I finished this outfit just recently. It’s called galabia (or djellaba. I can’t pronounce or say it). A unisex dress that was worn in Ancient Egypt. And since I am a Kemetic Pagan, I thought it would be fun to make with a dark twist. The galabia(djellaba) is great for the summer/fall season.

Quick concept sketches for Ancient Egyptian clothes for Kaiba..because he needs to wear something suitable when visiting his friend there.. :3

Was mostly inspired by Assassin clothes..lolol

Which one is your fav? Feel like there can be something more fitting for him?
 I’m open for suggestions ^^


Gold Bracelet with Deities Representing Fertility and Good Fortune

Romano-Egyptian, 1st century B.C.–A.D. 1st century

Powerful talismans of fertility and good destiny are woven into this rich golden composition. The bodies of two snakes intertwine to form a Herakles knot, the centerpiece of this bracelet. The snake on the left represents Agathodaimon, and the cobra on the right Terenouthis, two agrarian/fertility deities associated with Serapis and Isis, respectively. On the platform between them stand two goddesses, Isis-Tyche (or Isis-Fortuna), a deity closely associated with Alexandria, and the nude Aphrodite.     

Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art


A group of faience jerboa figurines, 4 cm high

Possibly from Heliopolis, Egypt, ca. 1850–1640 B.C. (Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12-13)

Already in the Early Dynastic Period, Egyptians deposited faience figurines of wild animals in temple precincts. These figurines were reintroduced in the Twelfth Dynasty, but as a component of burial equipment and with new species added to the repertoire. The controlled representation of desert animals may have assured the Egyptians of eternal safety, though they also likely had symbolic meanings.    

Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art