it feels like we’re going backwards in time instead of forwards just think

  • Cat eyeliner is popular (Ancient Eqypt)
  • We are fighting for black rights (Segregation times)
  • Damn artists everywhere ( Victorian or Rennesiance era idk)
  • The great depression all over again (1929)
  • Hate towards Jews ( The World Wars)
  • Fighting about women’s right ( since forever)

like no wtf we need to go forwards not backwards

history side of tumblr plz explain

Female Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt (9 of 10)


Meritamun Was the royal daughter of Pharaoh Ahmose I and Queen Nefertari. She became the Great Royal Wife of her brother Amenhotep I, pharaoh of ancient Egypt in the 18th dynasty.

Meritamun took over the role of God’s Wife of Amun from her mother, Queen Nefertari. Other titles recorded for Meritamun include: lady of the two lands, Great King’s Wife, mistress of the entire two lands, god’s wife, united with the white crown, king’s daughter,  and king’s sister.  The title king’s mother is also recorded in later sources, even though she was never the mother of a king.

On Cleopatra's race

With Angelina Jolie’s Cleopatra biopic coming up, there has been a lot of argument here on Tumblr regarding the portrayal of Cleopatra’s race. This is not a new issue. Folks of various races have been trying to claim her for years (And honestly, I don’t understand why, since she was kind of lame, and the are really awesome Black and White queens who were waaaay cooler than Cleopatra), and I think some historical context is in order.

(Original discussion post here)

Cleopatra VII Philopator, better known as “Cleopatra” was a Ptolemy, meaning that she was at least half Greek on her Father’s side, and while there is no consistent record of who her mother was, many believe it to either be the Greek Cleopatra V Tryphaena , her father’s sister (keeping things in the family, as they say), or a concubine, who would most likely be of African heritage.

That means that 50% of her ethnicity is unaccounted for. Busts and statues aren’t a good source for her true physical appearance, as they differ greatly, and were often highly stylized (Some looking rather Black African, some looking rather European Greek, some looking somewhat Middle-Eastern, some looking classically Egyptian, and many racially-ambiguous).

The only things we really know about her appearance is that most agree that she had a long nose, and was either the most beautiful woman in Egypt, or the ugliest. Reports range from tall to short, and from thin to fat. That’s really all we have to go on. Using various sources we can kinda sorta piece together what her face MAY have looked like maybe:

But it isn’t entirely reliable, and doesn’t really have features that are particularly Black African or European Greek (Remember, any computer renderings of her skin color are based entirely on speculation).

So what does this mean? Well, not a lot, to be honest. She was probably of at least SOME mixed heritage, both Greek and Egyptian, and probably spent most of her time inside, being a royal and all. So she probably wasn’t very dark skinned. However, she probably wasn’t particularly light skinned either. She wasn’t of Anglo or Nordic descent, in any way, Ancient Greeks themselves weren’t as light skinned as some like to remember them, and the terms “Aryan” and “Caucasian” are so vague that they don’t really describe anybody, physically speaking (Fun fact, there is no such thing as a “white” race, but more on that another day).

So what would an “accurate” depiction of Cleopatra be? Nobody really fricking knows, but she probably wouldn’t be what modern folks would consider “White” or “Black”. She’d be something different entirely.