Ancient Ram Inn

Hotel offers guests a haunted experience complete with sex demon

If you ever wanted to experience living in a haunted house complete with a sex demon, your wish has been granted.

The Ancient Ram Inn claims to be the most haunted bed and breakfast in the United Kingdom. 

The 12th century house is home to about 20 ghosts that haunt guests, the company claims.

“One night, we had a lot of people, and they were so frightened by the energy in the place they really jumped out of the window on the first floor. It was in the middle of the night, and they decided that they could not take it anymore and jumped,” Caroline Humphries, whose family has run the hotel for almost 50 years, said.

The house was built on an ancient pagan cemetery and a place of child sacrifice.

The beams of the house vibrate and a voice can be heard screaming “get out,” according to some guests.

Nottingham based ghost Hunter Samantha Coupe, 37, said she has experience sensational lights, unexplained noises and one person of her group enjoyed a massage from a loving demon.

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The Ancient Ram Inn

Location; Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucester, England.

Status; Open and active Inn

Dates Active; 1145 - Present

Type of Haunting - Demonic

Built in 1145, the Ancient Ram Inn is believed to be the most haunted house in the entire British Isles, and perhaps the most haunted house in the world. The tales of child sacrifices, devil worship, and evil spirits are believed to be behind the terrifying happenings in this building. The Inn was built on the intersection of 2 ley lines, what many people believe is a conductor for spiritual activity. In addition, an ancient Pagan burial ground is said to have resided in the property over 5,000 years ago.

During its time as a bed and breakfast, people would often flee in the middle of the night, often seeing full bodied apparitions in their rooms, the feeling of being touched/pulled, disembodied voices, and the just the general feeling of evil.

John, the current owner and resident of the Ram Inn, has reported that on his first night in the house in 1968, he felt a presence grab his arm, before being dragged out of bed and across the room! John has since found evidence of devil worship and ritual sacrifice. He found two child skeletons underneath the staircase, as well as broken daggers. He continues to experience the hauntings and the attacks to this day.

Ancient Ram Inn… Supposedly haunted by and incubus/succubus

….You may find me weird for saying this… but I’m curious now…

would an incubus look like this

External image

as usually dipicted or would it pull a Santan who supposedly changes itself to look like the ideal man/woman to whomever it appears too….

So, ok, there’s this place called the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire, England and it’s like super duper haunted. Well, apparently, the current owner found a pair of children’s bodies under the stairs in the Inn.

So, while most people are probably like, “oh my god, that’s fucking creepy”, my first thought was, “wait, do genetic testing, THOSE MIGHT BE THE PRINCES IN THE TOWER!”

I think we may have hit the point where history has actually ruined me for life.


An Alle Geisterjäger: Jetzt wird’s spannend: Die im Jahr 1140 erbaute Ancient Ram Inn ist eines der bekanntesten “Geisterhäuser” der Welt. Das Gasthaus soll angeblich auf einem ehemaligen Friedhof erbaut worden sein. Außerdem haben dort früher kleine Kinder durch Satanische Rituale geopfert worden sein. direkt Unter dem bBoden der Ancient Ram Inn wurde ein Grab mit Kinderskeletten und Messern bzw. Dolchen gefunden, was die obigen Ereignisse eventuell bestätigen könnte.

Mich stört an den Geister-Freunden, dass sie in ziemlich jedem Video über die Ancient Ram Inn vorbeifliegende Staubkörner oder Blendenflecke als Geistersichtungen hingestellen. Ich glaub ja auch an so nen Kram, aber Leute, lasst mal die Drogen weg.

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Ghost Adventures Season 2 Episode 8: Ancient Ram Inn (Season Finale)

Location: Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, England, UK

Original Air Date: July 24, 2009

Zak, Nick, and Aaron go to England to investigate claims of supernatural occurrences at the Ancient Ram Inn built in the 12th century over a pagan burial ground.

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