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Ancient History of Cross-Dressing: From Ancient Religions to the Theaters

Premium Article Preview: Crossdressing is recorded around the world from the ancient past up to the present. In the ancient world, cross-dressing often mirrored gender-crossing actions of deities. In this context, it was tolerated, even supported, as an aspect of religious devotion. It was only a matter of time that gender-crossing proved to be necessary in one’s social life.

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Caral, hidden pyramids of Peru

National Geographic

Rock art may Memorialize Ancient Contact between Atlantic and Mediterranean

At some point in prehistory there was contact between the peoples of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. A researcher from Spain thinks he has identified a memorial to some of the first contacts in a Bronze Age rock-art depiction of a sailboat on Spain’s northwest coast—a region where galleys or boats powered by rowing were the rule.

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Ancient Persian engineers made their own freezers that kept ice cold - even during desert summers. By 400 BCE, they’d perfected the ‘yakhchal,’ which which are made of thick, heat-resistant materials with vents that funnel breezes to an underground storage area and push warm air out through the top. Ice brought in during winter was used to make chilled treats in the summer. Source

Today marks the second time the Department of Awesome Antiquities has found adorable paw prints unintentionally preserved for posterity. The first time it was a dog’s prints preserved in ancient Roman tiles. These tiny toeses frozen in time belonged to a cat back in 16th century Japan who walked across a brand new earthenware plate before it had hardened.

This plate was recovered from the ruins of Yuzuki Castle located in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan. The castle was destroyed in 1585, but this precious plate survived.

Photo by Japanese Twitter user @R_Perokun

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