I think some of the art I make is just straight-up dumb, and I’m proud of that fact. I think I want people to look back on what I do, when I’m gone, and know that it’s okay to not be afraid of making stuff that’s dumb or stupid or worthless, because really nothing is dumb and nothing is worthless, so I want people to have no fear and not feel guilty or bad about whatever their creative outlet is. I think people should do what they want and be proud of it.
—  Andrew Dost (making us cry for the 6th time today)

This, is what I have been waiting for since the break up of Anathallo. Frontman Matt Joynt’s new project Younger, and their new album “New Message”. It is being described as Drone Pop, which sounds intense. It arrives March 21st, and I could not be more excited!


June 4, 2009

“I did a Private shoot with fun. It was only about 2 minutes, just enough time for them to get in one place and me snap at them a couple times. Initially it was a shoot with Andrew Dost, but after he introduced me to Nate Ruess and the band we agreed to a quick shoot. Very nice guys, great night.” - Sam Link

Temma on Earth, Tim Lowly, 1999, acrylic gesso with pigment on panel

Temma on Earth is an eight foot by twelve foot painting of Chicago artist Tim Lowly’s 13 year old daughter lying in a field.  Temma, a frequent subject of Lowly’s work, “went into cardiac arrest the day after she was born. The interruption of blood flow to her brain caused permanent mental and physical disabilities, leaving her unable to see and with little ability to move or speak.”  Lowly reflects on raising a special needs daughter saying, “My relationship to Temma is that of a riverbank to a river.  All I can do is just be there for her.”  In 2008, the painting was used as the album art for fellow Chicagoans Anathallo‘s Canopy Glow.* 

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andrew’s singing voice.

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i would love to see him sing lead on a fun. song

just one…