in the heat of the moment, she records it.
  • She uses odd, stilted language and terminology. I initially assumed this might be a matter of Homeworld dialect differing from ours, but again, Jasper and Lapis don’t use the same kind of terminology.
  • She has comfort objects. Her limb enhancers definitely count, as do her tape recorder and tablet. While comfort objects are, of course, not a solely autistic thing, they seem to be a particularly common thing among autistics.

And there are two more metaphorical examples as well:

  • Her alien motif. A lot of autistics describe themselves as feeling like they’re from a different planet; while this is a bit more literal in Peridot’s case, again, other Homeworld gems don’t seem to have Peridot’s quirks. It’s a pretty accurate motif for her to have, if you ask me.
  • The whole “you don’t have any powers” thing that Homeworld drilled into her head brings to mind parents who assume their nonverbal autistic children cannot communicate at all, without taking into account that they have other ways of communicating, such as writing (I know several nonverbal autistics who are very eloquent in writing, and others who, while not nonverbal, are far more eloquent in writing than in speech). Peridot’s ferrokinesis is a skill unique to her, as far as we know (or possibly even a skill exclusive to peridots, but the point is, none of the other Gems seem to have that ability), and discovering that opens up possibilities for her that she was told time and time again would never be available to her!

The best part? Peridot isn’t treated as special or extraordinary for her accomplishments–she’s not treated as some inspirational story. She’s treated as a person, a regular Gem, who just works a little differently than other Gems. And I think that’s really important.

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What about Sheith headcanons with Galra!Keith?

… Anon, do you like angst?
Seriously, this ship is full of angst in my opinion.
I have a lot so buckle up you angst loving shippers.

Sheith with Galra!Keith
-Regardless of how he finds out, Shiro is going to be really cautious and kind of scared of Keith due to his new appearance
-you’re going to get a miserable kitty!Galra!Keith who goes to Lance and/or Hunk for comfort because those two honestly seem like they would be the most accepting of Keith being a Galra (Keith deserves nothing but hugs, but then you came along Anon, asking for angst)
-Shiro barely able to handle looking at Keith at any angle thanks to his new features
-Shiro accidentally attacking Keith when he wakes him from a nightmare
–Keith gets someone else to do it after the first few times (Shiro injured him enough to put him in a healing pod for a few days and everyone else had to team up to get Keith to start getting someone else)
—Shiro waited outside the healing pod every time he put Keith in there. There was a lot of thinking and blaming on Shiro’s part. Yes, there was the classical “It’s my fault”
-it made it difficult to form Voltron for a while
-I lowkey do not see Shiro being able to handle Keith being a Galra for a very long time
-it takes the crew rescuing some friendly, somewhat rebel, nice Galras for Shiro to start being okay with Keith
–it’s very hard to be scared of a big kitty playing with tiny kittens
–Shiro starts to get over his fear of Glara afterwards since he always remembers Keith playing with Galra children (it also gets harder to kill them)
-it takes a very long time before Shiro is able to look at Keith and think Keith, not Galra
-Keith still doesn’t wake Shiro up when he’s having a nightmare though
-when (Yes, when, because I cannot handle an if) Shiro gets over Keith being a Galra, he is constantly cuddling with Keith because Keith is basically a cat who deserves affection and petting Keith. All. The. Time.
-Keith purring and turning into a puddle of goo in Shiro’s lap

Movies (D.O)

Originally posted by osehu

Type: Fluff

Request: Hi!! I’d like to request a scenario for D.O where the reader and him decide to watch his movie ‘pure love’ and by the end the reader is crying and Kyungsoo finds it adorable and comforts her with kisses and cuddles?? Thank you!!

Kyungsoo was shocked about how bad you wanted to see his movie but he didn’t say no to sitting down and watching it with you. He wrapped his arm around you as you sat cross legged on the couch. “Are you sure you don’t want to watch something that isn’t sa-” “shh” you told him as the movie began playing. Kyungsoo made a sound as he turned his eyes to the tv and started watching it with you.

He would glance over at you through out the movie to see you had grabbed ahold of a pillow like your normal custom for when you were really into a movie. But he realized that through out the movie your grip got tight around the pillow til it ended. He was worried by how tight you were holding it “babe” he spoke quietly as he watched a tear cascade down your face before a few more began to fall. “Are you alright?” he asked before you turned to him “how can I be alright? It’s so sad” you said as your voice creaked by the end.

“No baby baby it’s alright” he cooed as he wrapped his arms around you more pulling you in. Where his shirt soon was filled with the stains from tears and your hot breath as you tried to breath. He pulled you back and pushed your hair from your face and proceeded to place a kiss onto your forehead. “It’s a movie” he whispers as he kisses your head again listening to the stuffy nose you now had and patted your back. His lips stayed there until you pulled yourself back. 

“You good now baby?” he asks as you nod lightly “come on lets watch something happy. You like 19-Nineteen right?” he asked as you nodded again. “It’s a good movie” you told him ”I know TOP and Seungri-” “no no your movie Kyungsoo you did amazing” you told him as he gave you a smile. “Thank you jagi” he whispered as he pulled you to lay down.

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Okay I really like how the other react to gencer (couldnt remember how to spell the other name... -.-') Can we find out how Zenyatta and Soldier 76 react? After all Zenyatta is Genji's sensei and if Tracer and Genji were together it would be within workplace and some places don't approve of that, so what would the boss (76) think about it?

Zenyatta now, 76 after

I like to think Genji found a lot of comfort in good ol’ Zeny after his traumatic ordeal and found peace with himself and became whole, but Zenyatta’s job was done and he needed to share his love and wisdom with those who sought and needed it……I want Widowmaker to be one of Zenyatta’s pupils too!

Request: 76, Genji, zenyatta and McCree comforting a friend and/or S/O who suddenly lost a beloved pet?

@iamanemotionaltimebomb, here you go! I hope you like it. If you have any questions, message me.

Soldier 76:

• He found out through D.Va as she was your best friend. He’d ask her why you have been so distant lately, and it would be a shock to him that something like that made you so upset. (Also, imagine that it brings up old memories of a pet from his childhood, and he automatically knows what to do).

• He’d come to find you and he would hug you the moment he saw you. His comfort would be what you’d expect, but it would help.

• He might cuddle with you if he’s your S/O because he wants to try and console you. Soldier 76 might take a bit to get comfortable, but he will stay with you as long as possible.

• He might offer to get you a new pet, but he only will if you tell him yes. Otherwise, he won’t bring it up again until you’re ready. He understands that you can’t replace such a beloved pet.

• If you’re his friend, he’ll find an alternative way to comfort you, and that might include training with him to keep you distracted. Also, walks would be a thing to also keep your mind off of it.


• Though he may not understand entirely, Zenyatta would comfort you without a problem.

• He would have you meditate with him as a way to clear your mind, but he may also talk to you about it if you wanted to.

• If you’re his S/O, he would find a way to cuddle you, but it wouldn’t be the most comfortable. Even then, he would do it if you wanted. It would usually result in him coming as close to the ground as possible, and you would “sit” in his lap. Also, expect a lot of forehead “kisses”

• If you’re his friend, he’d definitely meditate with you.

• Also, one thing he’d do is take you to the forest and show you the beauties of nature. He’d have you spend time with the animals and just let you get calm. He wants you to know that he is there for you, even if he doesn’t fully understand the situation.


• Genji, in my opinion, is an affectionate person. So, when he finds out about the loss of your pet, he’d be there to comfort you.

• He’d hold you as much as humanly possible until you shoved him off. This goes for both you as an S/O and a friend.

• Like Zenyatta, he would probably meditate with you if you asked him to. He’d do anything he could to make you happy again.

• Genji would take you out, no matter the situation. Whether it’d be to go for ice cream or just to walk, he wouldn’t care. He wants you to be happy.

• This boy would probably bring you another pet he found on the streets just to make you smile again.


• Once again, I imagine McCree also knowing how it feels to lose a pet close to him.

• Being affectionate, he would also cuddle you all day. But he’d also have you talk to him about it. If you have pictures, he’d flip through them, and you would tell him all about your pet.

• If you’re his friend, it wouldn’t be much different from what he’d do if you were his S/O. He’d tell you all about his pet from when he was a child (because he probably did have one).

• McCree would also be the one to bring you another pet. Though he knows that you can’t replace a beloved friend, he would do it to make you happy again.

• Also, he would shower you in love. He would take every second to make sure you know you’re not alone. Universal Wishlist for Sarah Dean.

So earlier in the year I circulated this post which was about my current financial situation going into uni, and how I’m going to struggle unless I can find a job. A lot of people donated, which I’m grateful for, but I completely understand if people are cautious about giving money. This is what I hope is a compromise for those people who want to give money but are scared to or worried about what it’ll actually be spent on. Here’s my amazon wishlist. Some of the stuff I’ve added is purely to make my life more comfortable while living away, such as books and DVDs, but some are clothes and shoes, which I desperately need. I would be insanely grateful if you could buy me even one of these items. There are no words to express how much you would have helped me even if it seems small. 

I am also willing to write a story of up to 3,000 words for you, fanfiction or with original characters, as long as it falls within what I’m comfortable writing, in exchange for one or a few items off this list. Seriously, it would mean the world to me. 


Shallura Week // Day One - Discovery

A drabble loosely based off of the Discovery prompt for Shallura week.

Words: 844

Rated: K+

They are not whole, neither of them, but they find comfort in the sleepless nights spent together staring at the stars through the viewport of the lounge.

“It’s lonely, sometimes,” she whispers into her drink. Their conversations are disjointed and punctuated by long silences in between, but not for a lack of things to say—they just need someone to listen to them, sit with them, not respond or offer solutions. “Looking out into space and knowing that there is nobody else like Coran or I out there.”

He looks down at his right arm, steel and unfeeling and not entirely his to control, and thinks he knows something about what she’s feeling.

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Rusame ideas

Because i can’t write happy fluffy things i will ask you guys with my whole being to write this pls!

Write some cute fluffy rusame!
Write rusame where their egos are big and get in the way yet everyday they find a reason to love the other even more!
Write rusame where they work, face real issues and pass through boring yet normal things that make them realise how similar they are.
Write about how their culture sometimes gets in the way, makes them fight yet they try to use the human knowledge to keep them from falling apart.
Write them comforting each other when no one sees. Small little things that are only theirs.
Write rusame as equals in a relationship that proves the world wrong, just as they want, and proves that the compromises and human side of a nation also create happiness in a world that keeps trying to keep them apart.

Write rusame where they struggle with mortality and domestically while trying to hold on their country, themselves and their love.

Write rusame as realistic individuals who face ordinary problems yet solve them and grow through that. With each other.

I know I am asking for something quite unreal in the world we live but I really need some hopeful aus and stories with my OTP.

I kind of feel like I and many other people have been sleeping on Martin Stein and Cisco Ramon’s friendship. Stein was the first one (of the good guys) to find out about Cisco’s powers and he comforted Cisco about them. They’ve got their major nerd moments together, and Stein can keep up with the meta human naming. Also Cisco seemed to be the most worried about Stein when he was having those shitty side effects from Ronnie’s death. Not to mention the fact that when Stein was hallucinating in the hands of the Soviets, they used the image of Cisco to try to get Martin to talk, probably because Cisco may be his most positive association with Star Labs, which is cute. He also knew Cisco well enough to be able to tell that the one he was “talking” to was a fake. Stein and Cisco are homies, guys. I hope writers don’t forget about this friendship. 

Hello shipmates!

This list contains hidden treasures buried within our fandom. Writers and their stories waiting to be found. To be read. To be spread. These gems deserve to shine. Happy reading!

Salt Water Soothes the Soul by @ltb16​ - (53/?) [Tumblr | FF]

Her life hadn’t been easy but she always found some comfort when she was near the water. Now Emma Swan lives in a tiny resort town, enjoying small town life. Killian Jones recently lost his brother and wanted a new start. When he meets Emma in a random encounter, he finds himself wanting more. Will these two allow the salt water to sooth their souls?

Until I Met You by @hookslovelyswan​ - (11/?) [Tumblr | AO3 | FF]

College Freshman Emma Nolan has no love for poetry, and not even her hot Lit. professor, Killian Jones, can make her understand it. Yet as she receives a series of mysterious notes and presents, understanding unfolds in her heart, & she falls in love with the stranger sending them. But to whom does her heart belong? And will her romance end in happiness or sorrow?

A Road Trip Thing by @zengoalie - (4/?) [Tumblr | AO3 | FF]

College student Emma, hitches a ride from the campus ride board to head to the west coast for her winter break. Needless to say Killian Jones was one of the last people she’d want to share a ride with.

What’s in Front of You by @colinodonewithyouu - (6/?) [Tumblr | AO3 | FF]

Emma & Killian have been best friends since they were little. Emma has always had a crush on Killian while Killian’s been too blind to her feelings and maybe his as well. Maybe he’ll notice once he sees his older brother Liam likes her as well.

She’s from Boston by @featheredpirate - (1/?) [Tumblr | FF]

For Killian Jones, escaping to a tropical island was just what he needs to heal old wounds. However, the girl he meets from Boston, well, she’s probably just what he needs too.

Sheila Recommends… | Spotlight on… | Sheila’s Aesthetics | Hidden Treasures |
Fic Flashback | One-Shot Heaven

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Say do you find comfort in listening to music? If so would you mind to share smth that you find comforting? I am feeling a bit down tbh and thought maybe music would help. . .

Sometimes. It depends in how bad i feel. Mostly, the whole “Wolf’s Rain” soundtrack soothes me a lot, maybe some “To the moon” too. I’ll leave some of my favourite ones here for you. I hope it helps.

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Murasakibara and Midorin fighting over the same girl! I get so excited whenever you post stuff! ^_^/

It’s raining! YAY MY WISH WAS GRANTED >w< YATTTAAAAA! I am a bit disposed towards rain… sorry… please enjoy, btw!  thank you for requesting~

Solitude is nice.

It’s raining outside, pleasantly drowning out the low din of the cute coffee place you are currently at. It is a bit drafty, but the comfortable jacket around your shoulders along with the warmth from the coffee mug proves to be a sufficient source of heat. You smile, basking in the lovely weather as you take a slow sip of your coffee.

Solitude is indeed lovely.

“Nn… [Name]-chin… what’re you doing here? Stuck in the rain…?”

It is not, however, long-lived.

“Murasakibara-san,” you say, surprised to find him in Tokyo, “no, I’ve been sitting here a while, actually…”

He does not reply, but looks at you a bit sullenly, inexplicably blushing despite the cool weather. He fidgets with the sizable paper bag (evidently containing several different types of pastry from the café) as he considers you, pouting slightly, and this movement makes the plastic bag of sweets hanging from his arm crinkle and shake gently.

A moment of silence passes between you two, and you blink, perturbed. “U-Um, would you like to sit with me, Murasakibara-san?”

You asked this purely out of courtesy, partly not to be rude and partly because the giant is just standing there, staring at you without saying a word, and it is, frankly speaking, quite bewildering. But it must have been exactly what he wanted, because the words had barely escaped your lips when he, almost as fast as he moved on the basketball court (you have definitely never seen him make such an abrupt and sharp movement anywhere else), sinks down into the chair in front of you immediately, still wearing the grumpy expression from before. His blush has intensified, and he seems to be more interested in the rain splattering against the window adjacent to your table rather than you.

“So, um, what brings you to Tokyo?” You smile good-naturedly. “Don’t tell me you came all the way here just to buy those pastries…” And he would, too.

“Nn… we had a friendly match with one of the schools here…” he yawns, as if the effort of speaking itself tires him out, and then immediately returns to scowling petulantly, “Muro-chin has something to do by himself… so I came here, and now I’m stuck…”

His cheeks are darkening in color with every word, and you, a bit alarmed, inquire him of it. “Murasakibara-san… are you okay? You look a bit red…”

He does not reply, but instead furrows his eyebrows together and clenches his fingers tightly on the plastic bag in his hands. “Say… [Name]-chin… d’you wanna come here sometime?”

You blink. “We’re here now, Murasakibara-san…”

The bell on the door jingles as it opens, admitting someone in. You are pleasantly distracted from the matter at hand by the roar of the rain as it pours, and curiously wonder who would be silly enough to brave the elements just to come to the café.

“No, [Name]-chin…” Murasakibara continues presently, and you are forced to turn your attention to him as the new arrival (whom you cannot see properly due to him having the hood of his raincoat up over his hair) makes haste towards the counter, “like… like a…”

Your cheeks flush with color as well, understanding his implication. “Like a date?” You ask uncertainly.

The purple-haired boy looks more sullen still, but he is about to respond when he is suddenly interrupted by the person who previously entered the café: who you now see, due to him having his hood down, is a certain Midorima Shintarou. His face is a dangerous level of crimson as he flips his face back and forth between you and Murasakibara.

“[N-Name],” he says a bit breathlessly, stonily ignoring his teammate, whose expression has also soured immensely upon the former’s arrival, “I-I thought I would come and greet you, nanodayo.”

“O-Oh, Midorima-san,” you say, a bit overwhelmed by the situation, “did you come all the way here in the rain?”

He lifts his palm meaningfully, showcasing the Russian doll sitting in it. “This is my lucky item, nanodayo.” He explains, flushing slightly. “This café is the only place within my knowledge that sells this to the public.”

You nod apprehensively, observing the rising tension between him and the boy sitting in front of you, not quite knowing what to do. Midorima realizes that he must have interrupted something private, for his eyebrows unknot in understanding, and the perpetual scowl on his face deepens.

“A-Are you two on a date, nanodayo?” He asks, trying to keep his expression impassive and consequently failing at it. “N-Not that it bothers me or anything, nanodayo!”

“N-No, actually”— you try to assure, but Murasakibara cuts in.

“You’re being annoying, Mido-chin…” he says grumpily, “go away…”

Midorima pushes up his glasses loftily, finally paying some attention to his teammate. “I did not realize I was speaking to you, Murasakibara.

The giant in question yawns, though it couldn’t have been plainer from his face that he is extremely ticked. “Oh, shut up, Mido-chin… you’re a pain…”

Your eyes widen when Midorima’s eyes flash angrily, and he scowls furiously at his former teammate before ignoring him and responding – a bit fervently – to you, instead.

“I-I am actually here to give you something, [Name].”

He extracts a [lucky item for your sign] and hands it over to you, and you, extremely bewildered, take it with a gentle word of thanks as a livid Murasakibara watches on – if looks could kill, Midorima would have been six feet under for cert.

“Oha Asa says that people of [your sign] might face difficult situations today, so I decided to make things a bit easier for you and get you your lucky item in case of a dangerous predicament, nanodayo.” He chatters on unnecessary, but you smile good-naturedly at him, genuinely pleased by his concern, making him scowl harder. “N-Not that I care, nanodayo.”

Murasakibara scowls. “If you don’t care, Mido-chin… just leave…”

“What did you say, nanodayo?”

“I said… leave…”

He gets up from his seat and gives you a meaningful look, as if the conversation you two had been having prior to being interrupted isn’t over yet. He hesitates for a moment, but then places the entire bag of sweets on his sleeve atop your table – making you widen your eyes in shock, because you have never seen him give so much as a sour mint to anyone else – and frowns at a similarly shocked Midorima before making to leave the café. You hadn’t noticed it, but the rain had slowed to a drizzle.

“You can have this, [Name]-chin… food is way better than a stupid [lucky item] anyway…”

Midorima fires up heatedly. “W-What are you implying, nanodayo? I am not pursuing [Name] romantically, if that is what you mean by my giving her the lucky item! I-I am simply concerned for her wellbeing, which is more than I can say for you!” He eyes the bag of junk food distastefully. “If you truly have her best interests at heart, you would not do something so crass, nanodayo!”

You sit there in the crossfire, speechless and unsure of how to react. How on earth does one react in a situation like this?

“F-Fate has decreed us compatible, nanodayo.”

“Nn… [Name]-chin… wanna go out with me…?”

Part One: You Can’t Make Me Do This. (On the Head of a Pin S04E16)

Useful Links: Last Part | All Episodes
Word Count: 4,642.
A/N: I’ve been lowkey stressing a bit over the content of this episode. As I say with some episodes that get graphic, reading it might be different from watching it. So I am warning you all ahead that part two and three are going to be mentions torture and other content that you might not feel comfortable with reading. However, this part is tame, just filled with some angsty stuff. I hope you guys enjoy!

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Imagine mabel dragging stan to watch SU’s Mindful education

Imagine Stan bawling when the episode finished and Mabel trying to comfort him

Imagine Mabel shocked and dumbfounded after finding out it wasn’t stan who was crying, but Bill

Imagine Ford walking in on Mabel confused and panicked and Ford sent Mabel to her room so he could have a little talk with ‘his former muse’

Imagine Bill being a tsundere and Ford having to convince him into saying what the heck was wrong because it isn’t like Bill to cry over anything in general

Imagine Bill confessing to Ford all the shit he had gone through as a young flatlander and how he destroyed his dimension in self defense because he was to be executed for preaching about the 3rd Dimension and he didn’t want to die.

Imagine Ford finally understanding why Bill was acting the way he is and is reminded of Rick so he kinda just wanna comfort Bill because why would you give up on someone who has a chance to change.


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do you have any advice for those trying to find their art styles? i'm one of them. :c

Mm…I honestly struggle a lot with my own art style because I always feel like it’s generic (as you can how it changes from time to time lol)

But I don’t have a definite answer for this. What you can do is experiment with an artist style you like and change it up (I’ve been told my style is like yuu watase mixed with arina tanemura lol). Eventually, you’ll find a style that you feel comfortable with.

And also…believe it or not, each artist has a distinct style even if they don’t realize it.

The disability advocacy place I found apparently helps people find housing. I’m not on many lists, unfortunately. I don’t really feel safe or comfortable going to my clinic, but I probably have to. I’m genuinely afraid that they will come in and break something when they know I’m at an appointment so they have reason to evict me. I know how silly that sounds, but you should have heard how she was talking. I don’t want to meet her without a third person present.

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I hope with all the goodness coming your way you'll be able to find a job you'll be more comfortable with in the future <3 good luck Pham towards your new adventure!

Thanks anon! Just like I told my current boss I want something more professional where people respect me and don’t act like they’re in high school. Tbh when the team lead stalked me into the beak room I knew it was time to leave LOL. Gotta be like Shepard and go

if a bunny doesnt have a bond-mate and you give them enough attention and love they will sometimes bond to you, which happened with violet. i used to wake up to her staring at me and literally as soon as i lifted my head she would start to get excited, hopping around in circles as if to say “you’re up you’re up you’re up!” after having her for awhile i felt comfortable letting her snuggle up with me in bed, and i would sometimes doze off and wake up ~twenty minutes later and find her still lying next to me, not even necessarily asleep, just content to be with me.