And I find comfort in that.

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Hello! I'm sorry if this has been asked before! but i'm curious about your brush settings! Your art is lovely by the way! <3

y-you… you wanna see my brush settings? my ever constantly changing brush settings…????

…. .. i mean if you… if you really want to:

here’s a link to it bigger cos ik tumblr’s gonna smush it. B(


Our!Ciel wasn’t particularly fond of the dog, Sebastian. He was a bit afraid of him the way the dog barked at him and prodded him with his nose. He didn’t fully trust the dog or feel comfortable around him.

When he was all alone and looking for his brother and family, however, he seemed relieved to find the dog. He took off the muzzle. He says that he’s not afraid now that Sebastian’s there.

That seems like a big change quickly, but I wonder if there’s more to it. It wasn’t that our!Ciel was completely comfortable with Sebastian. In fact, when the dog begins to pull at his clothes, it’s clear that our!Ciel doesn’t fully trust the dog yet.

Of course, it becomes clear later on that our!Ciel can trust the dog as this Sebastian is only trying to protect him, but the point remains that our!Ciel freed the dog before he knew he could trust him. Simply put, he would rather have something by his side that he didn’t fully trust or wasn’t able to control to protect him against the unknown and help him to search for his brother than to be all alone.

That seems similar to his relationship with Sebastian the demon.

Our!Ciel has flat out said that he can’t trust Sebastian. He said that he trusted him the least of all, but similar to this scene, he feels that he needs something more powerful by his side. Even if this ally (be it dog or demon) might turn on him, he’d rather have something there to protect and help him than do this all alone.

The big difference here is that the dog did prove to be faithful. He was trying to save our!Ciel, and he died.

I doubt the same can ever be said of the demon. Only time will tell.


Doesn’t Deserve You

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@kennfore Requested: Can I request a Steve Harrison imagine where the reader is Steve’s sister (like a year younger) and he finds out she has issues w/ how she looks because her crush rejected her or something so Steve comforts her

Pairing: Steve x Reader (platonic)

Warnings: self confidence issues.


Steve first became concerned when you hadn’t stepped out of your room all day. Despite being a year younger and you being his younger sister, you and Steve were still extremely close. And Steve knew that for a weekend day it was incredibly off for you to spend your evening inside when you normally spent it out with friends or at least out of your room.

Your parents were out for the day shopping which left Steve and you alone in the house - Steve had originally thought, if you had no plans, that the two of you could do something, but you’d yet to leave your room.

Steve became fed up with your isolation when mid-day hit, and with a heavy sigh he sat up from the couch and made his way up the stairs. No noise came from your room and for a moment Steve thought that maybe you’d left, though he had no idea why you wouldn’t just leave through the front door. But despite that thought, he continued making his way to your bedroom door before gently knocking on it, only he received no response.

Steve waited a moment longer before knocking again, and yet, nothing.

“Y/N?” He called, tapping on the door a final time. “Y/N! Come on, open the door!” Still no response. Fed up with your ignorance, Steve took it into his own hands and reached down for the doorknob, swinging it open. What he saw was definitely not what he had respected and with widening eyes, he noticed your figure curled up in the corner of your room, your head against your knees and Steve could hear soft sniffles from your tears.

“Y/N?” Steve called again and it seemed this time he’d managed to grab your attention as he watched your head snap upwards, your red and blotchy eyes come into view before your own eyes widened. It almost seemed as if you were panicked as your hands quickly came up to wipe at your tear-stricken face and you fumbled to get up onto your feet; “Steve?! What are you doing here?”

“I called your name…” Steve trailed off, worry immediately filling within him. “What happened? Are you okay?”

You brushed your hands against your thighs, not fulling turned towards Steve in embarrassment as you sent him a quick smile - only it didn’t meet your eyes. “What?” You asked, “i’m fine. Totally fine.” You paused when you noticed none of the worry on Steve’s face had disappeared. Taking a step towards your older brother, you smiled as best you could. “Steve, I told you - i’m fine.”

“Y/N don’t lie to me.”

You paused, unsure if you should say what really was on your mind. You wanted to… but you also didn’t want to be a bother. Steve had much more important things to worry about then your love life. But yet, as you met his eye, you found yourself spilling the worries stuck on your mind. “I was rejected,” you mumbled, feeling embarrassment flood through you. “This guy I like… my friends convinced me to ask him out and he said no… among other things.”

Surprise flooded through Steve, stunned that a boy had said no to you. Steve couldn’t understand why a boy would say no to you, not only were you beautiful but Steve also knew you had an amazing personality. Hesitantly, he took a step towards you, pity flooding him. “Y/N i’m so-”

“It’s fine.” You repeated, waving his apology off as if you didn’t care. “I don’t know what I was thinking anyway… Thinking a boy like him would go out with a girl like me.”

Steve felt frustration flood through him, hating the way you spoke so ill of yourself. “Well, this boy, whoever he is, is an idiot.” Your eyes snapped to your brother’s in shock, not expecting such a reaction out of him. “He’s lucky you even considered asking him and if he said no, well, that’s his dumb fault.”


Steve grinned your way, slowly making his way out of your bedroom. “You’re very pretty, Y/N, and if he can’t see that then… he doesn’t deserve you.”

You found yourself stunned by Steve’s kind words, the sadness that had overwhelmed you lessening considerably. You’d always known your brother to be sweet, and while the two of you had your fair share of fights, he never failed to make you feel better - you just hadn’t expected a response like that. 

“Now,” Steve started, pulling you from your thoughts. “Come downstairs.” Your brother left before you could answer, but as you stared at your now opened door and the place you’d been sulking, you thought over the words Steve had said. With a grin, you begun making your way down the stairs.

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Dragon symmettra, witch mercy, and vampire widowmaker hcs with a queen s/o, please?

oh lord

Dragon Symmetra

  • Symmetra is wary of you in the beginning. She is always unsettled by the very idea that a human could try to interact with her or try to betray her. She’s never let anyone in as a friend or not, except for you. She wishes she was normal, so you’d be able to interact together comfortably. She’s worried.
  • She visits you often in the early morning, sneaking into the castle. She can’t really talk to you during any other time, and wishes she could. She wants to be able to talk to you without endangering either of you. She likes holding you as the sun rises. I wish we could spend more time together. She really enjoys burying her face in your neck. It makes her feel safe.
  • She finds it kind of startling if you worry about her. To be honest, she’s more concerned about you. She’s heard many stories of regular people or even royalty trying to befriend or have relationships with “creatures like her”. She’d rather you not spend time with her, but sometimes she can’t help it. She’s selfish when it comes to you, and wants you to herself.
  • She loves cupping your cheeks in her hands as she kisses you. She wants the best for you, and finds it cute when she gets to admire you just as her lips meet yours. She often smiles as she kisses you, and you can feel it. She also likes how warm she is, just so you can cuddle up to her when it’s cold outside.
  • She avoids you whenever she can, but will try to nod at you. She loves you, don’t get her wrong, but she’s incredibly worried someone will act against you.

Witch Mercy

  • Mercy needs allies, and you would make for a very powerful ally. A queen? At her disposal? She’d love nothing more. She adores the very idea that she can have you to herself, but the tricky part is figuring out how to obtain your trust. She’s not exactly a friendly face in the kingdom, after all.
  • She visits you often in the evening, a smile on her lips. She knows that she’s really testing her luck by visiting you while there’s still light, but she’s quite the charmer. I missed you. I love seeing the light shine on you. She knows it’s hard for people to resist her, and wants you to be one of those people. She loves that feeling when she knows that you’re only looking at her.
  • She really likes if you worry about her. It’s rare for anyone to notice how tired she is, and finds it very sweet that you, of all the subjects in your kingdom, love her. She secretly wants to make you immortal and steal you away to her home in the wilds. It’s rare for her to feel interest, much less, love, for someone, and she never wants to let that feeling go.
  • She likes trailing a finger up your chin to kiss you. Her big favorite, though, is putting an arm around your waist and pulling you in for a passionate kiss. She loves the way you melt into her touch, and wants to make sure that she’s the only one to make you feel like that. She worries that you’ll leave her sometimes.
  • She tries to lay low. She never wants there to be any chance of your kingdom or you having any conflict with her. She wouldn’t want to hurt you like that.

Vampire Widowmaker

  • Widowmaker is dangerous. No one dares go near her castle, unless they’re pretty much asking to die. That’s what people usually say, anyway. Truthfully? Her eyes are constantly searching for you, and she wants to visit you as often as she can. She wishes she could see you in the sun one day.
  • She always visits you in the night, a cloak on her shoulder and a hood on her head. She wishes she could always be there for you. She’s tried to come visit in the daytime, but it hurts her too much. Truthfully, though, she’d leave her home when the sun is at its highest if you were in trouble. She desperately wishes to chase after you and be by your side. She’d do anything for you.
  • She doesn’t accept it at first that you worry about her. She loves you the most, and would gladly give her life for yours. Her self-loathing and love for you could work together. She’d desperately go after you. You are the one thing she cares about. She wishes that she could help you somehow, instead of being a source of shame for you. She wants the best for you.
  • She likes gently grabbing you by the chin, pulling you into a kiss. She desperately wants your attention and everything about you. When she wants you, she wants you wholly to herself, rather than allowing any part of you anywhere else. She sometimes wants to control your thoughts to only be on her. She holds herself back.
  • She wants you to be happy, and often gives you longing looks from her home. She never comes close to you, though. She doesn’t believe she deserves you.

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WHY exactly have you change your artstyle? ? Like where you obsed from your old one Or you had nothing to do. And Will you ever come back to the old one anymore ? ???

I did not start to change it out of nowhere, even my old artstyle was costantly changing!
But I then got tired of the vibe that artstyle gave, and under the pressure of drama and insults and stuff I decided I’d like to give life to a new Sleepykinq
Also I didn’t like having same face/body syndrome, it gets boring after a while, so I’m now experimenting. I want to find the artstyle I feel the most comfortable with

Aaand no. I repeat - it’s boring, I don’t like it, it gives off the wrong idea, but I may make a character that looks similar to my old artstyle :-7

Username Change

Hey guys, gals and non-binary pals,

So, my blog for the past three years has been titled @/girlfriend-goals

But, as the past few years have gone by I have discovered more and more about myself and have come to find that I no longer feel comfortable identifying as a female. 

My blog will continue to be filled with LGBT+ couples and my posting will remain the same, the only thing that has changed is my username

Thank you for understanding, lots of love, @sunshine–kisses

You’ll find many tricks in chapter twenty-six

Not Entirely Clueless

Sherlock Holmes, handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and a gay disposition, seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence; yet he had lived nearly twenty-one years in the world with very little to interest or intrigue him. And then the murders began.

Chapter Twenty-Six

“I shall be no support to Mrs. Hudson,” said Miss Adler. “A disagreeable truth would be palatable through her lips, but I am the wretchedest being in the world at a civil falsehood.”

“I do not believe any such thing,” replied Sherlock. “I am persuaded that you can be as insincere as your neighbours, when it is necessary.”

Tags under the cut - please let me know if you’d like me to tag or untag you

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Hello all! I’m not comfortable posting a picture, so I’m just gonna do a little self introduction.

I’m Tilly, I’m 18, and I live in Canada. I’m painfully multifandom, and I got into A.C.E when someone recommended them to me right after their debut. I haven’t gotten a chance to go through all of their predebut stuff, so I’m still kind of a new fan even if I’ve been lurking on the tag for a while. Honestly, finding A.C.E has been one of my best experiences as a kpop fan. They are so talented, and choices really are a family. I’m so happy to be one.

Hey guys, so

I’m thinking about doing a secret postage exchange for our fandom?? Basically what that is, it’s like secret Santa except we send letters to each other via postage. The letter can contain art, poems, a normal letter, photos or anything you can fit in an envelope, really.

You would have to be comfortable with three people knowing your full name and address, me, who you’re sending to, and your secret sender. You’d also need to have immediate expenses to send a letter (for me it’s about $1.25-$5) I encourage you to find out the cost in your country if you’re interested.

This would take place in January as December is a very busy month for postage.

Would anybody be interested in doing this??

I’ve been thinking about starting to write again and that led to what it would be like to go out on a date with Hopper and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts :)

  • He keeps slowly looking you up and down with a hint smirk on his face. Not smug though, just happy that you’re out with him and he thinks you looks so good
  • He also looks superb by the way
  • He drives you to a bar before dinner and keeps his hand on the small of your back because he knows you find it comforting and he likes to be close to you
  • He doesn’t overbear you with kisses and affection, he just watches and appreciates you - how you move, your facial expressions when he’s talking to you, the way your hair falls as you tilt your head toward him, how you look when you laugh. He just takes it all in - takes you in
  • He remembers almost everything you say. It’s all important to him, and it surprises you later when he mentions some of the smaller details you talked to him about
  • When you’re at dinner he tells you some stories of his life as a cop, heartwarming and funny ones
  • He takes you to his place after dinner, puts on a record, and you dance together for what feels like hours, constantly touching and wrapping your arms around each other, until you kiss and collapse onto the sofa
  • You wake up with your face buried in his soft beard - and at some point in the night he pulled a blanket around you

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Paladins having a sibling-like bond with reader

i have siblings and as most siblings say about each other, they are a necessary pain in the neck. so sorry for the late reply as i had some real-life issues. - mod


  • a great listener
    • “I have eaten more salt than you have eaten rice” is his favourite saying before he gives you advice
    • lots of comfort hugs and small signs of encouragement when he knows you’re struggling
  • he always does this where he makes the mood serious but then starts tickling you
    • “no, listen this is very serious.” [poceeds to tickling you]
    • if you’re generally not a ticklish person, he’ll find his ways ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • very protective (in a way). if anyone hurts you, they’re dead
    • he’s reasonable though, so small injuries just probably make him annoyed at the person who hurt you.
    • “prove you are worthy-”
  • no secrets. if he sees you as your sibling, it means he trusts you
    • “what do you mean you’re walking through that door you come back here and tell me everything right now.”
    • expect a lot of small touches. this kid is touch deprived


  • lot’s of bets and challenges
    • Lance: “i bet you can’t chug a whole bottle of goo-” Coran: “that’s not how you eat goo.”
    • so many embarrassing stories because of this and you both hold so many potential blackmail materials
  • likes to try new things with you and see your opinions on it
    • he’ll just want to do everything he can with you.
    • lots of inside jokes stem from such activities. it’s your secret language


  • cooking sessions with him
    • he loves food and so he wants to share his passion with you. he’s very smart so he knows how to fix up any of your mess in the kitchen
    • whenever you’re feeling down, he’ll make you your favourite food and you both will talk about it while watching a sunrise
  • your voice of reason
    • “i told you so” with the look is a common thing for you from him
    • Hunk: [simplifies your plan in a way that it sounds stupid] You: “if you say it that way it sounds stupid.”


  • lots of time spent on gaming
    • one thing she misses most is probably gaming and so she will definitely drag you to play her games
    • “you’ve lost so now bow down and help me do some chores so i can focus on a few projects on mine… please”
  • get to enter her room and touch her stuff
    • a big thing because she rarely lets anyone touch her stuff.
    • she’s also very excited to show you all the things she has been researching on and so she’ll definitely let you into her room. you both chill there often

Have you managed to read every single fic listed on ao3 as “sickfic” or “hurt/comfort” for all your favorite fandoms, but still find yourself thirsty for more?

Well never fear!

I’m here to remind you that, if you add: “site:” (or - no quotation marks) at the end of your google search, your browser will only bring up results from that website! So, if you were to search:

you’ll get results for any fic in the archive with these key words, even if the stories aren’t tagged as sickfics! I’ve found a lot of stories feature sickness and whump that I would have never ever discovered without this trick - you should definitely give it a try, and experiment with your key words a bit!

Anyway, just thought I’d share this, since it took me WAY too long to realize this was a thing, and it might help some of y’all out with your whumpy goodness!

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I was thinking that Hux and Kylo never really find a reason to go their separate ways. They travel & hunt together- a werewolf & a vampire complement each other quite well. Hux is always cold so hotblooded Kylo starts crawling into his coffin at night. I love the image of the two of them sharing a coffin quite comfortably until Hux' belly starts getting in the way, which is baffling because Hux has been dead 300 years, how can he be gaining weight? Why do his insides feel like they're moving?!

They first believe that Hux has been cursed. There’s been a witch that they’ve angered and she’s placed a menacing curse upon him but then Hux’s scent changes, Kylo notices. It’s not musky, it’s not metallic like blood. It’s fresh, like a meadow in spring. Kylo doesn’t understand, until he puts his ear to Hux’s bloated tummy and hears it. A baby. Hux is pregnant. The dead vampire is pregnant with the werewolf’s child.

H O W.

BPR queue coming

I created the founders for my berry pastel rainbowcy back in August because I wanted to try this challenge, and I finally have a comfortable amount of screenshots to post (I didn’t want to do it gradually, because I wanted to find out if I’m attached to the legacy enough to post and continue it and not abandon like some of my other saves. Turns out I am). 

As my queue usually contains 15 posts a day and I have over 100 posts in my drafts, for the next week (starting tomorrow) my new berry legacy will be running on my blog! I had a lot of fun playing it and I like the outcome, so stay tuned. :)

Also, I know it’s my own business and stuff, but that’s how tumblr works – sometimes I feel bad for not being physically active enough, especially when I get appreciation in return. You should know that even if I don’t put a heart on your posts or catch up with them in this way, I usually still see and enjoy them! Lately I’m more busy than ever, so I can’t be on tumblr 24/7 but I’ll check from time to time and my queue will still be running.

Attack | Steve Harrington

request: Hey! Would you take a request for a Steve Harrington one shot where the reader is one of the kids Steve babysits in season 2 and Steve finds out that she has really bad anxiety when they went down into the tunnels so he comforts her?

warnings: fluff, language, anxiety

a/n: i feel like this is bad but it’s late and i liked the idea so i needed to get this out before i was too tired. i’ll redo it if needed!!

“So protect us,” Dustin shoved the goggles, bandana, and spiked baseball bat into Steve’s chest. The older boy looked from the supplies up to the curly haired boy and nodded firmly. From where you were standing, you saw a look of doubt cross Steve’s face, but it was quickly replaced with determination.

Before you knew it, you were tossed into the tunnels with the other four kids and Steve. Your heart was beating fast as Steve explained the plan. “Follow me,” he instructed, turning around and heading down the slimy trail. Nervously, you followed behind the others in the tail end of the group. As you inched closer and closer to your destination, you felt your heart racing rapidly and your stomach churning. Your thumb was quickly brought to your lips as you chewed on the nail, a nervous habit of yours since you had found out what being scared meant. The walls of the tunnel started closing in on you as you stopped to kneel over. You couldn’t breathe. You felt like the world was spinning in a fast motion, but felt like it was stopping at the same time. The others went ahead, but Steve looked back.

“Y/N!” he called, causing the others to look back as well. You gulped, placing a hand on your knee and leaning over. You looked up at them, your cheeks flushing red with embarrassment. Now is not the time for another anxiety attack, Y/N.

“You alright?” Steve placed a hand on your shoulder. You opened your mouth but closed it once you realized that nothing would come out. Your breath shaky, you stood up and looked at him with scared eyes. “Don’t move.” Steve walked back to the others, zipping open Dustin’s backpack.

“Son of a bitch, Steve. What the hell?” Dustin groaned as Steve got out the water bottle. He tossed it to you as you caught it, taking a big gulp. The water didn’t do much, but the feeling of you grasping onto something steadied you somehow. Like a grip on reality. A reality check that everything was actually real.

“You alright?” Steve knelt down, looking you in the eyes. Shakily, you bobbed your head up and down. “The truth, Y/N.”

You took another drink, gulping down the liquid. “I-“ you choked on your words. Simply, you shook your head. Thankfully, Steve got the hint and stood back up. You looked back at the others who were confused, whispering and murmuring to one another. “I can’t,” you choked out.

“Talk to me, Y/N.”

“A-a-anxiety … “ you sputtered, “a-at-attack,” you tried pointing at yourself, breathing heavily. He nodded, placing a hand on the small of your back. Slowly, you went on with the rest of them. Steve’s hand was still on your back once you reached the hub of the tunnels.

Once you got out of the tunnels, you, of course, being the first one out, you sat on the ground waiting for the others. Your legs were crossed as you picked at the grass below you, still clenching onto Dustin’s water bottle. A foot stepped in front of you and you looked up at the older boy.

“Come here,” he pulled you up and embraced you tightly. The hug from Steve calmed you, surprisingly a lot, and once you pulled away you felt somewhat more at ease. “Want to explain yourself, Y/N? Why was this never mentioned before.”


“I’m kidding,” he teased, noticing how rosy your cheeks were, “but seriously. Tell me next time you’re feeling the least bit anxious. Okay? I may not look it, but I can help.”

“Thank you,” you stuttered and he nodded, ushering you into the car.

hello!! not that comfortable with photos, so here’s a cactus
i’m stephen from canada, and i’m 16 years old. i came across ace after randomly finding a video of them covering not today but really got into them after their debut. my bias is sehyoon (you can probably tell from my url) but i love all of them v much !!
hmu if you want to chat! i’d love to talk to some of you (but i’m also v shy ahhh)

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stanlon for the otp asks ❤️

stanlon is the way to my heart u got it

Which one sexts like a straight white boy?
- Honestly, this is controversial, but I feel like it would be Stan. I feel like Mike would actually know what he was doing & that he’s way too smooth for that white fuckboy shit tbh

Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
- Mike. It was Finding Nemo. (“They’re just so happy to be together and be a family again.” It seems comical, but truthfully, it reminded him of his own family in a way and that’s the real reason he cried.) Stan just cuddled further into his chest to comfort him. It worked.

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
- Stan. He was trying to juggle cooking dinner by himself for one of the first nights after Mike switched jobs, and wasn’t fairing too well. He put the fork in the microwave trying to heat up rice as well as burnt the vegetables he was attempting to roast, and he never even got around to cooking the chicken… Needless to say, Mike came home to Domino’s pizza and Stan looking through a kitchenware catalog at new microwaves.

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
- Mike. He especially likes to do it on Sunday mornings, when Stan gets up earlier than he does and is sitting in their kitchen drinking coffee with his back to the hallway. Every time, Stan answers, “Harry Hanukkah?” sarcastically hopeful sounding, before turning and pecking Mike on the nose. That’s Mike’s favorite part about Sunday mornings, and secretly, it’s Stan’s, too.

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
- Stan. Mike is like a living heater - he radiates warmth. Stan is quite the opposite - he’s often cold and he hates it. Especially his toes/feet. At night, when his feet get cold and they’re laying in bed together, he’ll press them into the backs of Mike’s knees or to his legs in general, sometimes making him jump at the sudden cold contact - but he laughs anyway and cuddles his freezing boy closer to at least try to warm him up.

Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon?
- Stan. The only person he’ll admit it to is Mike - and even that is only because Mike watched it all go down. He was up for 29 hours straight watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, mumbling occasionally about how Kim was the better Kardashian. Mike found it endearing at first, but now doesn’t let Stan hear the end of it except for outside their home. God knows if Richie found out that he’d REALLY never let Stan live it down.

Who laughs more during sex?
- Mike, probably. Though Stan laughs it off when he makes an awkward move or his leg ends up somewhere that complicates the entire situation, Mike laughs twice as much when he makes any wrong move - or when anything “wrong” happens, actually. They’re just awkward gays in love!

- STAN!! is the little spoon. As aforementioned, Stan is frequently cold (especially in winter months) and he needs the warmth - which Mike happily provides. They often sleep with Stan’s head on Mike’s chest and Mike’s arms wrapped around him, the covers pulled up and tucked in to surround them like a burrito of love.

I know Thanksgiving is a shit, not real holiday. But I do want to take this moment to say I am sincerely and wholeheartedly grateful for the warm welcome I’ve had to the FAHC fandom and into the hearts and friendship of so many of you.

It’s hard to believe, but I found this fandom around this time last year. I’ve since graduated college and started life, but I feel comfortable and warm and loved here. It’s been a rocky road, but I’m so happy to find such a warm group of people to befriend.

So thanks, to the FAHC fandom, Ryan’s Madhouse Misfits, and the broader AH fandom. In the spirit of this (shit) holiday, I’m grateful for you. <3 

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that reddie fic of them in college and richie supposedly being a homophobe? i sure hope richie apologises profusely, because damn he was unnecessarily mean to eddie. if i were eddie i wouldn't forgive so easily and probably not date richie's confused bisexual ass. it all felt kinda toxic? like ur a good writer but that entire situation just kinda read like that homophobic behavior is okay and normal and eddie shouldn't hold a grudge? sorry it just made me feel kinda sick :(

1. i wrote a richie’s pov to the whole thing if u wanna read it and see if it makes u feel a little better

2. and im so sorry if my writing made you feel bad that is obviously never the intention
eddie in that au is just very insecure and unsure of himself as he’s not perfectly comfortable w being gay yet and he’s formed a crush on richie and when he finds richie not liking him he only tries to make him like him more,,, not romantically necessarily but he just wants to be accepted and when richie kisses him eddie doesn’t really think if he’s been rude (bc he also remembers the times richie’s been alone and seemed like a good person) and then richie confesses and u know.
im sorry i am nothing but only a 18 year freshly bi-sexual girl and i fuck up occasionally so yeah SORRY if it sounded super bad :-(?????