Rome unveils 'museum' metro station packed with hundreds of ancient artefacts found during construction

For Romans, the daily commute will never be the same again.  The city on Friday unveiled a brand new underground station that boasts a trove of archaeological treasures that were found during its construction.

They range from iron spearheads and gold coins decorated with emperors’ heads to a delicate perfume bottle made from turquoise glass and marble statues of scantily-clad nymphs.

There are giant amphorae, bronze fish hooks from an ancient Roman fish farm, the remains of a first century BC woven basket and even a collection of 2,000 year old peach stones, from when the area was a rich farming estate providing food for the imperial elite. Read more.

Binder Review!

Sorry the pics aren’t great. 

Sad sports bra 

Comfort: ★★★★★
Binding: _ _ _ _ _

Ancient Fish King / “Ebay Binder”

Comfort: ★★★★_ 
Binding: ★★★ _ _
Quality:  ★_ _ _ _

I got a size up by accident so it’s quite loose. Bad quality but binds ok considering. The fabric started to become pilly and scratchy after a few months and parts of it are starting to tear, but you get what you pay for. I would be cautious about this binder. People have been experiencing lung problems after wearing these binders full time, and some have said that they’re no better than ace bandages. Fortunately I haven’t experienced any trouble, but I wouldn’t buy this again. This binder is fine if you’re only wearing it for cosplay or something, but if you really can’t afford anything better, maybe get a size up like I did.

Underworks Extreme MagiCotton Sports and Binding Bra / Underworks 310

Comfort: ★★★_ _
Binding: ★★ _ _ _
Quality:  ★★★★_

It’s alright. Sometimes it pushes everything to the middle of my chest and gives me a slight uniboob, but It supports my chest really well. This would be good for those who are looking for something half way between a sports bra and a chest binder. If you want to get it to work out in, I’d recommend getting a size up so you can breath. Also I wish the material was smoother because my shirt keeps clinging to it.

Underworks Tri-Top / Underworks 983

Comfort: ★★_ _ _
Binding: ★★★★★
Quality:  ★★★_ _

Binds really well! But sometimes it makes me feel like I’m going to die. Kind of feels like it’s made out of the same material lawn chairs are made out of, but my shirt doesn’t cling to it so it’s cool. It constricts my chest a lot so I take it off as soon as I get home, but boy oh boy does it bind well.


Comfort: ★★★★_ 
Binding: ★★★★_  
Quality:  ★★★★★

Only got this today so I can’t say anything about how it’ll hold up over time, but so far I’m really happy with it! It’s super soft and so comfy. It’s impossible to get on or off, and at first I was worried that it’d be too small for me, but once I got it on it fit perfectly. It creates a very slight uniboob effect and binds slightly less than the tri-top, but the comfort makes up for it. I wouldn’t recommend this to those with bigger chests because it doesn’t seem to cover me as much and I can imagine some having trouble with their chests “spilling out” a bit. I’m really happy with this though, and it’s going to replace my tri-top as my full-time binder.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Fish Out of Water pt6

Humans are weird, and when you get the chance to get to know one and understand them better, you take it. But there are rules about interfering with human affairs, and breaking them might come at a higher price than you were willing to pay.

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Reader x Yoongi

Mermaid Au

Fluff, humor, maybe some angst? Not much though.

Warning: This chapter contains partial nudity. It isn’t really a big deal, but thought I should warn you.

Had someone warned Yoongi two weeks ago that he would soon fall for a mermaid, he would have laughed for several reasons;

1. Mermaids were fictional.

2. Even if they were real, why would one talk to him?

3. What would he have in common with a mermaid anyway? Probably nothing, so it would never work out.

Even now the thought was preposterous, but there was no doubt in Yoongi’s mind. You were very real, and he was falling head over heals for you.

There was something about the care-free way you walked, the wonder in your eyes, the way you smiled at him, and the way you believed in the goodness in people that made him feel like his heart might just stop.  

He wished he could tell you how he felt and get it over with, then he would know if you felt the same–though, he had no idea what he would do if you did; Could humans and mermaids date? But he felt that telling you would just further complicate your already complicated life, which was something you didn’t need right now. 

“Earth to Yoongi.” Jimins hand waved in front of Yoongi face impatiently. “Hellooo, is anyone there?” 

Yoongi swatted Jimins hand away, frowning at his friend. “Alright, sorry. Stop.” 

Jimin folded his arms. “You’ve been staring into that glass for the last ten minutes. Minah was starting to think you’d gone catatonic.” 

Yoongi had remembered to come into work that day, and while he knew he should be making it up to his coworkers for disappearing the day before, he was having a hard time focusing. His mind kept wondering back to you–did you eat lunch? Jungkook had the day off, was he being nice to you? Were you bored? You told Yoongi that morning that you were going to try to talk to your father today, had you heard back? How would you hear back? He was fairly sure mermaids didn’t have home phones.

“You’re doing it again.” Jimin sighed. “Are you feeling okay?” 

“I’m fine. I just… Need some air. I’m going to take my break early, okay?” 

“You haven’t done anything though!” Minah called after him, but he was already heading for the door. He knew he was being unprofessional, but he needed a moment to clear his mind.

Why humans kept food alive in a tank to save for later, you had no idea. You wondered briefly if perhaps they were hoping for the fish to grow so they would have more to eat, but it still didn’t make any sense.

“His name is Harvey.” Jungkook said as you tapped on the glass experimentally. “Seokjin has had him for years. Like, since he was a kid, which makes that fish ancient.”

Naming food was never a good idea, but you figured it didn’t really matter. Seokjin was nice, and really good at cooking, so you didn’t mind if he was a little odd at times.

“Oh.” You watched the fish swim back and forth, staring at you with its big round eyes.

“Do you like fish?” He asked, and you glanced up at him. He had promised that he’d buy you ice cream if you beat him at the video game he taught you how to play, and you had won five times in a row. You decided that Jungkook owed you much more than ice cream, but weren’t sure what yet.

“Yes.” You said thoughtfully, turning your attention back to Harvey.

“Have you ever been to the aquarium?” Jungkook asked. In all honesty, he didn’t know what to make of you, but he knew he didn’t mind your company. Not to mention, if you were a friend of Yoongi’s, you couldn’t be so bad. Jimin had made it clear that he thought otherwise, but he was known to be a little paranoid. 

“No, what’s that?” You stood, your eyes still fixed on the fish. You were hungry, but figured it wouldn’t be very nice if you ate the snack Seokjin had been saving since he was a kid. 

“It’s where they keep fish for people to look at.” Jungkook explained. “There’re all kinds of sea creatures–even sharks. They have this one glass tunnel you can walk through, surrounded by water and fish… It’s almost like being under water with them.” 

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the fish is representative of much divine symbolism…a reunion with the Primal Mother. the creative source of pisces flows through~all~things and beings. ,the ancients ascribed two sacred fish to the sign of pisces, they who knew and understood the cosmos in ways we could never comprehend…

The New Teacher (TG/AP)

Dave and Kyle dashed through their school hallway, racing each other to their classroom. They were always the first of their classmates to class, and they always used their time before class to chat with each other. They sat down at their desks next to each other as Dave pulled something out of his backpack. “Kyle, check this out,” he said as he flipped a rusty coin around in his fingers. “It looks like some ancient coin. I fished it out of a fountain a few days ago.”

“Neat. So what’re you gonna do with it?” asked Kyle.

“Not sure yet. Maybe pawn it or sell it online. I’ve never seen a coin like this though.”

“Yeah, well maybe if we had a better history teacher we’d know where it came from.”

“Yeah, I do wish we had a better teacher for this class.” As soon as Dave had uttered those words, he felt the coin pulse and glow. “Whoa, that was weird.”

“What was tha - ugh…” Kyle moaned and began to hunch over in his desk. Dave looked at his friend as Kyle began to grow. Kyle gripped the desk as he grew a few inches taller. He heard soft pops run down his arms as his shoulders slightly widened and his arms elongated. He stretched his fingers out as they grew long and slender, watching in horror as his fingernails lengthened into perfectly manicured cuticles. He then felt a tingling on his face as a pair of glasses materialized on his nose. He instinctively pushed the glasses closer to his face as if he’d been wearing glasses his entire life.

“Kyle! What’s happening?!” Dave yelled.

“I don’t kno - oooohhh!” he was interrupted as his groin was assaulted with alien sensations. He continued to moan as his crotch began to flower in on itself. Hormones flooded his body as he rushed through puberty. He put his hand over his abdomen as he felt his organs shift around to make way for a new womb. As his new clit finished forming, his moans rose a couple octaves, becoming distinctly feminine and mature. Unable to resist, he slid a single finger across the new folds between his legs and cooed. His clothes began to change and adapt to his changing body, tickling his sensitive skin as they morphed. His boxers tightened into a thong, hugging his rapidly moistening clit. His Star Wars t-shirt melted into a professional looking button-down shirt as his pants transformed into a figure hugging black skirt. He looked down at the new skirt as his hips widened, making the skirt even tighter. His ass expanded, pushing him upwards in the desk, as his legs lengthened and thickened. He felt pantyhose materialize along his legs as his shoes morphed into high heels. He suddenly felt the need to stand up, and was able to do so with perfect balance in the new heels. “David…?” he moaned in his sultry new voice. “Help…me…ah!” he cried as he felt another tingling coming from his nipples. He pulled his shirt open and watched in terror as his nipples grew larger and darker. As he watched his chest aghast, he felt a pressure building behind his sensitive new nipples. Two large breasts exploded out of his chest, sending alien sensations coursing through his new body. He moaned and cupped them, not knowing how to react. Suddenly, a black bra began to materialize around them, pushing them together and giving him ample cleavage. David continued to stare in shock at his changing friend.

“Kyle? Are you okay?” David asked hesitantly.

“The wish…” Kyle moaned. “You wished for a better teacher…I think I’m becoming the teacher…”

“Kyle, I’m so sorry…”

“David, I’m scared. I don’t know what to - unf!” Kyle grunted as he grabbed his head. His pupils dilated as a flood of new memories entered his mind. He began to cry as his hair lengthened down to his waist, pushing its way through the hands clasped against his head. His face softened as his eyes widened, completing his transformation into an adult woman. He looked at his best friend as he tried to fight the new memories in his head, but could only remember David’s name. Memories of playing with David vanished, and soon David became just another student in her mind. As Kyle gave in, a rush of knowledge entered the new teacher’s mind. She had finished college with a degree in history and education, and had met her fiance while studying. She remembered the day she got engaged, and the night of passionate love that followed. She knew she was attractive, and even though she was getting married, she still liked to tease the students with her body. She looked at David, brushed her hair back, and pushed her breasts into his face.

“David, you’re in class early,” she said. “Did you need help with an assignment?” David stood and looked up at the woman who was once his best friend. She was significantly taller than him now.

“Kyle! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean for this to happen!”

“Kyle? Who’s Kyle?” the new teacher asked, dumbfounded. “You are to refer to me as Mrs. Roberts. Now take a seat, David. Class will begin soon.” David looked at the coin in his hand and was about to wish for his friend back when Mrs. Roberts reached down and swiped the coin from him. “No trinkets in this class young man.” Upon looking at the coin, Mrs. Roberts knew that the coin was from an ancient pagan religion was was rumored to grant wishes. She scoffed at the thought as she tossed the coin into her desk. “For the last time, David, sit down and pay attention. Here come your classmates.” The students rushed in, oblivious to the new teacher, as Mrs. Roberts turned around and began to write notes on the chalkboard. David stared at the new teacher, feeling utterly defeated, but slowly beginning to find her insanely attractive. She turned around to face the class and immediately felt all the boys looking at her cleavage. A tingle of excitement ran through her as she began her lesson.

who would win?

- a group of ancient fish who have been around, almost unchanged in their near-perfection, for over 400 million years largely unchallenged as significant and successful apex predators in most of earth’s ocean ecosystems
- a movie about capitalist greed

He had been watching the boy for days now, trying to build up the courage to speak to the little human. Sure, he doubted the boy could understand him once he tried; humans are primitive and didn’t have a large vocal range from what he was told by the other adults who had come into contact with them. Humans are simple creatures and often volatile towards his kind, which was why the young merman had stuck far out in the ocean to avoid being seen in case of such a negative reaction.

Riku had been tracking the coming and goings of the young boy as he rowed to and from the island. His spiky brown hair seemed to defy gravity and intrigued the young merman. He wanted to run his hands through the messy hair and see if it would be stiff and urchin like as he suspected it might be.

Being on the cusp of adulthood, he was finally allowed to start leaving the group he’d grown up with to look for his own territory. Riku had chosen a small island off one of the mainlands, and had seen many young humans travel back and forth to it in small rowboats. The one that caught Riku’s eye was here almost daily; always happy, laughing and stumbling along the shore as he played amongst the others.

So Riku staked this island as his, even if several children came to it during the day. At night it was his. Although he was barred from walking the island, he came as close as possible to being able to slither onto the shore and rest among the white sands, looking up at the stars while thoughts ran rampant of how to start speaking to the little human.

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“Spiral saw”
Early Permian-Early Triassic, 290-250 million years ago

This ancient shark relative went extinct in the early Triassic, just as dinosaurs were rising to prominence. As with many cartilaginous fish, most of their bodies didn’t fossilize, but they did leave behind their trademark “tooth whorls.” Helicoprion has been reconstructed in several… “inventive” ways over the years, but now I’m assaulted by visions of all the horrific ways a buzzsaw-jawed shark could eviscerate me and I’m super regretful that I made fun of it and oh my god you guys oh god.