And Harry let him know

can you imagine how having telepathy would affect each of the boys individually??? i think about this so much

So, I was watching the video to the gif that I just re-blogged of Harry pretending to spank Louis on stage in Cardiff (shortly before Louis forgot his vocals) and you can see that prior to that Harry points to Louis and then Louis walks toward him. So I looked for more footage, and I found another video, and while you cannot see all of it, you can actually see that after Harry pointed to him, Louis pouted as he walked towards him before Harry pretended to spank him. At least that is what it looks like anyway in the VERY brief moment on video. (Credit to Monika Rozynek for the video.)

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Louis is so important to this world and he is going to take over and Harry can just let him.

I don’t know what the hell this means to be honest. So I will just put all my emotions on this rather ridiculous message. No offense to my anons, because I appreciate each of you, but then this happens and I am just like “Do I delete? Absolutely. I am a level headed person at least 3% of the time.” *Answers anon* *regrets it*

Louis gets to live his dream and that is so important. I agree. Just being able to do that at such a young age especially when he was convinced he did not have a purpose with 1D–plus some very questionable things said to him by an adult??? what teacher tells a kid they wont amount to anything? That is awful– now Louis gets to make sure a bunch of young ones get some much needed guidance in finding a way to make it through. That is /ALL/ lovely and beautiful. I cannot wait to see where it goes. 

But Louis gets all of this because of One Direction. One Direction used Harry Styles’ face and PR stunts as Promo. 

So even though people are saying do not use this as a time to talk about H/L and closeting. They are the dream team. It very much balances each other out. 

Harry isn’t just letting him. Harry is there too. They have always been a Dream Team. 


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Here, I'll ask you some questions because I need cheering up too. Give me some drarry headcanons (I don't ship necessarily but I know you do so blow me away!) :)

Drarry is life.

I love imagining Draco trying to assert his dominance, and Harry just let’s him.. cause he knows that Draco never was able to really show that at home.

I think Draco cries the most during Disney movies, and then Harry always has to carry him to bed after he falls asleep on the couch.

Harry is the cook, because Draco never had to cook for himself as a kid.

Draco always tries to tame Harry’s hair and tries to make him dress better. He acts like he hates how Harry’s hair is and stuff, but he secretly likes it. He gives up before he actually fixes it for that reason. He just claims that Harry’s appearance is “not fixable.”

Harry always beats Draco when they play Qudditch with friends and family, and it pisses Draco off. He gets super competitive, and Harry finds it incredibly cute.

Draco was the one to propose to Harry, and it really caught him off guard. Draco was like, “So Potter, I guess we should get married.” And Harry was just like, “Why should we get married?” In a very teasing way. He just wanted Draco to admit that he was in love with him.

Ginny was very excited for Harry when he came out and was accepting. She became best friends with Draco, and she helped plan their wedding.

Hermione was the first one to find out about Draco and Harry. 

Ron and Draco have a love-hate relationship. They try to act like they don’t like each other, but they secretly think the other is awesome.

And that’s all I can really think of right now. 

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I chuckle "I don't know let me ask harry." I ask him but I don't understand his answer so I give him the phone. "Hello ash? Yeah its harry, were at the pub down the road from work."

I hang up without responding. I start towards the pub. I was so fucking irritated with you. First the bull shit at your work and now you don’t come home for dinner and you go get fucking DRUNK with Harry. I park at the pub and take a breath. I go inside and am embarrassed with how I look. Yoga pants and a tshirt are not appropriate going out attire. But it’s appropriate to go get your dick of a fiancé. I find you and stand behind you and Harry for a bit, arms folded.

*gets out of the car and slips my hand into yours as we walk towards the door* I haven’t been to a party since the one we met at -Lara

really? *smiles looking at you as I help you into the car* there’s actually a lot of parties to good to -Louis


*the fight finishes after the third round is over and they announce that I’m the winner. I look over and nod at the man I met with earlier, knowing he’ll keep up his end of the agreement* -Liam

*bites my lip* yeah um why don’t you stop by in a couple days to see him and I’ll let him know you called -Harry  

*sighs* okay I will… thanks Harry it means a lot to me *runs my fingers through my hair and go to lay down* -Ana

something about coffee shops

Almost immediately, Sam’s usual chirpy attitude changed into a more serious one, his eyes narrowing as he walked through the exit, Harry trailing behind him. “I’d just like to let you know, that Caitlin has no experience with boys whatsoever. S'pretty obvious that she’s really taken a liking to you, so let me keep this short and simple, yeah? If you hurt her in any way, I will most definitely not hesitate to

rip your balls off.” He said bluntly, his hands placed on his hips. “I’m sure she asked you to the dance already, yeah? – I forced her to. She wasn’t going to because she was nervous about it.” Changing the topic quickly, almost like they never even had a conversation about ripping Harry’s balls off, the boy chuckled lightly, running a hand through his tousled hair. “I’ve never actually seen her this smitten with anyone before, so as her best friend, it’s astonishing for me, you know? You should’ve seen her the night after your date – on that note, that date was pretty lame. I’m planning your next date. Anyway, she almost screamed with joy when she came home that night. It was pretty funny.”  

“I have no intention of hurting Caitlin.” he replied with a bit of shock, not expecting the conversation to go in this direction. “I have noticed that she seems quite taken with me and I’m extremely flattered since I’ve had my eye on her myself for awhile…” It was true – Caitlin had caught his eye every time she walked into the shop until he finally made the first move. It was why he had been alright with all of her sneaky doodles about him on her notebook and her photos she had taken. He was just as infatuated. “What’s wrong with our dates?!” He asked the other male in an exaggerated tone. 

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After Nick&harry moved nicks dad in, Elsie still loving to play with him, Nick out working one day Harry at home in another room from Elsie and his father in law, something happening to him Elsie shouting for Harry taking him to hospital nicks dad having had a minor heart attack phoning Nick

After Nick had moved his dad into the house he had to admit that things were going much smoother than anyone had thought, the two of them grateful that they were all able to be together as a family through this time, knowing that if they were still living separately Nick would’ve been even more worried about things than he had been before.

Elsie had loved to play with her grandfather, and with Nick out working one day and Harry in the other room getting some things done Elsie had been occupying her time by playing with her grandfather, up until Harry had heard the screams, letting him know that something had happened to him. Harry had gone into panic mode, getting his father-in-law to the hospital as fast as possible.

With everything going on Harry hadn’t had a chance to even think about calling Nick until they had gotten the confirmed diagnosis that it was a minor heart attack, Nick leaving work immediately and making his way to the hospital to be with his dad and family, knowing that they needed him more than anything else right now, and he came first.

As scary as everything was for all of them Harry and Nick were both proud of Elsie for not getting scared and for yelling for help, knowing that she could have helped save is life and make sure that it didn’t get more serious. The two of them were just hoping that they would be able to bring him back home again soon, and they could go back to their routine with everything being okay.

hope you like it love! if you want a one-shot, write in my ask your name//what you look like//which boy//general plot to get me started! it can be vague, i just need something

Sunrise at Midnight

“You can’t let him know.” l Harry Potter’s sister

Goodbye Hogwarts

“God, you bloody blokes,” I said, smacking Fred and George’s arm with my Potions textbook. “Hurry up or we’re gonna miss the train!”The two twins stuck their tongues out at me and locked…

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