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A question on you and Warren Ellis's EXCELLENT Moon Knight run: what was the inspiration for the cool suit and tie look and the armored cloaked suit?

Thanks! Glad you liked out Moon Knight run, I’m very proud of it.

The suit-and-tie look was something Warren wanted from his arc on Secret Avengers in the previous year or so. Technically the design is by Michael Lark (who drew that issue), I just tweaked and refined it.

As for the superhero suit, Marvel were open to me redesigning the standard costume, something I really wanted to do. That suit would be needed for more dynamic action, so I wanted to brim more black elements, for balance.

The bone-suit as I call it, was based on a lot of ancient Egyptian armour/clothing, to tie to the roots of the Khonshu god. It was all just made from bones!

Some personal work thanks to all the fun I’ve been having in Dark Souls, I wanted to do a bit of fan art, I guess. This has taken me a very long time, but I think it’s quite worth the time and effort put into it.
Ikito was the character I finished my first play through in Dark Souls, started out as a bandit class, but she turned out more of a strength dex knight, was a lot of fun, a long with a -lot- of frustration. When I finally got Dark Souls 2, couldn’t help but see how she would evolve in the new mechanics, was… an interesting experiment, anyway. Also, I -love- the look of the Elite Knight set.

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