~Pendant on a chain.
Culture: Egyptian
Period: Third Intermediate Period
Dynasty: Dynasty 21–24
Date: 1070–712 B.C.

From the source: According to Egyptian mythology, the young sun god was borne up out of the primordial waters of chaos inside a blue lotus flower, which opened to reveal him on the first morning. The artist of this fine pendant characterized the god’s tender age with the sidelock of youth. He is seated with knees drawn up as in a hieroglyph. The tiny uraeus on his brow proclaims him as royalty, illustrating the link between the king and the young sun god.

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Godesses

Aries: Seth - God of chaos

Taurus: Bastet - Goddess of pleasure

Gemini: Horus - God of the sky

Cancer: Anubis - God of the dead 

Leo: Amun - King of the Gods

Virgo: Khepri - God of creation 

Libra: Ma’at - Goddess of truth, justice and harmony

Scorpio: Osiris - God of the dead and ruler of the underworld

Sagittarius: Ra - The Sun God

Capricorn: Sekhmet - Goddess of war

Aquarius: Thoth - God of writing and knowledge

Pisces: Hathor - Goddess of love and joy