Hurts So Good (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 1~

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           I felt my body tossing and turning as I felt the whole room spinning. Beads of sweat began to form at my forehead as I whimpered slightly. Before I knew it, I gasped and sat up in bed, realizing it was just a dream.

           “Hey, are you okay?” Stiles asked, sitting up beside me. I only kept my eyes forward and nodded, running a hand through my hair, attempting to catch my breath. He wrapped his arms around my waist and buried his face in my neck, lowering his voice, “Come on, let’s go back to sleep.” I pressed my lips as I lowered my hand down to his. He took advantage and kissed my neck softly. “Or since we’re up…”

Facing him I could feel his hot breath before he pressed his lips to my own. I grabbed a hold of his cheek with my hand before running it up into his hair, kissing him a little deeper. Before I knew it, he pushed himself forward, gently laying me down and placing a hand on my thigh not bothering to part from my lips as he wiggled himself between my legs. His warm touch felt inviting as he began making his way up inside my shirt, tracing his fingers over my curves before gripping at me and pulling me closer to his body. I lightly gasped as he moved down to my neck and lightly nibbled on it, causing my own skin to curl and my back to arch in satisfaction. He smiled through the kisses before he moved back to my lips, kissing me with more passion. My own hands began to roam, managing to take off his shirt before making their way down to his waist, my fingers wanting to tug at his pants. But before I could go any further, I stopped myself. He pulled away as my brows merged together.

           “What’s wrong?” he asked. I lightly pushed on his chest as I attempted to sit up, “I—I thought you wanted to—”

           “Believe me, I do, but—but this isn’t really happening,” I muttered, finally sitting up and looking up at him. “You shouldn’t be here…”

           “Adelyn, what are you talking about?” he asked, his own eyes becoming confused.

           “It’s just a dream…” I whispered. There was a moment of silence before I looked up at him noticing his sudden blank stare after my own words. My brows merged yet again as I placed a hand on face. “Stiles?”

           “Shi (Death),” he muttered.


Shi (Death),” he continued, “Yami. Watashi wa soradesu (Darkness. I am void).”


           “Shi (Death),” he continued. “Yami. Watashi wa soradesu (Darkness. I am void).” I suddenly gasped as his hand shot out before him, suddenly gripping at my throat, and pushing me back on my bed, choking me.


           “Watashi wa soradesu (I am void)!”

           I quickly sat up, gasping for air and gripping at my throat, attempting to fight back the feeling of being chocked. When I managed to calm down, I pulled my knees up as I buried my face into my hands, taking in a shaky breath as I did. That was the third time this week with the same nightmare, and much like every time, it still managed to get to me.

           “It’s happening again,” I muttered, running my hand up into my hair. “The visions are starting up again…”


           The next morning, I put my books together and stuffed them into my backpack, still slightly unnerved by my nightmare. My eyes suddenly flickered onto my nightstand for a split second, noticing the small cylinder sitting there, untouched and unbothered for what seemed to be a long while. I pressed my lips together, internally debating whether I should take it with me or not. Shaking my head, I buckled my backpack shut before strapping it over my shoulder and grabbing a hold of my black hooded jacket, finally heading out to my car.

           Pulling into Lydia’s driveway, I simply honked and waited for her to finish getting her stuff. Since everything with the alphas and the Darach had finally come to a stop, we had managed to start living our normal teenage lives together. We would all just hang out as if nothing had happened just weeks prior. Everything seemed normal, well for the most part. I wasn’t too sure about that now since the nightmare began. I texted Allison while I waited for Lydia to come out, making sure if she was ready for us to pick her up, but no response. Shrugging, I only hoped she would be by the time we got there. The car door suddenly opened and Lydia stepped in.

           “So, what’s the deal with this dream?” Lydia asked, placing her purse just beneath her feet and showing me the text I had sent her, explaining my nightmare to her.

           “I don’t know,” I muttered, pulling out as she shut the door and making my way toward Allison’s house, “All I know it’s been a recurring nightmare and it’s been going on for three nights in a row. It’s starting to worry me.”

           “Honey, I don’t think it’s a nightmare you should be worried about,” she muttered, pulling out her compact mirror and puckering her lips as she applied her red lipstick. “I think maybe you’re just—” she paused as she looked into the mirror, “—sexually frustrated. Meaning you probably need to get laid by the one and only—”

           “It’s not that,” I interceded, my cheeks flushing as I knew what she was trying to hint at. “I’m thinking past that—you know, focusing on the part that’s actually a nightmare.”

           “Well, considering that Stiles doesn’t know some strange foreign language and I’m sure would love to act out the first part of your dream rather than the last—I’m sure you have nothing to worry about,” she finished up, closing her lipstick and adjusting her make up some more. I took in a deep breath and sighed out heavily.

           “I don’t know, maybe you’re right,” I muttered, keeping my eyes forward. “Maybe I am thinking too much into it.”

           “I’m telling you… You’re probably just—”

           “No, Lydia—” I cut her off, not wanting to hear her theory about my body lusting after Stiles, feeling my cheeks burn yet again.

           “What? I’m just saying that maybe you’re having said dreams because you’re starting to realize something about yourself and Stiles.” She paused briefly, suddenly remembering as she turned to me. “How has that been going by the way? Still nothing?” I shut my eyes for a brief second as I sunk back into my seat slightly, sighing heavily.

           “Nothing,” I uttered. “He hasn’t gone past arm over the shoulder while we watch movies, or in this past one, spilling drinks all over my pants with his reckless driving.”

           “So, he hasn’t even asked you for anything official?” she asked.

           “Nope,” I said, grimacing. “Just might as well come out and say I finally want something more, but—I don’t know… I don’t want to ruin the wonderful friendship we have going on.”

           “Well… you two have been hanging out together for how long?”

           “A couple weeks now,” I grimaced yet again, gripping at my steering wheel a little tighter. “I’m just starting to think he doesn’t see me that way…”

           “That’s not true,” she pointed, turning to me, “he tends to act differently around you.”

           “How?” I asked, my brows merging slightly in curiosity.

           “I don’t know,” she squinted. “He seems to just suit you, somehow. When the two of you are together, you’re not just Stiles and Adelyn. You’re a team. And he acts like…”

           “Like what?” I asked as she paused.

           “Like… you’re the most important thing that has come into his life!” Lydia seemed to smile a weird sort of smile that made it hard to believe her word. I simply shook my head and pulled into Allison’s driveway, where we saw her dad making his way toward his own car. I rolled down the window.

           “Good morning, Mr. Argent,” I greeted, lowering my head down so he could see me.

           “Morning girls,” he smiled.

           “Is Allison ready?” Lydia asked.

           “Uh, well—Allison left just a couple minutes ago,” he responded, his expression twisting into a confused one. “She didn’t tell you?” Both Lydia and I turned to each other, brows merged and confused as we both pulled our phones out, but no texts or calls from Allison.


           We shut the doors to my car and quickly paced ourselves toward the school, wondering where Allison had gone and why she hadn’t bothered to let us know when we had all agreed the day before I was going to pick everyone up.

           “Where do you think she could be?” I asked as we made our way into the hallway, our eyes scanning through the crowds. Lydia shrugged slightly.

           “I—I don’t know,” she said. There was a scream and both Lydia and I turned to face the double doors behind us, jumping as somebody burst through. My brows merged as I saw Allison stagger in, her eyes wide and confused as she took in her surroundings. Both Lydia and I stepped forward as we took in her pale features, seeming as if she’d seen a ghost.

           “Allison?” Lydia asked, her eyes concerned as she placed a hand over Allison’s arm. “Are you okay?”

           In that moment, she ran a hand through her hair as she shook her head and began explaining what had happened just before she had gotten to school. Apparently, she had hallucinated her dead aunt, but by the looks of it, this had happened before.

           “When did they start?” I asked, keeping my eyes on her.

           “About—about three days ago? Why?” she asked, her brows pulling together.

           “Three days ago,” I repeated, turning to Lydia, whose eyes widened, knowing exactly what I was referring to. In that moment, she grabbed a hold of my arm.

           “We need to find the boys,” she stated.

           “What? Why?” Allison asked.

           “Because, you may not be the only one hallucinating,” Lydia muttered.

           We had reached the underpass of the high school, where we caught sight of both Stiles and Scott standing in the middle of it.

           “It’s happening to you too,” I could make out what Stiles had just said. “You’re seeing things, aren’t you?”

           “How did you know?” Scott asked. In that moment, I quickened my pace, pulling the strap to my backpack a little higher before I finally reached them.

           “Because,” I began, looking up at Scott first and then turned to Stiles, “it’s happening to all three of you. You’re all experiencing it.” I paused as they looked at me.       “You’re all experiencing the darkness…”


           Lydia pushed the double doors to the school open, smiling as wide as ever, seeming a little too overjoyed with the news.

           “Well, well, look who’s no longer the crazy one,” she said, turning on her heel and facing us with her hands clapped together.

           “We’re not crazy,” Allison defended.

           “Hallucinating? Sleep paralysis?” she said, making a face as she looked at each of them individually, “Yeaaaaah, you guys are fine!” I rolled my eyes at her sarcasm as I stepped forward, looking to all of them as I crossed my arms.

           “Aside from Lydia’s satisfaction to the situation,” I began, “you three are experiencing things out of the ordinary, and that’s saying a lot considering where we live—”

           “Well, we did die and come back to life,” Scott said, turning to look at both Allison and Stiles. “It’s got to have its side effects, right?”

           “Of course,” I said, nodding along with them. “However, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Maybe we should talk to my mom or Deaton?”

           “Maybe—” The bell rang and cut off Stiles, who turned to face Allison and Scott. “—but for now, we have to think of an alternative. We keep an eye on each other, okay?”

           “We’ll help too,” I added for him as I motioned toward Lydia.

           “And Lydia,” Stiles turned to her, “stop enjoying this so much.” She crossed her arms and looked up innocently.


I rolled my eyes and headed toward my first class of the day, which unfortunately was out of the loop from any of the others. However, it didn’t stop me from keeping an eye on them. As soon as the bell rang, I rushed out of the classroom and caught sight of both Stiles and Scott at their lockers.

           “Maybe we need a little bit more time to get back to normal,” Scott said in a hushed voice. I pressed my books against my chest as I appeared next to Stiles.

           “Yeah, try not to forget, we hit the reset button on a supernatural beacon for supernatural creatures,” Stiles replied, fidgeting with his lock. “I think there’s a pretty good chance that things are never going back to normal.”

           “Great, I move down here for normal, but instead I meet you guys and you just had open that can of worms didn’t you?” I joked with a smile.

           “Ha, ha,” Stiles added sarcastically, smiling along. He tugged at his lock and his smile instantly faded when it wouldn’t open. I tilted my head as I watched him tug at the lock again, his fingers tracing over the numbers.

           “Having trouble there?” I asked.

           “I—uh—” He closed his eyes for a second before opening them back up and looking down. I looked at him weird, not knowing what was wrong with him.

           “Are you okay?” I asked.

           “Yeah, I’m fine—” he looked up briefly before doing a double take toward Scott. My eyes flickered onto him and I gasped.

           “Whoa, dude, your eyes,” Stiles said, taking in their red glow.

           “What about them?” Scott asked, his breathing becoming uneven. I reached down into my backpack and pulled out my compact mirror, opening it up and handing it to Stiles.

           “They’re starting to glow,” Stiles said, facing it for Scott to see.

           “You mean like right now?” Scott asked, taking up the mirror.

“Yes, right now. Scott, stop. Stop it!” Scott raised a hand as he began to shake, his breathing slowly becoming heavier.

           “I can’t—I can’t control it,” he breathed out.

           “We need to get him out of here,” I said in panic, taking the mirror from Stiles as he reached out for him.

           “Alright, just keep your head down,” Stiles said, awkwardly hugging his head and shielding his eyes. “Look down. C’mon.” Stiles began leading Scott after me.

           “Over here,” I called out, finding an empty classroom. I opened the door and quickly shut it once Stiles and Scott made it inside. Turning around, I watched as Scott took off his button up and stripped down to his muscle shirt, huffing in pain. Stiles attempted to get closer to him, but Scott hunched over the classroom desk and motioned for him to get back.

           “No, get back! Get away from me!” He almost growled as he seemed to be fighting back his transformation.

           “Scott, it’s okay—”

           “I don’t know what’s going to happen,” he cried out, staring at us both with his glowing red eyes. “Get back!” I pulled at Stiles’ arm, ready to form a shield before us if in case he lost absolute control. Scott clenched his fists, digging his claws into the palm of his hands, causing blood to pour out as his fangs protruded and he let out a loud growl. Both Stiles and I watched in concern as he brought himself to his knees before us, finally calming down. Stiles let his backpack drop and I let go as we both stepped forward. Scott groaned in pain as he finally unclenched his hands, revealing just how badly he injured himself. He attempted to catch his breath as he laid back on one of the chairs. We knelt before him, not bothering to say a word.

           “Pain,” he muttered through his gasps, “it makes you human.”

           Without thinking about it, I took his hands in my own and felt my own eyes start their glow and the white and bluish aura form around our hands, healing his wounds at once.

           “Scott, this isn’t just in our heads,” Stiles muttered, lowering his gaze. “This is real. It’s starting to get bad for me too.” I finished up and looked up at him.

           “What do you mean?” I asked softly.

           “I mean, I’m not just having nightmares,” Stiles continued, looking up at me. “I’m having these dreams where I literally have to scream myself awake. And sometimes I’m not even sure if I’m ever actually waking up.”

           “Why didn’t you tell me this?” I asked.

           “Because… I didn’t want to worry you,” he muttered, lowering his gaze yet again. “Especially since it all started—”

           “Three days ago,” I muttered, feeling my own stomach turn.

           “Yeah, how did you know?” Stiles asked, his brows merging. I bit my lower lip as I attempted to change the subject.

           “Uh—Allison said it started up around the same time for her…”

           “What do you mean you’re not sure if you’re actually waking up?” Scott finally asked.

           “Well… you know how you can tell if you’re dreaming? You can’t read in dreams,” Stiles continued, looking up at Scott. “More and more in the last few days I have been having trouble reading. It’s like I can’t see the words—I can’t—put the letters in order.” His brows merged for a slight second.

           “What about now?” I asked softly. “Is it—is it still happening?” Stiles looked up and stood himself off the floor, his eyes flickering around the room before he stopped, his hands shaking, grimacing to himself.

           “I can’t read a thing,” he muttered.


           The next day, I made frequent trips to the library, attempting to pull out books and print out articles on possible explanations to what was going on, but I had no luck. I had tried to talk to my mom about it, but she only repeated what they had warned Allison, Scott, and Stiles about just before they sacrificed themselves to find their parents.

           “Okay, but there has to be an explanation as to why it’s getting this bad,” I attempted to argue, but she only shrugged before sending me off to school, empty handed.

           I sighed heavily as I slammed my notebook and library books down on the patio table, sitting myself next to Stiles.

           “The Handbook of Near-death Experiences?” Lydia read out loud, making a face.

           “It’s the last book left in the library,” I muttered. “I’ve literally gone through everything since yesterday and nothing. There isn’t much to go by to begin with.”

           “Okay, so, what happens to a person who has a near-death experience and comes out of it seeing things?” Scott asked.

           “Unfortunately, that’s the one thing it doesn’t cover,” I grimaced.

           “Don’t forget about the whole being unable to tell what’s real or not,” Stiles added.

           “And is being haunted by demonic visions of dead relatives,” Allison continued.

           “Much less those things,” I muttered, making a face down at the book.

           “Well… they’re all locked up because they’re insane,” Isaac said.

           “Ha,” Stiles spat out sarcastically, “can you at least try to be helpful, like Adelyn?”

           “Not much help if I’m coming up blank,” I said, staring down at the table.

           “Well, let’s see… For half my childhood, I was locked up in a freezer, so being helpful is kind of a new thing for me,” Isaac continued.

           “Really? Do you—are you still milking that?” Stiles continued, glaring at Isaac. Scott sighed in frustration before he slammed his head down into his arms on the table.

           “Yeah I am still milking that—”

           “Hi,” I soft voice suddenly cut Isaac off. We all turned to notice a petite Asian girl standing at our side, her hair pulled off to one side as she held her books close to her. “Hi, sorry I couldn’t help overhearing what you guys were talking about and I think I—” she took in a deep breath as her smile got bigger, pushing through her obvious shyness and awkwardness. “I actually may know what you’re talking about.” We all stared up at her, waiting for her to continue.

           “There’s a Tibetan word for it,” she said, “it’s called bardo. It literally means in between state. The state between life and death.”

           “And what do they call you?” Lydia asked rather rudely.

           “Kira,” Scott answered too quickly with a half-smile. We all turned to him in slight surprise. “She’s in our history class.”

           “So, are you talking bardo in Tibetan Buddhism or Indian?” Lydia asked, slightly glaring up at her.

           “Either I—I guess,” Kira stammered. “But all the stuff you guys were just saying, all that happens in bardo.” Her smile seemed to get bigger.

           “You really enjoy talking about these things don’t you?” I asked. She nodded. “What else do you know about bardo?”

           “Well, see, there are different progressive states where you can have hallucinations. Some you see, some you just hear, and you can be visited by peaceful and wrathful deities.”

           “Wrathful deities,” Isaac emphasized before asking, “What are those?”

           “Demons, monsters, vengeful spirits… Satan himself, that sort of thing,” I listed, turning to Isaac, somewhat understanding what Kira was talking about.

           “Demons!” Stiles scoffed. “Why not?”

           “Hold on,” Allison paused as she looked back up at Kira, “If they’re all in progressive states, then what’s the last one?”

           “Death,” Kira stated bluntly. “You die.” Our eyes widened as we all turned to look at each other. Huh. Well that was one way to put it…

           The bell rang and we all sighed heavily. Stiles picked up his stuff and attempted to maneuver himself out of the middle of the table, knocking over one of his notebooks. I looked down as it had managed to flip open. My brows merged together as I knelt to pick it up, noticing the writing all over the page. In Stiles’ writing and capital letters, he wrote WAKE UP all over.

           “What is—” He snatched it out of my hand.


           “Stiles,” I began looking up in concern. “What happened?” He stared into my eyes for a brief moment before sighing heavily and giving in.

           “I fell asleep in class,” he muttered. “Well—more like I had a nightmare in class, while still awake…”

           “We need to talk to Deaton,” I quickly stated. “We need to talk to him ASAP.”


           Lydia and Allison decided to stay behind while I joined Stiles and Scott to the clinic. As soon as we entered the door, we immediately began to state our concerns.

           “Sounds like your subconscious is trying to communicate with you,” Deaton began, locking the door behind us and leading us to the examining room.

           “Well, how do I tell my subconscious to use a language that I actually know?” Stiles asked, scratching at his head.

           “Tell me about it,” I sighed as I looked down and pursed my lips.

           “Do you remember what the sign language looked like?” Deaton asked, coming to a stop. “The placement and movement of the hands?”

           “You know sign language?” Scott asked in surprise.

           “I know a little,” he replied, looking to Scott and back to Stiles. “Let me give it a shot.”

           “Okay,” Stiles helped up on finger while he placed his other finger slightly above it, “the first move was like this,” he then circled his finger.

           “That’s when,” Deaton stated.

           “And then there’s this twice,” he continued, putting his hands side to side and lifting his right hand once.

           “That’s door.”

           “And there’s this in between them,” he finished, motioning under his chin with his thumb.

           “That’s it?” Deaton asked.

           “Yeah,” Stiles sighed.

           “When is a door not a door,” Deaton stated. My brows merged together as I crossed my arms.

           “When is a door not a door?” Stiles repeated, slightly ticked.

           “When it’s ajar,” Scott muttered, keeping his gaze lowered.

           “You’re kidding me,” Stiles scoffed, “a riddle? My subconscious wants to tell me a riddle?”

           “Not necessarily,” Deaton said. “When the three of you went under the water, when you crossed from unconsciousness to a kind of super consciousness, you essentially opened a door in your minds.”

           “So, what does that mean?” Scott asked. “The door is still open?”

           “It’s ajar,” I whispered, turning to Stiles.

           “A door into our minds,” Stiles muttered.

           “We did tell you it was risky,” Deaton sighed.

           “What do we do about it?” Scott asked.

           “Well, that’s difficult to answer,” Deaton said, making a face.

           “No, wait a second, I know that look,” Stiles began, pointing at Deaton accusingly, “That’s the ‘we know exactly what’s wrong with you, but we have no idea how to fix it’ look.”

           “I guess that’s the kind of look my mom had too,” I sighed out in frustration.

           “Well, one thing I do know is that having an opening like that into your mind… it’s not good,” Deaton continued. “You each need to close that door. And you need to do it as soon as possible.”


           We closed the door behind us and headed back to Stiles’ jeep and Scott to his motorcycle. We all stopped as another car pulled in and the Sheriff stepped out.

           “Dad, what are you doing here?” Stiles asked.

           “I’m here because,” he sighed heavily, “I could use some help. Actually, your help,” he finished off, pointing at Scott.

           “Why me?” he asked.

           “Because eight years ago almost an entire family died in a car accident,” Mr. Stilinski began, “one of the bodies—a young girl named, Malia—was never found. There’s enough evidence that had me thinking that a werewolf could have caused the accident and then dragged her body away… If you can somehow get a lock on her scent, if you could somehow help me find her body, it may provide the missing clue.”

           “And what if it was a werewolf?” Stiles asked.

           “Then there’s somebody out there who murdered and entire family,” Mr. Stilinski replied. “Someone who still needs to be caught.”


           The next day after school, Scott and Stiles made their way toward his jeep and I followed after, attempting to convince them to let me go with them.

           “I’m not letting you two out of my sight especially after the past couple of days,” I argued, crossing my arms and staring at the both of them.

           “What about Allison? Can’t you go keep an eye on her?” Scott said, opening the jeep door. I rolled my eyes and stood my ground.

           “Lydia has got that taken care of,” I muttered. “That only leaves me to watch over the last two of my friends who are losing their minds.” Stiles sighed heavily before agreeing.

           “Fine! But if something goes wrong, you leave, got it?”

           “I can take care of myself,” I pushed on.

           “Got it?” he asked again. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

           “Okay, okay!”

           With that we all jumped in and headed toward the station, where Mr. Stilinski already waited in his car, eventually leading us out to the Tate’s property. We each stepped out and carefully passed through the many traps set out throughout the place, reaching the room Mr. Stilinski had pointed out for us. Stiles took the lead and grabbed a hold of the door knob, attempting to push the squeaky door quietly, but failing. Scott threw his hands up into his head as Stiles squinted in hopes we wouldn’t get caught. I rolled my eyes and grabbed a hold of his hand and just pushed it forward for him. He ran in and quickly motioned for us to follow before closing the door shut again.

           Both Scott and Stiles got right to it, grabbing stuffed animals off the bed and sniffing them. I slowly made my way toward the drawer and pulled out a small t-shirt, handing it to Scott for him to sniff. He shook his head.

           “I’m only getting some animal smell,” he said. Stiles made his way toward the same drawer and grabbed a toy horse before handing it to Scott.

           “What kind of animal?” he asked, rummaging through her stuff. I froze and slowly turned to notice the black Rottweiler standing at the foot of the door.

           “Dog,” Scott simply stated, keeping his worried eyes on him too. I stepped back into Stiles as it began to growl menacingly. Stiles took hold of my arms and finally turned to notice the problem.

           “Hi puppy,” he began softly, pulling me behind him. “Get rid of it.” He whispered toward Scott as I grabbed a hold of Stiles’ arm, pulling him back with me.

           “Me?” he asked, holding onto the stuffed animal a little tighter.

           “Yes, you. Glow your eyes at it, something. Be the alpha,” Stiles continued, not taking his eyes off the dog.

           “I can’t,” Scott said, “I don’t have control.”

           “Okay, buddy, you’re going to have to try something,” Stiles muttered. Scott took in a deep breath and extended his hand out, bending his knees slightly as he began moving toward the dog.

           “Nice doggy,” he said in a rather high tone. We all jumped back as it suddenly began to bark.

           “Apollo!” a man’s voice cried out. “Apollo! Shut up! Shut the hell up!” With that he stopped, tilted his head at us and whimpered as he turned and walked away from us. We all looked at each other briefly before Stiles shrugged and rushed over to one of the desks and handing Scott different items once again.

           “Anything?” Stiles asked, turning up to him. Scott only shook his head as he grimaced.

           “All I’m getting is that dog,” he muttered. Stiles sighed heavily before he turned to look at the pictures, taking his phone out and taking a picture of the two girls sitting behind the picture frame.

           “Maybe we should go,” I muttered, giving up. They all turned to face me before sighing heavily and nodding, making our way back to the jeep, where the Sheriff waited.

           “I’m sorry,” Scott began. “I tried as hard as I could, I mean if it wasn’t so long ago I might have been able to do it.”

           “It’s okay, it was a long shot,” Mr. Stilinski grimaced as he shook his head. “In fact, it was a pretty terrible idea. I think I just ripped a wound open in that poor man. I never should have brought you guys here. I don’t know what I was thinking. Thanks for trying, alright?” He said patting Scott’s arm and squeezing my shoulder slightly before opening his car door.

           “See ya at home,” he said toward Stiles before driving off.

           “Well, aren’t there a lot of cases that go unsolved?” Scott asked, turning to Stiles. He stuffed his hands in his jacket as they stared off at Mr. Stilinski.

           “Yeah, I just think this is one he felt like he could have figured it out right now,” Stiles muttered, pressing his lips together.

           “Why is it so important now?” Scott asked.

           “Well, he wants to be able to solve one more while he’s still sheriff,” Stiles finished off.

           “What do you mean, still sheriff?” Scott asked, his brows merging. I bit my lower lip and lowered my gaze as I understood what he was trying to get at.


           Later on that night, I sat on the corner of Stiles’ bed, slightly jumping around as he laid himself down next to me, sighing out in frustration.

           “Just when we thought things would be okay,” he muttered through his hands as he ran them down his face. I stopped my squirming before laying myself back next to him, keeping my eyes up on his ceiling. There was a moment of silence between us before I finally decided to speak.

           “Stiles… why didn’t you tell me about your nightmares?” I asked softly.

           “Why didn’t you tell me about yours?” he asked. I tensed up as I slowly turned to look at him.

           “How—how did you know?”

           “Lydia told me you had been having the same problem,” he said, his brown eyes glued onto me.

           “Did—did she say any specifics about it?”

           “No, she just said you’d been having nightmares too or visions, in your case,” he sighed heavily as he turned to look up at his ceiling yet again. “I don’t know why I didn’t tell you. I guess…” he paused briefly before turning to face me again, “I guess because they didn’t worry me so much when I was around you. You just… sort of made me forget I was having them in first place.” I pressed my lips together as I stared at him. “It wasn’t until I was alone, or away from you that I would be reminded just how bad they actually were…”

           “Yeah,” I whispered. “Same here.”

           There was a knock at the door before it opened, revealing Scott just behind it. We both quickly sat up and Scott halted.

           “Oh—was I interrupting—?”

           “No,” I said rather quickly, my face turning red again.

           “What’s up?” Stiles asked.

           “Well, since Adelyn is still here, we’re all going to go find a body,” he said, turning on a flashlight he had in hand. “A dead body.”

           Both Stiles and I grabbed our jackets and a flashlight before heading out into the woods.

           “You know, if my dad’s right, that means there’s another werewolf in town that we haven’t met yet,” Stiles shuddered, stuffing one hand in his jacket pocket. I hugged myself with one arm as I held onto my flashlight with the other, feeling the cold wind hit me.

           “I know,” Scott said, keeping his phone up in one hand as he tried to map the exact location.

           “And if it turns out to be something like triplets and form together like a three-headed hound of hell, I’m seriously not up for that,” Stiles continued.

           “Yeah, me either,” Scott sighed, “Especially since I can’t even control my own transformation.” There was a loud howl in the distance and Stiles spazzed out, quickly reaching for me and holding me. We bumped into Scott and caused him to drop his phone into a puddle of water just below the hill. We both turned to him as he kept his hands on my waist. He turned to look at me and quickly let go.

           “Sorry, buddy,” he apologized toward Scott, who glared at the both of us. “I just hate coyotes so much. They always sound like they’re mauling some tiny helpless little animal.”

Scott jumped down before us and turned to help me down, but I managed to jump down without Scott’s help. Stiles on the other hand, stumbled down. Scott reached out for his phone and wiped it clean.

           “Still works,” he smirked, staring down at his app. I looked up and directed my flashlight to the path before us, briefly passing it through a large boulder.

           “Hold on,” Stiles said, pointing his own light to the boulder and stepped toward it. “I think we found it.” I followed after as I finally took in the rest of it, noticing the flipped over car.

           “Uh—why wouldn’t they move it?” Scott asked. “Isn’t it evidence?”

           “Well by the looks of it,” I began, bending over slightly as I took in the position of the car in the ditch. “It may have been too much of pain in the ass to pull out of here.” Stiles pointed the light around the car, taking in the beat-up parts and finally putting it on the door.

           “Look at this,” he stated, getting closer to the car. My eyes widened for a second as I took in the large claw marks over the car door. “You see those?” Scott placed his hand over the marks, almost as if comparing.

           “Animal claws would be closer together, right? A lot closer?” Stiles asked.

           “Definitely not animal claws,” I muttered.

           “Then it was a werewolf,” Scott said, taking his hand off the car.

           “Then my dad was right,” Stiles muttered before kneeling and shining his light into the inside of the car. I knelt at his side and did the same.

           “What’s that?” Scott asked, pointing to something sticking out of a small compartment. Stiles reached in and pulled out what looked to be a baby doll. He pulled back and stood up, shining his light on it as we all stood around him.

           “Just a doll,” I said, picking at its ripped arm.

           “I’m hungry,” the doll cried out. I shrieked as both Stiles and Scott screamed and jumped back, letting the doll drop to the floor. Scott clutched at his chest as Stiles sat himself down on a rock. I attempted to steady my breathing and beating heart as I placed a hand over my forehead.

           “I think I just had a minor heart attack,” Stiles breathed out.

           “Again, JUST a doll,” I said, dropping my hand.

           “Wait,” Scott became rigid as I heard a low growl coming just a couple feet away from us. “Hey, guys. Please tell me you see that.” I looked around, but didn’t notice anything. Stiles stood himself up and walked his way toward us, attempting to look past the car.

           “What do you see?” he asked. In that moment, Scott leaped forward and began running full speed toward a moving shadow, not bothering to answer Stiles’ question.

           “Scott, wait!” Stiles cried out, stumbling around before finally running after him.

“Guys! Wait!” I cried out, finally running after them as well. And so, the chase began….

(A/N: AH! First chapter to This Might Hurt Sequel! So, the picture was my pathetic attempt at making an aesthetically pleasing collage for Adelyn. Wish I could have actually fit some more stuff in there, but this was the best I could do. Anyways, besides the point. Hope you guys enjoyed! And I apologize, like always, for any mistakes.)

I can’t help but wonder when Stiles started meaning this much to Derek.

I can’t help but wonder when Derek decided that Stiles was good for calming him, a safe place during dark times.

I mean, we all know Stiles and Derek had one of the best developments on the show, and along the way, they developed a great amount of trust in one another, but this… this is something else.

When did Derek’s trust develop into this?

Maybe it had to do with the multiple times Stiles saved him, or the many unspoken agreements they had before going in to do something dangerous… or maybe, it was in the episode where Boyd passed away.

Stiles wasn’t close to Boyd, not as close as everyone else was to him, but somehow, he still understood what it felt like for Derek losing a pack member. Therefore, reaching a hesitant hand out to rest on Derek’s shoulder.

That simple gesture probably meant more to Derek than anyone realized.

Stiles was there trying to comfort him. Stiles cared enough to try and do so.

And maybe he kept Derek from falling apart altogether at that moment.

Maybe that’s when Derek realized that Stiles really was there for him and maybe that’s when the building trust he had for Stiles locked into place.

Maybe that’s when Derek realized that Stiles could be his anchor.


Sweetheart, let me tell you something no teenager ever believes, but I guarantee you is the absolute truth. You fall in love more than once. It will happen again. It will be just as amazing and extraordinary as the first time and maybe just as painful. But it will happen again. I promise. But until then, be your own anchor.
—  Melissa McCall (Melissa Ponzio) - Teen Wolf (season 3; episode 13: Anchors)

The Amity Affliction//Anchors

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Warning: Potential spoilers, potential seizure trigger

Title: Anchors

Editor: PieandBeerAMV

Studio: Tsunderbird Studios

Song: How Far I’ll Go

Artist: Auli’i Cravalho

Anime: From Up on Poppy Hill (film)

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