In catacombs south of Cairo, researchers have discovered burial sites filled with huge numbers of mummified animals — nearly 8 million of them, mostly dogs.

The catacombs, at a site called Saqqara, are dedicated to Anubis, the jackal-headed god of the afterlife. Archaeologist and Egyptologist Salima Ikram, a professor at the American University in Cairo who has worked extensively at the site, writes that animal mummification began in ancient Egypt “to allow beloved pets to go on to the afterlife, to provide food in the afterlife, to act as offerings to a particular god and because some were seen as physical manifestations of specific gods that the Egyptians worshipped.”

Millions Of Mummified Dogs Found In Ancient Egyptian Catacombs

Photos: Courtesy of Paul Nicholson; Courtesy of Salima Ikram


Suhad is an Egyptian commoner, but her love for King Tut puts her amidst those with extraordinary power. 

This ancient Egyptian practice can cheaply purify dirty water

The seeds of the Moringa oleifera tree have been used to purify water and clean crockery since the days of ancient Egypt, but up until now scientists weren’t sure exactly how they worked. Thanks to a new paper published in the journal Langmuirby researchers at Pennsylvania State University, part of the mystery has now been solved.

It had already been established that a protein inside the Egyptian seeds caused bacteria to clump together in the water and die, sinking to the bottom of the container to leave the water largely clear. But the latest discovery reveals how this is done: the academics found that the seeds actually fuse the membranes of said bacteria together. As those membranes are the main protection the bacteria have, disrupting them causes the cells to die.

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Ancient Egypt: Pineal Gland, Chakras.

Documentary Series “The Pyramid Code”

Pineal gland is one of the most strange organs in our body. It is located in the center of the brain,right behind the eyes. Pineal gland size is similar to that of a pea, some call it the third eye or the mind eye. Remarkable, like the normal eye, it is composed from: cornea and retina and other specific things specific to the eye.

Pineal gland is powered by light and in the dark it secretes melatonin (sleep hormone). One of its role is to control the body’s natural biorhythm.

Pineal gland at a frequency of brain wave ,called Theta wave ,border sense of ego often disappears. According to many ancient traditions, this happens when the third eye begins to manifest special powers.

Pineal gland secretions are inhibited by fluoride, which is found in toothpaste, tap water, etc… The Germans and Russians used fluoride during the Second World War to bring prisoners to a mental unbalance.