floating world - a holiday at the sea

i already titled a speed painting i did ‘a holiday at the sea’, but this fits that anathallo song much better. working in a new software (clip/manga studio) which i’m thoroughly enjoying. been getting around to writing actual script for Floating World, and i can’t wait to use the comic-crafting tools in Clip Studio to start making the actual comic soon!

10 Indie Songs Worth Listening To Part V (Tuesday Playlist)

1. Death - White Lies.

2. Delaware - Wesley Jensen.

3. A Fine Evening For A Rogue - Lydia.

4. Hi - Now It’s Overhead.

5. Hopeless Song - Declans Well.

6. Pick Up The phone - Dragonette.

7. First In Line - Matthew Mayfield.

8. Don’t Kid Yourself! You Need A Physician - Anathallo.

9. Firefly - This Frontier Needs Heroes.

10. Daysleeper - Dear and The Headlights.


comprising the ideally perfect solitary vocal melody is a task nervewracking and arduous enough in its own right, but crafting a vocal assembly of melodies with the same tact and expertise as most other instruments in any piece of music require is another ordeal in and of itself–one usually reserved to the bounds of classical composition. this isn’t to discount the wondruous impulse of the simple-voiced lone singer, but there is a chance for exploration here. the brilliant members of anathallo have all their scout badges of intrepidity, as they do not only weave incredibly intricate and difficult vocal structures, but create an immediately accessible (albeit definitely otherworldly, but that’s part of the draw) end product readily admirable to even the most untrained ear. if that wasn’t enough, each song maintains a plenitude of vibrant narrative imagery and rapid, almost conversation-emulating percussion.

i adore this band–chiefly (yet most assuredly not only) for the fact that their art truly is in a world all its own. it’s a beautiful world the band interjects through headphones, and one i beg you to plug in and become engrained within yourself. your stimulation is guaranteed.

A Deeper Look | Typhoon / A New Kind of House

This five song EP felt designed to speak to my soul. Why this is requires a bit of background.

One of my favorite bands of the past 7 years has been Anathallo. I put their album Floating World in my all time top 10, with Canopy Glow not far behind. They were my first real taste of “chamber rock,” with varied auxiliary percussion, horns, stomps and claps filling out the sound of a more traditional rock guitars/bass/drums core. Anathallo used these ingredients to deliver luxuriously grandiose songs with beautiful lyrics full of grace and truth.

But Anathallo has ceased as a band.

Still reeling from Anathallo’s breakup, a Typhoon blows its fierce winds into the depths of my musical head and heart space (sorry, Typhoon, but when you name your band Typhoon, you’re asking for sentences like this). I first hear “The Honest Truth” on NPR’s “All Songs Considered” podcast. Bob Boilen plays the track, giving a bit of background on Kyle Morton (the singer/primary songwriter) and his life struggles, and I am floored by the song. Once I get to my computer, I go to purchase the EP, finding that it isn’t out for another few days.

Patiently I wait, and purchase the EP on release day. I’m immediately in love. The perceptive songwriting, the huge sound (Typhoon boasts 12 members), the meticulous arrangements and the raw, honest emotion under-girding it all. Typhoon does what I had thought was impossible. It fills the musical void in my heart left by Anathallo. And it’s not that Anathallo is an influence on Typhoon (I doubt it), or that they sound much alike (though they do both have songs which name-drop works of Kierkegaard).

What I mean is that emotionally, their music hits all the same sweet spots: transcendent in scope and size, lyrics that wedge themselves into my heart and mind for days on end, and arrangements surprising enough to keep me constantly engaged. After sitting with the EP for awhile, I acquire its predecessor from 2010, an LP entitled Hunger and Thirst, and it too is brilliant. In fact, the two works flow together seamlessly into an epic, integrated whole.

My recommendation would be to download this free radio edit of “The Honest Truth,” and if you love it like I did, get the EP and LP and enjoy them wholeheartedly as you wait with me in great anticipation of what comes next for Typhoon.

Noni's Field
Noni's Field

Still, I don’t know what goes on–
Will my thoughts burn in unseen patterns?
Form a dim glow in your mind, long after you remember who it was that I looked like?

We saw the sky swarming full with the light that the fireflies made – an accidental constellation.

You, how will you go out?
Out through your mouth in a sigh,
into a space we don’t know?


Anathallo - Hoodwink

So nevermind, Someday they will build monuments for us.
People like me walk out the door,
We’ll pull you out into the streets
Of far off countries. If I’m ready to go,
How could I let you dwell in delight?

Oh see, all things are so bright and spiritual.
These seeds are growing in extraordinary colors.
Convinced? Even I believe that I have grown something.
It’s cased in light.

Don’t you worry about me, I’m gone.
Don’t you worry about me.
I’m off in a distant place

Where I can be the signifier, 
Not that which is signified.
The referent, convincing us (you and me both),
For you, my smile is like bow, bow, bow, bow.

Out here there is no ‘under the skin.’
And the form of every other
Is hidden under covers.

Let us sleep
In ease of dark.

We couldn’t rest
With this sense of duty hanging off of our chests.
Peeled away, we had to get back from where the
Grip of our hands could lift us from the failures
In the eyes of men, to form our scales and weigh
Our words, good again.
To form our scales in the eyes of men,
To weigh our words
And make ourselves good again.  

All the First Pages
All the First Pages

Anathallo :: All the First Pages

Many times in a band’s trajectory, you can pinpoint the moment where they found their zone.  The elements and influences you loved from their previous efforts are reigned in, smoothed down, and coalesce into a streamlined and accessible statement of “This is who we are, this is what we want to say, and this is our voice.”  For me, this song is Anathallo’s moment.  The hints of anthemic group vocals, the multi-instrumental layers, the narrative lyric, all used to effect in their earlier work are all combined to great effect in a five-minute song, with the added bonus of synth sounds.  There are many tracks on this album that give me the same feeling, but this is my favorite.

Plus there are astronauts and severed extremities.  

A small Sid/Geno playlist

Yes, I am this kind of person. I told werebear that I would post this at some point, so here it is.

I’ll often fixate on a single song while I’m working on a story and then attempt to uhhh imbue said story with the emotions evoked by the song, which is always an exercise in frustration and absurdity. But the end result is that many of my stories have sort of a “theme song.” (Trust me when I say I am fully aware of how ridiculous this is.)