And Harry let him know

So, I was watching the video to the gif that I just re-blogged of Harry pretending to spank Louis on stage in Cardiff (shortly before Louis forgot his vocals) and you can see that prior to that Harry points to Louis and then Louis walks toward him. So I looked for more footage, and I found another video, and while you cannot see all of it, you can actually see that after Harry pointed to him, Louis pouted as he walked towards him before Harry pretended to spank him. At least that is what it looks like anyway in the VERY brief moment on video. (Credit to Monika Rozynek for the video.)

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite things about each of your bandmates (outside of Harry because we know you love everything about him! <3)

Alrighty let’s start shall we?

  • Liam: His sweet characteristic gets ya every time; he’s a very nice and very heartfelt guy, one of me best boys to be honest. He can be a ridiculous loon, but also very serious when he needs to be; just a very very great mate.
  • Niall: Ah yes another one of me mates; I think he doesn’t deserve the heat he usually gets because he’s just a good guy. Very genuine about things, passionate about life, smart on tricky situations if m’honest; extremely funny lad as well. 


It has been so long - he’s been with his mother in Greece for months,
trying to calm her down after she had begun badgering is father again,
and it seems to have worked. She let him go without a fuss, ready to
start his studies again. But it’s not his studies hes been missing: it’s
Harry. So he made sure, after so long, to let him know that he was
coming back. For good.

He’s tired. A ten hour flight culminating in an hour trekking through
the airport, and he really just wants to go home. Home, to bed. But
the he sees a very familiar face, and he breaks into a grin.