And I find comfort in that.

Token Trans Character in RPG Dialogue
  • Player: Oh wow, hello, what it is up. Do you have potions to sell?
  • Merchant: GREETINGS, TRAVELER! I used to be known as Maxwell. I came from the kingdom over yonder where I was a squire to a knight. "I love my wonderful, manly male boy squire." He'd say to me each day, but it felt wrong. I was not comfortable as whomst I was. So I left. I traveled across the realm to find out who I really was, and then I settled here where'st I've become known as Maxine the SalesWOMAN. If you don't get what I'm saying I transitioned into being a woman. I am a male to female transgender woman. And now living here as an inconsequential optional NPC who sales overpriced materials you can find elsewhere, I can finally truly be myself. *lone tear drips from her eye*
  • Player: Okay, wow, interesting. Please sell me potions now.

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Hiii I want to make my room cozy but idk how. Any suggestions? Max budget is like $30 😬

  • Decorate with neutral shades and patterns - creams, grays, white, and pastels
  • An inviting and comfortable bed is essential. You can find cheap throw pillows and fluffy blankets at your local thrift store
  • Soft, warm lighting - fairy lights
  • Antique items (picture frames, lamps, figureines, etc) give your bedroom a cozy and nostalgic feel
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money on new decorations. You can repurpose old items 

Some pictures:

Good luck!

Daryl Dixon x Reader - You’re perfect to me (Request) [SMUT]

@prettyepiic: Hello there I have a request for Daryl x Reader.

One that involves Daryl comforting the reader after she finds out her boyfriend cheated on her, and leaves her for someone else. She feels even less desired because she’s a bigger girl.

Daryl tells her that he’s fallen for her and they end up together and in love…

But could there be a light sensual smut scene? 

Something romantic I hope you’ll write it!

Thnks♥ if you add names the reader is named Holly.

P.s:Your work is amazing!!!

I hope you like it ♥

WARNING: Sexual situations, cheating , cute Daryl ♥

English is not my first language so, sorry for eventual errors.

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basically what you need to know about bruce wayne, more than his privilege, more than his trauma, more than his tenderness with children, more than his one-track obsessive mind, is that he doesn’t relate well with other people. because then all the rest of it makes sense. he will always comfort children because they’re easier to understand than adults. he will always cut himself off rather than talk it out. he will always find himself a little more at home with rogues who have given up understanding the world than with a society who thinks they do. and you can hang a LOT of relatable things off that aspect of his character, things that make him inspirational for a WIDE and VARIED group of people who feel like they’re never quite in step. and i think that’s what makes him so great.

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I know your honesty hour is over, but I just woke up and saw some of your replies, like how you said you were in an abusive relationship with a person who didn't accept your sexuality, and I'm also on the asexual spectrum (I think demisexual) but I'm not exactly sure which gender I'd want to be with. But when I do find someone in the future, how can I make sure they understand that I don't want to have sex, or at least for a long time.

Hello there, anon. 

You see, it’s totally up to you when it comes to being attracted to someone, depending on their gender identity, etc. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy.

As for explaining to your partner about your wants and needs as far as sexual acts go, be blunt and honest. Your safety and your comfort are a priority. You need to communicate your boundaries with that person. If you don’t tell them what you expect out of the relationship, they won’t know! Be sure to educate them and answer any questions they may have. 

Here’s a great little article on how to go about all of this. I hope it helps!

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jupeter with "things you said that made me feel real"!

quick time to post this before it gets jossed (i wrote it like a week ago whoops)

note: this fic is written in second person, using “you/your/yours” where first person would use “i/me/my”.

Peter Nureyev feels so much like a mask sometimes that it chokes you to remember it isn’t.

Oh, sure, you have memories and the like associated with the name, but some days it feels more like a favorite jacket you throw on over a comfortable outfit when you don’t want to try too hard. It’s there, you love it, but you could just as easily find a softer, a newer, a better one and then the one you have will be old news.

Your name is Peter Nureyev for the first fifteen odd years of your life and after that you slipped in and out of names like they were going out of style. (Some of them did— you will always have a soft spot in your heart for Vulcan, a gruff voice who swore every other sentence, but classic names like that are only popular in sectors where they whisper about the Angel of Brahma in seedy back alleys, and after the last time you were almost caught in the middle of an uprising you swore you’d never go back.)

When you’re a private eye, you’re Perseus Shah. When you’re Dark Matters, you’re Rex Glass. When you’re married to Juno Steel, you’re Duke Rose. When you sit in motels on outskirts of systems with a broken heart, you are nameless.

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✨ Self Love ✨

hey guys! so i recently saw this video by dodie clark. it’s about her insecurities, about how she wants to change a few parts of herself but she says how you wouldn’t be you if you change these few things about yourself. 

She then turned what she thought of as negative into something positive. She told people to comment below about 3 things that they dislike about themselves & then write down why they actually love them.

We tend to find so many flaws in us, be it physical or emotional, but the truth is, we’re human. we have problems & we have flaws. we’ve made mistakes & we’re all just here trying to do our best. so just love yourself. it’s obviously easier said than done, but it is possible. 

I really love these chain posts & thought it would be a good idea to do it here to spread the positivity? So I’ll start off & tag a few peeps to get it going.
If you do this, tag a few people you’d like to see do this. 💕

PSA. || I don’t normally make big, sweeping statements and PSAs about what’s happening on my dash, but I’ve just got to respectfully say: ENOUGH WITH THE GUILT TRIPS. PLEASE. When someone clearly has made a friend or group of friends on this website, PLEASE stop trying to make them feel guilty for finding a place where they feel comfortable. If someone wants to make their friends feel good, PLEASE don’t then try to make them feel guilty for doing so. If they had said something positive about YOU, then you wouldn’t have a single problem. People have friends; even the most welcoming people have friends and people who they speak to off of the dash more than others. 

The way to make a friend is to be a friend. If you see someone you like, or someone whose personality you enjoy, tell them. Offer a friendly hand. BE KIND. Please don’t make them feel guilty for celebrating the friendships they’ve made. 

I promise I will always be as kind as I am able to. I swear that I will be there for you if you come to me. I solemnly will ALWAYS be there, but guilt is something to which I cannot abide
Some Things Last - Lady_of_Rohan - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Upon returning to Zora’s Domain after the events of Breath of the Wild, Link finds that his dear Sidon is terribly wounded.” Slight end-game spoilers due to other characters involved in this fic, but otherwise I don’t think it’s too major!

Another Link x Sidon fic that I thought of recently :) Gotta get that hurt/comfort fix in… hehe.

Thank you so much to everyone who read my first fic, Taking the Plunge! Your feedback is so sweet and has meant so much to me! ♥ I’ll try to keep thinking up more for them!

So Much More

Title: So Much More

Characters: Daryl Dixon x You/Reader

Synopsis: You comfort Daryl after finding about his conversation with Maggie.

Warnings: Erm, a bit angsty?

Note: So this was the short fic I wrote last week after watching emotional confrontation scene between Daryl and Maggie. I’m sure we’re all the “reader” in this one after seeing that ;___;


Your voice was small, barely above a whisper when you called out to him. Jesus figured that Daryl wanted to be alone and decided to give him one of the unused trailers in the Hilltop. It was much smaller than the trailer where you, Maggie and Sasha stayed but it was enough for at least two people to fit in. When you entered the trailer, you were immediately greeted by the sight of Daryl’s back as he laid down on the bed. Although it was way past midnight when you decided to pay him a visit, you were certain that he was still awake.

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Indeed! Prayer contains supplicating Allah, asking His Mercy, feeling of being in contact with Him and far from other worldly matters. Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) used to say: “Let us find comfort in it – i.e., in prayer – O Bilaal.”

Suvi x Ryder things

Ryder finds the rarest and most exotic mineral on a planet and she hands it to Suvi:

“Because you rock my world”

Suvi teaching Ryder how the whole licking rocks thing works. Ryder accidentally licking a rock that hurts her lips and Suvi smooches it to heal and cups her cheeks for comfort.

Imagine Suvi praying and Ryder (suppose to be praying) is too charmed by her beautiful small GF so she’s just kneeling beside her, smiling like an idiot.

Suvi cooking in the galley for future movie nights and while being hugged from behind by Ryder.

Everytime Ryder exits the galaxy map and turns around, Suvi would often wink at her direction. Her heart rate goes up.

While Suvi is maneuvering the ship, Ryder is hugging her from behind somehow. Meanwhile Kallo in the background is just: *disgusted noise*

Rock puns and rock pick up lines.

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I just love your "if bo had a little bro" art and hc's! So good and so precious, it all fits in so well ♡

Thank you, you precious Anon! I’m glad there are people that like/love/don’t mind my self-indulgent Bo fam art and headcanons. Have a little thing I drew this morning because I love hearing people like this stuff and because I find it funny.

So how many mind-fucks do you think Konoha can handle in any given sitting before he can’t take it anymore and goes to vent somewhere? Shouji would probably piss him off, too. Is Shou a low-key instigator? I think at least with people he knows and are comfortable with. He’s pretty shy and awkward around new people and surroundings. But I think even he has the potential to be a little shit given the opportunity. 

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Ah hello! Do you think I could please have a ship? I'm 5'1, A Hufflepuff/Pukwudgie and I have blue eyes and brown hair that's slightly on the lighter side (my hair dye is fading). I'm a really big artist and absolutely adore sketching people and creatures/nature around me. Im also a really big book worm, especially series. I really love to cuddle, and enjoy sitting in a comfortable silence (I'm quite shy and am naturally very quite) which is why I love to listen than to talk ☺️ thank you!

Not sure which fandom you wanted, so I chose for you lol If you want something else tell me.

I ship you with Newt!

You’re both very much alike, and whole opposites usually attract, this works well for you both. He likes that you can just sit comfortably with him, no fuss, no crazy night. Just the two of you reading, or you drawing. He likes it even more when you can sit and draw his creatures. In fact, he doesn’t mind requesting it every now and then. He’s not overly shy, simply prefers the company of creatures, but he finds your naturally shy nature to be quite endearing.

Originally posted by addictedtoeddie

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So recently my younger sibling came out as ftm and I really want to help them feel more comfortable with their body, but I'm not an expert in the area, do you have any advice or tips? I want to get them a binder but I'm not sure where to look, or where to find any for young trans teens and I would be very greatful for any help you could give, also any info about hormones or passing would help too

I would suggest them seeing a gender therapist who will be able to tell you more information on hormones, transitioning etc.

Hormone Information


As for passing, take them to the store go shopping for the clothes they want and get them the haircut of their choice.


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I'm curious on your views on the Sheikah culture with the Hylians. So, um, can I see warrior sheikah s/o and Link, please?

You betcha sweet heart!

-Mod Pinks

Warrior Sheikah s/o (Link)

  • First off, Link is just so impressed with his badass s/o.
    • They’re just so hard-working, and Sheikah warriors know so many battle techniques that leave him mouth-agape.
  • Is fascinated by their traditions
    • Loves to hear the tales of the artifacts of past, of the shrines and even of the Divine Beasts
  • Is shocked to find out that the Yigah clan used to be Sheikah, and is curious about his s/o’s views on them
    • Comforts them when he finds out what they have done to the Sheikah.
  • Has a new person by his side as they travel together
    • discover all sorts of secrets together.