And I decided it was actually kinda perfect


Hii, Lis! Happy Positive Monday, cutiepie~ you’re still a precious cinnamon roll💕 keep being perfect~

Then about myself. I really like my smile and outfit in the first pic and I’m kinda proud of my drawing skills ^^ this is the first and only spn fan art I’ve had time to draw, soo… Decided to go with it instead of Korean men xD

Hi Marjo! 

You’re looking amazing, as always!

And omg that drawing is actually really good, you should definitely keep drawing fanart!!!!

It actually took me a while to decide what kind of sign Sniper should have. At first it was going to be Jarate related, but then I didn’t care much for the concept. Randomly I was like “…hunting area sign. *google image search* perfect.”

Also figuring out how to line this was kinda hard only cause everything is close to one area, so deciding which details to highlight was also kinda hard. :/

Gosh dang Sniper why you gotta be so complicated?

Dia, the Empathizer! I dunno where in the manga they actually call them that and I think giving these guys fancy titles like that is kinda pointless, but whatever, my favorite main dex holder because he’s basically me at a different point earlier in my life (well minus the mech fan stuff). I actually drew the main four pokemon he uses the most in the DP arc a while ago but I had trouble deciding how to fit Mamoswine and Regigigas in (who can hold mamoswine in it’s hand). It’s not perfect but like Dia, I tried.

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Is it possible to receive exp on the exp grinding map when playing the Nohr route?

lol I just woke up and felt so happy to see messages in my inbox!

The answer is YES. Once you bought the dlc map, you can play it whenever you want, whichever path you choose. Since FE:if has larger maps, playing this 恐怖の霊山 map is SUPER FUN!

When I first played Nohr route, I kept my Hard Classic “tradition”. Then at certain map I couldn’t get the perfect winning achievement even after my seventh try… so I changed it back to Normal Classic. It became so much easier and I was kinda surprised actually… However, the downside of this is there’are no more extra encounter battles on world map anymore. Most of my units can’t get enough exp and level up by just playing main storyline. ;P I’m so happy they finally decided to release an EXP map…

Reason to work out #347 : to feel good in this all the time! I’m not perfect, I’m about 40 pounds from my goal weight and the scale has been saying I’ve been gaining. It’s horribly discouraging to know I’ve been working my ass off to see no result. So this morning I decided to play dress up and for the first time I was actually kinda feeling myself. So maybe the number on the scale isn’t dropping but I think I look good, and that’s rare for me. I’ll take this feeling over a number any day. Itty bitty baby steps of progress but I’m giddy. I just have to remember to love who I am today while always trying to be better tomorrow.

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Thanks for your ideas. Yeah, mainly Elizabeth gets too clunky. I've looked at a lot of variants and nicknames, just so I'm not picking a name out of nowhere, but I may have to. I almost went with lyza but the whole "kaialyzer" thing bothers me.

I actually kinda like Kaialyzer! its very you. but I understand your concern. Im sure whatever you end up deciding will be even more perfect for you!