Sometimes I pretend that we’re together. When it’s 2 am and I’m falling apart and the entire world seems to be against me and I am in desperate need of comfort, I pretend that you’re with me and I imagine you taking my hand in yours and assuring me that it’ll be okay.

When everything gets too much you pull me back to earth.

You never knew and you never will;

but you’re my anchor.


This man, George Cay Styles joined the Army in January 1940, his wife was notified in February 1941 that he had died sometime between May and June 1940 whilst serving in France.

There are those pictures of him and his grave, let’s examine?
Besides the last name, George have an eerily similar appearance to Harry.
Some rumors say that Harry will do George in Dunkirk.
You know what strikes all this? That’s George’s grave, he wasn’t a navy soldier, but have an anchor and rope carved in his tombstone.
I will not give my opinion about the relationship between George and Harry, draw their conclusions.

Do you believe in reincarnation?


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Hong Kong’s sunken treasure: ancient anchor and cannon reveal our rich maritime history

Two monumental artefacts were recovered over the weekend by a local diving group, marking a maritime heritage milestone for Hong Kong .

A diving team from the Hong Kong Underwater Heritage Group recovered an anchor stock - the upper part of an anchor - around Basalt Island, and a cannon off the coast of High Island. The anchor stock is believed to date back to the Song Dynasty, making it over 1,000 years old - Hong Kong’s oldest marine artefact.

“It’s important for Hong Kong’s [maritime] history because it’s evidence to show that Hong Kong is a location worth investigating,” Dr Libby Chan Lai-pik, senior curator at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum said. The museum is a sponsor of the Underwater Heritage Group.

“The anchor is proof that Hong Kong was perhaps quite advanced during the Song Dynasty in terms of water transport and commercial trade.” Read more.