And I find comfort in that..

Headcanon that, after the finals, Victor and Yuuri notice that Yurio is on his phone a lot (and SMILING AT THE SCREEN!) and - after some snooping - they discover that he’s texting back and forth with Otabek.

Victor:  He’s too old for you!
Yuuri:  Victor, they’re not even three years apart. It’s less than our age diff-
Victor:  Alright, but he needs to come by the house so we can meet him properly.
Yuuri:  We already know him.
Victor:  We know him as Otabek Altin the skater, not Otabek Altin our son’s boyfriend.
Yuuri:  Well, maybe we can invite him to Yu-topia for a long weekend?

On Yurio’s phone:
Otabek:  Are you okay? That last text looked like you mashed the keyboard.
Yurio:  I’m fine.
*long pause*
Yurio:  Have you ever had katsudon?

They’re not dating (yet - Yurio is more concerned with finding himself and feeling comfortable in his own skin) but he wouldn’t mind his good friend coming to visit.

Cold Nights and Comforting Cuddles

Pairings: Newt Scamander x Reader
Notes: I’m like freezing right now, so I thought it appropriate to make something kinda fluffy and sweet.
Warnings: Nothing really, just fluff.
Word Count:533

Originally posted by eddie-redmayne

“I-I just don’t see h-how it got this c-cold so quickly.” You shivered, rubbing your hands together before you reached blindly for a box of matches on the countertop.

“Here.” Newts gentle voice called out from behind you, and suddenly a veil of warmth was placed over you. Looking down at your shoulders, you saw a glimpse of that soft, thick fabric that you knew so well to be Newts very own jacket. Giving him a small nod, you turned back to your task at hand, quickly lighting three candles and placing them on the table and counter. Once that once finished, and you had some sense of sight in the darkened room, you turned back to Newt, a grateful smile on your lips.

“T-thanks.” You nodded thankfully at him again, but even though the jacket did relieve some of the coldness clouded around your flat, goosebumps still littered your skin. The frosty air nipped sharply at your skin and nose, turning it a light hue of pink as you stood there.

“It’s no problem.” Newts hands found themselves resting on your shoulders, soothingly rubbing up and down your arms to get the blood circulating again before he pulled you into a warming hug. “I’ve managed to light a fire in the other room. We could go in there, it would probably be a more lot warmer.”

You quickly nodded in agreement at his statement, and wrapping your own arms tightly around his waist, you both shuffled into the living room. “Here we go.” Mumbled Newt, briefly removing his arms from around your shivering body to fall on to the couch. You shortly followed behind him, nuzzling deep into his side as he threw an arm around your shoulders again to pull you deeper into his embrace.

“W-why did the power h-have to go out?” You grumbled, burying your face into Newts shoulder as you pulled his jacket over the two of you. “A-and it had to b-be during the winter time.” Newt chuckled a bit at this, rubbing your shoulders again as he leaned his head gently against yours.

“Who knows.” He replied shortly, pressing his face into your hair and sucking in a short breath to inhale the comforting scent. “Are you feeling any warmer?” He asked, shuffling just a bit in his spot to get more comfortable, and pulling you with him.

The two of you were still situated in front of the fireplace, the blazing heat glowing in front of you. Your legs had wounded up in Newts lap, while your were leaning comfortably against his chest, trying to bathe in his warmth. With his arms wrapped around you and his head resting against your own, you two were the perfect mass of warm tangled blankets and jackets.

“Yeah.” You nodded in reply, titling your head to smile up at him as he looked back down to you shortly to return the smile. “Thank you, Newt.”

Leaning down just a bit, Newts lips grazed your temple gently in a sweet kiss. “Don’t worry.” His voice echoed quietly in your ears, sounding almost like a whisper. “I’ll be here for you, always.”

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If you're comfortable with it, prompt 1 where the reader was previously in an abusive relationship but Newt helps them to learn to trust people again?

1: “I will never, ever, hurt you”


I did this instead of my calc homework for you guys, so enjoy ;) (but not too much)

[Also I’m trying out different writing styles, so here’s a very different one.]


You stared back at your reflection in the mirror, but you didn’t look at your eyes. You didn’t dare. Instead, you counted the spaces where bruises use to be. First as normal flesh, then to black and blue, then a sickly yellow, and then back to a normal flesh. But they never disappeared. You looked at the dark bags under your eyes. You knew they were just from your nightmares. Those weren’t actual bruises, and they couldn’t hurt you. He couldn’t hurt you.

That didn’t stop you from waking up every morning to check.

Every morning you woke up to count the bruises, never forgetting where each and every one had been placed.

Every morning you woke up extremely paranoid that nothing between last year and now had been real.

Every morning you woke up in fear that Newt wasn’t waiting for you in your bed, but your old boyfriend, ready to beat you senseless for even dreaming of someone like Newt to come and save you.

You touched your eye again, waiting to recoil from the sudden pain. But it didn’t come.

You had to keep telling yourself that the bruises couldn’t hurt you, because they weren’t there. But it was hard. It was too hard to suddenly not be terrified of every decision you made, or every step you took. Around him, you couldn’t be yourself, so you had forgotten who that even was. Of course it wasn’t going to be easy to get that back, so you had to do this every morning.

But every morning it just got harder.

You tried to look yourself in the eye, but you were afraid you would see the girl you were a year ago. So you didn’t.

You just kept staring back at your reflection in the mirror, but you didn’t look at your eyes.

You didn’t dare.

“(Y/N)” a groggy voice called from the bedroom. You had left a crack in the bathroom door, just so you had a little bit of Newt to keep yourself calm. He was calling you, go to him.

“I’m alright, I’m coming back to bed” you reply automatically, more like a machine than a girl.

But you didn’t move.

Then, you heard the bedsprings squeak under the shift of weight, and the floorboards creak under his feet.

You should really get that fixed.

“What’s the matter?” you saw him appear out of the corner of your eye, but your eyes were focused on yourself in the mirror. Not the eyes.

“I’m thinking” you replied, not quite lying.

“About?” his reply was almost instantaneous. You had upset him, he would be furious with you for keeping the truth, anyone would.

You should’ve known better, you shouldn’t think for yourself. You should be punished.

“Nothing. I’m sorry” you said quickly, and your eyes immediately fell from your reflection, and surprisingly enough, into the sink. How appropriate.

He immediately shifted off of the door frame, sympathy evident in his eyes.

“Don’t apologize, what’s going on?”

“I need to…I-” Your voice cracked, and the rest of your sentence died in your throat. You felt tears start to well up in your eyes, terrifying you even more.

What was happening to you? You were doing so well?

He can’t hurt you, Newt won’t hurt you. Then why were you shaking?

Repeat after me, he can’t hurt you.

“…can’t hurt me” you recited out loud, causing Newt to rush over to you and take your hands, but your gaze was still fixated on the sink.

Can’t hurt you…can’t hurt you…

“Can’t hurt me”

“(Y/N) what’s going on y-you’re scaring me”

Tears began to cascade down your cheeks, but you weren’t sobbing. There were no choking sounds and no gasping for breath, just an emotionless waterfall of tears, making their way onto the tiled floor.

You didn’t say anything else, you just let the tears fall.

You felt like you were shattering, like all the progress you had just made was for nothing, absolutely nothing.

You almost forgot Newt was standing in front of you, rubbing your hands furiously and begging you to look at him. You gave your attention back to your new boyfriend, your poor naive boyfriend who didn’t have a single idea about any of this.

It almost made you smile, the fact that there are lives without those memories, the fact that some will never have to stare at themselves in the mirror for hours to assure themselves that they’re safe.

“(Y/N) please look at me. Who can’t hurt you? Are you in danger?”

You couldn’t answer, you could barely move.

“(Y/N)…you’re not telling me something here…but I promise, whoever is haunting you, or whoever you think is endangering you, I will protect you, or at least I’ll try. You don’t have to be afraid, and you have to know that I will never, ever hurt you.” He was stumbling over his words, trying to say anything that will get you to see him.

He’s right, listen to him.

“Never hurt me” you said, barely above a whisper.

“Right, r-right I will never hurt you. Now, please, will you look at me, because I don’t know what to do. I deal better with creatures, we both know that.” he nervously chuckled, and you smiled. That was something your old boyfriend would never say. You felt your hands stop trembling.

He realized that he made you relax, and kept talking.

“Y-yes, have I told you what the Niffler did yesterday? Got out of his nest and completely destroyed my workshop. Swooping Evils were everywhere, it was a catastrophe.”

You didn’t understand why, but your heart rate slowed.

“And the murtlap decided he wanted to join in on this party we had going on, so he tried to get into the spice cabinet, everything was a mess by that point, but I’m just getting started.”

You felt the tension leave your body, and you leaned into Newt’s figure.

“Tell me more” you said, causing his heart to skip in excitement.

He continued to tell you more stories of the case, and more tales of his many creatures, and you felt the world fall away.

For some reason, the countless mornings of getting yourself to calm down in the mirror paled in comparison by these small acts of affection from Newt.

He was so strange, so different from your old boyfriend. Newt celebrated being unique, hell, he was the most unique person you had ever met. It made you feel further from yourself last year than ever. Because you had never felt safe like this, and you never thought you would.

So you placed your ear to his chest, wrapping your arms around his torso, feeling it rise and fall from his breathing.

You could keep counting the bruises, and having the nightmares, those wouldn’t go away.

But maybe if you let yourself trust your new boyfriend, and let yourself trust that he won’t let anything bad happen to you, then you might be okay.

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If you could write the episode, how would you write that all the dramatic irony that Lucas said about Maya, be solved?

In a perfect world, I’d like it to happen like this.

Maya sees Josh on a date with a girl he’s met at college and she’s thrown by it. Obviously, they’ve always been in it for the long game and “someday”. It’s never been about “right now”, but it’s never really hit her…the reality of what that means, until she sees him with someone else. 

And Lucas sees it too, or maybe he finds out on his own. Either way, he knows what’s happened and he tries to comfort Maya (albeit a little awkwardly at first) and it turns into one of those, “You deserve better than that”, kind of moments. And Maya’s not much for listening to him or even letting him try and comfort her because they’ve grown kind of distant, but that just sort of makes him try harder, to get his point across. 

And eventually, as Maya has the propensity to make Lucas do, he gets pretty passionate about what he’s saying (think Creativity kinda outburst) and it morphs into, “You’re a wonderful person Maya because a, b, c, d, and e” and in a flurry he lists all the things he said about why he liked her during the non-triangle arc (the way she cares, her selflessness, her humor, etc.) and he ends it with something about how she’s beautiful inside and out (what up Creativity & True Maya callbacks).

And Maya’s just kind of stunned, like wtf? And it takes Lucas a minute to realize what he’s said and there’s an awkwardness that sort of hangs between them for a minute before she says “Thanks” and one of them dips out because “wtf was that about”. 

Clear the way for the inevitable fallout in episodes to come in which they have to confront all the stuff Lucas has just said.

So…yeah. That’s my headcanon, in which I may or may not have gotten a bit carried away. 

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Gravestone gives me such strong Hannigram season 1 vibes...Just, ugh live it

They do have very similar power dynamics (vulnerable young man with powerful older man who has a damning secret).

First, Will and Credence both have the ‘sad puppy who just wants to be loved and cuddled’ thing going for them. 

I mean

look at them looking to their respective older gentleman friend for guidance/reassurance

they’re just so precious (sad adorable puppies).

Both are unstable and repressing certain desires and traits, and who look to an older man in position of authority for not just a stable foundation to find some relief from the chaos, but also for friendship and intimacy they’ve never experienced before. Seeking comfort from a world that has shunned their true natures.

And both, once they’ve realized they’d been lied to, seeking a murderous reckoning with the power shifting in their favor.

Something I noticed in this scene: 

As we know, Queenie is in a slip, but doesn’t seem to mind. I mean, she gets dressed right in front of Jacob, who is staring at her. BUT while she is getting dressed, did you guys notice that Tina goes to the clothes by the fire and removes all her slips drying? Only the slips. She leaves the other clothes. It’s a small detail, but I love that the filmmakers paid that level of attention to detail, and I love how that detail shows the contrast between these two characters: Queenie is comfortable being in a slip in front of men, Tina is embarrassed that hers are even out.

I find both adorable.


Stephen “Stevie” Leung (By @general-cowplant​)

Twenty-Four year old Stephen Leung leads a double-life. By day he’s a shop floor assistant for Bloom Brothers department store in the menswear section. “If they paid above minimum wage, I’d be quite happy,” Stephen admitted. “I love dressing the mannequins and there’s something fantastic about all the different textures, colours and patterns of clothing.”

“Some people complain about jobs with such low profiles where you just serve the public; but I find it’s great for material. You can people watch a lot on my job and I’ve always been a big believer of enjoying what you do, whatever you’re doing.”

By night, however, he leaves all that behind him and runs for the open mic at the Snicker Shack, a local comedy club. “I practically live at that club. It’s where I feel most comfortable. I can be myself and crack all the jokes I like and it’s okay to be a little crazy there. People expect it.

“I don’t do the swearing that a lot of other comedians do, though. I think it’s dreadful. Filthy language isn’t funny, or witty at all; it’s just crude. I do a lot of different kinds of humour; but that I’ll never do.

“I wouldn’t say I’m a prude either though. I’m not above pranks or even the odd bit of toilet humour. I just don’t like certain words.”

“As much as I love my job at Bloom Brothers, I’d love to make it into the big time and go full on comedian. Hopefully I can catch a break with Big Brother and at least get my name and face out there – although of course I will be playing to win.”

“Help me, Big Brother! Take me away from all this!”

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I know you answered a similar ask and said ivy invented the sex pollen to give herself a sex drive but could I get confirmation that someone ace who 100% does not want sex wouldn't have too if they got whammied?

Most people who get whammied just find somewhere private to masturbate unless they were looking for an excuse to bang, and anyone not comfortable doing that can just deal and be uncomfortable until it wears off (like Batman had originally planned to do, and did for quite a while).

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I cant find your masterpost on my Tablet.. Can you put the links somewhere so its easier to find? I love your writing and enjoy it so much..

Thank you soo much! Of course! xoxo thanks for the wait so I could get it all together! The BOLD writing will be your link!

KBTBB- Billionaire Probs.
KBTBB- Mafia Probs.
KBTBB- Detective Probs.
KBTBB: Thief Probs
KBTBB: Artist Probs

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The Supercorp domesticity post was so cute! Amazing job. I would love if you would do Maggie and Alex.

okay only doing one list bc i have supercorp writing priorities and these posts can get LONG

  • big spoon/little spoon: littlest spoon maggie sawyer, as if it could be any other way. alex loves holding her, is always touching her when they’re together but when they’re in bed alex clings a little because maggie smells so nice and having her pressed up against alex’s front makes alex feel all warm and fuzzy. but also maggie finds alex up against her back to be very comforting.
  • favorite non-sexual activity: SOLVING NON-ALIEN CASES, which alex doesn’t really get to help with officially but maggie brings her work home all the time forever and alex steals her case files as soon as she sees them. i mean maggie does already have a partner but alex is so much more useful and a lot prettier especially when she’s walking around the apartment in her pjs waxing on about a suspect’s flimsy alibi.
  • who uses all the hot water: maggie, she has a lot of hair okay, it takes a while to wash it but also she uses hot showers to de-stress after rough days at work. alex also does that sometimes but she lets maggie get first dibs because a beer does just as well. plus maggie enjoys tipsy alex so it’s a win-win scenario.
  • most trivial thing they fight over: alex’s penchant for take out food probably. alex is not a cook, she is an eater and all her regular take out places know her order by heart so when she’s feeling lazy or having a shitty day she gets take out which maggie just doesn’t understand. how can a woman so smart be so bad at cooking??? “it’s a science, alex. you’re a nerd, you like learning, learn how to cook.”

Keep reading

I just chatted with a homeless man who at some point asked me if I had a boyfriend; and when I replied with “no” I guess he put two and two together and asked if I have a girlfriend. He gave me the brightest smile when I answered with “Yeah!” , adding that he was happy for me,,

I hope he finds Comfort and Happiness soon because he made my fckng day.

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I know you're ask box is closed...but I just found Out that my mom may have cancer. Can I please request some McCree comforting his s/o? If you can't I understand.

no no no of course! i’m so sorry that you had to get news of that! :c

  • He wouldn’t know why his S/O is sad all of a sudden, they were just fine the other day though! What could have possibly gotten to them to make them so upset?

  • When the gunslinger finds out the reason, he immediately becomes somber. Now he understands, especially since it’s with a family member. He knows of the pain they’re feeling.

  • Jesse would bring them into his arms and hold them for a while, his S/O needs it especially for such a devastating case.

  • That would also lead to a bunch of cuddling with his S/O, and just spending his time with them. This is one of the moments his S/O needs him the most, and he’s willing to do so.

  • It’s rare for someone to survive from cancer, and he’ll have to prepare for the worst, even if in the end that their family member will be okay. Jesse knows this.

  • The cowboy doesn’t tell that to his S/O though, because they don’t need any more negativity at this time. Positivity is what they need the most.

  • Their family member’s strong, they’ll make it through, Jesse always has that mindset as well, no matter what else he thinks.

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18. “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” w our ray of sunshine, pls and thank 💖💖

yes hi hello fun fact i love ray a lot and i have a lot of feelings

@shayara @darth-summers

It’s not an easy thing to stand so bare in front of someone for the first time. There’s an intimacy of displaying all the flaws and imperfections that cover your body to him. You’re not sure what he would possibly think but your gut curls into taunt knots as you begin to untie the knot on your robe’s belt.

He’s lied out on the bed, squirming and trying to find a position that feels natural and comfortable but that stops when he sees you fiddling with the knot.

“You don’t have to.” He says, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and standing up to face you.

“But I want to, Ray. I need to…” you let out a breath of frustration as you fail to untangle the knot. 

Your heart does flips when he stands up and comes to stand in front of you in all his glory, something he never understood. You don’t think he could ever know how much you love him, the way that he made you finally feel at home with yourself. 

“You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” he whispers, hands coming down over yours, pushing them away from the know. “Nothing could possibly change that. No amount of years and no number on a scale could change how I feel about you.”

You feel the fabric of the robe fall from your shoulders and land in a pile around your feet. Your eyes flutter shut when his large hands roam over your naked body, stroking over stretch marks and and imperfections.

“Absolutely beautiful.”

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I'm. Okay. I haven't really thought about how they'd interact but. I just think aesthetically it would be cute to consider trans girl oikawa and trans boy kenma. They'd have someone to relate to and get comfort from. Again, not sure how they'd actually interact but like. Just consider them pls. Idk but I just really like trans girl oikawa lately. (Both of them specifically trans, not a gender bend or w/e to make it straight) (raccoon)

yeah yeah i can get on board with this!!

I think their interactions will be the sweetest and softest thing ever!! once Oikawa finds out they’re both trans, she makes sure that Kenma is always comfortable when they’re together as well as when they’re in public

Also she’s pleasantly surprised that Kenma is actually quite affectionate and tactile when he wants to be, even if it’s not often. He’d place soft kisses into Oikawa’s hair when she can’t be strong for the both anymore and tells her that that’s why they have each other <33

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hi!!!:D how about Chuuya and a s/o who can play the piano? (Hope you don't mind)

Hello! Nope I don’t mind at all! This one might be a little short, though!

Chuuya had no idea why you invited him to a piano recital, but you were pretty adamant about it so he agreed to go.

He tapped his foot impatiently, looking at his watch every so often as he waited for you to arrive. He sighed, knowing that the performance was going to start in fifteen minutes time; and it wasn’t like you to be so late.

Before he could imagine the worst possible scenario, he received a text message from you. “I’ll be late so go on without me first! (^ω^)” Sighing again, Chuuya made his way into the concert hall alone.

After finding his seat, he looked around frequently, hoping to see you somewhere. He wasn’t comfortable with sitting alone; with all these artsy people around him talking about things he didn’t really understand.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats as the performance will begin in two minutes.” A male voice spoke from the speakers; instantly, everyone began to sit down, whispering apologies to strangers for stepping on their feet.

Crossing his arms, Chuuya let out a huff of realisation when he saw the doors close. He was going to watch this alone until the break which was in an hour. Deciding to just accept his fate, the Mafia member look ahead at the grand piano on stage.

The lights dimmed and a very familiar person in a stunning dress walked to the instrument. Chuuya’s eyes widened in surprise as he watched you adjust the seat and smile at the audience before placing your fingers on the keys.

The audience applauded for a few moments and you began. Your nimble fingers moving smoothly across the black and white keys as you played a fast paced song.

Chuuya felt chills go down his spine as he listened to the beautiful sounds that came from the piano you played.

He swore you never looked more beautiful than when you played the piano.

Some days I feel particularly ugly worthless and inadequate I think myself into a migraine n I don’t sleep for 2 days and yet ppl around me don’t take it seriously at all. Not that I care about what they think or have to say but it makes me rage when I hear these phrases over and over again: OH I FEEL BAD ABT MYSELF SOMETIMES TOO!!! OH IT’LL PASS IT HAPPENS! STOP PUTTING YOURSELF DOWN!

No you’re annoying me even more by telling me you relate or that everyone has “one of those days” you prob have good intentions and trying to find ways to comfort me. In turn, that makes me feel worse about myself cos I feel “ungrateful” for not accepting kindness from others so I just smile and say thank u! I’ll feel better soon!

It’s not a fucking phase. I’ve felt this way since I was 5! It’s crippling! it affects my day to day, it affects my physical health, I blame my appearance whenever I encounter any remotely bad experiences! It’s debilitating!!

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hi there!! so i noticed that you have a cleancore tag, but i don't quite understand what it is?? do you have an explanation for it at all? it's fine if you don't btw!!

It’s an aesthetic based on cleanliness! So it’s mostly pictures of soap, detergents, water, cleaning utensils like sponges and squeegees, rubber gloves, soap suds, clean and fully organized rooms, things like that!

A lot of people find cleancore pictures really comforting to look at since they invoke a feeling of cleanliness and orderliness! (Personally I like em bc they make me imagine the comforting smell of soaps/detergents! And I like suds :3) I’ve heard it can be especially soothing for people with OCD too!

i appeared to have touched a nerve of the endogenic system community and i really am not comfortable discussing that topic further. i’ve said my piece. i leave it at my not saying these people dont exist, im saying that i dont think what they are experiencing is the same thing as systems/alters and that if they are truly a system then there is a neurological factor that isnt being accounted for in how they declare their existence. i genuinely do not feel comfortable interacting with “natural systems” bc the ones ive met have made a mockery of multiplicity. im afraid i cannot budge on this. 

i cant even believe in spiritualities that i cannot find scientific evidence of. i have to be able to prove things to find them worthy of belief, im sorry. theres no way i can comprehend your “system” outside of a neurological factor. until im presented with reasoning as to how this could occur without trauma, im unable to address this further. 

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Hi! I just want to say I find your writings absolutely amazing, and everything you write is so much fun to read! I don't know if you're taking requests (if you aren't just ignore this, I don't want to be a bother (: ) but could you make a Yoosung x MC where the MC is struggling with a bad depression but tries really hard to hide it to not be a burden? But Yoosung would eventually find out and comfort/help her? Your writing style for angst/fluff is just amazing and it always feels comforting hehe

Oh my goodness thank you so much I’m so honored you like my writing! I hope you continue to like them!

Also, requests are always open and you’re never a bother, I honestly love writing for my readers and this blog so much, so I’m more than happy to do your request!

Also I sincerely hope I accurately portrayed someone with depression, I don’t want to misinterpret it as I know many people are dealing with it, if you think something is wrong with the portrayal please let me know as soon as possible, though I hope that won’t be the case.

Once again, thank you so much, and I hope you like it! :)


For the longest time, you had always felt as though your puzzle of emotions was just perhaps missing a piece.

You just always had a tinge of sadness.

It wasn’t always that much to worry over.

You were always able to smile, laugh, or joke, but there was a small ache.

Every time.

Just a bit of uneasiness would rustle in you.

Just a bit of discouragement would rattle in your brain.

“Don’t speak up.”

“You’re bothering them.”

“Don’t wake up.”

It was usually, easy enough to ignore.

Moreso, easy enough to hide from those around you.

Specifically, your husband, Yoosung.

You had no particular reason to be sad or dreary around him. He was cheery, bubbly, and made your heart swell with love. But, it wasn’t something you had control of.

It just sank in and settled like plaster along your body.

This time especially was rough.

You woke in the morning, light streaming in from the windows of your quaint home, your eyes barely fluttering open.

And you ached.

Every part of you throbbed.

But not in the way most people thought.

It was as though your limbs were tied down by cinder blocks, preventing you from moving, keeping you still, and quiet.

You didn’t stretch as you usually did.

Instead, you stared at your wall, almost in deep thought, but your mind completely blank.

You swore you were nearly sinking into the mattress before you felt a warmth spread onto your back.

Yoosung had rolled over to you, leaning over to gently kiss your temple.

“Good morning,” He hummed, already grinning softly. “did you sleep well?”

“I think so.” You muttered, a smooth voice slipping from the odd dryness in your throat. “Did you?”

“Oh yeah, I had a great dream!” He chuckled. “You wanna know why?”

You looked up towards him.

“Because you were in it.”

You felt your lips tug upwards, just a tad.

“You know you’re usually the early bird.” He remarked. “I’m surprised you weren’t already dressed and everything!”

“I guess I just felt like sleeping in today.”

He thought for a moment, before nodding. “We all need a day like that, don’t we?”

You hadn’t responded, simply watching as he scrambled to his feet. “Do you want to go out tonight for dinner when I come back? I just have a surgery but, going someplace fancy sounds nice doesn’t it?”

You didn’t hate the idea, but, you didn’t know quite how to describe it.

You could hardly lift up your upper body.

But you didn’t want to say no to him.

“Maybe another time?” You asked. “If that’s okay?”

You heard his steps rounding about your side of the bed, kneeling down in front of you. “Yeah sure, is everything okay? You’re feeling fine?”

You nodded, widening your grin. “Yes honey, I feel fine.”

You couldn’t worry him.

He already had enough on his shoulders, he didn’t need you too.

He nodded, giving your hand an affectionate squeeze. “Then, I’ll bring takeout on my way back! Does that sound good?”


He scrunched up his nose for just a second. “You know, maybe you should go back to sleep. You seem awfully tired.”

You need to be on your feet.

You heaved yourself upwards, sighing. “No, I’m fine honey. Honestly, I’m the early bird. I can’t be the early bird if I don’t even bother getting up.”

“The early bird can take the day off whenever she wants.”

Not in this way. It couldn’t be in this way.

But instead, you chuckled, brushing your feet gingerly against the wooden floor.

“Not this early bird.”

Everything around you then proceeded to speed up, as though fast forwarding while you were kept on pause.

Within seconds, Yoosung was gone…and the house was silent.

You felt as though you may meld into the wall, and just simply disappear.

But that didn’t seem like a bad thing.

Your thoughts were broken by the sound of your cat, Lisa mewing as she hopped onto the bed.

You watched her rub against you, purring brightly.

At no reaction whatsoever from you, she stared up, her eyes wider than saucers.

“Good morning.” You finally said, scratching her gently behind her ear.

Her fur perked happily, her purrs rumbling deep in her throat.

“You want some treats?” You asked, laughing weakly as she let out a sudden meow at the idea.

She already began making her way to the kitchen, constantly looking back to you adamantly until you followed her.

You gave her a small handful of treats, leaning over the island counter.

You weren’t hungry for some reason.

Typically you’d at least have coffee or some toast but seemed to have no desire.

There only seemed to be a dull aching at the moment, and the soft warmth as you felt Lisa press her body against you affectionately as she finished her treats.

Throughout the entire day, she remained by your side, always giving quiet mews, kneading her paws against you.

It wasn’t too much movement for either of you, as you’d both set yourself on the sofa.

But unlike Lisa you simply didn’t have the energy to move around.

It felt like an effort to even breathe at points.

But at the very least you had joined the fast-forwarding world finally, your eyes glued to the television screen despite your lack of attention to even what was being played.

It wasn’t until the front door opened that you snapped back into reality.

“I’m home~!” Yoosung cooed, a bit quiet as you didn’t come to embrace him with greetings as you usually did.

You wanted to.

But for some reason, you couldn’t pry yourself up.

“MC…?” He called out, concern hinting in his voice. “Where are you?”

“I’m over here.” You raised an awkward hand. “I’m sorry was napping.”

You lied through your teeth.

But you couldn’t just tell him you couldn’t get up.

He’d be worried.

You would just get in his way.

“Oh,” He joined you on the couch, furrowing his brow at your slowing movements as you sat up. “How was your day?”

“It was fun,” You said, Lisa purring as though agreeing. “I had Lisa with me, so…”

“Oh, I bet she was great company.” He grinned. “But is there any chance lunch would make it better?”

He revealed the bag, the smell of warm, fresh food wafting into your nose.

You didn’t feel hungry but your stomach apparently disagreed, rumbling loudly much to your dismay.

Yoosung frowned, folding his lips. “Woah, did you…not eat breakfast today? You shouldn’t ever skip your meals, you know how bad it is to do that.”

“I-It just slipped my mind I guess.”

“But you always remember.” He huffed. “You’ve been acting odd ever since first thing this morning. You’ve hardly moved at all, and seem so…sad.”

“Sad? Yoosung honestly, I’m fine.” Your gaze darted across the room, unable to lie directly to him.

“Look me in the eyes and say it.” He took your hand, rubbing a gentle thumb over your knuckles. “You shouldn’t feel the need to lie to me.”

Your heart broke at the very words.

“I-I um…”

You raised your eyes to him, instantly feeling tears prick at your eyes.

“I-I’m sorry.” You sputtered, beginning to furiously wipe at your eyes before he stopped you.

“Sorry for what?” He cocked his head to the side. “Please, tell me what’s wrong.”

“T-That’s the thing. I-I don’t know. I don’t have a real reason to be acting this way. B-But I always a-am, i-it’s just never this bad.” Your face contorted to frustration, your shoulders tightening uncomfortably. “I-I don’t want to b-bother you though. Y-You shouldn’t have to worry a-about me.”

“You have done everything you possibly could to help me,” Yoosung pressed his forehead against yours, gently wiping away the tears that dribbled down your cheeks. “You’ve always made my happiness your first priority, so let me do the same.”


He wound his arms around you, rocking you gently. 

“You deserve so much more happiness than you’re given. You deserve every bit of love you get and a thousand times more.” He sighed. “I wish I could just make you smile every bit of the day. And you know why?”


“Because you’re my greatest happiness.”